View Full Version : Updated Curse Word Policy

Lord Malakite
01-29-2003, 03:26 PM
Due to the recent cuteness of several forumites (either intentionally or unintentionally done) to bypass curse words through the AC, an update on the policy has been put into place. Although most mods aren't mentioning it, I figure that I would since the penalties of violation are much more severe than what they previously were. That way it won't be like it was totally sprung by suprise. Consider this the only warning on the matter.

Originally posted by JediTricks
The autocensor is missing words containing cuss words in them, such as "******", this is not the only phrase that the AC is missing either. I've noticed that many mods simply edit out the offending text without telling myself or Steve about the problem.

The update to the policy on swearing is now no-tolerance, that is to say that every offender gets suspended on the first offence (using a word that the AC doesn't recognize or using a spelling that actively tries to circumvent the AC with alternate characters such as using "$" in place of "s"). The use of the language should be immediately removed from the thread and then the user should be reported to myself or Steve.