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01-21-2003, 05:04 PM
1. Are Toy Expo exclusives and the like made by Hasbro?

A: No.

2. Is there ever going to be a Marmit Darth Vader? And if there is, do you when and how much?

A: There is one - prototypes were made, would be same price as others. It has either been delayed or cancelled.

3. I just bought the new POTJ TIE interceptor and it came with the TIE Pilot, but also had another pilot in the cockpit. Obviously I opened it, but was wondering if this is some sort of error or a normal occurrence to get two pilots.

A: Sounds like a cool freebie!

4. What ever happened to the planned Bespin Cloud Car? And do I remember once seeing a picture of an AT-ST and Speederbike packaged together?

A: The Cloud Car with pilot was leaked by a Hasbro source and should be considered as coming eventually. AT-ST is coming in a few months, there are pictures on the site.

5. Do you know of any plans for a new Shuttle Tydirium or Rebel Troop Transport for the 3 3/4" scale figs?

A: The Shuttle has been looked at as an exclusive and FAO has expressed interest which would push it to $100+ I have never heard anything about a transport.

6. I read that there were supposed to be 4 Star Wars two-packs exclusive to Disney, what ever happened to them and which characters were going to be made?

A: That was somewhat of a rumor. They are going to make a single carded Rex and a worker droid, we have prototype pics, but it isn't believed that there will be 8 figures.

7. There are certain things I can’t find in the price guide like the Vintage AT-ST, Snowtrooper and Leia Endor. Where are they?

A: They are there, but you have to remember they are listed by their exact Kenner names and they didn’t use those names. In this case it is Scout Walker, Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear) and Princess Leia (in Combat Poncho).

8. I was wondering why some figures were packaged with large or small bubbles? Like E1 R2-D2, COMMTech Han and Scout trooper

A: It is possible to fit more figures in a case with smaller bubbles and to save money (a small amount because of less plastic).

9. Do all TIE Interceptor pilots have extraordinarily loose heads, or did I just get a reject?

A: I have many, many loose TIE pilots from 1996 and their heads were all pretty loose and this one is basically the same figure.

10. What are the chances of finding a vintage EV-9D9 with limbs that are tight and will not pop out?

A: Besides opening one off a card? I say treat them like the removable limbs C-3PO, like that is the way they were meant to be.

11. How rare is the Panaka with Bonus Battle Droid as well as Royal Security-BD combination?

A: They are the hardest of the bonus battle droid sets and the last ones. I was able to get all those other BD sets easily and more important – cheaply…except for these, which I never picked up because of the high price.

12. I have a thick rubber/pvc R2-D2 figure with a cartoonish paint scheme. Where did it come from?

A: It is from a set they sell in Star Tours Gift Shop at Disneyland and Disneyworld - first released in 1990.

13. Is the Darth Sidious a variation because if it has extra blue on the arms and at the bottom of his cape?

A: No, that is just a case of too much paint spray in one spot, which was common with Sidious.

14. I saw the Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza Max Rebo Band Pair in a Jabba's Palace 3D Diorama in an action figures store BUT with a guitar and a microphone. Where did these come from?

A: Well, if they were loose people could put whatever accessories they want with them, right? The vintage Sy came with a microphone. No SW figure ever came with a guitar. Some fan has made accesories like that because prototypes supposedly came with those accesories.

15. About how many of each of the Darth Maul Black Vest Variations are there estimated to be in existence of each: Jedi Duel .00, .0100 and .0000, Tatooine and Sith Lord?

A: There is no way of knowing. 50 or less of each? I have only gotten a few reports of the Sith Lord – Jedi Duel had the most reports, probably because they made 10x more of them.

16. Does Hasbro still plan to release the new Luke Bespin that was originally planned with the CD?

A: No, the CD was scrapped. They will now be single carded figures in the Saga line. The Episode I figures have already been released – Maul Apprentice and Obi-Wan Jedi Training.

17. There are many variations on the POTF2, but how many were for the vintage? Like Han Solo (big or small head)?

A: That’s what the Collectors Database is for – lists everything. Like Luke Tatooine + Bespin yellow/brown hair. Jawa cloth/vinyl cape, etc. You can search by standard action figures by line.

18. I've recently started to collect Star Wars figures and I am confused about the problem with typeset errors. Will a figure like this be sold for less in the future?

A: No, it doesn't affect price. It is just something for hardcore variation hunters to collect.

19. Were the foreign bonus Pit Droids that were released in two-packs with other figures the same ones as the two-pack available in the U.S.? Did they have the same poses and coloring as the U.S. two-pack? If so or not, how many colors were available in the foreign packs?

A: No they are different. The ones with Anakin wave (3 colors) are different from the Sidious wave and ALL are different from the regular US 2 pack ones. So that is 8 total droids.

20. Was the Tusken Raider listed in the standard action figure line of Episode I ever released, or was it just a prototype? If not, was it the same one now available in the Power of the Jedi line?

A: Yes, it is the same one in the POTJ line. The carded E1 Tusken was a sample.

21. Do you happen to know what the true color of Han Solo’s 'winter' coat on Hoth is?

A: I have seen the Magic of Myth tour in 1997 and 2001 and they did not have that coat prop, but I was told that the vintage figure was made blue because they thought that was correct, but for the POTF2 one Lucasfilm showed them the actual coat from the archives and it was brown. I think it is blue though.

22. I found 2 "mispackaged" 25th Anniversary 2 packs. There was an original POTF2 Luke and Leia in one and the original POTF2 Han and Chewie in another. What's that about?

A: You need to see the Exclusive Variations section.

23. When do the AOTC figures come out in the UK? Also, when do the sneak preview figures come out in the UK?

A: Hasbro said worldwide date is April 23rd. They couldn't give a date for Preview figs.

24. Are all these new blue AOTC figure cards the same size as all the previous backer cards and will they still fit in star cases?

A: The card is the same, but the bubbles are much bigger and will no longer fit them all.

25. I just bought a POTJ Mon Calamari on a .0300 card. Is this a rare find?

A: That is one of the harder POTJ variations to find.

26. What's the best way to clean up vintage toys without removing stickers, or damaging them further? It's mainly dust and grime.

A: Soap and water on paper towels always works, just don’t touch the stickers as you can damage them or metal parts as they can rust. Use a dry tissue to wipe the stickers off.

27. Has 'Shimi' on the Shmi Skywalker UPC sticker ever been fixed?

A: No.

28. Is there a general rule regarding the value of foreign POTF2 Carded Figures?

A: Pretty much the same as the regular US versions. Figures with major differences are worth more (example Long/Big Picture Cards.)

29. Why doesn't the POTJ Luke with Bacta tank deluxe figure have the Vader helmet and Obi-wan picture like the rest of the line?

A: There isn’t enough room, the SW graphic has to be outside the bubble and the bubble takes up most of the card.

30. About 4-5 years ago, I got an "Invisible Obi-Wan" action figure from my aunt. What is it?

A: It is the Spirit of Obi-Wan from a Frito-Lay promotion.

31. Did they make the Mace Windu lightsaber yet?

A: No. Hasbro says there is no such thing - even though we have pictures to prove it.

32. What vintage figures and vehicles haven't been remade and will they be remade?

A: Figures
Blue Snaggletooth
Rebel Commander
Bespin Guard Black
Cloud Car Pilot
General Madine
Chief Chirpa
Imperial Dignitary

I don’t see them remaking the Blue Snag since it was an error, but it would make a cool special edition retro figure for those who can’t afford a vintage one. Rebel Commander would be remade as Major Derlin or General Rieekan, Cloud Car Pilot is coming as a pack in with the Cloud Car someday. I imagine a remake of Madine, Chirpa and the Dignitary coming. Since they made Klaatu skiff I doubt a regular Klaatu will be made. Lumat and Warok are really the same figure with minor changes so both won’t be made and Romba is really just a reddish Chirpa so he probably won’t be remade either.

Imperial Troop Transporter
Sonic Controlled Land Speeder
Darth Vader's Star Destroyer
Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler
Rebel Transport
Twin-Pod Cloud Car
Endor Forest Ranger
Imperial Shuttle
Ewok Battle Wagon

Note: These are all regular release vehicles. I don’t count the mini-rigs (MTV-7) or Body Rigs (Imperial Sniper) since those were made up by Kenner.

The troop transporter, forest ranger and battle wagon were also made up by Kenner so I doubt they will be remade. Sonic Landspeeder is too much of a 70s toy and won’t be remade. Vader’s Star Destroyer is a bizarre attempt at a vehicle that was meant to be mounted on your arm and carried around!? That won’t get remade. Sandcrawler and Rebel Transport would be somewhat expensive, $50 range and may or may not be made, but at this point I doubt it. The shuttle will be a hard sell since it will cost around $100 because of its size. Anyone that has been to a Toys R US in the last few years knows $100 vehicles don’t sell as they see stacks of Queen’s Starships marked down to $50 or less and still not selling.

33. What spelling errors are there on the toys and which have been corrected?

A: Here’s a thought. From 1978-86 I don’t know of any spelling errors on the entire vintage line.

12 original Qui-Gon ‘fedration’ on back (only one to be corrected).

All figures have 'sentenial' on the back.

‘offical’ on the backs of many items – Rancor, Bantha, Kabe, Oola, etc. Stormtrooper Commtech – Allright on back

Ellorrs – ‘Fan's Choice’ on sticker Ketwol – on the UPC it is ‘Ketwal’ R2-Q5 – ‘Imperal’ on force file Obi-Wan Cold Weather – ‘equiped’ on force file Qui-Gon Jedi Training – ‘sparing’ on force file Shmi – on the UPC it is ‘Shimi’

B-wing – ‘vist’ on back

Tusken Raider Female – ‘also know as’ on back.

34. I was wondering if you knew the release date for the Episode 2 figures.

A: April 23 in the US, Canada and UK.

35. Do you collect all the figures and variations?

A: Yes and no. I have one of each figure on the original carded appearance from 1978-2002. I also have one of every loose figure from 1977-99 or so, but stopped with E1 and others. I used to get all the variations, but haven’t kept up as it too expensive and I don’t feel like there have been any real big changes lately.

36. Are you going to the E2 convention?

A: Not a chance in hell. $75 for a ticket, plus extra for autographs, extra for the concert, extra for parking, extra, extra, extra – I mean for $75 they should give you a part in the film. Nothing in the world is worth $75 to get into unless it goes to charity. Steve will be there though.

37. Do you by chance know what the UPC code for the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder in Walmart's computers?

A: 76930 26479 - TIE
76930 26483 – Snowspeeder

38. Are the Episode II figures regular 3 ¾ size?

A: Yes. There will also be 12 inch versions.

39. I have a Princess Leia Collection set featuring Bespin Leia and Han and it is labeled as a Princess Leia / Wicket the Ewok. How common were these errors?

A: Believe it or not, that error was very common. Either whole batches were screwed up or they ran out of stickers and didn’t think anyone would notice.

40. I've tried to access the "easter egg" for the Episode I DVD; Disc 1; options menus; by pressing 1,1,3,8 and nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?

A: Play title 3 (not chapter 3) instead. It’ll take you there directly.

41. I have a Dagobah w/Yoda Complete Galaxy that is in the right box but the black base it is sitting on says Death Star. Is this worth anything?

A: It is no big deal. Bases could be switched out and retaped.

42. Where did the SS/LT scan of the POTF2 Ben Kenobi come from? The individual whom I purchased it from claimed that he ordered about 15-20 bens from the fan club during the time in which Ben was not shipping to the stores in cases. Of the 15-20, two were SS/LT and the others were ordinary SS.

A: This guy found it on the shelf in NJ at a KB. I never heard anyone getting a SS/LT Ben from the Fan Club.

43. How much does the life-size Han in Carbonite go for?

A: Some malls marked it as low $350 at one point a few years back. On the secondary market it now goes for much more, but less than it’s original price of $1,200.

44. Which AOTC figures are harder to find with or w/o backgrounds?

A: With backgrounds are harder.

45. I have a deluxe Darth Tyranus with no figure sticker on it. Is this a variation? Is it rare?

A: No and no. It is just a sticker and can be removed easily or forgotten.

46. Which is the hardest figure to find out of the 1st 27?

A: Count Dooku. The bad news is that unlike Darth Maul in 1999 who came 4 per case and still disappeared, Dooku comes 2 per case in the one he ships in.

47. What case is Count Dooku in? I can find him!

A: There are 10 different cases shipping now. Only 1 has 2 of him - 848510015

48. Which is the rare R2 – with solid leg joint pegs or grooved (the round metal pegs at the top of the leg)?

A: Neither is rare, but the solid one was released first.

49. I heard there was a Count Dooku w/BG is this true??

A: Someone is yanking you. Only figures #1-16 had the BGs.

50. How many figures were released on April 23rd?

A: 27. Check the backs of the cards as they are numbered to make it easy. Dooku is #27.

51. My Dooku has a brown outfit, but in the movie it is black. Is this rare?

A: No. They are all like that, even the deluxe. Check the card back and you can see the prototype was actually black at one point.

52. Is the electronic Obi-Wan saber rare?

[B]A: No. Give the stores a chance to stock them.

53. Are the figures with BGs worth more money?

A: Not really.

54. Is the brown Battle Droid out yet?

A: No. It has been delayed since stores have tons of the white ones.

55. What is the sticker hiding on the Super Battle Droid?

A: Original instructions showed the legs popping off which they do not.

56. Has the Tusken Raider error been fixed?

A: No, and I posted a while ago I don’t think it will ever be. On the back in the text it reads ‘know as’ instead of ‘known as’.

57. When will the price guide come back?

A: We are aiming for May 3rd one way or another.

58. What exactly are the backgrounds (BGs) you are referring to?

A: The first 16 figures + the George Lucas figure have a removable bluish purple thin cardboard background INSIDE the bubble which has a picture on it. For example since C-3PO is the easiest the picture is of the Lars Homestead. If it isn’t there then it is nothing and it is just the card back.

59. Are the background carded figures going to be worth a lot in the future?

A: No. Does anyone spend money to have .00 Episode I cards? Grab some Dookus if you see them, they are great for trading right now.

60. What does the date code on the cards mean? Like 20561?

A: That is the day it was made.
2 = 2002
056 = 56th day
1 = 1st batch

61. When is the next wave of figures coming?

A: Next month.

62. Do the first 16 figures all come with and w/o BGs?

A: Yes, all of them come both ways. Lucas is the only one w/BG only.

63. I have heard Plo Koon, Jar Jar and SaeSee come with backgrounds is this true?

A: Plo Koon does. I have seen no proof of this for figures #17-27. BUT if you notice the bubble inserts for every figure except for the Clone Trooper and Dooku were made for a background.

64. How can I find the old news posts?

A: On the news page click on the section you want on the left. For example ‘Hasbro Saga Toys’ and click on it to go back for posts pertaining to that section. At the bottom you can go back forever.

65. Kmart has a bunch of AOTC toys on sale now. Should I just return my figures to Wal*Mart and buy them back at Kmart?

A: You could do that. But the easiest thing is to just ‘price match’. Bring in your receipt to Wal*Mart or TRU and the Kmart circular and have them give you the difference. I just did this and got $26 back. $3 ea on the three 12 inch figures, $1 ea on 4 Deluxe figures, $2 on the Jedi Starfighter, $2 ea on Obi-Wan and Anakin and Dooku sabers. I even got money back on the Slave I since on the receipt it looks similar to the Starfighter.

66. Is a blister and a bubble the same thing?

A: No. When referring to a figure with a blister that means the plastic is in the exact shape of the figure like on the old bend-ems or the Mortal Kombat Trilogy. The plastic area INSIDE the bubble is also called the blister. Bubbles are also on Star Wars figures and any other 'square' style package. McFarlane has switched to clamshell style on his figures – SportsPicks, etc.

67. I recently purchased an Ep I Obi-Wan Electronic Lightsaber and it has a Japanese sticker on the back with the Tomy Logo. I was just wondering what this means? Also, what are the differences between the EP1 Obi-Wan saber and the AOTC saber?

A: It is from Japan as Tomy is the Hasbro distributor in that area of the world. All toys over there are the same as the US versions, just with stickers on the back. The sabers are the same exact mold on the handle. You can see the AOTC one still has the 1999 date on it. The main difference is the AOTC saber has a clear blue blade compared to the original.

68. Is the Dexter Jettster w/the "pipe" text and background the rarest of the Saga variations right now?

A: Yes, that is one of the toughest. Some people are telling me that Luminara w/1 sticker I have is also tough. Luminari w/o any stickers is very tough as well.

69. Which are the hardest figures w/BGs to find?

A: It is different by the area you live in, but overall they are figures 11, 15 and 16.

70. I want to make some of the other past figures Jedi Knights, or Padawans, so I would need lightsabers. Where would I be able to buy just the lightsabers?

A: There isn't really a way to do that. There was an Escape the Death Star Game from 1998 that came with a bag of weapons. Get some Mauls and cut the double saber in half or the Anakin hangar and Dooku each come with an extra saber you can use.

71. What new figures are coming out in May?

A: Check your last bunch of AOTC cardbacks - they show the new figures – Mace Windu, Jango Final Battle, Bespin Vader and Luke in one shipment. Orn Free Ta, Endor Soldier, Qui-Gon and Mastiff in the other.

72. Why does Anakin Hangar and Dooku come with 2 lightsabers?

A: You'll have to wait until you see the movie scenes.

73. How come the Grey Armor Jango isn’t considered a variation?

A: An entire batch could have been made with different colors, it happens. Maybe even 100s shipped to your area ONLY. Until every single Jango that is released from now until the end of time is grey, it is an error.

74. Is a Jango or Boba with the helmet out of the slot and down in the package worth noting?

A: No, this is no big deal. It isn’t taped down, so if you pummel the bubble a bit you can get it to fall out.

75. Will Hasbro be shipping the harder to find figures like Count Dooku, Yoda, Royal Guard, etc. in greater numbers in the near future?

A: The Royal Guard is everywhere here, some areas have many more than others. They will ship more eventually. Probably by September they will ship full cases of Dooku when no one wants them.

76. I noticed that some of the inserts have a code numbers in the bottom right of the card and some do not. Which are better?

A: It is no big deal. Neither will be more valuable than the other.

77. I´ve opened Kit Fisto and I noticed a small hole on the belt and wondered what is it for?

A: The saber hilt usually would attach there, but they opted for the magnetic gimmick instead to make the figure interesting and if you want you can take the magnet out of the hand and put it there.

78. Regarding the early bird Chewbacca, what is the best way identify a "green" gun? Are there also blue guns or are they all black?

A: All guns really look the same until you hold them up to a light source. Shine a flashlight on the clip that goes over his arm to hold it up because it is the thinnest area. If it looks bluish/green it is the green one. If it looks blue/black and not clear it is the normal one.

79. Did you see on the #2 Cereal Box side panel it says Yoda lived out his last years on the Swamp planet Naboo. Is the cereal any good?

A: Yes, and Han Solo gave Luke his first Lightsaber. That is a TRUE or FALSE quiz. By any good if you mean as a collectible, then not really. If you mean it tastes good, then yes. It is a cross between corn pops and Lucky Charms.

80. Why haven’t you posted pictures of the Kit Fisto saber dot variation?

A: Because there is none. People that are talking about 2 red dots or 1 black dot versions are wrong. The hilt is just turned in the bubble.

81. Which of these are rare - Super Battle Droid or Obi-Wan Kenobi Coruscant chase?

A: Neither.

82. Were you at Toys R Us last night in Freehold NJ?

A: No, I haven't been there in 5 years.

83. I've seen the 12’’ Clone Trooper, Mace Windu and Anakin w/backgrounds. Are they going to change this like what they did with the basic figures? I haven't seen Obi-Wan with a background.

A: I have Obi-Wan and it has the background, not sure what it is though, Jedi Starfighter nose maybe? No word this will change and since Mace came much later it is doubtful.

84. Why did Hasbro get rid of the backgrounds on the basic figures?

A: Because they are paper and they warp after a while so they and LFL decided to ditch them.

85. What do you think of our chances of seeing Yoda and Mace Windu electronic lightsabers?

A: Mace has been in the works for years (check the pictures we have of the color change version) also the AOTC Jedi Set comes with the 1999 Mace style saber. There is also a basic saber with a purple blade. No word on Yoda yet, would be cool, but might be a weight + battery issue because of the size of the handle in relation to the length of the blade.

86. Where can I get Action Figure stands for these new figures?

A: Try Real Stands at Brianstoys.com

87. Will they make new 3-1/2" scale R5-D4 in the near future?

A: Yes, there will be one in the saga line later this year if it stays on schedule.

88. Has Hasbro ever officially confirmed whether or not it plans on releasing any more of the Toy Fair Vaders?

A: There have been no announcements. Supply has not even come close to reaching demand, but it is getting there as the price for these have dropped considerably on the secondary market. If they do not many people will be unhappy which isn’t good for business. It seems only a few 1000 have been made, no official numbers are known.

99. Do you know the release date for Jango Fett The ultimate bounty hunter 12"?

A: Toy R Us/Amazon website claims June 12th.

90. Does Hasbro have any plans on making new figures of the expanded universe line?

A: It is doubtful those will be made for a while. Hasbro has to concentrate on E2 for a couple years with some classic bones thrown in here and there. The new official fans’ choice poll does have an EU figure listed so they do know we want figures outside the films, though that figure would be at the bottom of most EU want lists. And of course there is another EU Darth Maul figure no one wants. You would think they could throw in some NJO every couple of months.

91. With the Saga cards how can I tell which movie the figure was in?

A: It will say the movie on the cardboard insert above the figures’ name.

92. Why would someone want to spend so much on a Darth Maul black vest if it is just an error?

A: Personal preference. Those same people would probably never drop a few hundred on a vintage 12 back though.

93. Do you think that Hasbro is purposely creating this recent influx of variations for the Saga figure line?

A: That would be giving them too much credit when in fact they really do not know what they are doing. What major company would release the main villain from the movie (2 movies in a row) in such small quantities? Go to most any store now and there are endless quantities of Anakin Peasant, Obi-Wan, C-3PO, Padme and Kit Fisto. Why? Because they release those heavily and the bad guys barely at all. How long will it take for them to realize the villains make the cooler figures?

94. Do you think investing in these figures in bulk will ever payoff?

A: Great question. This answer is a resounding NO. If you can find it, chances are 1000s of others can find it and if everyone is hoarding them they won’t be worth anything. With the Internet you should be able to hook up with people and trade to get anything you are missing when 8-10 years ago that wasn’t even an option. Recently I started thinning out my collection which means getting rid of many extra variations and there is very little interest. What people really want is the figure, 1 of each and preferably loose.

95. Is there a difference on the US and foreign versions of the Rubies lightsabers from E1?

A: Yes. The cards are in multiple languages and the foreign sabers were made later so they seem to have been made better.

96. I have a 1978 Star Wars preview 8mm film with color and sound that runs for about 30 mins it was purchased at Ken Sue films in New Jersey in 1978. How much is it worth?

A: Normally I wouldn’t answer, but since it is obscure I will. I picked one of those up on eBay a year or so ago, for $12. So it isn't worth too much around $15-20 in the original box.

97. I have a Darth Vader (Dagobah) that reads "Dark Spirit" under the picture on the Force File Photo. Is this rare?

A: No, they all say that. More Hasbro quality control.

98. I have a Luke Bespin Duel and Luke's head is facing you, not turned to the side. Is it considered a variation or not?

A: No, it isn't anything worth noting.

99. Which sticker came first on the Anakin hanger duel figure, the "duel lightsaber" or the "secret battle feature"? I have both with the same date code.

A: The secret battle sticker is the error since it is more of a spoiler - you can find out if you read the back.

100. I have strips of 70mm film from Star Wars and ESB. I have heard that once the film is finished being used in the theaters, it has to be returned to Lucasfilm. Are these be rare?

A: 70mm film is hard to get no matter what movie it is and yes, all 35mm and 70mm film is property of the studio - in this case Fox the distributor. It is the same thing with old movie posters and lobby cards, though that has become big business and is generally ignored, selling film can get you in trouble. For example it is not legal to sell it on eBay. If you had a full print of SW on 70mm that would be very, very valuable and very, very cumbersome. We are talking giant tin can reels. Small strips are cool items and aren’t a problem to own, but aren’t worth much.

101. I have a figure with a crooked bubble, is it worth more money than a normal carded figure?

A: No, I would say it was worth less.

102. I have a figure with a paint smudge on its' body, is that worth anything?

A: No.

103. Where can I get cases to protect my POTF2, EP1 + Saga Figures?

A: You can check www.BriansToys.com He has nearly every kind you want.

The only problem, which I mention in a February FAQ is that the bulk of the new Saga figures don’t fit in the old protecto pack/star cases, etc. We’ll have to wait for someone to make new molds.

104. Which is the original Luke Bespin?

A: The bloody version.

105. Will any of the new figures come w/BGs.

A: No. #1-16 and the Lucas figure are the only ones.

106. Is the Mace Windu Geonosian Rescue figure supposed to have eyes?

A: No. That is the way they all come.

107. How come the 12” Clone Troopers’ weapon looks recycled?

A: The same thing is on the 3 3/4" figure - like a Sandtrooper rifle with an upside-down stormtrooper blaster on top.

108. The new Massiff figure comes with a Geonosian, but in the movie they are with the Tuskens. Did Hasbro make a mistake?

A: It sure seems like it doesn’t it? In the book “Boba Fett – The Fight to Survive” they are with the Geonosians. Boba is trying to sleep on Geonosis when “OOWOOO! There it was again – that lonesome, mournful howl. A massiff, thought Boba. It sounded more forlorn than fierce.” Later he sees a pair of them fighting near Obi-Wans’ ship.
So they were supposed to be there. I certainly didn’t see any Female Raiders with baby Raiders in a pouch on their backs either.

109. Do figures fit into the Zam and Anakin speeders?

A: Neither Zam can fit in the cockpit for so many reasons, the plastic skirt is way down that list. The Zam speeder just isn't really designed to get figures to sit in it as if they were piloting it - so it's more of a bed than a vehicle.

As for the Anakin Speeder, I have no trouble getting Obi-Wan Coruscant to fit in this toy, you just have to turn his torso slightly if you put another figure in there. Anakin OPD fits with Obi-Wan in there, but the lightsaber arm has to be up in the air.

110. Is the AOTC Nikto the same as Jabba's Nikto from the desert skiff?

A: Unlikely. The Niktos with Jabba were evil and tried to kill Luke and Co. One could’ve been an undercover Jedi. I suppose…anything is possible. The real question is why the Nikto Jedi didn’t get a specific name?

111. Is the fan club exclusive Stormtrooper set going to come in a special packaging?

A: No, just bags in a white mailer box like the Cantina Band members.

112. On the Stormtrooper Troop set from the Fan Club, how different are the troopers from one another?

A: They are all the same.

113. How can I preorder the Imperial Shuttle from FAO?

A: Call 800-876-7867 and they’ll put you in touch with the closest store as it is a store only item (in the Northeast the main store is in NYC 212-644-9400). No online orders. Then you can place a pre-order for Nov/Dec ship date. They wouldn’t commit to a price yet, but shipping was $13 for UPS ground.

114. I just bought the Royal Guard AOTC figure and it has French, English, and Spanish on the card. Is he worth money, or should I open and display him?

A: Sure, he is worth at least what you paid for him, probably less. Better open him fast.

115. What is in the 3 3/4'' "Cantina Aliens Exclusive 2-pack"?

A: That is still a rumor - nothing confirmed.

116. Are you going to be posting the case assortments for the AOTC 3/4" figures?

A: I’ve retired from that personally, but we have them on the forums here.

117. Are the rarity of AOTC figures the same as in Canada since they toys are packaged with 3 languages?

A: They are harder to find than US figures since there are less of them, but not as desirable as the US ones.

118. Is Padme Amidala Arena Escape w/BG + mole a rare variation?

A: Nope, they are still loitering on the pegs.

119. When is the Republic Gunship going to be released?

A: August.

120. On my Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase, Kit Fisto, and Shaak Ti, none have the TM after "lightsaber" on the side of the package. Will this be corrected in future runs?

A: No. They removed the TM for whatever reason.

121. What does C1, C2, and MOC mean?

A: C1 = Collection 1, C2 = Collection 2, MOC = Mint on Card.

122. Is the R2-D2 with solid leg joint pretty common or is it a rare variation?

A: there were so many 1000s made that it’ll never be rare.

123. Which is the harder Zam Wessel to find the "Quick-Draw" sticker or the "Face Change" sticker?

[B]A: There are 3 versions now. So the transition face change w/old bubble could be the hardest.

124. Are they going to make more all white clones in the Saga line?

A: No. Next up is the yellow pilot figure. Looks like the all white will only be sneak preview which was another bad move on Hasbro's part as the red one isn't the one you want for army building.

125. Will Hasbro make more outfits out of cloth for their 3 3/4 figure line (especially Padme)?

A: The next Padme coming is Coruscant Attack or the version seen right at the beginning when she is in disguise. So the answer is no for her. Next Anakin – no. Generally the answer will be no. The reason they did for the new Pilot Obi-Wan is so he would fit in the fighter. If history is our guide, then wait a year and they will re-release characters like that as they did in E1. Right now the line is in serious trouble with too much product from 4/23 clogging the pegs though.

126. If you were given the choice of buying either the solid peg or grooved peg AOTC R2-D2, which one would you purchase?

A: I would and did buy the solid peg w/BG.

127. Is the POTJ Rebel Trooper with no gun in his hand, it is by his feet, a variation?

A: No, it isn’t anything.

128. Why don’t you list the Royal Guard and Jar Jar Senator warning errors?

A: Another case of an eCA – eBay Crack Addict. People who create total lies to try to sell their junk and support their habit.

129. I have a couple of AOTC Yoda figures that have slightly different blisters. Does this make either figure any more collectible?

A: No, this is of no interest at all value wise. It is only worthy of note if there is a real change just for documenting the line variations.

130. What happens to the losers from the Fans’ Choice poll, especially when the voting is close like last time?

A: I believe every figure from every poll gets made anyway (as long as the line survives). I also think Hasbro is picking figures they were going to make no matter what we vote and are just acting like they care what we think.

131. On the Clonetrooper Mask/Cereal 2 pack the cereal box has an offer for a "Life-size Clonetrooper Helmet" for 19.95 Canadian. Is this the same one included with the cereal, or a different one?

A: It is the same mask in case you weren’t able to get the 2 pack with the mask.

132. Is Dooku still 2 per case for Asst # 848510015?

A: Yes.

133. Are there any plans for a 12" C-3PO figure from AOTC?

A: Nothing confirmed. The 12 inch line isn’t selling well, so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts. There will be a deluxe C-3PO w/changeable head.

134. Does Hasbro have plans to re-release any of their exclusive store vehicles like the Y-wing?

A: No. Once it sells out that is it.

135. Is the green lightsaber that comes with Count Dooku supposed to be curved? Also, who's lightsaber is it supposed to be?

A: No, it's not supposed to be curved, it just got stuck in the package wrong. The lightsaber is supposedly from a scene that was cut from the film where Dooku picks up the green saber Anakin had to fight Yoda.

136. Is it true there is going to be a 12 inch Luke in Hoth Gear with Taun Taun?

A: A prototype picture has been leaked, so it will happen. It will be a TRU exclusive.

137. Also is Han Solo in Hoth Gear 3 3/4 going to be redone?

A: Hasbro has never remade a beast pack. If you mean re-released in a new saga box…anything is possible, but highly unlikely. As for a single figure, yes that will happen.

138. Where do you get your information on upcoming items? Is it intuition or insider information?

A: I have inside sources who must remain nameless. If I mention something for the future, that is what I was told. If it never happens, that is because of Hasbro. For example, I was told that the R5-D4 resculpt will happen. If it doesn’t, it isn’t because I “made up a rumor”. It is because they scrapped it. Remember 2 years ago I reported about Death Star Han, Luke Bespin with CD and Mace Windu Color Change lightsaber and others? Well as you know the first two happened, the CD was dropped, but the Mace Windu saber didn’t happen at all. Now Hasbro says THERE IS NO SUCH THING, even though I have a picture of it posted. So things like that are frustrating and people like to shoot the messenger.

139. Is there going to be an E2 Masterpiece Edition for 2002?

A: No. None for the foreseeable future. Remember those have sold quite poorly and all three eventually wound up on clearance for $20 or less.

140. Do you know anything about the Jedi Adventure Center SW style store from 1983?

A: The Jedi Adventure Center was a mall promotion across the U.S. The "center" itself was a kiosk with posters and information related to the film, and info about the various mall merchants carrying Jedi clothing, toys, bedding, wallpaper, mugs, etc. No items were sold at the kiosk itself. Some of these did happen (there was a mall south of L.A. that had it.) The kiosks, I’ve heard weren't that exciting. Not sure how many were made.

141. Are we doomed to Deluxe figures that won't stand by themselves or figures that won't interact the way they should?

A: "Deluxe" seems to mean "shoddy overpriced product" in Hasbro's eyes. Even though these "deluxe" sets are supposed to be for kids, they are often substandard in design, articulation, and/or manufacture, yet they are priced significantly higher than "basic" figures. Eventaully we will get some good stuff like C-3PO.

142. Where is Hasbro’s list from the 300th Fett?

A: You are still waiting for Hasbro to make one!? That isn’t going to happen.

143. I saw some custom Star Wars figures on eBay and wondered if they are made by everyday people or by a company? Do they have any legitimate value?

A: Only Hasbro has the license to make Star Wars action figures. No one else. If any company tried to make their own and release them commercially they would be hit so hard with a lawsuit since Lucas owns a large piece of Hasbro.

As for your second question, that is a personal call. If you paint a picture and give it to your mom she would feel that it is priceless. Take that same picture to an art gallery and most likely they will show you the door. Say Nom Anor is your all-time favorite character and in your heart you feel Hasbro will never make one and some guy with talent makes a very good likeness, then you have to decide if the price he asks is worthless. In 1993 I made my own carded Thrawn figure because I thought Kenner never would, so I had one for 5 years until an “official” one was made.

144. I was wondering if there is a way to identify an authentic loose vinyl caped Jawa?

A: At first glance it isn’t easy because how many people have a carded version to compare to? But there are ways. The amateur trick is to cut an Obi-Wan cape down to size, but this is a slightly different color. The true cape will match the color of the Jawas body and unless cut by professional equipment the cut will be noticeable. The professional hoaxer buys or professionally makes a cape out of the same material as the original. If a figure is less than mint and the cape is gem perfect – that is a red flag. Fortunately there is a way to tell. The repro capes will be smooth all over and the original ones with have a rougher texture on the inside.

Please do not ask me to verify authenticity of one through email with a picture because it is not really possible to tell with just a picture.

145. Any idea why the Playskool SW sets have been distributed in such limited quantities thus far and/or whether Hasbro has plans to distribute them in larger quantities in the near future?

A: Compared to action figures, yes there are much less of them out there. As long as they are in production, there is always a chance they will continue to ship. If they don't fly off the shelves right away stores won't order them again. If there are no orders, Hasbro doesn't make any more. This is what happened to the Super Deformed figures. They came, sat around a while and disappeared and haven't shipped again. I had no problem in my area finding the Playskool sets at K-mart for a damn good price - check the young kids aisle, not the action figure aisle. Wal*Marts here put them with the action figures and they move very fast.

146. I just got Obi-Wan pilot and he is "missing" this left thumb. I just wanted to know if this is just the regular version of it or if it is a variation?

A: Obi-Wan is a clone, he has no thumbs. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to reveal that. No, it is a production error. I would return it and get a properly made one if possible.

147. On the Kmart 14-Pack Exclusive set, do the figures have the hard to find backgrounds?

A: Hard to find? They aren't hard to find. It is possible that some could come w/BGs. Doubtful all will. Plus the price sucks. $20 over retail. They never marked it down when the figure price came down.

148. What's your take on the Dexter Jettster nose-ring variation?

A: I don’t count it. I have the first release with pipe text showing and it is lightly painted gold. It seems that some are more painted than others.

149. Did the Luke Bespin Duel with a bloody hand ever hit the stores?

A: Of course, but only in the very first shipping.

150. When is the second version of the Endor Rebel Soldier coming out?

A: Should be shipping in the next few waves, like the dirty scout last year.

151. Now that everything is out, what are you seeing as the harder ones to get?

A: The latest wave is always the hardest to get. While Yoda and Dooku may not be clogging the pegs, it’s not over. Hasbro is slow to figure things out, so don’t be surprised if they start shipping those figures in bulk like they did with Maul in 1999.

152. Where in Episode 2 do R3-T7 and his electrical effect appear?

A: On the DVD? He was supposed to be in Coruscant somewhere as still photos show, but was cut out. The electrical effect is just for play value – remember Jar Jar, Royal Guard, etc. come with them and they weren’t in the film.

153. I have a Bloody Luke Bespin with the hand attached to his arm, not in the little slot. Is this a variation?

A: No. Here’s the problem. On the bloody version only – the hand isn’t taped in. With a little squeezing and effort it could be popped out and attached to the wrist because of the magnet. This isn’t possible on the non-bloody versions because the hand is taped in.

154. Is the variation Jango Fett (fireball going up) more worthwhile to have than the regular...or would it be good to just have both?

A: The fireball down is the original and the one being phased out. But 1000s of these shipped, so it won’t be rare. If you want one, both or none it is up to you.

155. I have Luminari Unduli and her saber handle is curved like Count Dooku's. Is this a rare or common variation?

A: It is nothing, just squished in the bubble – the slot isn’t big enough where the handle is in mostcases so it is forced in there giving it the appearance of being bent. You would think a blister change would be in order, but everyone else seems to get one.

Timothy r5d4tim@lvcm.com writes:
156. Are there any new Star Wars figures you consider to be worth anything? I am tired of you always saying any new variations aren’t worth any money. Is it because you're jealous and don't have them????

A: I have 1 of every carded figure from 1978-2002. That includes all the 12 backs, ESB, ROTJ, POTF, POTF2, POTJ, E1 and Saga. I think that is enough for one person. I never said, “Gee…let me get these figures so someday I can be rich.” I don’t know of anyone in the world who got rich from collecting figures. You think that is how Bill Gates got started? I bought them because I love the original films and I love how the vintage carded figures look – like mini works of art. I also have a complete loose set from 1978-99 as well, so I understand both sides of the issue. In fact I see more interest from collectors in loose figures because the bulk of the collectors want loose anyway, so they don’t want to buy carded. It is that type of behavior, speculating on the price of what an item is worth, that is not only destroying the Star Wars collecting community, but also fueling the so-called "comic book store guy" types. I have watched sports cards & non-sports cards, Beanie Babies, comics and other “hot collectibles” that started out as (what’s supposed to be) a fun hobby, get mired in obsession over mint and perfect items. Many people who bought comics didn’t even read them – just bagged them up and put them away. What was the point of that!? The comic could’ve been blank for all they knew. I just went to a huge toy show and not one dealer was selling any Saga figures, even they knew there is no after-market for it. I have seen amateurs go into Wal*Mart and buy up tons of Saga figures in April only to return them all soon after because they couldn’t get anything above retail for them. Collect because you love it and your collection will be priceless. Collect because you want to make a huge profit and you will never succeed – you’ll just feel empty inside because you do not enjoy the hobby.

157. Your FAQ's are great. I'm not a big variation guy, but I love reading your FAQ's purely for entertainment value. Thank you for keepin' them comin'! -- Chad K.

A: Chad, that is the whole point. Whether you care about the subject or not I aim to make it fun and interesting. Thanks.

158. Has there been any talk about whether the original trilogy DVD set will have a choice between viewing the original trilogy movies as they were originally released and watching them with the enhanced scenes? If the DVD's will only be the special edition versions, then I want to pick up VHS copies of the original movies in the unaltered original form.

A: No. Lucas does not play that way. Remember the ad campaign for the 1996 THX release? “The original one last time.” That is it – no turning back. I saw the writing on the wall then and prepared for the future. The VHS is OK, but if you want the best you are ever going to get them you MUST snag like I did the 9 Laserdisc set called “The Definitive Collection.” This contains the films in all their glory AND contains things never seen before or since like the Lapti Nek (RIP) music video, audio commentary, making ofs and much, much more. Now it will cost you a decent amount since it has been out of print for nearly 10 years, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

159. Is Hasbro going to put out any cinema scenes three packs for Attack of the Clones?

A: No. Remember how badly those went during E1? Mos Espa rotted on the shelves for years and Watto’s Box barely saw any release for a long, long time. The final set with the Pit Droids was totally scrapped and they wound up in two packs with other figures in Europe.

160. I would like to know how can you tell what version of the "liver spots" you have?

A: I know of no official or unofficial change to the spots. As with anything there can be too much or not enough paint. Mine looks like a light reddish brown.

161. Why fuel the ignorant masses and speculators by providing them information about useless packaging changes and production errors?

A: There are people happily collect errors and variations. Some collect loose, some carded, some errors. I am just documenting them all like a SW librarian. I never say "hey - these are worth a ton." I think they aren't - sometimes they are fun, sometimes they are lame.

PLUS I am also pointing out how Hasbro quality control is atrocious. It is pitiful that there is this much lack of care going into the product.

162. Do you think the red or white battle droid with mace would be a worth getting?

A: The white version has shipped in the 100s of thousands, so no matter what, the red version will be produced less. The stores that are drowning in the first wave won’t want it either. While it is shipping 1 per case and might be hard to find for a while, it remains to be seen if people will pay more than retail for it in the long run. I think it is worth having as it is like a new figure.

I know a bunch of people (including myself) that collect variations & errors and we look to SirSteve's for the latest scoop. So I'd like to send SirSteve's (actually you) a big THANK YOU for posting the variations and errors. – Earnest

Thanks for the support. I actually have folders full of scans, but I need to hold back so there aren’t “too many” posts of them at once.

163. On the Hasbro exclusives list, the Star Tours figures are listed as a Fan Club exclusive and as a three pack. Do you have any info on this?

A: Hasbro told me 2 for now and possibly 1 more figure later and it will be available from the Fan Club eventually.

164. I was wondering what’s the deal with the 2002 silver anniversary R2-D2 I've heard about?

A: It will be a TRU exclusive. It will be “free” when you spend a certain amount of money there.

165. What are the chances of us seeing a 12 inch destroyer droid?

A: Anything is possible, but they have had 3 years where they could have made one. It would be rather oversized and intricate (read expensive). Most likely it would show up as an exclusive if it was ever made. There will be a new E2 small version coming out near the end of the year.

166. Is Luminara Unduli with an unpainted necklace a variation?

A: No, it is a paint error.

167. When is the 10" Vinyl Vader from Hasbro set to be released in the US?

A: In the next month or so.

168. In Toys-R-Us today, I came upon a Mace Windu 12 inch figure with a Blue lightsaber. I wanted to know if it is worth buying?

A: Absolutely not. Most likely someone already had the 12 inch Mace from Episode I and just wanted to upgrade him to having his E2 lightsaber. He bought it, swapped out an Obi-Wan saber and returned it.

169. I have over 300 force points from the new AOTC E2 toy line. Is there any word on mail in figures? Do you have to be a member of the fan club for these?

A: No. There hasn’t been a mail-away figure in almost four years – it is a safe bet there won’t be any more. You don’t have to be a Fan Club member to use them as there is NO use for them. Someday Hasbro said they will do something with them, but it is getting silly as they have had the points for almost 3 ½ years and haven’t done anything with them. I have a few 1000 points myself.

170. Do you know if Wal*Mart has stopped carrying the TIE Bomber/Snowspeeder exclusives permanently? It seems as if they were only stocked for the midnight madness event.

A: Around here they didn’t even show up until May and were stocked sporadically throughout June, but I do think they have stopped shipping as most exclusives do not ship for longer than a few months. Anything is possible though – I saw the 12 inch Cantina band shipping 14 months after it was first released. TIE Bomber will be back in the blue box with slightly different paint.

171. Is Hasbro planning to produce 12" Amidala dolls for AOTC similar to the ones produced for TPM?

A: Nothing confirmed, but I seriously doubt it. Nearly every KB out there still has the E1 dolls rotting on the shelves, some as low as $3. The $60 portrait editions, while very well made, were found as low as $10 – that line was a major financial disaster.

172. I found a Luminari with a bent lightsaber, is this a variation?

A: It isn’t anything, it just doesn’t fit in the package right and gets bent sometimes.

173. I can’t find the Playskool sets and I really want the Falcon, where can I go?

A: Don’t panic! I found the Falcon at KB, check there first. It’s $3 more than K-Mart or Wal*Mart, but easier to find at KB for now. Your choice. The older sets are still shipping. The new Arena Adventure comes packaged with the Wampa and Forest sets if you missed them the first time around.

174. Is the Bloody Luke really hard to find or do you think it will become more common?

A: Yes, they are no longer rare - just uncommon. At one point they went for $50-75, now can be found on the shelves or for around $10-15 on the secondary market.

175. Is the Han Solo with the white commlink a more desirable variation than the grey one?

A: White is the error if you are looking for the one they won’t make anymore. Neither is rare or worth much.

176. Some people on eBay are claiming that the Padme Unleashed figure is being "recalled" because Padme is too provocatively sculpted. Is this true?

A: That is totally laughable. No SW figure has ever been recalled. More eCAs – eBay crack addicts. Sounds like 1996 all over again when the Speeder Bikes were delayed and there were dozens of “recall” rumors. Of course we know that Hasbro loves to make variations so they could change anything. Think of all the errors and mistakes they let out of the factories and never recall.

177. Some people on eBay are claiming recently that the Hasbro 10" character collectibles are going to be QVC and HSN exclusives. Is this true?

A: Here is a direct quote from Hasbro: “We aren't doing anything with any shopping channels. Entertainment Earth had them in a 6-piece assortment, which is the only place that has gotten them so far. Suncoast may be a possibility, since they carried a lot of the Applause stuff-some exclusively.”

178. Why does the Hoth Soldier from the new accessory set say Kenner on the foot? I thought the set was made by Hasbro?

A: The set is environmentally friendly – it is made of 75% recycled materials. That is the same soldier Head + Luke Body from 1997. Hasbro bought out Kenner and almost every other major toy maker except Mattel and phased out the Kenner name late 1998, early 1999.

179. I recently purchased a 1995 AT-ST on eBay and the guy claimed the box was never taped, he applied the one piece of tape himself and that the stickers were already applied by Hasbro. Have you heard of these actions being done by Hasbro?

A: Boxes are always sealed with tape. He is either totally clueless or scamming you. Stickers were applied on the POTJ version, not the original.

180. How rare do you think the blue visor Jango Fett Final Battle figure is?

A: Any errors that big are rare.

181. Do you think the Target Exclusive accessory sets are worth adding to my collection or not worth the $9.99?

A: The figures and most all of the accessories are recycled. If you have all the figures up to this point there is no problem skipping them. The Arena set would be the best bet since it contains the red Battle Droid which is a POTJ repaint. I will get them all since I think the price isn’t bad. If they were $15 I would skip them. I think the coolest is the Endor Victory set for the Ewok Drum Set – with 5 helmets, including 3 battle damaged, that could be used for cool custom figures.

182. Do any of the Sam’s Club 3 packs from a 1996+1998 contain original figures not available elsewhere?

A: No, just different card changes on some – most notably the Green Carded Lando (Bespin from 1995).

183. What does this _______ abbreviation mean?

A: I am often asked the meaning of the many abbreviations in this hobby and have made a list of the most pertinent ones. When it comes to abbreviations – many can be deceiving if they are interpreted different ways by different people or just plain wrongly interpreted.

C1-10 = Card grading system (Highly speculative, differs from person to person. C10 is perfect in every way, C1 means the condition is slightly above destroyed. Most items range from C7-9)
MIB = Mint in Box (Item is mint, box has been opened and is not necessarily mint)
MIMB = Mint in Mint Box (Item is mint, box is mint – box could have been opened)
MISB = Mint in sealed box (Item has never been removed from box – box is mint)
MIMP = Mint in Mint Package (Item is mint in the package, package not necessarily mint)
MISP = Mint in Sealed Package (Item is mint/unused in the package, package is not necessarily mint)
MOC = Mint on Card (Item in unused and still carded, card not necessarily mint)
MOMC = Mint on Mint Card (Item and card are both mint)
NRFB = Never Removed from Box (Item is mint/unused, box may or may not be mint)
NRFP = Never Removed from Package (Same as above)
UP = Unpunched card. (Refers to vintage carded figures where the peg hook would go through. The cardboard was not punched out, hence the item wasn’t hanging on the pegs and can be more mint than a punched item.)

184. Are we ever going to see any new EU figures?

A: Of course. What do you think Star Tours figures are? If you mean the other ones you want like Noghri, Yuuzahn Vong, etc. – nothing planned for the immediate future, but we can hope and pressure in a few years as the movies end and only the collectors will be left.

185. Are we going see to see more obscure figures?

A: Of course – how about Ephant Mon? As time goes by and if the line survives, more obscure figures have to be made by default – all the main ones have already been done.

186. Will Star Tour figures be sold in all stores like TRU? What are they? They don’t look like they were in the movies? Why would anyone want them anyway?

A: Right now they are sold in the Disney Theme Park stores only. They are from the amazing Disney ride which opened in 1987 - not the films. If you haven’t been on the ride, well…you don’t know what you are missing. It is the last great SW film.

187. Is the foreign 4 pack with Luke, Darth Vader, Sandtrooper + Rebel Fleet Trooper new figures or the same old ones?

A: Same junk, new package.

188. I got stuck with a bunch of repro vintage weapons. How would you recommend getting rid of them?

A: Sell them in one lot. Army/diorama builders could use them.

189. What happened to the final 2 issues of the freebie Toys R Us Hasbro/Dark Horse promo comics?

A: The last word I got was that 3+4 were pushed back to a fall release - no idea why - so in the next month if the plan stays the same.

190. Is the silver paint drips on EVERY Target Arena Conflict w/Red Battle Droid released? Is this supposed to be "Battle Damage"?

A: Yes to both as far as I know.

191. Is it true that there were only 5,000 Toy Fair Vader's released including the ones from the Fan Club?

A: Hasbro never tells the numbers, but it seems much lower than that even.

192. Who are Wat Tamber, Ooda + Super Trooper and they and are they still in production?

A: Wat Tambor is the foreman of the Techno Union, he had a line in Ep 2 - his voice controls jammed and he had to monkey with them – good possibility he will be made someday. Ooda was a name originally attached with Orn Free Ta. Super Trooper is Super Battle Droid.

193. Who is Kitik Keed' kak from the upcoming Wal*Mart exclusive?

A: Female Yam'rii Praying mantis from the cantina.

194. On the ESB Droid Factory box - Is it just me or is that a Double telescoping Luke on the cover. Is that super rare?

A: I have one, don't know about super rare, certainly obscure. The tip is missing on the saber. Upon close examination it looks like it was painted over. The hands and faces of the Luke and Ben are airbrushed to look more human and it seems it just got painted over and looks like it, but really isn't.

195. I have a chance to buy the set of super deformed palm talkers in fair to good condition for about $100. Is that a good price? Are they discontinued?

A: For Episode I? That is an awesome price. For POTJ? That is OK. They aren't shipping right now, but could always show up again on clearance.

196. I found a Teebo with his hand off in the bubble. Is this a variation, error or fluke and is it worth anything?

A: It's not really anything - just a loose hand. When OOM-9 came out his head would come off a lot. It is more a novelty thing then something of real value.

197. I just picked up the old Deluxe Luke with Desert Speeder on the POTF2 Orange card. What's the deal with the hole in his back?

A: Use your imagination! How about Han's smuggler pack?

198. I bought some vintage POTF figures: A-wing pilot – the peg hook was torn and repaired for $90. Also a Lando General - This one was unpunched with some yellowing for $56 and a ROTJ tri-logo Anakin Skywalker with a small slit in the bottom of the blister for $43. Did I get some good deals on these?

A: A-wing Pilot you were totally ripped off. Lando - excellent deal. Anakin - average price.

199. I want an Anakin Hanger Duel with the peg arm instead of the magnet. How can I find one without opening one?

A: Look for the blister change. The magnet has the lightsabers going through holes in the blister to hold them in. The peg doesn’t not – just long slots.

200. I heard there was a toy recalled from Taco Bell in 1997, is this true?

A: Yes. The Death Star spinner came apart if you used it too much and they didn’t want them to shoot out into kids eyes or anything. BUT there were 10s of 1000s released before the recall so they aren’t rare or anything.

201. Is the FAO Shuttle Tyderium still coming? I do not see it listed under SAGA vehicles.

A: It is there. FAO spells it the wrong way. I prefer the right way – ‘Tydirium’. It is in this months FAO catalog for the small sum of $120.

202. I currently have 17 of the 20 backs w/Boba Fett offers. I cannot find three of them: R2-D2, C-3PO and Darth Vader. Why are they impossible to find?

A: Those are three of the most popular figures? There were so many card changes with the Fett offer and so many figures got opened or the POPs cut out to get the Fett that less survived than regular cards w/o offers.

203. Any word on a Quinlan Vos figure being made?

A: No word on Quinlan.

204. Why do so many people ask you “what’s it worth?” questions and why do you post them?

A: As to the first part of the question, it is because most people “collect” because they think they’ll make money or they are looking to sell it on eBay. As to the second part I generally will not even answer “what’s it worth?” questions unless it is something very interesting. For comparison I answered 10 questions in September 2002 – none about worth. In this months’ Star Wars Insider #63 Steve Sansweet answered 9 questions and 5 of them were “worth” questions – that’s more than half.

205. On the Geonosian Arena it looks like there are several spots where something is supposed to be. Are there any plans for sets to add on to the arena?

A: Besides Deluxe C-3PO and Yoda? Hasbro said it is a possibility.

206. Is there actually a green A-Wing in ROTJ or is this an expanded universe toy?

A: The group that flew with Lando was called Green Wing and Green Leader hit the Executor and took it out, plus the pilots wore green uniforms. So while it may or may not be obvious on screen I think that is what they are going for.

207. have a vintage ROTJ Squid Face MOC and on the back the Ewoks are blacked out, do you happen to know why Kenner did that on those cards?

A: They are scratch off cards – just rub and they come off! I actually have a card when someone did that when they were a kid…Just like they do today, they release product before the movie is released. They wanted to make the Ewoks a surprise – even though they showed up in the mini catalog. Perhaps they knew the fans would’ve revolted if they found out the Wookiees were replaced by teddy bears?

208. On the 1977 Don Post Chewbacca mask, how many of the first “open mouth” run were produced? Did Don Post ever re-make the original mask with an open mouth?

A: 500 is the number quoted which would make sense as a nice round number for a first batch. It was never remade. Illusive Concepts made a maquette life-size Chewie head around 1995 with an open mouth which might be what you are thinking of.

209. Is the Battle Droid that came with Sneak Preview STAP the same figure as the one that came with the red box Episode I STAP?

A: Same figure, but a different paint job.

210. Are the Pilot Jango Fett + Obi Wan that come with the KB Exclusive Slave-I + Jedi Starfighter the same as the carded figures?

A: Yes.

211. Was the Jedi-Con C-3PO the same loose figure as the original 1995 POTF C-3PO?

A: Yes.

212. Was the Darth Maul that came with the Sith Speeder Game ever available in another package?

A: No.

213. On vintage 65 backs they show Jedi Luke wearing a very dark colored cape, Squidhead wearing a similar colored dark cape with a gold belt. Also I've heard that an Ugnaught with a green smock exists, is this true?

A: No official releases of any kind on those. I have heard of all of them and have heard of “repros” or fan made versions on some of them. I have never seen or gotten any confirmation on the green smock, not even a fake.

214. Will the new Shuttle have electronics or an exclusive figure or any other notable features?

A: You sure hope so for that massive price! The magic 8-ball says “sources say no” though. The original had the typical “battle sound” feature that was more like a whirring motor. This would mean the whole thing would have to be wired up for those effects which they just don’t do – look at the last vehicles – X-wing, B-wing, Y-wing – all previous electronics were actually removed. So forget about adding any. I would also say no on the figure because think how PO'd people would be if they had to spend $120+ to get a “new” figure like the Imperial Dignitary for example.

215. Isn’t the color of the outfit on the small Count Dooku figures wrong?

A: From looking at the film either the outfit is a faded black and the ambient color of Geonosis is making it look brown. If it's a faded black outfit then Hasbro's brown color is wrong. Even if the outfit really is brown, Hasbro's brown color isn't dark enough.

216. What is the status of the deluxe clone trooper? Is it shipping in limited quantities?

A: Always limited quantities on the deluxe since the first wave bombed out so bad. It comes in the case with the Deluxe Geonosian and flipping Anakin that no one wants.

217. What assortment is Ephant Mon shipping with? How many per case assortment?

A: He's tough right now since he is the only new guy in the case. Here is the breakdown. 2x Ephant Mon, 2x Watto, 2x Lott Dodd, 2x Tusken Raider with Massiff, 1x Ki-Adi-Mundi, 1x Teemto Pagalies, 1x Endor Rebel Soldier and 1x Massiff with Geonosian Warrior.

218. Every Watto I find has a dented bubble. Are they all this way?

A: Most new figures are like that because the packaging is so cheap and thin. They are especially bad at places like TRU who just throw dozens in a big bin.

219. Is there any list of "all" the commands the interactive R2-D2 recognizes?

A: There is a website listed on the box www.r2droidfactory.com, not too much help there, and people have talked about it in our forums. Try places like the Death Star and all the character names and even the actors names like Carrie Fisher.

220. I’m looking for a plush Chewbacca toy I had when I was a kid. What can I tell you about it?

A: It was the first ever plush SW toy made by Kenner in 1977. Only two other plush toys were made for the first film. It is a good likeness and an even better size at 20 inches high. It comes with his signature snap-on removable ammo belt with four removable plastic cartridges, which of course are easily lost.

221. In the database you wrote that the vintage 12” Luke Skywalker's grappling hook was a re-issue of a Boy Scout toy issued two years earlier. Where is it from?

A: It was recycled from Kenner’s 1975 Steve Scout ‘Danger at Snake River’ set.

222. Will they ever take original prop helmets like Darth Vader and Boba Fett and give them to Gentle Giant Studios to let these guys create the most accurate helmets with their Real Scan technology?

A: They did something like that years ago. Don Post made prop accurate fiber glass helmets of Vader + Fett that sold for around $1000 each.

223. Is the TIE Bomber Pilot the exact same figure as the TIE Interceptor?

A: Yes, except for the neck finally being tighter on the Bomber pilot.

224. Do you know what vintage repro and original weapons look like and could you tell the difference?

A: Yes, because I have every figure with original weapons – loose and carded.

225. Why do some figures have choking hazard warnings and others do not?

A: All toys that have any accessories under 2 inches long MUST have a choking hazard warning on them. Anything over 2 inches does not need one. The theory is a larger item could be put in a kids mouth, but can’t get lodged in the windpipe. Figures without accessories with never have a warning since the figures themselves are always going to be larger than 2 inches long.

226. Do you any information on the Clone Trooper 10-packs that are showing up on eBay. Is this a future Hasbro release or something else?

A: No, those are bootlegs.

227. What would you do recommend to do to obtain a complete vintage collection, all at once or piece by piece since you have collected the whole bunch?

A: At once would be faster, easier…more seductive – but that is path to the dark side! The truth is not many people have a complete collection and if they did probably wouldn’t part with it for a realistic price. I did it piece by piece - it is “cheaper” as you are only spending a little at a time instead dropping $1000s at once. And it is much more fun and rewarding to build a collection then to just have one handed to you.

228. Was the Large Darth Vader ever released in an ESB box during the vintage line?

A: Yes, that item did see a very limited release in that box making it quite rare.

229. I have a 1997 tiger star wars Milenium Falcon memory game still in the packaging. What is it worth?

A: I had every SW tiger game at one point and sold off most. I don't think I got more than $8 for it. Almost all over those games didn’t sell well and ended up on clearance.