View Full Version : Discussion Area for Pics of new Saga Figs

01-24-2003, 12:16 AM
Hi. I saw the thread for the new R2 figure and wondered why no one else has created a thread for the others. Well look no further....

Since I have no other way of rating anything, I figure I might as well throw my thoughts on these pics out attached to my 0-10 grades for these AS THEY LOOK IN THE PICS. Of course, things change between these early looks and the final figures...

1) Ani Robot Hand. Not bad, not too bad for an Anakin figure. The Robe is long past due and the namesake hand looks fine in the pic. Whoever said his faces are always wrong was on the button. Make him frown, Hasbro. He frowned in the movie. I like the pose, I really like the pic of Ani with Robe on. 7.5/10 - best Anakin yet.

2) Barriss Offee. Very nice collection 2 type sculpt - again she looks beautiful robed. The arena type stand is nice, but a little too textured looking based on my remembrance of the arena floor. Flat, however, is boring. Great match for Luminara. 9/10

3) Boba Fett. Looks nice as well, hopefully as articulated as the joint gaps would have us think. Beautiful paint job on the model and the fire looks cool too. Thank god it's removable, but cool. 9/10.

4) Bedpooper Dooku. I like force lightning, but we have it in spades from last year's figs. I don't need a whole new Dooku just to get that accessory. Not much else calling my name on this one. 5/10 - good for those who couldn't find the first one and gave up.

5) Flying R2. I commented in this figure's own post, but don't HATE him yet. I may when I get it, but not yet. 6/10. He's R2.