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01-24-2003, 01:00 PM
I've been collecting sw stuff since the late 70's, and when the POTF line came out I collected every piece, until the end of the POTJ line. Hasbro has made some money off me, and after I opened up a collectible shop in a mall I made money off hasbro. Today the Saga assortment is the new mold of things, and so far 80% of every figure seems more like unleashed/mcfarlane molds than action figures. So what is next for individual blister card figures: Let's take a look - Obi Wan - Acklay (already made, another stance figure), Mace Windu - Total whatever (made, another stance), Boba Fett (made, another stance), R2-D2 - Christmas ornamant (no words necessary), Anakin Mechanical hand (was never in the movie, expanded stuff, does he wield his saber at padme after the wedding?), Padme - Factory escape (despite her facial expression this looks like an exciting figure - I'll buy this one), Library droids (Another buy), Tusken raider (made, may buy because you can never have enough tuskens), Darth Tyranus - force lightning (made, another stance), Barriss offe (a great disapointment, nice statue, needs a stand to display), Chewbacca - Mynock (made, another stance), Han Hoth (the legs are questionable, but fig looks good enough to buy, and it's a classic fig). There are more comming, but unfortunately my point is made. From buying one of everything and 2 of the classic films I have went down to possibly buying only 4 figs out of over 10. What has happened. What I'm asking is if we are all collectors, and we are all lovers of SW why are we buying figs like Mechanical Anakin wife beater, Flame sludge Boba. I've have seen many complaints about the statue figs, but Kenner keeps making them because they must sell. Why are they being bought if so many hate the stances. What's your opinions on this figs, and do you buy them. Opinions, not philisophical ramblings please.

The Overlord Returns
01-24-2003, 01:06 PM
Sorry dude, but the Boba Fett looks great, IMO. You have to remember, one fans dissapointment is another fans enjoyment.

As for Anakin, of course he appeared in the movie. Remember that bit at the end with his mechanical hand when he married Padme? Small detail I know, but come on...you must remember.

Yes, he did not wield his saber in the scene, but imagine if this figure didn't come with an accesory. Everyone would be *****ing about how it's "just an anakin". Besides, we don't yet know that he won't have a regular hand for interchangeable purposes....

I think you have to look at the Jedi Youngling packs as well. Those things look great, and the yoda may be the best yet.

Personally, I think Hasbro is doing a decent job...with a few missteps along the way. No different from any toy maker, really.

01-24-2003, 01:29 PM
I realize your point about one fans disapointment is anothers delight, but the figures made now are unleashed figures not necessarily action figures. The figures we get now are like a seperate line of themselves. As for the Anakin Arm I know about his arm in the end of the movie, however his pose was dominantly nuetral. To have him in this pose suggests something else. It would be like buying a ceremonial Luke or Leia with action poses. I love the SW line, but seeing such poses of characters that should not have them diminishes the purpose of making the figure. It's almost a expanded universe quality, not a sw film quality. I have seen very few neutral poses over the past year, I don't think they are doing a decent job, although I will continue to buy those few decent figures they make.
The yoda and jedi pack (thanks for mentioning that one, forgot it) Your right that one is a buy too.

The Overlord Returns
01-24-2003, 01:38 PM
But......this Anakin ISN'T in an action pose......

Look at the SSG pics without his robe......he clearly is a neutral stance figure with articulation. Yes, the picture has him "in a pose", but that wasn't pre set by Hasbro....

01-24-2003, 01:40 PM
First, I've been into my SW hobby since 1978, also.

I build scenes. I generally don't "collect," but somehow I end up with more SW figures than the average collectors do.

That being said, I don't ordinarily do resculpts unless I can use them in other scenes so I don't always have the same Obi-Wan in one scene, as the next.

To the figures:

Obi-Wan Acklay? - I've held the actual figure (wasn't mine) and he doesn't turn at the waist, plus his action feature makes him bring pleasure to himself (if he's empty handed - though you better make him hold a LIT lightsaber or spear, if he has just the hilt, it could look even worse!) But I can use 1 or 2 of these figures to give some variety to my scenes.

Mace? I haven't seen in person. 2 things should happen: his cloak will be dark brown, and that knob on his back will be removeable for displaying him. Then I'll buy him.

Boba Fett? I don't need any Fett figures - I'm even saving an extra 300 figure anniversary one for any excuse of a cool EU scene. But the new one looks good. I think I'll buy him.

R2D2: he's in so many scenes, I try to wait for different releases of him so I can have only 5-10 of the same figure of him, and use others for other scenes. this one looks terribly "fake," based on his paint job. If he's better in the final release, and his 3rd leg can be placed extended-out, and that string stuff hidden well enough, I'll get up to 5 of him. I need at least 3 or more R2D2's as it is now - so I was expecting resculpts anyway.

Note, I normally can't stand resculpts as they take away from more never-before-made characters from shipping in their assortments, however, I understand why Hasbro does this, and that resculpts allow new folks into the hobby, who'll help support sales numbers so we CAN get our never-made-before figures.

At least I can find a use for half of them and get them off the shelves.

Anakin - I wanted a cloak that hung straight, like Vader's and the way it usually hangs on him - and should be hanging on him at his wedding. The current cloak looks ok for some scenes, but the figure will be useful for the non-angry face. Maybe up to 11 of this figure. I'll put him in my scenes so he's turned and you can't see his mechanical hand - or I'll use some extra Sith accessory robes on him. It'll look pretty close to the movie that way anyway.

Padme - a great figure.

Yoda - while we're bringing up great figures.

Library droids I'll buy 1 set of. They're ok. I could have done without them - ever. But I do like them as a trivial matter.

Tusken - it's too cool to pass up. Think I'll do the scene where the one Tusken attacks Luke in ANH. But other than that, I already have 2 extra Tusken figures (or more). I didn't need it.

Dooku: - I'll buy some to save for EU scenes and I still need a couple that I was waiting for a different sculpt for. It's a good figure!

Chewie: - I still have an extra Chewie Mechanic (my favorite Chewie figure) so I don't need it. Unless it really impresses me, no I won't buy it.

Han Hoth - a really good figure I have absolutely no use for. I did some custom Han Hoth's years ago that I'm actually quite happy with. I *might* get this one because I like it, but I save money by not buying what I don't need for my dioramas. If I do get it, I'll have to adjust my dioramas such that I use this Han in my probot scene, move the custom one to the Bacta Tank scene (which should be Han Bespin) and use the Han Bespin in perhaps a custom torture chair scene? I don't know. I hate having extra figures I'm not owning for a reason. That's one more reason why I do not replace older POTF2 figures with modern resculpts - that and a nostalgia factor.

But yes, I am buying the new figures, and that's why.

01-24-2003, 01:41 PM
I'll take another look overlord, but I want to see your opinions on all the new figures, not just analyze mine. What do you think of all the new figs, and what will you buy. Also do you like this stance direction hasbro is taking the line.

The Overlord Returns
01-24-2003, 01:54 PM
Well, as for stances.....I see it like this.

I don't play with my action figures. I open 'em up, fiddle around with all their bits and then stick them in the display with all the rest of my figures. So, for me, playability is not a factor. Quality of sculpt, and the detail in a figure (paint apps, etc) are what matter. I want these things to look cool on the shelf. So, the action pose thing really doesn't bother me at all .

As for the figures.....

Obi Wan: Aclay Battle, seems to look the most accurate of all the saga obi wans to date. I'm still waiting for a cloaked one, but this one seems to fit nicely with TA anakin for a "final duel" type montage.

Mace Windu: Total control, I will be picking this up as my sole AOTC windu figure. I love the two handed lightsaber wielders, and he has a cloak. Good enough for me.

Boba Fett: Great sculpt, great paint job, nice details. A definite purchase for me.

Anakin: A great looking cloaked version. I really do hope this comes with a regular hand as well. If so, I'll buy two, one for battle, and one for the inevitable "secret ceremony" padme.

Padme: great figure. Lovely detail, articulation allowing her to have a more neutral stance, and a great add on piece for diorama builders. Best Padme figure in a while.

Tusken: I always pick up tuskens. It's a cool figure

R2: Useless. It looks terrible, poorly painted, and I have no use for it.

Youngling Packs: Best yoda yet is to be found here. The younglings are sculpted beautifully, and I can't wait to see them at their studies on the shelf.

Dooku: It's a much better sculpt than the first, so I'll be picking this up. I like the angrier look on his face.

Library droids: I think these will surpass Dexter Jettster as the most accurately sculpted figures in the saga line. A must have, een if they weren't in the final cut of the film.

Han Hoth: looks great, has a nice paint job, and I am looking forward to him.

Chewie: He looks nice, though he's also sort of unnecessary. He isn't as well done as bespin chewie. I'm waiting to see if the final product has a removeable bandolier.....the pic I've seen gave me the impression it might. If not, I'll pass.

01-24-2003, 02:18 PM
I will be buying all the new figs. I usually start off with the better looking ones and work down. The pegwarmers will always be there probably will be R2 and Padme. Possibly Mace as well.

01-24-2003, 02:26 PM
The Overlord Returns
So what you're saying is that you don't care about the action features because you don't actually use the figures for anything more than ornamentation and you'll buy pretty much anything hasbro puts out regardless of whether it's good or bad. So that says to me that it isn't kids buying star wars but people like you who snap up all the figures because they don't really care much what's in the blister. So it's totally pointless putting action features into the figures since no-one uses them. Sorry to be a pedant but to catch a fool you have to play a fool. What you've basically just said is that you have little taste and aren't a very discerning collector. I keep hearing your argument about them being toys but all you want is ornaments for your display case. Toys don't come into the equation as far as your argument is concerned, your argument is invalid based on the fact that you aren't actually interested in toys just statues. Those of us who open the toys and actively use the product as intended and enjoy products as intended have a considerably more valid argument. you've just shot yourself in the foot my friend. henceforth I will make a point of skipping your opinion. inconsequential comments. you are the weakest link - goodbye.

The Overlord Returns
01-24-2003, 02:33 PM
Ok, I am going to assume that garbled, somewhat intelligible rant is directed at me.

Yes, I collect them to put them on display. I enjoy Star Wars figures, not to sit and play with them, but to admire them on a shelf. Sue me, oh holier than thou "I want figures I can play with and that makes my opinion SOOO much more valid". Hogwash. I want good figures, you want good figures, we simply have different criteria for what we consider purchaseable. Get off your high horse, EJ. YOU are not the be all and end all of collecting, despite what your ego tells you.

As for being discerning, I collect the figures I think look good, and pass on the ones I don't like the look of. See comments above on sex organ R2.

FYI, I do open the figures. I'm not a carded collector, and I often fiddle around with the layout on my shelves.

As for skipping my opinion and such...feel free to do so, I've been skipping yours for a month now ;)

P.S. Thanks for adding my name in on the edit.

01-24-2003, 02:38 PM
Ouchh emperor Jargo, play nice you sith fella you. So what are your opinions of the figs jargo. As for me I open each figure, and I display every figure in my Star Wars study. I have one of each fig displayed, and the toys released now are nothing more than ornaments. A rehash of Boba is useless to me as are all the other figs. I don't mind rehashes as long as they enhance the original. For instance: 96' mussle luke remade nicely in 98 luke. 1st POTF Darth, turned into removable helmet darth. Boba Fett to 300th boba, etc. Today they are making remaking figures for stances such as last years Saga Darth, and Endor Han. The Chewie was cool last year as the Rebel soldier. Rehashes, but far superior than the first ones.

01-24-2003, 04:10 PM
Well there are some very stong opinions in this thread but what it boils down to is that not everyone buys these figures for the same reasons. I enjoy opening my figs as much as the next person but I do buy one for my carded collection as well. I only buy multiples of the figs that derserve to be opened. I enjoy building dioramas with my loose collection and some of the poses actually give the scenes a more action-like feel than some of my dioramas with the older upright only figures. I don't think I'd go as far as saying that these new figs are anywhere close to being Unleashed statues though. I fail to see how posed figures are so bad when what we've had in previous lines have basically been figures that stand at attention and that is it. I would prefer that all the figures come with good articulation therefore leaving the posing up to the imagination of the consumer but if the poses can be changed up a bit I don't have a major problem with it. The thing that drives me nuts is the stupid gimmicks. I think everyone is pretty much in agreement on this issue so theres no point in elaborating on that any further.

As far as this particular wave is concerned I will buy all of them once for my carded collection and will probably buy all but R2 and Mace for my loose collection and diorama building enjoyment. :)

01-24-2003, 05:50 PM
Wow Jargo! I've been trying to organize my thoughts on how to avoid flaming in the religious threads, and here you go at Overlord Returns with a vengeance over the toys. Please get along with one another!

That being said, sometimes I do play with my toys. Jargo, if you want to come over and play Star Wars with me, I get to have Jango Fett's Slave-One and shoot my missles at you and any SW toy you see fit to bring over and challenge me! I'll even take you on if you use the Republic Gunship! I got more missles, so ha!

Jango Fett's ship is the most fun to play with! :happy:

If Overlord Returns wants to come too, I have 3 role-play lightsabers, and we can all duke it out, but I want to use Darth Maul's!

Meanwhile, like I said, most times I am just building dioramas with my toys. The action features are a mixed lot; sometimes they severely limit the poses you can put your figures in to do scenes.

Luminara is great for the Arena Battle, but what about Palpatine's office? Do we really have to hope and clamor for resculpts of non-speaking, less-than-secondary characters.

While I agree, we never could have achieved that look for her even with a highly articulated figure, we still are left needing a resculpt for diorama builders.

True the old figures were standing at attention or looked like 1940's sci-fi robots when you posed them in action, but one figure per character, and then just reissued, satisfied demand.

Today, I think the resculpts with some updates, like Cantina Han, have been great. New collectors can get Han, old ones get improvements, as long as they're "wasting space" in our case assortments, versus getting out a decent figure of say...Jedi Master Even Piel in there, for example.

But resculpting Han Solo is one thing. Luminara could have been done like this:

Deluxe Luminara (only way to get Luminara):

2 molded plastic bottom torsos - one with the preposed legs and skirt like you see, another upright, at ease, similar to Shmi Skywalker's figure. Extra arms that attach just as easily as Bespin Luke's, can make her totally at ease, or by using combinations, put her in motion.

The figure is packaged in it's "Unleashed" action stance version, so it attracts attention and looks great for carded collectors.

See McFarlane's Movie Maniacs Terminator T-1000 for an example of this two-body types being done.

By the way, for the $9.99 price of almost 2 action figures, you almost do get 2 action figures, versus some flipping Force piece.

You display Luminara how you want her. A lot of people might have then bought 2.

Then again, for just over $9.99 (for 2 reg figures), I can hope Hasbro does her resculpt and having both poses will only cost me half the price of buying 2 deluxes....so maybe strike that idea :rolleyes:

(i'm not sure)

01-24-2003, 06:03 PM
Pet peeves: Gimmicks, one posed wonders, no bending arms and legs.

I make dioramas/scenes just like Tycho. I don't care too much for resculpts or one posed wonders, but one must take what you can get until something better comes along. My only gripe has been with the gimmicks and figures that don't have limbs that bend. IMO if figures were made with bendable arms and legs they would be so much better than one posed wonders. I always thought about this since I seen my first GIJOE figures.

Now the new figures:

Obi-Wan Acklay - I'm kind of tired of Obi-wan, nothing new here except a spear and a silly gimped up arm with the action feature. I'll pass.

Mace: I'll buy him if the button can be removed from his back other than that it looks to be the best Mace so far. Potential buy

Boba Fett: Looks awesome, good sculpt, paint, detail, articulation (bendable knees, turning arms. Hasn't been done in a while and it is long overdue, I'll buy two.

R2D2: Useless, I have about seven already and they are IMO much better than this trashcan with the silly gimmick.

Anakin: I have way too many Anacinís so far and for me to waste my money on another one for a mechanicals hand is just not warranted.

Padme: Good sculpt, paint, and has articulation with the knees. It is however in need of a head swap with Padme Arena. I'll buy just for that project alone.

Yoda Youngling Pack: Nothing to say but great. I'll buy all of them.

Library droids: Look too much like a cross between Bob from The Black Hole and the robot from Short Circuit. Lame IMO = Pass.

Tusken: I love the new look of this one. I'll buy two.

Dooku: I have three already so I'm sad to say I'm going to pass good or not.

Chewie: - Not better than Bespin Chewie, enough said. Pass

Han Hoth: a really good figure, one of the best Han's so far IMO. I'll buy.

Lama Su & Clone Boy: I like the look I'll buy a set or two

Aayla Secura and Bariss Offee: I love Jedi females enough said, Iíd buy for sure.

01-24-2003, 06:42 PM
I'm not overly jazzed with the new figs coming out, but I'll buy them anyways and see if they grow on me.

Hasbro has pumped junk out in the past that I've bought, and pumped out some good stuff too.

Since I haven't gotten my hands on them yet I can't pass judgment, but from looking at some...I'm disapointed with the Tuskin Raider since his look has changed. Give him a differnt face mask, change the number and location of the spikes on his head...do something.

Boba Fett...I've seen the two photos so I'll wait till I see the real thing, but he looks pretty cool.

I'm also a little dispointed with dooku. One was good enough, he wasn't that great of a villian.

The one I'm most looking foward too is Secura...I love her in the comics and want nothing more than a figure to match. Its gotta be the blue skin.

But I'll love'em or leave'em when I get them or see them 1st hand. Odds are since I've got 2 of each already might as well keep the streak going.

Old Fossil
01-24-2003, 06:54 PM
Originally posted by Tycho

Jango Fett's ship is the most fun to play with! :happy:

(i'm not sure)

Amen to that, Tycho!!!

For every poor quality figure Hasbro makes nowadays, there is usually 0.7 good one. :)

01-25-2003, 01:13 AM
Hey Tycho can I come over and play. I'm a gunship nut, and my tie bomber can drop some caps on your bad figures. :)

01-25-2003, 02:27 AM
Sure, :) it's about time for us to be excited about having the Clone Wars anyway!

- what we always wanted to experience since we were kids!

01-25-2003, 12:36 PM
I'm sorry but I don't follow any time frame of events so my imperials will be marching over to kick the butt of any army you might have. These clonetrooper clowns are no match for the royal guards. I shall despatch 100 legions of my finest troops to smite your puny armies. Followed by the onslaught of the armored walkers and then bringing up the rear an army of droids will decimate the survivors. I have despatched probes to find your secret hidden base and report back. Invasion is imminent. :cool:

01-25-2003, 04:18 PM
Jaff --- egads, your "unleashed theory" about the new saga line is totally dead on. Seriously. For this reason alone I have left far too many figures on the pegs . . .

Everybody looks like they wandered in from a Madonna video and is voguing or something! (Hey, i LOVE Madonna, but she is not a part of the star wras universe last time I checked.)

01-25-2003, 06:37 PM
star wras has been popular lately

Old Fossil
01-26-2003, 02:24 AM
Originally posted by Hellboy
star wras has been popular lately

The connection was interrupted(?)...