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01-21-2003, 04:58 PM
1. Which is correct Ketwal or Ketwol?

A: Ketwol is correct. Hasbro seems to have a problem matching up the Force File and UPC names - also see the Sandtrooper wave.

2. I found this POTF2 collection 2 green carded Tusken Raider and his hand on the straight arm is filled in. Is this a variation?

A: No. For whatever reason, Hasbro didn't want Tuskens to be able to hold their Gaffi sticks with both hands. Originally they couldn't hold them at all since both hands were closed.

3. My Qui-Gon Jedi Armor has no warning, is this a rare error?

A: See the first FAQ here. No warning is necessary.

4. My Qui-Gon Jedi Armor has the word ''sparing'' on the file. Is this spelling error a rare variation?

A: No. All .0300 and .0400 cards have this. It will not be corrected.

5. My Obi-Wan Cold weather has the word ''equiped'' spelled wrong on the file and on the vital statistics it also says ''Model: Human.'' Is this rare? Does this mean Obi-Wan is a droid or clone.

A: No. All .0300 and .0400 cards have this. This is a bigger error than just a spelling one. If Obi-Wan was a droid then his body wouldn't have disappeared right away in A New Hope. It is just another error.

6. Was there a Boba Fett 300th in a .0000 box?

A: No.

7. Which is the rarer package on the 300th Fett?

A: The white original .0100 box is the first, the ''error'' and therefore should be the least produced.

8. How much is _________ worth?

A: What you paid for it.

9. What is the best way to display my gold Yoda Pepsi can?

A: I'm not sure what the BEST way is, but I can tell you the most affordable one. This is what I did. Go to a *gasp* Beanie Baby store and pick up an individual plastic case used to display the bears. They have round and square, styles which average around $1.50. I was able to get one with a scratch on it for 50 cents.

10. What do some of those terms mean in the price guide like IRT, etc.?

A: Click on the word "Legend", this will make a pop-up window that explains them all.

11. How do I tell which R2-D2 flashback photo figure I have - Saber on the left/right?

A: You can go to the Collector's Database for a pic. The 'rare' one has the saber on your right or R2's left.

12. Has the R2-Q5 'Imperal' error been fixed and is mine rare - the eye isn't see through it is painted over black?

A: No, it hasn't been corrected even though that is a pretty big spelling error. As for the paint, Hasbro made a new mold, but did a lousy job on the paint - they are all like that.

13. Have there been, or will there be any .0500 POTJ figures seeing as How they have already reached .0400 on their cards progressively?

A: No. .0400 is the highest they ever went to.

14. Which IG-88 is rarer, the one with the right hand closed or the one with both hands open?

A: Both hands open is the error and the rarer one. The hand was closed to make it easy to hold the gun.

15. Is there a US Carded version of the Darth Vader Dagobah in which there is a sticker on the bottom right corner of the bubble mentioning Luke's face?

A: No. This is only on the Canadian card. Even the European cards didn't get the sticker.

16. I purchased the Yoda and Maul statues from the Attakus company of France a while ago, and was very impressed with them. At one time, Attakus' website indicated that they would be producing up to 18 Star Wars statues (I believe only 6 characters are currently available). One of those slated for release this summer is Vader. As I am a collector of Yoda, Vader, and Maul items, principally, I very much want to see the Vader released. Any word on if or when this piece might become available? I have noted on eBay that these aren't selling very well on the aftermarket (they are pricey), and I fear that Attakus may be giving up designs on following through with the other 12 characters they originally planned to produce.

A: These pieces are just getting out, and those are dealers who are getting them at wholesale and reselling them on eBay. Yes, they are expensive, and therefore not for everyone. But they are beautiful indeed. I've seen the Vader sculpture and it's great. It is definitely in the next batch (if memory serves it's Vader, Jabba, C-3PO, Stormtrooper and maybe one more). Will they do 18 completely different figures? Well, I know they're fans and they would like to. We'll see.

17. How much is ____ worth? I want to sell it on eBay.

A: I am not an appraiser and do not want to be quoted in your auction. Check around and see what you come up with. If you want to really find out what it is worth, start the auction at 1 penny with no reserve and see what happens.

18. Is the B-wing pilot that comes with the B-wing different than Ten Nunb from the 3-pack?

A: Not really. From initial pictures it looks like the same figure except for black gloves on the new version. The stance might be a little different too. It would've been nice if the vest was removable as well making it a better figure.

19. Does the Obi-Wan Cold Weather's Force File variation, the slumped picture, come in an .0300 as well as .0400? Does the corrected version Force File also come on .0300 and .0400?

A: No, not all 4. I have slumped .0300, corrected .0400 and have reports of Slumped .0400, but havenít seen that. There is no corrected .0300.

20. Do K-3PO and the Mon Calamari Officer come on .0300 cards?

A: Yes, to both. Both are also on .0400.

21. I found a Darth Maul Sith Apprentice at my local Wal-Mart. He isn't holding his lightsaber at all - is this rare?

A: Not at all. There isn't room in the bubble for a saber holding pose.

22. On Ellorrs Force File it reads "Fan Choice", but on the sticker it reads "Fan's Choice" which is correct? Isn't fan's bad grammar?

A: Fan's Choice is bad grammar. An apostrophe after the s is appropriate when referring to multiple people as more than one fan in this case. So it should be Fans' Choice. Remember whatever is on the card isn't supposed to count anyway as it is all supposed to get tossed when you open the figure, so Fan Choice must be what they are sticking with.

23. Does the Darth Vader Dagobah mask really come off?

A: Yes, the trick is opening the card first.

24. How come I haven't seen, read, or heard anything about POTJ .0200 cards? Does it have anything to do with the upcoming Episode II?

A: It would be interesting if there were a reason like that, but I think it is good old Hasbro screwing up once again and missing that number. The only exception is the 2nd version of the 300th Fett came which came on a .0200 package.

25. Does Jek Porkins come on a .0400 card?

A: No. He will most likely not be re-released as he has become a pegwarmer in many places. The Dirty Scout case comes with a Gungan .0400, but no Jek or Nass.

26. What do the "collection" designations mean and how are they sorted?

A: A wise man once said, "That name no longer has any meaning to me." They used to mean something to the collector, but no longer do. They only mean something to the stores. It is simply for them to look at the shelves and say we have tons of C1, order C2 or vice versa.

27. Does there exist an .0000 Closed Hand Leia General or an .0100 Opened Hand Leia General?

A: I havenít seen any evidence of this variation.

28. How can I tell the difference between the rare 'Collector Series' Chewbacca and the more common version - It's just the dark blue background, right?

A: No. Scammers would like to think they could just swap out a blue background and make one, but the truth is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to fake one of these. There are many, many differences in the packaging between the two. Check the Collector's Database.

29. Are there any variations at all to the following figures: Sebulba, Fode and Beed, Obi-Wan (ANH) or Darth Vader Dagobah?

A: Sebulba has been found on a .0000 and .0100 card. The other 3 have only been released on .0100 cards.

30. What is the difference between a variation and an error?

A: The age-old question. The answer is very simple, but seems to be a concept that most people canít grasp. A variation is an INTENTIONAL change like in POTF2 the brown to black vest Jedi Luke or in POTJ the Slumped to straightened shouldered Force File on the Obi-Wan Cold Adventure or the card back changes on the POTJ figures.

An error is just that Ė a MISTAKE. It was never meant to happen and is usually one of only a handful. In POTF2 that would be something like a figure missing a weapon or with the wrong accessory or even NO accessory. In POTJ that would be a C1 Sebulba or Dagobah Vader with his mask off.

31. Are there any .0300 cards before the Scout Trooper wave?

A: Tusken Raider, Mas Amedda, Coruscant Guard and Jek Porkins.

32. I have recently acquired a Ki Adi Mundi with so much purple around his eyes that he looks like he's been beat up. The same purple can be found on his lips. Is this a legitimate variation or error?

A: An error - I found one with his 'fangs' unpainted on 5/3/99. These things happen, itís nothing to get too excited over.

33. Will there be a Masterpiece Edition this year?

A: There's no Masterpiece Edition this year and none that I know of planned for next year. It became difficult to do because of what could be said/spoliers/Ep III plot lines, etc. So they are on hiatus for a while.

34. Is the WB CTC Obi-Wan (Naboo) rare? Did I miss out?

A: This was just found in a TRU clearance bin, so they shouldn't be too hard to find.

35. I found a Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Armor on the .0400 card. He seems to have a "short" lightsaber. Is this worth more money?

A: There are a group of variation + Error collectors who will pay more than retail for these kinds of errors.

36. What do the Date Codes on the card backs of figures mean?

A: That is the date the figure was put on the card. For example on the Dagobah Vader you have "02791" 0 is the last digit of the year as in 2000, 279 is the day of the year (Oct 16) and 1 is the batch. Batch is the unknown number - say they made 150,000 in that batch and then ran out. Next date might be something like 10102. The highest batch I have seen was on the E1 deluxe figures. Those reached a 3.

37. I found an Ewoks video about that has two episodes of the animated series on it, "Cries of the Trees" and "The Tree of Light." Do I have anything rare or collectible?

A: Sounds like you got it for an OK price. It was put out by J2 Communications in 1990. I picked one up at a Wal*Mart tent sale last year for $1 and the toon sometimes plays the Sci-Fi channel. So it is still around and not rare.

38. Could you tell me how I can find the value of Canadian versions of some of my figures?

A: If they arenít in the price guide then they are around the same price as their US counterparts. Only difference is if there isnít a US equivalent like Dagobah Vader w/Secret Luke sticker.

39. Which is the rare C-3PO Super Deformed - all shiny gold or shiny gold arms only?

A: The all shiny gold version seen on our site is a prototype picture. Now people use our pics on their auctions making it seem like that version is out there when it is not. The shiny gold arms is the ONLY retail version.

40. Did Anakin Mechanic POTJ ever make it as far as to get onto a .0100 card? I was wondering if this really bad figure ever made it any further than it's initial release?

A: Absolutely. Check the Collector's Database.

41. Takeel or Zutton - who is in the Cantina?

A: This is an EU question since Cantina creatures weren't mentioned by name in the film. They are twin brothers. Both worked for Jabba as bounty hunters - both could have been in the Cantina, but it is Takeel in the film. Here's why - it says so in the SW Chronicles book.
Zutton is the one who used the alias Snaggletooth, but was actually a decent bounty hunter. Takeel was reprogrammed much like Dengar and wasn't much of a hunter and spent a lot of time in Mos Eisley. Zutton is supposed to be there to, but is not seen on film, this is probably an EU addition. He is also supposed to be in the Holiday Special, but is not mentioned by name in the credits. Bea Arthur actually calls him Zutnor in the scene, could it be an alias for Zutton?

42. What is the story behind the vintage Blue Snaggletooth?

A: That's the version Sears had Kenner make for their exclusive Cantina playset (just a piece of cardboard with footpegs). Back then Sears was like Wal*Mart. They were able to demand exclusives because most of the toys bought in the US came from Sears. Kenner used a black and white photo of Snaggletooth standing at the bar as a reference and since it was half the character they guessed on the rest. Well, they guessed wrong - especially on those big silver disco boots! When Kenner later released the figure on a card, Lucas supplied them with a full color photo, so the result was the corrected small red version.

43. A friend of mine bought an Action Collection Star Wars $16.00 and I looked it up on your site and found that it is a Japanese exclusive with a retail of $99? I don't live in Japan, so how did it get to the stores around us?

A: Yes, the Battle for Naboo (Amidala + Qui-Gon) was a Japanese exclusive then Hasbro dumped them here for insanely low prices at clearance outlets.

44. Will the Clean Scout Trooper be making an appearance again?

A: No. It was phased out and old figures do not ship for long. They never go back down, so only chance it getting one on a Canadian or European card.

45. I found a Chewbacca Mechanic sealed figure missing the tool. Is my figure worth extra money because of this?

A: There are some people who would pay more for it who collect those types of errors. Most collectors have not interest in these things unless they happen to find something like that on the shelves and they'll keep it for fun.

46. Is Sir Steve Stephen Sansweet?

A: No. Though Sir Steve would like to own a collection the size of Sansweet's he realizes he would have nowhere to put it.

47. I need a power supply for the COMMTech Reader Store Display. What can I do?

A: I use a Magnavox Odyssey 2 power adaptor that is 12V. Of course, odds are you donít have one, but that is just to show you can get away with using another adaptor. I donít know the specifics on polarity, but never had any problems. Just buy one of those universal kinds they sell at Wal*Mart or Radio Shack.

48. I was wondering if Hasbro is planning on coming out with any more mail away exclusives anytime soon?

A: No, because for Episode II the stores will get sneak preview figures.

49. Have you heard anything about a 12 inch Princess Leia in Endor gear with Speederbike as a Target exclusive for 2002? Also how about a Death Star play set?

A: Only thing I have heard is the Leia from my Hasbro source, but this was before Luke came out. Either they changed their minds and did Luke instead of Leia or they pushed Leia back to next year. I have heard nothing about a Death Star Playset.

50. Did the Mynock Hunt Cinema Scene appear on a .01 Box?

A: I have never seen or even heard of this. If anyone has one, please send a scan.

51. Is there a card variation on the Spanish speaking COMMTechs?

A: The sticker is the only way most people have seen. It is possible they came printed.

52. Does the Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo Beast Pack exist in a .00 Box?

A: I have heard there was, but have never seen proof of it. If anyone has one, please send a scan.

53. Does the Dewback and Sandtrooper Beast Pack exist in a .00 Box? [/B]

A: Again, I have heard there was, but have never seen proof of it.

54. Does the EU Speeder Bike with pilot exist on a .00 Box?

A: I have never seen or heard of one being found.

55. Does the Power F/X R2-D2 exist on a .00 card?

A: Not really. The only thing that has been found is a proof card that has a few differences from the .01 card. It is in our database.

56. Do any Expanded Universe (EU) figures exist on .00 cards?

A: I have never seen or heard of any showing up - ever.

57. In 1977 at the theatre they handed out a few paged book about the movie, approximately 8x10 sized. Is it worth anything?

A: Yes, but not enough to retire on. Since Star Wars was the most successful film of all-time back then there were tens of thousands of these printed. It isn't super common, but there are enough that it doesn't sell for much more than $10.

58. Is the Bonus Battle Droid the one that was available in the foreign two-packs?

A: Yes.

59. Could you please type me up a list of all the POTJ figures, sets & vehicles?

A: No. Go in the Collector's Database and in the advanced search choose only POTJ.

60. Was the Sith Infiltrator vehicle ever released?

A: No.

61. Were the OOM-9 and Obi-Wan Kenobi Trophy editions ever released?

A: No.

62. Was the Cinema Scenes Pit Droid three-pack ever released?

A: No.

63. Was the Naboo Pilot game with Ric Olie ever released?

A: No.

64. Were the foreign bonus Battle Droids that were released in two-packs different from any Battle Droid released in the U.S?

A: Yes, they are unique - they don't move and are 1 piece. They are more like a PVC figure than an action figure.

65. Is one Bonus Battle Droid worth more than the other?

A: No.

66. Do the Bonus Battle Droid variations show up on the same cards?

A: The figure changed a little as well as adding a hole to the backpack. The first ones came on the first wave and the second one came on all later waves. There are no known combinations.

67. Is the closed hand IG-88 standard on all .0300 cards?

A: Yes.

68. Which IG-88 variation is the hardest to find, open or closed hand?

A: Open.

69. Does the Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza Max Rebo Band Pairs exist on a .00 card?

A: Yes, with three different variations on the .00 alone.

70. I found a Darth Maul Tatooine where the lightsaber is outside the normal spot in the bubble. Is this worth anything?

A: No, not at all.

71. Why is there no interest in 300th Fett errors?

A: The box is only sealed with tape and can be easily manipulated.

72. I bought a TIE Interceptor that is factory sealed and the contents of the box are up-side-down. Will this affect the value?

A: There are a few people who might pay more, but since it is only held together with tape it can be manipulated.

73. I just found two POTF Death Star Gunners with foil stickers, an AT-ST Driver and a monkey-faced (original) Leia on green cards. The Leia had a "Leia Bespin Escape" POP sticker over the original, the DS Gunners and AT-ST Driver both had "Sandtrooper Tatooine Showdown" POP stickers over the originals. What is going on!?

A: This is a classic scam - returning old clearance figures to get full price for them. Probably bought them for $2 at TRU and now returning them for $6 because the employees are idiots and/or don't care.