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01-21-2003, 05:55 PM
119. Is the Stormtrooper from the Imperial Forces Multi Pack the same as the Stormtrooper Troop Builder Set?

A: No. Don’t ask me why, but the top part is from the Sandtrooper which means no movable neck, and is badly repainted. The bottom half is from the Stormtrooper. So technically it is a ‘new’ figure.

120. Is the Clone Wars AAT any different from the one issued from the EP1 line?

A: Except for the change of color it is not.

121. Any thoughts on how to guarantee the 12” Leia Speederbike is not damaged via shipping?

A: The only way I can think of is to find out if you can order a case of 2 and they ship them together. Maybe one will make it. Every time I have ordered something online from Target or TRU it comes through Amazon. The monkeys they train with peanut treats there wouldn’t know how to pack a collectible if their lives depended on it. Every single toy I have ordered has come trashed including the A-wing and 12” Leia Speeder. The problem with the A-wing was they put NO protection in the box whatsoever. The Leia the put those air bags on ONE side of the box only so it was jammed against one side of the box and smashed in. It is a total disgrace, but is par for the course when collectibles ordering online from major retailers.

122. Are the three Clones in the Clone Wars Army Builder three packs new sculpts or simply rereleased/repackaged figures?

A: Neither. These are like the old plastic army men from when we were kids – almost no articulation. That is why they are cheaper than action figures. Since they are just hunks of plastic they should be priced more like $3 for a 3 pack.

123. Is there any general guidance you can give regarding making accurate distinctions between real and repro vintage weapons?

A: If you can find someone you know who has had the stuff since he was a kid or a reputable seller of carded items then you can compare them to potential fakes. If not, it can be a little tricky. Generally the Stromtrooper blasters were molded in blue. They were occasionally done in black, so if you see figures with tons of black blasters that would be suspect. If the weapons were weighty then they are probably metal. Anything made of metal or tin is fake. I once talked to a seller who claimed to have repros indistinguishable from the real ones – and he used lead to make them!? Luke’s saber is a dark yellow. Fakes are generally pale yellow. Since all the weapons were molded in plastic they should be a bit pliable. If a weapon is solid and has no bend to it – it is probably fake and made out of resin. Fakes that are not molded in the proper color have to have the color sprayed on which is generally very glossy which is easy to spot. Any weapon that is white or silver is a fake (except for Madine’s staff and the Ugnaught case which was molded in white.) You can also smell them. If they don’t have a plastic smell and smell of paint and chemicals they are fake. If someone has a Lumat and Warok with the exact some bows they are probably fake. They are slightly different colors and shapes. If helmets like Boushh are plastic they are fake because those were made of rubber. If the Luke Stormtrooper helmet has tiny black breather filter dots it was probably cut off the head of a stormtrooper with a dremel. His helmet is different from the regular trooper. My general rule of thumb is if you think it is fake, it probably is.
1. Is the Vintage Early Bird Luke considered to be the same as the double telescoping saber Luke?

A: Not necessarily. The first batch of Early Bird sets had the double telescoping Luke. But some of the last ones had the regular telescoping version.

2. Why does the upcoming Aayla Secura figure have force lightning? I was under the impression that it was a dark side trait.

A: If I was to defend them I would say that she was captured and had her memories stolen and they were trying to convert her to the dark side. But if I was being myself I would say Hasbro probably hasn’t researched the Jedi. We can hope it is a mistake. What about the fact that it comes with a base which means it probably won’t be able to stand up without it.

3. I have been waiting for a Luke Skywalker final duel toy for a long time, are they gonna make a really good resculpt?

A: Of all the resculpt possibilities this is the one I am asked about most. You would think they would’ve gotten the figure right by now with 5 versions – POTF2, with Rancor, with Skiff, with Complete Galaxy and with Cinema Scene. I would like a Jedi Luke 2 pack with his outfit from the beginning of ROTJ and the end. There is yet another Jedi Luke coming next year, so maybe they’ll get it right.

4. Why does the upcoming Bariss Offee figure have a green bladed saber when she had blue one in AOTC?

A: Well, maybe it isn’t a final shot.

5. I have two AOTC Yodas. One is US + the other is Tri-logo. If I were to open and display one which would you recommend?

A: Always open the foreign ones, they’re not as collectible as US cards in the long run.

6. Why does the Royal Guard figure that came out in 2002 say AOTC on it. I watched E2 eight times and never saw him?

A: I only saw it once and saw the Royal Guards in Palpatine’s office when Padme arrives in the beginning.

7. I give up! Am I going to have to break down and buy Ephant Mon on the secondary market?

A: The problem is that in the case it comes in Ephant is the only NEW figure. Another dumb move on Hasbro’s part. Stores, especially online ones, dn’t want to touch that case since they would have to eat the old figures. It’s just like short packing Dooku and Yoda last year. Give it some time to ship in a new assortment.

8. Will the pilot figure in the new Green A-Wing be a new sculpt?

A: It’s still early, but they never have before on re-releases. Look at the TIE Pilot in the TIE Interceptor or the B-wing pilot – they are only slightly different.

9. What is the deal with some supposed set from Diamond with Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Imperial Trooper, Astromech Droid and MSE-6 Droid (What is this figure?)

A: Mouse Droid.

10. On the Mexican set are the sculpts or pain jobs different on these? are they the standard 3 ¾’’ figures?

A: The four pack with Vader, Luke, etc. is the same 3 ¾’’ figures.

11. How many different R2-D2's were released in the POTF2 line?

A: Five. Wave 1 Orange card, Freeze Frame, Flashback, COMMTech + Electronic FX.

12. Why is Obi-Wan Acklay battle #1 and Darth Tyranus Geonosian Escape #3?

A: Every year Hasbro is starting the figure numbers over at 1.

13. Is the TIE Pilot in the Saga TIE Bomber the same as the one in the POTJ TIE Bomber?

A: Yes, only the paintjob on the vehicle has changed to make it more dirty.

14. Are the dates on the regular vintage A-Wing Figure and the DROIDS Vintage figure different?

A: The A-Wing Pilot is the same figure from POTF and Droids.

15. Is the Droids Boba Fett sculpt as different as is his paint job?

A: The Droids Fett is usually the same as the other Fetts. It is the Tri-Logo one that is a little different. The shape of the helmet is a little bit smaller.

16. What happened with the Slave I packaged with Pilot Jango at KB?

A: I don't think it will ever be released because the Slave I is already as low as $12 on clearance and the Jedi Starfighter with Obi-Wan sold so poorly.

17. Do you think the Toyfare Vader will come down in price on the secondary market like the Theater Luke?

A: No, because it is a different figure and there were 148,500 Lukes and maybe only 2,000 Vaders.

18. Why does Hasbro continue to make the same old figures we have instead of new ones? They still could make more from ewoks, cantina and Jabba's Palace.

A: They claim core characters are more popular and sell better. Then why are the fans’ choice figures always more obscure? Hang in there. They have the license to make figures for another 15 years. I’m sure you’ll get everything you want and then some.

19. Did you get the trash compactor set yet and what do you think?

A: They are overpriced by far and the figures are more like statues. Chewie is the worst because his bandolier is attached to him. I don't like the fish mouth Luke either. The only winner is the dianoga which is big and accurate for the first time ever.

20. I have not seen the Wave 2 cantina packs at Walmart are they out yet?

A: No. With the predictable failure of Wave 1, Wave 2 is in jeopardy which stinks because at least it had a cool new figure.

21. Is there a Just-Toys Chewbacca bendem with a 12 back?

A: Yes. I have one in the later edition with square bubble.

22. Do you know anyone who makes bootlegs of the unproduced Droids/Ewoks figures?

A: No, but keep checking eBay. Customs are listed all the time and I have seen some from those lines.

23. Is the 12" Plo Koon a common figure or an exclusive?

A: It is an exclusive from the "official fan club". Give them a call.

24. I have ESB and ROTJ re-release posters with the original release dates. I have been told that they are quite valuable as they were never even released to the theaters or the public.

A: If that is what you were told then you were totally lied to. I’m sure you are talking 1997 so first of all ESBs’ date was NOT moved back. Only ROTJ was moved from 3/7 to 3/14. There are two posers with the wrong date. One is the Trilogy poster which shows all thee films and the dates. The other is ROTJ which comes with both dates. Of course they were released to theaters. Since when do you not see posters at the theaters many months before the films are released?! That is how I got my double-sided Trilogy poster with the wrong date.

25. Did the 1995 POTF2 Ben Kenobi w/Gray belt buckle only come with a long saber, or did it also come with the regular saber?

A: I have seen a picture w/SS and personally own the LS version.

26. My Darth Tyrannus Geonosion Escape has an all black saber handle. Is this an error?

A: Yes and no. I noticed it too and went through three cases of them and they all had the black handle. On the back of the card it shows the correct silver and black handle though. It looks like they cheaped out in order to go with the old magnet trick instead of painting it more accurately.

27. Where did George Lucas come up with the name Jango Fett?

A: Inside his brain is not a place I’d like to go. If I had to bet I would say it was derived from the title character in the 1966 spaghetti western “Django”. He was a bounty hunter/gunslinger type that became so popular in Italy that he spawned over 50 sequels.

28. I was wondering if there was a site that listed all the posters that were issued to foreign countries?

A: Foreign posters are cool because the artwork is usually different from their US counterparts - sometimes drastically so. I collect them myself for my favorite actor. There was site called SWPosterArchive.com but it is gone and hasn’t been fully reassembled to cover foreign ones. I recommend Tomart’s Guide to Worldwide SW book. It lists all posters up to 1997.

29. Is the POTF2 Sandtrooper gray suit available in all card variants also or just on a specific card?

A: It may show up on all of the versions, but I haven’t seen it.

30. Why is it all the Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene 3-Packs have the "Error" green skinned Emperor figure?

A: I never heard of this as all of the Emperors are greenish.

31. Did the Early Bird double-telescoping lightsaber Luke ONLY come with blond hair and not brown hair?

A: Yes. The brown haired Tatooine Luke didn’t come out until ESB.

32. Will you be doing wave listings again for the figures?

A: They are there because I have been entering them. Use the Advanced Search in the Collector's Database and chose by Waves.

33. Were any POTJ Darth Maul Final Duel figures released with a gray vest like all the other Maul's?

A: There are no gray.

34. I have two vintage B-Wing Pilots - one with light red arms and one with dark red arms. Have you heard of this variant?

A: No, that isn’t a variant. There were all sorts of limb color changes depending on where or when it was made like Hong Kong or Taiwan. The only one that is very noteworthy is Chewbacca with almost green limbs. Some also count the original Luke with darker brown leggings.

35. Is the Jedi Luke they gave out for ROTJ in 1997 the same as the Jedi Luke from POTF2?

A: Yes. Same lame figure, only in new thinner package where the bubble starts to come off a little each year.

36. I have all the figures and variants from 1995 and with the announcement that Hasbro is getting the license for another 15 I have no idea where I’m going to put all this stuff. Should I quit collecting?

A: I feel your pain. Imagine how much space my collection takes up because I have ALL of the toys from 1978 until now. Here’s what I did. Sell ALL of the variations. Get rid of them. Now you free up a ton of space and have more money for new things. You could open all of your modern toys and get rid of the boxes. This will free up two tons of space. There is no guarantee that the line will last another 15 years. If the stores aren’t selling the stuff, which right now they aren’t, then they won’t carry the line. I say hang in there and buy only what you really like. Pass up all those repacks, resculpts and rehashes and only get the truly new items.

37. Will we ever see another 6 inch Yoda ?

A: I wouldn’t be surprised if they make an AOTC lightsaber wielding Yoda. No announcement yet.

38. Will Hasbro ever make a complete ROTJ Jabba the Hutt sitting on his Dias figure?

A: They already have – in a matter of speaking. Take the Jabba Glob and the Pop-Up Cantina Set and you are done. If you are talking a nice plastic one like in 1983, don’t hold your breath. Hasbro’s ignorance to playsets is just appalling. We have had 9 playsets in the 8 years since the line started (which includes two pop-ups and two tiny weak Death Star sets). I have said many times what is the point of having 500+ figures with foot peg holes for playsets and no sets to put them in?

39. Were there variations of colors used for the figure trays in the ESB vinyl cases? I was told that the red trays were changed to gray or blue since the color red was leaving marks on the lighter colored figures.

A: Yes, there were red and gray trays, but no the red wasn’t phased out for any reason. I have the final vinyl case from ROTJ and it has red trays.

40. Is Coleman Trebor figure named after Rob Coleman the animation supervisor from Episodes I and II?

A: Yes. Trebor is Robert spelled backwards. It is called a ''Tuckerism'', named for the Sci-Fi writer Bob Tucker who was famous for using friends names in his stories. The first SW one was for Wicket W. Warrick played by Warwick Davis.

41. Is Ephant Mon cancelled?

A: If you mean is he gone forever then no.

42. Is the Silver Toyfare Darth Vader going to be released like the Silver R2-D2 or his price dropping?

A: Unfortunately, no plans for any more. So the price will stay up there. I never got a Vader either.

43. What do you think of the Clone Wars cartoons?

A: Well, I've seen all the Droids and Ewoks cartoons and none of them were very good and those had full stories. Anthony Daniels went so far as to call the scripts "Crap." These are 2-3 minutes each so that is less than exciting. The ‘animation’ looks terrible and basically it sounds like it is just a long commercial for their new Clone Wars repaint toy line.

44. I called the ''Fan Club'' about the 12" Plo Koon and they told me that I should buy the figure elsewhere because they are not sure if they will ever get it. What's the deal?!

A: I have heard they refused it. Guess even the ''Fan Club'' doesn’t want to order SW toys. The only place they have shipped to is Star Tours in Florida right now.

45. I heard that Wal-mart will be selling the Sandcrawler vehicle as an exclusive. Do you think it will use the same mold?

A: Of course! Show me any modern SW vehicle that hasn’t used an old mold. The vintage Sandcrawler looks perfect, it is just too small. The lame radio control feature will be thrown out which killed the price back then. It averaged $40 at retail which is why it is so rare today. No confirmation it will be a Wal*Mart exclusive, but it is a possibility since all Classic Trilogy vehicles have been only exclusives lately.

46. Will we ever have good Star Wars figures again? Aayla and the new Jedi Luke look like LEGOs. Is it the economy or is it greedy corporate beurocracy?

A: There is nothing wrong with the economy and it’s nothing to do with greed. The truth is they just don’t know what to do with this line. The vintage line had the same cards and style figures for 8 years. We can’t even get a single year of similarity without changing cards - Orange, green, holostickers, flashback, freeze frame, commtech, etc. Then they change the figures - no articulation, then articulation and back to statues. It seems like they are trying to cater to the Mtv Generation with no attention span. This makes them look confused instead of consistent. I thought they finally learned with the COMMTech Stormtrooper – a figure most everyone loves and wants more of. I bought 50 of them myself. Think how much more figures they would sell if they were all of that quality. Instead they opted for more statuesque poses, (think how the Saga Endor Rebel Soldier is posed – useless for army building) then cheap gimmicks like magnets and lightsaber swinging action instead of articulation. Then they add wrist articulation, but go back to ugly ball joint shoulders. They say they are getting rid of this, so hopefully they will get on track finally.

47. On the Imperial Shuttle there is no mention of FAO on the package. Is it an exclusive or are other countries getting them directly?

A: I wouldn’t put it past Hasbro to have these ship to places like TRU in Europe. This has happened with most exclusives. Even the 12” Tarkin set that was an FAO exclusive set that showed up minus the FAO logo. The FAO Biggs 12” set showed up at the Fan Club at one point.

48. Where do they get the names of characters that only appear for 2 seconds or appear in a crowd? The only place I can think of is the script.

A: Nicknames are given by the people who make the character’s masks like Squidhead in ROTJ and they stick. Sometimes names are just made up if there is going to be a product tied to them. For example Hasbro will ask Lucas to name a character if they plan on making a figure for them. Then the rest of them get named in an EU source like the CCG game.

49. Will there ever be mini-figures included with Hasbro Action Fleet?

A: You mean will they put them back like they used to be? The new E2 ships are out and they do not have them. No one knows for sure until Hasbro opens their factory doors March 12.

50. Any word on new PlaySkool Star Wars Adventure sets?

A: No, the line is on a possible permanent hiatus for the foreseeable future. It’s too bad because it is a fantastic line. I bought every set myself.

51. I just bought a vintage Luke figure that has the double telescoping saber. How can I be sure I bought the real deal and not a fake?

A: I know Brain’s Toys sells replicas of every weapon and I can tell fakes when they are in my hand. I have a Double Telescoping Luke sealed in the bag from the Early Bird set. I also have a carded 12 Back Luke. When you put the two figures side-by-side the Double saber is much more pale yellow and the Single saber is very bright yellow. If your double saber is bright – it is a repro.

52. What's the deal with the Holiday C3P0 and R2-D2 two pack? Will it ship again?

A: It was barely released in one shipment 12/02 and that was that. Of course another shipment could come, but since it was specifically an xmas item it seems unlikely now. Wal*Mart might not have ordered too many so they wouldn't have to eat them. But remember - there is no indication on the package it is a WM exclusive. This means it could show up again anywhere if there is a supply for someone to buy out.

53. Is Hasbro is now making the figures for themselves and not selling them to the public anymore? I haven’t found a new figure in four months!

A: Don’t feel too bad. I haven’t found Ephant Mon and neither has Steve. As I have said before Hasbro screwed up royally with that case. It is the only new figure in the case so no one wants it. Also Episode II didn’t find much of an audience. At an average of $8 a ticket it barely grossed $300 million making it the least successful SW film by far. It is also the least popular. For example on imdb.com which films are ranked by the voting of fans like us – SW is tied for #4, ESB is tied for #10, ROTJ is tied for #119 and E1+2 aren’t even in the Top 250. Think of how many toy lines last without a constant tie-in. Seen any new Scorpion King figures lately? The Hasbro toy market is hurting because people lose interest and move on to new things and more articulate figures. If it wasn’t for diehard SW collectors like us the line never would’ve lasted and it is barely making it now.

54. What ranks do the Sandtrooper shoulder pauldrons represent?

A: Black – Enlisted (private)
Gray - Corporal
White – Sergeant
Orange – Captain/Squad leader

55. Is there a burning problem with Hasbro marketing everything they trump up in the trades in the Seattle market? Why are there so many things I can’t find?

A: This is an insidious thing I call ‘’Regionalizng’’. I first confirmed this with the Millennium Minted Coins sets in 1998. I was living in Texas and Tycho lives on the West Coast. I was saying how I couldn’t find the Leia anywhere and he tells me there are tons there. He then says the Emperor and C-3PO are not there and I’m telling him there are tons where I am. People on the East Coast told me they weren’t there either. So I wound up trading those I had to get the stuff I needed. This goes on all the time. Of course there are things like the Han and Tauntaun Beast Pack that shipped almost nowhere. The best thing you can do is make contacts. Try on our forums and post “I can get these things and will trade even for the things I need.” And see what happens. You never know – that item you are sick of looking at in your stores might never have been seen on the other side of the country. My good friend R2dee2 found stuff for me I couldn’t find. I have access to other things I can trade for and if I can’t find anything good then I will pay cost/shipping for them. Sure Hasbro doesn’t know what they are doing with distribution, but in the Computer Age there is no excuse for missing things and you might make some good friends along the way.

56. Is the new Jedi High Council Yoda the same mold as the Episode I Yoda just with the lightsaber and magnet added?

A: Exactly – same old, lame mold. Still says 1999 on the foot too.

57. Do you think Hasbro will correct the insert on the Saga Teebo?

A: Probably not. I don’t think they noticed it. Only the spear is listed – the knife and horn are missing. I could see them adding a sticker like they did to fix Dexter and Luminara last year.

58. Was Leia's Sporting Blaster ever available in the POTF line?

A: If you mean in a role-playing size – absolutely not. There has never been one in any line from 1977 until today.

59. Do you know if the EP1 Queen Amidala with Ascension Gun will be rehashed on a saga card?

A: No word of that happening. Anything is possible, but a re-release with different accessories like the Yoda High Council, isn't viable since she didn't wear anything close to that outfit in E2. I would say chances are not good.

60. In the ROTJ Special Edition there is a scene during the Ewok celebration where Luke gives Wedge a hug. Was this an addition?

A: Yes. It was an added shot, like the change of music for the scene (yet another piece of the Trilogy eliminated in the SE.)

61. What one figure or version of a figure would you like to see Hasbro produce and why?

A: When we do the ‘Best/Worst of the Year’ I have said the Tonnika Sisters every year because they are cool looking, female and mysterious.

62. Has anyone considered contacting Hasbro to see if they would start selling directly?

A: Hasbro isn't interested. They only want to move volume to chain stores not sell a figure at a time to us. Remember the failed hasbrocollectors.com site? That was supposed to be the answer to direct sales of items.

63. When do the scene packs come out?

A: They are slated for a July/August release.

64. How do you recommend opening figures only causing the least damage to the card?

A: I use a box cutter and cut the bubble as close to the card as possible all the way around. The card doesn’t get damaged and you can tape it back to the card later if you no longer want to display loose and it looks carded again.

65. Will there be a non-battery powered Dooku lightsaber toy be available, and why do some of battery powered ones now say ‘Darth Tyranus’ on them instead of ‘Count Dooku’?

A: I doubt it. The generic Saga sabers have been on the shelves since April 2002 and aren't selling. The non-electronic Maul was barely released to Amazon in 2000, so it seems those didn’t sell well either. The curve of the blade would also make it tough for a full retraction of the blade. Yes, the box was changed to reflect Dooku’s Sith designation. It could've also been because of the 'spolier' factor that Dooku was Tyrannus, but the deluxe Tyrannus was out before the film and gave it away anyway. It is like for ROTJ - ewoks blacked out on carded figures, but they were pictured IN the catalogs!?

66. I was wondering what characters from the Mos Eisley Cantina have yet to be produced and if you know of any upcoming production of those characters?

A: Are you trying to get me started on the Tonnika Sisters again? I cringe at every rehash, resculpt and rerelease figure when there are still no Tonnikas and many other figures that have never been made even after 25 years. Your question is essentially impossible to answer. Around 75 characters from the Cantina have been named in EU sources – mostly in the CCG. There are still others who haven’t even been named. For example Danz Borin is near two unnamed pilots. There is a bald guy and a moisture farmer near the Tonnika Sisters. Two guys walk in the Cantina before Luke and Ben who are unknown. Known “popular” characters include Elis Helrot – the Givin, Hrchek Kal Fas – the Saurin, Dannik Jerriko – the Anzati, Reegesk - a Ranat, and Yerka Mig - an Imperial. Kitik Keedkat is possibly still coming in the much delayed Cantina Wave 2. That is the only one that I have knowledge of right now, but I would expect to see all the popular ones above made as the years go by.

67. Is there anything else new in the TRU multipacks besides R4-19 figure and Aurra's swoop? Since I only want new figures is it worth it to buy these or should I just wait to find them loose on eBay?

A: No, everything else is totally recycled. Even R4-19 - just a repaint of R4-M9. The Fett is the 300th figure version. The problem is that the chances of the new items turning up loose on eBay are rare and if they do it will bring a premium because of many people like you in the same boat. I know some people will buy these, open them up, take out the new figures, stick old junk in there and return them, but I would recommend buying the sets and selling what you don’t want. The Fett alone should get half the cost of the one set.

68. Is buying vintage cards with yellow bubbles and figures that have certain parts crystallizing a total investment no-no?

A: First of all “investing” in figures is a waste. If you want to invest try bonds with a guaranteed return on your money. There isn’t really isn't much money to be made in buying them now. Since the prequels were so lousy it hasn’t made an explosion in interest in those vintage figures – they are pretty much the same. As items are re-released in the modern line it kills the value in their vintage counterparts. For example around 10 years ago you couldn’t touch a MISB Droids A-wing for less than $600+. Since it was released in the POTF2 line the price has plummeted to half that. People who just wanted the toy are happy to get the modern one. I recommend buying yellow bubble figures only on the rarest figures. It is a great way to get a carded version much cheaper than a C-10 if you can’t afford a perfect one.

69. Is there any way to buy the Toy Fair Vader from the French fan club?

A: Yes, you had to be a member living in France when it was offered.

70. Will Hasbro ever make a "Duel of the Fates" Cinema Scene with Darth Maul fighting Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon?

A: No chance. Who needs them? Let’s hope for no more Qui-Gons ever! Those figures have been released so many times – they’ve all been covered and Cinema Scenes are extinct. They are doing some called Scene Packs now, but only with E2 figures.

Bonus question: Can you tell me how much my rare figure is worth?

A: No.

71. Is the 02/11 Battle Droid red/brown re-release the same exact figure as the one that was released with the Target Arena Accessory Set?

A: No. The one from Target is the POTJ Red Security version.

72. I can’t find the latest wave of figures! Have they been cancelled??

A: The boy has no patience. I cannot teach him. Those figures have only been out for a couple of weeks. Cancelled is more of an eBay auction word than anything else. Like those idiot sellers who say they have “unreleased” new figures. If they weren’t released how could they have them!? How could I have them in my local Wal*Mart hmmm? There is NO cancelled anything. If Hasbro wants they could go and re-release everything they have ever made from Wave 1 in 1995. Remember the AT-ST that returned after 7 years in 2002?

73. Can you tell me how many variations of the Saga Rebel trooper and imperial officer exist?

A: Depends. Both were released on the POTJ cards. The POTJ Imperial had a flat vest and a glossy vest. The Saga version has a different head sculpt. The Rebel also has two head sculpts.

74. Have the Ewoks & Droids Cartoon, Ewoks movies, Holiday Special or Episodes 4-6 ever been released on DVD?

A: That’s a big fat NO to all of them. Anything you see is a bootleg. The only official releases are E1+2 plus R2-D2 beneath the Dome. A handful of cartoons were re-released on video around five years ago. That is a good sign. It means they aren’t totally embarrassed by them, so they could see a DVD release some day. The Holiday Special has never been released on any format and rightly so. The DVD will be no exception.

75. Is Eeth Koth related to Darth Maul?

A: There are from the same species – Zabrak. Maul was from the home planet of Iridonia and Eeth was born on the Smugglers moon of Nar Shaddaa. No story has been written about if there is a relationship between them. I think it couldn’t be likely because Jedi who are related share a strong bond and would be aware of each other.

Bonus question: Can you appraise my rare figure so I can quote you on eBay?

A: No.

76. On the Mace Windu Arena cardback it shows him with a vinyl cloak, but the figure comes with a cloth one. Have both been released?

A: No. Only the cloth cloak has been released. The vinyl was scrapped presumably to house the twisty lever more easily.

77. I want to buy a Revenge of the Jedi Proof Card and need to know what to look for so I don’t get ripped off?

A: It has become very easy to fake these with the high quality printing that is readily available today. It is much easier to tell in person if it is a fake because a real one has die cut corners on the top. If someone does this on their own without a machine it will be rough and not uniform.

78. Is the Vintage 3 3/4" IG-88 with black joints a legitimate variation or simply a production sample?

A: Neither. It was pictured like that on some packages, but it was never released that way and I have never heard of a prototype being found with the black joints either.

79. Do you know if they'll be making Silver Anniversary 2-Packs for Empire or Jedi?

A: Always in motion the future. Hasbro is lucky to know what they are doing a year from now and you are talking 2005 and 2008 – that’s like an eternity! The more silver figures they release that all the fans don’t have access to, the more this will backfire on them.

80. Do you know a place where I can find star cases? I can’t find them on eBay anymore.

A: The problem some of the huge bubbles on the Saga figures. The old size cases do not always work for all the new Saga figures and therefore the sellers have gone away. I know www.brianstoys.com (http://www.brianstoys.com) carry every kind of case under the sun. The more you buy, the cheaper they get. Just make sure to ask for ones that fit Saga figures if that is what you want.

Bonus question: From QuietBudha@aol.com - I found this rare figure in a box and I want you to tell me how much it is worth so I don't get ripped off on eBay!

A: If you didn't pay anything for it then you can't get ripped off can you?

81. I thought I purchased the Tie Fighter w/Pilot from TRU 2 years ago?

A: That was the TIE Interceptor. The TIE was originally released in 1995 w/o a pilot and backdrop which comes in the KB Toys exclusive. It also has a redesigned central pod, so it's more accurate than the POTF2 version. It reminds me a bit of when the Vintage micro + diecast lines were failing and Kenner repacked vehicles with backdrops. It’s déjà vu all over again as history repeats itself.

82. Why do you attack Hasbro and Lucas?

A: Because I am passionate about Star Wars. Like any relationship, and it is a relationship - if we don’t buy the products then they won’t make any more, there is good and bad. No relationship is perfect, people don’t always get along. If one side doesn’t listen to the other, then there can only be problems. Like when the Fan Club changed hands and now they ran it into the ground. We can’t even get toys from them and the exclusives they were supposed to carry like troop builder sets and 12” Plo Koon – they didn’t bother. After nine years I cancelled my membership. Thing how poor their distribution is? Why is it that books, music and movies have release dates and never run out, but that with toys you may never, ever find them? I know of no one who has found every toy and figure on the shelves. So I post about it on the site and guess what? They see it and they have to think about it. This is the only way I can get their attention. People that sit there and kiss their buts all day won't bring any change it just encourages complacency on their part. People who just say everything Hasbro and or Lucas does is great just scare me. If someone in your family treats you bad you don't speak up? That's how I feel about it. If something is great, I’ll say that too – like the Playskool line, which I am encouraging them to restart by doind polls about them. Remember all the backlash against Jar Jar after E1? How much did we see of him in E2? I never would’ve believed there would be a day when fans were so openly hostile toward Star Wars. It is all wrong. Lucas is a ying without a yang. He has no one to push and challenge him and say ''Fart jokes are the wrong direction for Star Wars." I still enjoy collecting, the Original Trilogy, comics and books especially NJO and will continue to support them.

83. Will the Clone Trooper, Federation Droid Army and the Droid Launcher have any new figures or will they just be re-packagings of existing figures?

A: Clone trooper set is all new including a yellow trooper. This three pack is like the classic plastic army men I loved as a kid. One crawling on his belly, one in a crouched position and one firing. The
Droid Army is a Super Battle Droid, Battle Droid and a Destroyer. These can’t be fundamentally different than previous releases. The only things that looks a different paint job on the Battle Droid which looks to me like a repaint of the E1 version. The Droid Launcher comes with a regular Destroyer Droid and a rolled up one from the E1 R2-D2 case.

84. Will there a playset released that the base of the Tusken Raider Tatooine Camp Ambush can be attached similar to how the bases for the deluxe Yoda and deluxe C-3PO attaches to the Geonosian Battle Arena?

A: No. Remember those other figures are deluxe with large bases. The Tusken is tiny. They could release a Tusken Camp someday. It would be easy enough to make some huts and throw in an exclusive battle damaged Shmi, but they haven’t announced any other playsets. Since 1995 Hasbro’s main weakness in the entire line is a major lack of playsets compared to an overabundance of figures. Look at 2002 – close to 60 figures and only one playset.

85. Has Hasbro said anything about making a new Dash Rendar action figure?

A: Nope. Since he was only in SOTE there is no reason to make him again.

86. What exactly are the causes for the bubbles turning yellow on vintage figures? I don’t want to buy any and then have them go yellow on me.

A: The good news about buying vintage figures is if they are yellow now there is nothing you can do about it and if they aren’t yellow by now chances are very, very good they will never be. I have never had a figure turn yellow as from my experience it will turn yellow in 5 to 6 years and since they are all 20+ years old at this point it is moot. The original SW line doesn’t go yellow, at least I haven’t seen any and none in my collection has, the ESB line rarely does. I have a couple in my collection that have and the Rebel Solider seems the worst. As for ROTJ and POTF it is somewhat common for the figures to yellow leading me to believe cheaper plastics were used. The reason why the cards go yellow is the reason why almost any type of collectible can go south – UV light, heat and humidity. Personally I believe there is really nothing you can do to stop yellowing because figures were meant to be opened. After all, no one at Kenner in the late 70s would have ever believed that in 80s, forget about in 2003, that we would still have those figures on the cards. Bubbles cracking and air getting in do not make them yellow. The other reason why I strongly believe there is nothing you can do to stop yellowing that when the Bend-ems line came out around 10 years ago I was putting them away in bags in a dresser. They never saw the light of day, UV light or felt any kind of humidity and some of them still turned yellow after a few years.

87. I was wondering if you have heard of Kenner having any plans to release any further classic edition figure packs like the Toys R Us 4 pack of 1995 that started it all?

A: It’s been 8 years and you are still waiting!? That is a good enough indication it will never happen. First of all Kenner hasn’t existed for years and second of all that pack was universally hated since collectors feared it would destroy the vintage market for figures. It didn’t, but I still see people passing off weapons from that set as real vintage ones. Besides those were made from vintage figures, not original molds which are gone and were smaller and cheaper than the real thing.

88. Why do people still insist on asking you the value of their rare whatever?

A: Because they collect for all the wrong reasons. Not because they love Star Wars or the item they bought, but because they see it as a way to make money or even worse – an investment. If the item isn’t “rare” then it isn’t worth anything to them. They are just angry and sad.

89. What is the silver Boba Fett is it an exclusive and how do I get a hold of it??

A: It is like the ToyFair Vader. This time it is a silver repaint of the 300th Edition Fett. It will be available at a bunch of conventions this year and don’t hold your breath – at the Fan Club afterwards. If you aren’t near any of the conventions or a member of the Fan Club like me, then you either live without it or pay big bucks on eBay as they are supposed to be limited to 1 per person – meaning your friends can’t help you.

90. Target is sending all their figures back. Is it a good idea to keep a close eye on them since when they do get in Star Wars it will be all new stuff?

A: Yes, getting ready for the Clone Wars they are. I would visit them regularly as I just found the new Deluxe wave this week.

91. Which figures are old figures just repackged in the new style Saga packaging?

A: Jango Fett (Kamino Escape) AKA The same Jango Fett (Kamino Escape) that has been rotting on the pegs for over a year
C-3PO (Tatooine Ambush) AKA POTF Flashback C-3PO with Removeable Arm
Darth Maul (Theed Hangar Duel) AKA POTJ Darth Maul from the Masters of the Dark Side 2 pack
Eeth Koth (Jedi Master) AKA POTJ Eeth Koth
Han Solo (Flight To Alderan) AKA POTF2 COMMTech Han Solo with Blaster Pistol and Holster
Princess Leia Organa (Imperial Captive) AKA POTF2 FF Princess Leia Organa with Blaster Rifle
Teebo AKA POTJ Teebo
Yoda (Jedi High Council) AKA Episode I Yoda

In other words seven figures no one wants, Teebo was a good choice as he was barely released, instead of choosing more scarely released figures most people want like R2-B1, Sio Bibble and Amidala Ascension Gun that people ask me about every day if they are getting re-released (no word for this year.)

92. I haven’t found the E2 speeder bike sets yet and am starting to worry. Should I be worried?

A: No. They are not exclusives, so it isn’t like you missed out and they are gone. I found them in Target in March, so check out your all your Targets. It seems these just haven’t shipped wide. Maybe Hasbro thinks any vehicle is automatically a Target exclusive?

93. Is the rebel fleet troop builder 4 pack the POTJ or the Saga version with new head?

A: It is four of the POTJ version.

94. Are the Star Tours Starspeeder 3000 R2-D2 and Rex figures new?

A: The R2 is like the one with the FX X-wing. You push his dome to make sounds. The Rex is a different figure because he doesn’t have the big base so he can fit in a slot inside the speeder.

95. When is the Sandcrawler and Wave 2 of the Cantina Bar sets coming out?

A: Never? They are waiting for a buyer on the Sandcrawler, so that will be another exclusive, most likely for Target as they seem to be the one doing the best with exclusive vehicles. The Cantina sets might come out in August, but the problem is the horrible lack of originality on the figures in Wave 1 pretty much killed it as Wal*Mart has been drowning in them for nearly a year.

96. Will we ever see a proper R5-D4 figure?

A: Years ago I used to say yes because I knew he was coming even before he got shoved over to Star Tours and renamed, but now I don't know of anything else planned.

97. Do you know if Hasbro has cut the overall production numbers on the 12 inch line? The current Lando Skiff Guard wave seems very hard to find and entertainment earth says Hasbro isn't making anymore of this wave.

A: That wave is only starting to ship. There is no reason to panic. What they say is, “Hasbro has confirmed that this item will not be made available again.” This means EE can’t get any more orders. The first three waves are still on the shelves and if you look on eBay you can get them for $10 or less. Whatever is left over in the warehouses could get dumped on KB like what happened three years ago when even rare items like the Blue Snowtrooper resurfaced. Here is my motto: “Never, EVER worry if you can’t find the latest figure or vehicle, they will ALWAYS turn up eventually or be remade.”

98. Is the Star Wars Trilogy VCD legit?

A: Could be. Believe it or not Lucasfilm did release the Special Editions on VCD in Asia because the format is so popular over there having replaced VHS. It doesn’t seem to make much sense as the potential for bootlegging is phenomenal, but I guess the idea was to put out a real version in the bootleg capital of the world so people wouldn’t bootleg it. The quality is lower than DVD anyway. The same was done with Episode I + II in Asia, but there is little demand for it here in the USA.

99. Will the 2003 Saga figures ever be shipped again on the original card or will they be changed to the new Clone Wars style?

A: Don’t worry. You have to realize that Hasbro is very cheap and it is not cost productive to remake cards for all those figures. Remember the dozen or so items in 1998-9 where official was spelled wrong on the packages? They never would spend the money to go back and fix that. Hasbro’s motto is that toys are meant to be opened after all. Also, for the sake of argument say they make 250,000 of each figure. Now they start shipping to stores, but there is a warehouse full of those that haven’t shipped. I found a Bloody Luke Bespin last month. Now where had that been for a year? In a warehouse where it never shipped. There is plenty of everything except super exclusives like the Toyfare Vader, it’s the distribution that is the nightmare.

100. Are those new figure sets from Tomy action figures?

A: Those aren’t action figures, they are statues as they have no articulation.

101. Is there really a difference between the POTJ and Saga TIE bombers?

A: Yes. The Saga version has more of a used look with black spray on it to simulate wear. Is it the same sculpt – yes.

102. Is Hasbro reducing the number of 12 inch figures produced in a wave because so many sit on shelves forever and are eventually marked down to $5?

A: Yes. It is an off year because it is a non-movie year. The line just doesn’t sell well and the quality of the last wave with Padme was just awful so they aren’t winning any new fans – only losing them. Stores that can’t sell the line they won’t accept anything new.

103. Was the POTF C-3PO from Japanese with green tint a real figure?

A: It is real and was made in 1995-7. There was some controversy about gold paint chipping off the figure and kids eating it, doesn’t make sense to me either, so it was done greenish – it is very noticeable. It was released on the orange and green cards.

104. What are the chances of Hasbro re-releasing the vintage line since their contract is not up until 2018?

A: Zero. Not only do they not have the molds, moving back instead of forward is never a good idea. Don’t forget the disaster of the Classic Edition 4 pack in 1996. Just because they have the rights until 2018 doesn’t mean we will get figures until then. When the demand stops, that is it. Kenner had the rights to produce figures long after ROTJ, but there was no demand for them since there was no new films and even the Fan Club closed their doors in 1987.

105. A friend of mine has a vintage double telescoping saber Luke Skywalker and is convinced that he has to be made in Taiwan to be original. Is this true?

A: No, I don't believe that. My Early Bird set is all in Hong Kong bags. It's the saber that matters - not the figure.

106. Has Hasbro abandoned the state of Florida? It's July, and I haven't seen a new figure since January!

A: You are not alone. If you want the tough truth it is this: Episodes I and II are not worthy of the Star Wars name. These are bad films and because of the hype the stores bought big in April 99 and April 02 and they paid for it with lots of product that didn’t move and had to be returned. Because of this they no longer want new product. In 1999 stores avoided the red packaged items like the plague – so Hasbro went back to green with POTJ. After the smoke of a new prequel clears and there are no new people interested, guess who is left? You and me and the other collectors who were there before.

107. Is there any way to contact Hasbro and complain about their toys or practices and do you think that enough of us contacted them that we could make a difference?

A: They have a phone number and email section on their official site http://www.hasbro.com. Do I think they really care? Of course not. Here’s why:
This is a direct quote from their site: “Keep in mind that depending on time of year, retailer distribution systems, store inventory and sales patterns, it may take from several weeks up to several months after the availability dates given for some products to show up on store shelves! We cannot guarantee product availability at any one store.”

Is this how you would run a business? Imagine you sell a product and someone wants to buy it and you tell him or her I can get it to you in a few months – maybe. Wouldn’t you do all you could to get your product into the stores to get it sold? If that didn’t work wouldn’t you bypass everyone and just sell your products online? If you operated like they did do you think you would last long? Since they are a multi billion-dollar monopoly there is no incentive for them.

Here’s what it should say on their site: “Our number one goal at Hasbro is to make sure you, our loyal customers, get the products you want. If you are having trouble finding our products, that is just not acceptable to us. We’ve set up a contact form on our website and you can enter the toy line you want and the area you live and we will research what is getting shipped. If there is a store that is getting more products shipped than others we will let you know. If we find out there is a lack of product in your area we will contact a major retailer near you and make sure we get the product coming in. If this doesn’t work then we will gladly sell you all the products you want directly through our mail order division.”

The reason I post things like this about Hasbro is because I know they read it. It’s called customer feedback. To finish your question – the best thing you can do is get as many people as possible and confront them this summer at the conventions they attend and tell them you aren’t happy with their distribution and whatever else. Tell them you’ve bought all the figures since 1995 and you want some respect and Ephant Mon and whatever else. Remember, Hasbro does not exist without us buying their products.

108. Hasbro: We think kids are into Star Wars because we will sell more lightsabers this year than in 1999.

A: Lightsabers alone don’t make the Star Wars line. Kids like to bash each other with things. This proves what I said because only collectors are buying the figures and toys keeping the line going.

109. Hasbro: There is no way we could tell what stores were shipped what product. There is no guarantee that stores get the products equally.

A: Sounds like a communication breakdown. All I am hearing is “no, no, no.” There is no way for this, no way for that. Times change and if you don’t change with them, you are finished. Come up with a system then. Color code the boxes – like blue for figures, red for vehicles (nothing for playsets, since there aren’t any). Make is simple on the distributors. Tell them 20 red cases to each store for example. Changing the cards and the packages all the time isn’t going to get the stuff out there quicker.

110. Hasbro: Have you noticed how long it has taken Amazon to become profitable? Selling online also would mean that there is no opportunity to sell product on an impulse basis, especially to kids.

A: So one large chain who bit off way more than they can chew is the be all end all? A handful of people could just easily sell action figures and toys online and ship them out. I used to work in a warehouse with three people in the front office and three of us in that warehouse that shipped over 300 orders a day. This is totally false that kids wouldn’t have access to it. If that is true then why are you doing the Jedi Master Point ONLY as an online auction!?

111. Hasbro: Our incentive is to sell as much of our toys as possible even though Wal*Mart this Fall will not be carrying Scene Packs, Multipacks or Vehicles.

A: That proves my case exactly. If they major chain won’t carry the products then an alternative has to be come up with whether it is online, conventions or the fan club.

112. Hasbro: The reality is that to keep the price of toys so low is why we manufacture in Asia and flying the products here is too expensive. With all of that variability in the distribution system, it is terribly hard to promise more than that to consumers.

A: OK, so paying low wages in Asia keeps the costs down. I also think that having designers, makers and distributors in one area would also cut down seriously on cost, lag time and mistakes. If cheap labor is the goal then Mexico is much closer and products could be trucked right from there to the stores distribution centers cutting down on money, time and travel. More new products equals keeping the interest going instead of new items a couple times of year.

113. Hasbro: I won't tell you what to write, but it is important that you act as an informed journalist.

A: When someone sends and error picture and I report on it I am a journalist. When people endlessly ask “Why can’t I find the products I want” and I give reasons why AND come up with IDEAS on how the situation can be improved, I’m not “being a journalist.” It is not fact finding, it is an Op-Ed column. It is my opinion on what should be done as someone who has spent well over $10,000 on Hasbro/Kenner Star Wars toys. If I can’t buy anything new, then we both lose. I am putting ideas out there – showing concern, getting frustrated. Just saying “Hasbro sucks” doesn’t address the problems with ideas. If Star Wars Hasbro is a sinking ship, then it needs to be bailed out. If you don’t care what I say then how can you be possibily be interested in a kid spending $5 every now and then on a figure?

114. Who is R1-G4 and R-3PO?

A: The simple answer is that R1 is that massive black droid the Jawas try to sell to Uncle Owen in Episode IV. R-3PO was stationed at the Hoth Echo Base and both were given their names from the Collectible Card Game (CCG).

115. I have the 12" Luke Jedi + Biker Scout from the Speeder Bikes and I was wondering if the Luke and Scout Trooper that were just released were worth buying?

A: No. If you have that Luke or the 1997 one that came with the Rancor bone then you don’t need it. The only thing different is the green lightsaber blade and the binders. The head is a bit different and it has lighsaber slashing aciton - but that is just gimmick stuff. The Scout is nearly identical except for the black paint job on the helmet. Most likely you’ll never see them in the stores so it isn’t a concern.

116. Is the Leia with Speeder Bike REALLY an online exclusive to Target's website, as it states?

A: That is what is says on Target's site, as well as the A-wing, so as of now it is true. Possibly it will be available in the stores in a couple months. If you want them, then I would order them just in case. This is the best 12” Speeder Bike because it has a really great battle damage/worn look that was sorely lacking in the others. The Leia has the good female GI Joe body so it is a nice figure too, maybe the best 12’’ Leia.

117. Is buying online my only option for 12" figures this year?

A: Of course not. You may luck out and find them in stores that aren’t bogged down in the previous 12” waves.

118. I just bought a 12" Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard in a Han solo box. How would I go about determining it's approximate worth before selling it on eBay?

A: It would be worth the price of a loose figure since that is all it is. Any one who can replace scotch tape can switch boxes on 12” figures.

02-18-2003, 10:58 PM
If you have a burning question that hasn't been asked then email me! (thrawn@sirstevesguide.com)

07-31-2003, 02:37 AM
As always, Mr. Thrawn, you have been the Voice of Reality in this hobby. I applaude your thoughts. I know Hasbro is trying their best to please their customers. But......their best is not even close to pleasing even the most patient of us. Thanks for being straightforward to this so-called giant conglomerate of cheapskates. I just can't believe all that 'cocka-maymee B.S.' they're spouting. Hhmm...maybe Hasbro should look closer at what's happening at the store front. Pulling back those pegwarmers may not be enough to make them aware of how dire the situation is. That right there should tell them something. Well, again, thanks, keep up the crusade and plow right thru your detractors. :cool:

07-31-2003, 11:54 PM
Man, it's pilin' up in here.....


08-01-2003, 01:07 AM
Man, it's pilin' up in here.....

J I got no beef w/ you, Jango, so don't even start. Didn't you read the front page?? It says if you don't like his style, then don't read his threads.

08-01-2003, 01:11 AM
OK. Cool.

While you're at it, make a list of books people shouldn't read because you disagree with the contents and set fire to all copies on that list. I'll read what I please and respond accordingly - as with everyone else who comes 'round these parts. Afterall, how do you know if you'll agree with something until you read it?

No beef with you either. I just simply, briefly commented on the "thou art so wise" type of post. That's all. I'm not starting anything with anyone.

This is, now, an open forum, correct? If it's fair game for the consenting opinions, it's fair game for the dissents as well.


08-03-2003, 09:17 AM
I am confused as to who was asking the questions Thrawn, you or Hasbro. It looks like Hasbro is asking the questions and you were giving the answers. Anyway I hate what Hasbro is doing, especially in my area. I live is eastern Kentucky and we only have Walmarts around here with the exception of a Target that is 30 miles away and never gets any toys and a ToysRus that is 30 miles away and still has figures from the very first wave last year. So somebody needs to kick them in the butt and get some even distribution out there.

08-03-2003, 09:47 AM
OK. Cool.

While you're at it, make a list of books people shouldn't read because you disagree with the contents and set fire to all copies on that list. I'll read what I please and respond accordingly - as with everyone else who comes 'round these parts. Afterall, how do you know if you'll agree with something until you read it?

No beef with you either. I just simply, briefly commented on the "thou art so wise" type of post. That's all. I'm not starting anything with anyone.

This is, now, an open forum, correct? If it's fair game for the consenting opinions, it's fair game for the dissents as well.

J I am not telling you or anyone what or what not to read. Doesn't matter to me what you read. However, its not my intention to sound like I'm the 'so wise' type to post something. Its just the way I feel. I treat everyone here w/ respect, you included. No need for me to make any snide remarks. So, let's move on, shall we??? Thank you.

08-27-2003, 01:06 PM
Why does the upcoming Aayla Secura figure have force lightning? I was under the impression that it was a dark side trait.

A: If I was to defend them I would say that she was captured and had her memories stolen and they were trying to convert her to the dark side. But if I was being myself I would say Hasbro probably hasn’t researched the Jedi. We can hope it is a mistake. What about the fact that it comes with a base which means it probably won’t be able to stand up without it.

Okay, I know that I'm some sort of gibbering, slavering freak because I actually take my figures out of the packages, but of the three (3) Aayla figures I've bought so far, all of them stand up just fine without the base. In fact, Aayla is such a cool, poseable figure, I've found myself putting two (2) of them up on display--one in a "ready to duel with lightsaber" stance, the other in a "standing kick" stance.

Barris Offee, on the other stand, absolutely will not stand up without the base ... and even then she tends to tip over because the holes in her feet aren't deep enough!

08-27-2003, 01:30 PM
30. Why is it all the Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene 3-Packs have the "Error" green skinned Emperor figure?

A: I never heard of this as all of the Emperors are greenish.

Actually, the vintage Kenner Emperors and the first POTF2 Emperor were pale grey, just like the character in the film. When the Jedi Final Duel Cinema Scene was released, he had a greenish tint, as did the Episode I Flashback Photo version with the Force Lightning effects. To the best of my memory, the Electronic F/X 3-3/4" Emperor was also gray, but he's packed away so I can't check him to be sure. (The photo in the Collector's Database seems to confirm that he's gray.) I know all the 12" versions have been gray, too. Hasbro's "Unleashed" Darth Sidious is also gray. The new Saga Emperor has the greenish tint, with an orange color around his eyes--this was actually more of a pinkish color in ROTJ. While this is the best sculpt of the figure--it looks like Hasbro took advantage of the RealScan imagining of Ian McDiarmid--the coloring and paint apps are terrible, and those ludicrously short Force Lightning bolts are just plain pathetic. Oddly enough, if you look at the pic of the Saga Emperor in the SSG Collector's Database listed as "Loose Front from Original Release," it's a prototype painted with the correct pale gray color and pink around the eyes! What happened, Hasbro???

plo koon 200
08-29-2003, 10:02 PM
I would just like to comment that I think that Thrawn is the greatest toy reviewer in the history of toy reviewers and has a good clue as to what he is saying. And I think he brings up some excellent points and is doing a good job. I also think those people who are offended by what Thrawn says are fans who are suck ups for Hasbro who will buy the crappiest things from Hasbro and are supporters of the drought that we are in.

09-08-2003, 12:53 PM
Great list of questions and answers....really enjoyed the read.

I think Thrawn is too quick to jump to the conclusion that the "quality" of the new movies is hurting the toy line. If anything, people just made a miscalculation that these movies would have as big a cultural impact as the OT. They have not...I don't know anyone who says they have. Thus they cannot support a toy line that will sell as well to kids as the OT toy line did.

You saw Hasbro pull back in 2002 with AOTC and there was a lot less of this stuff sitting around a year later than with TPM.

If any one thing hurts this toy line, it's Hasbro's production (not enough new figures) and lack of distribution.

09-09-2003, 01:48 AM
122. Are the three Clones in the Clone Wars Army Builder three packs new sculpts or simply rereleased/repackaged figures?

A: Neither. These are like the old plastic army men from when we were kids – no articulation. That is why they are cheaper than action figures. Since they are just hunks of plastic they should be priced more like $3 for a 3 pack.
Three dollars? They aren't that bad. Even with fixed legs, they're better quality than the regular clone figure. They're made of good hard plastic, and have waist, neck and shoulder articulation ... frankly, they're much better than I expected they'd be.

09-11-2003, 02:10 PM
122. Are the three Clones in the Clone Wars Army Builder three packs new sculpts or simply rereleased/repackaged figures?

A: Neither. These are like the old plastic army men from when we were kids – almost no articulation. That is why they are cheaper than action figures. Since they are just hunks of plastic they should be priced more like $3 for a 3 pack.

Actually, I'm sorry to say that's not a terribly accurate answer to that question. In fact, all three of the figures from the 3-pack appear to be at least primarily new sculpts. Parts such as heads and the odd arm or two may have been reused, but for the most part these are mostly all new sculpts.
Also, the only articulation they lack that regular release figures have would be in the legs. Surprisingly they actually even have a brand new, really cool ball-jointed neck which allows for a good deal more movement than any of the previously releases clones aside from perhaps the Clone Pilot. Officially that makes these guys just about as articulated as a figure like POTJ Eeth Koth.
The only other thing (and I only just noticed this about them) is that at least some of them (I haven't taken the time to check each one indiviually) have their guns sculpted into their hands.