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01-31-2003, 09:50 AM
Target Action Fleet Dune Sea, Endor Pursuit,Tatooine
Droid Hunter
Deluxe C-3PO
Canadian Count Dooku (holo fig looking down)
Bloody Bespin Luke
Luminara Unduli (removeable cloak text)
Anakin Skywalker(Hangar Duel)w/Dueling sabers Sticker
no TM Next to Lightsabers
Count Dooku (holo fig looking up)
Count Dooku (holo fig looking down)
Super battle droid w/background w/incorrect cardback
Hallmark Slave I 2002

Mexican 4 pack
Amanaman w/Salacious Crumb .0300
Preview Zam Wessell
Preview R3-T7
Imperial Officer
travel Queen black dress
Rebel Fleet Trooper
Boss Nass .00
Star Tours G2-4T
Star Tours RX-24 REX
Battle Droid Security .00
Mon Calamari .0100
Chewy mechanic .0300
Sith Apprentice Maul .0300
Canadian Duros
Canadian Obi Winter gear
Canadian Tessk
Canadian Bespin Guard
Euro Darth Maul
Euro Jedi Kenobi
Euro Darth Vader
Euro Mos Espa Qui Gon Jinn

Mail away Mace Windu
Battle Damaged Destoyer Droid .0000
Canadian Ric Olie with hand closed
sams 2pack Anakin(Naboo)/Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo)
sams 2pack Padme/Obi-Wan Kenobi(Jedi Duel)
sams 2pack Amidala(Naboo)/Qui-Gon Jinn(Jedi Duel)
sams 2pack Tatoonie Maul/Slashed Battle Droid
Bonus Battle droid 2 pack Slashed Battle Droid
Bonus Battle droid 2 pack Rune Haako
Japan palm talker Battle Droid
Japan palm talker Jar Jar Binks
Action Fleet Mini Scenes I
Action Fleet Mini Scenes II
Action Fleet Mini Scenes III
Action Fleet Mini Scenes IV
Action Fleet Mini Scenes V
Action Fleet Mini Scenes VI
Micro Collection VII
Micro Collection VIII
Micro Collection IX

Admiral Motti
Wuher .0000
R2-D2 with holo Leia
Han Solo holochip big bubble
Han Solo holochip small bubble
Darth Vader white chip
Luke Skywalker holochip
Fan Club Stormtrooper 4 pack
Stormtrooper holochip
Greedo holochip
Jawa no holes in feet .0000
Jawa with 1 hole in foot
Jawa w/2 holes in feet .0000

Flashback Figs-
R2-D2 (Saber on Left side)
Leia(2 arrows).0100
Anakin Skywalker
Ben Kenobi
Aunt Beru (1st version no tape on drinks)

FF figs-
Endor Celebration Leia .00
Endor Celebration Leia .01
C-3PO .00
Lak Sivrak .00
R2-D2 .00 (Death Star slide)
Removeable Helmet Darth Vader .00
Prisoner Chewbacca .00
Death Star Droid .00
Ugnaughts .00
Hoth Princess Leia .00
Zuckuss .00
Endor Rebel Soldier .00
Endor Rebel Soldier .01
Blastsheild Luke .00
8D8 .00
Bespin Luke .01(gold belt buckle),
Bespin Luke .01(silver belt buckle)
Mon Mothma .00
Death Star trooper
Gamorean Guard .01
Ewoks .00
Captain Piett .00 (1st sticker)
Grand Moff Tarkin .02
Lobot .00,
Ceremonial Luke .01
Princess Leia .00
Orrimaarko .00,
Pote Snitkin .00
Princess Leia as Jabba's Prisoner .02
AT-AT Driver .00
Biggs Darklighter .00
General Lando .00
Ree Yees .00

Expanded Universe-
Mara Jade .03
Princess Leia Solo .03
Dark Luke Skywalker .01
Clone Emperor .02
Darktrooper .01
Spacetrooper .03
Kyle Katarn .02
Imperial Sentinel .01
Grand Admiral Thrawn .02

Sote IG-88 & Fett 2 pack
Prince Xizor .00 with hologram
Boushh Leia .00 with hologram
Dash Rendar .00 with hologram
Imperial Guard Luke Skywalker .00 with hologram
Bounty Hunter Chewbacca .00 with hologram

Deluxe Stormtrooper .00
Death Star Escape playset
C-3PO .00
Momaw Nadon .00 RB (warning sticker)
Dagobah Luke Skywalker .00 RB (longsaber)
Dagobah Luke Skywalker .00 RB (short saber/long tray)
Dagobah Luke Skywalker .00 RB (short saber)
Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise .00 RB
R2-D2 .00 RB
X-Wing Luke Skywalker .00 RB (longsaber)
X-Wing Luke Skywalker .00 RB (short saber/long tray)
X-Wing Luke Skywalker .00 RB (short saber)
Darth Vader .00 RB (longsaber)
Darth Vader .00 RB (short saber/long tray)
Luke Skywalker .00 RB (longsaber)
Luke Skywalker .00 RB (shortsaber)
Tusken Raider .00 RB (both hands closed)
Stormtrooper .00 RB with hologram
Yoda .00 RB
Chewbacca .00 RB
Tie Fighter Pilot .00 RB
Tie Fighter Pilot .01 RB
Hoth Han Solo .00 RB (open hand)
Greedo .00 RB
Death Star Gunner .00 RB
Tatoonie Trooper .00 RB
Jawas .00 RB orange card
Bespin Lando Calrissian .00 RB
Han Solo in Freezing Chamber .00 RB (wide head)
Han Solo in Freezing Chamber .00 RB (narrow head)
Princess Leia .00 RB (skirt untied)(2 ring belt)
Princess Leia .00 RB (skirt untied)(3 ring belt)
Han Solo .00,
Kenobi .01 SS/ST Brown Buckle
Kenobi .01 SS/ST Black Buckle

POTF2 GC with square bubble-
Endor Solo Blue pants .00 hologram
Sandtrooper .01 hologram
Emperor Palpatine .00 with hologram (2nd hook)
AT-ST Driver .00 with hologram
R5-D4 .01 without hologram (straight latch)(sticker
Hoth Luke Skywalker .00
Hoth Rebel Soldier .00 with hologram

POTF2 GC with slanted bubble-
Han Solo in Carbonite .02 hologram
Garidian .00 no hologram
Garidian .00 with hologram
Snowtrooper hologram with open hand,
Snowtrooper hologram or no hologram
Dengar .00 with hologram
Rebel Fleet Trooper .00 with hologram
Rebel Fleet Trooper .01 hologram (crushed bubble)
Sandtrooper .02 hologram
C-3PO .01 hologram
Tie Pilot .04 hologram
Ponda Baba .00 without hologram (grey beard)
Ceremonial Luke .00 with hologram
Gamorrean Guard .00 with hologram
EV-9D9 .00 with hologram
Malakili .00 with hologram
ASP-7 .00 with hologram (2nd hook)
Prisoner Leia .00 with hologram (gold jewelry)
Admiral Ackbar .00 with hologram
Nien Numb .00 with hologram
Weequay .00 with hologram
Yak Face .00 with hologram
Grand Moff Tarkin .00 with hologram
Chewbacca .01 hologram

Silver R2-D2
Kabe and Muftak
Oola & Salacious Crumb
B'Morr Monk .01 in white box
Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise in white box (no
ridges in helmet)
Jedi Luke Skywalker RB Theater Edition green card
Mail away Slide Viewer
Cantina Showdown .00
Power racing Speederbike w/trooper
Complete Galaxy Tatoonie with Luke
Hallmark ornament Leia 1998
Han Solo keychain
12" adult Anakin Skywalker with "Story of Darth Vader"
12" Endor Han Solo
Han Solo battery operated Blastec Dl-44 water pistol
POTF2 loose weapons: Stormtrooper guns, FB Kenobi
saber, Malakili staff, Cantina Aliens gun, custom grey
mouse droid

Canadian POTF2
Princess Leia square Card (3 bands on belt)

European POTF2
OC-Ben Kenobi LS/LT
OC-Dagobah Luke SS slanted bubble
OC-Princess Leia (2 bands on belt)
OC-Han Solo,
GC-Hoth Luke,
Euro Deluxe Luke Skywalker
Euro 12" Luke Skywalker
Euro 12" Han Solo

Micro Machine-
Rebel Forces Gift set #1
Micro machine COLLECTOR’S GIFT SET (27 pc. Bronze)
Microhead Playsets Tie Fighter Pilot/Academy
Microhead Playsets Rebel Pilot/Hoth
Microhead Playsets Chewbacca/Endor
Microhead Playsets Stormtrooper/Death Star
Microhead Playsets Darth Vader/Bespin
Microhead Playsets C-3PO/Cantina
Microhead Playsets Yoda/Dagobah
Double Takes Death Star
Micro Mini Heads orange card Col 6
Seven loose Mini Heads- Wicket, Greedo, Ackbar,
Gamorrean, Jawa, Boushh and Nunb Nien
loose micro collections Y-wing, AT-AT, Action Fleet
Vader Tie Fighter

Droids Side Gunner boxed
Incomplete SideGunner
Hoth han w/gun
Skiff Guard Lando w/staff, no helmet
Star Wars Vinyl figure case
Canadian Star Wars Vinyl figure case
ESB Vinyl figure case
Death Star playset incomplete (will seperate parts)
TaunTaun(closed belly) no reins
Incomplete Endor Forest Ranger
Probot Playset (just base)
Radar from Imperial Troop Transport
Death Star Gunner gun
Speederbike instructions
Imperial Attack base Instructions
Millenium Falcon cargo hatch cover
Landspeeder seat
Tie interceptor instructions

I need these :
-12" Leia Boushh with Carbonite Block
-12" Plo Koon
-12" Ki-Adi-Mundi
-12" Leia Boushh & Han Solo in Carbonite Block
-WalMart Holiday Edition (R2-D2 and C-3PO)
-Tie Bomber
-Princess Leia & Chewbacca Trash Compactor set
-Luke Skywalker & Han Solo Trash Compactor set
-Reek beast
-R2-D2 with background and screw leg joints
-red Battle droid
-Kit Fisto (Lighsaber Packaged on Side)
-Anakin Skywalker(Hangar Duel)w/Secret Battle Feature!
Sticker no ™ Next to Lightsabers
-Canadian Djas Puhr
-Ephant Mon
-Padmé Amidala (Coruscant Attack)error bio
-Canadian Padme Amidala - Coruscant Arrival
-Canadian Darth Maul - Sith Training
-Canadian Anakin Skywalker - Tatooine Attack
-Canadian Ephant Mon
-Canadian Endor Rebel no beard
-Destroyer Droid
-Canadian Destroyer Droid
-Yoda (Jedi High Council)
-Canadian Yoda (Jedi High Council)
-UNLEASHED Darth Tyranus
-Hallmark Jango Fett 2002
-12" Speeder Bike with Princess Leia

-Hallmark R2-D2 2001
-Mexican Convention Vader-Ben 25th Ann. Pack
-Canadian Preview Clone Trooper
-Mas Adema .0000 with 0000 Jedi Force File
-European Dirty Scout Trooper
-Sith Apprentice Maul .0100
-Theed Amidala .0100 nude version & .0300 nude version
-Gungan Warrior .0300

Episode 1
-Sam's Club 2 pack Tatoonie Maul & shot Battle Droid
-Micro machine pack XI
-Micro machine pack XII
-Micro machine pack XIII
-Holo Sideous with pit droid -all 3 colors

-Boba Fett .00 Full circles on wrists
-Boba Fett .00 half circles on wrists
-Bossk .00 Stand up blister
-Bossk .01 square rectangular bubble
-Ewoks .00 Wickets head piece painted and spears rings
-Ewoks .00 Wickets head piece unpainted and spears
rings painted
-Bespin Lando Calrissian .00 with light brown cape.
-Dagobah Luke Super short saber in short tray
-Jedi Luke .00 brown vest with black cloak (not
-Dewback and Trooper .00
-Vader vs Xizor .00 on back, .00 bottom of bubble
-Joh Yowza band pack .00 on back, .00 bottom of bubble
-Gen Con '01 Lando 2 pack
-GC Coll.3 THX Vader No Holo
-OC THX Vader LS
-OC THX Tatoonie Luke LS

Micro machines
-Transforming head Tie Fighter Pilot orange box
-Transforming head Chewbacca orange box
-Transforming head Darth Vader orange box
-Transforming head Stormtrooper orange box
-Transforming head Rebel Pilot orange box
-Micro singlepack orange card A-wing
-Micro singlepack orange card Death Star II
-Micro singlepack orange card Snowspeeder
-Micro singlepack orange card Vader's Tiefighter
-Vader's TIEFighter & X-Wing(pewter repaints, Japan)
-Battle Packs #1 with 5 figures
-Battle Packs #2 with 4 figures
-Battle Packs #4 with 4 figures
-Battle Packs #5 with 5 figures
-X-RAY FLEET '96/97 I orange card
-X-RAY FLEET '96/97 II orange card
-X-RAY FLEET '96/97 III orange card
-X-RAY FLEET '96/97 IV orange card
-X-RAY FLEET '96/97 VI TIE Fighter & Landspeeder
-X-RAY FLEET '96/97 VII AT-ST & Snowspeeder
-X-RAY FLEET '96/97 Death Star/Imperial Shuttle
-Micro Mini Heads orange card Col 5
-Micro Mini Heads orange card Col 7

I need on POTF2 European cards:
-Ben Kenobi longsaber-gold buckle
-Boba Fett- Half circles
-Boush Leia with Stand up Blister
-Die cast Stormtrooper on green card

-Riddell Mini Helmets
Boba Fett
Luke Skywalker X-wing pilot

12 inch series
__ Captain Tarpals with Kaadu (Target)
__ Darth Maul with Sith Speeder (Wal-Mart)
__ Han Solo Hoth with Tauntuan (Toys "R" Us)
__ Luke Skywalker/Wampa 2-pack (Target)
__ Speeder Bike with Luke Skywalker (Target)
__ Bib Fortuna and Jedi Luke (FAO Schwarz)
__ C-3PO (Electronic, Episode I)
__ C-3PO and R2-D2, electronic (Toys "R" Us)
__ Cantina Band Member - Figrin D'an (Wal-Mart)
__ Cantina Band Member - Doikk N'ats (Wal-Mart)
__ Cantina Band Member - Ickabel (Wal-Mart)
__ Cantina Band Member - Nalan (Wal-Mart)
__ Cantina Band Member - Tech (Wal-Mart)
__ Cantina Band Member - Tedn (Wal-Mart)
__ Darth Vader Removable Helmet (Electronic)
__ Emperor (Electronic) and Royal Guard (Target)
__ Grand Moff Tarkin and Death Star Gunner (FAO)
__ Luke Skywalker 100th 12" SW Figure
__ Luke Skywalker Dagobah with Yoda (Wal-Mart)
__ Princess Leia in Slave Outfit with R2-D2 (FAO)

Vintage Star Wars loose or boxed:
Micro Millenium Falcon Playset(sears)
AT-AT chin gun
Imperial Shuttle windsheild
Sonic Landspeeder
Remote control R2-D2
Ewok Battle Wagon
A-wing fighter
Security Scout minirig
DROIDS ATL Interceptor
Empire Strikes Back carry case w/Yoda to the left
R2 with pop-up saber
Romba's spear
ROTJ PlayDoh Set
Foreign YPS Snowtrooper
DieCast ships-Landspeeder, Tie fighter, Darth Vader
Tie Fighter, Star Destroyer, Y-Wing, X-Wing, Tie
bomber, Slave I, Snowspeeder, Millenium Falcon.

Let me know if you have anything. or just send a list
of your haves and maybe we could make a deal. All
offers will be considered. My email address is: