View Full Version : Image 10th Anniversary Spawn

02-01-2003, 01:42 PM
I don't know if anyone's really interested in this but as there are some Mcfarlane toys collectors here I thought I'd just post it here
today I went to my comicshop and *finally* got my Image 10th Anniversary Spawn! he is such a cool figure, you could spend days on putting him in different poses, he has more (and better) joints than the super-poseable Spiderman (I think about 35-40), and they all work really well (no stiff joints or anything)
his cape is removable (if you use a bit strengh you can pull it out) and he looks cool both with and without the cape on
and of course he comes with a very cool accessory, a giant cross with base, which also is super detailed
I paid about 18$ for mine, since I can't get him anywhere else but he is worth every cent if you ask me
so if you're interested in spawn, you definitly have to get this figure, he's just perfect, I would give him 10 of 10 points
in case you don't know how he looks, I've attached a pic of mine sitting on the cross:D