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02-02-2003, 02:20 AM
Best thing to do is to get right to it (and no they aren't out yet - I got them early from a friend).

Lama Su / Clone Boy:

Lama Su is fine, nothing exciting. Got Taun We? Lama Su is the same thing - only taller.

Clone Boy - no moving legs, and no swivel arm articulation at the elbow like Boba. He can turn at the waist, head, and shoulders (moving arms up and down like figures always should).

Bariss Offee

Her legs don't move at all. Her arms are articulated like Luminara - basically the same thing - but her cloak comes off. I think she'd be hotter if she wore her hair a little longer like the British-accented hottie that played her in the movie. (I liked her at Celebration 2 - British-accent girls are such a turn-on, their voice just has that regal sensuality, it's like...whoops. OK. Uh, back to figures. :p ) Well, Barriss would look like she has longer hair pulled back like Padme Arena Battle, but she actually just has short hair. Anyway, her base stand is cool, and has like a crushed battle droid in it. You can't pose her "at ease" at all though. The sculpt is hot though and her form is very pleasing to the eye though. I don't know what's up with the "heart" in her belt buckle, but it is definitely a heart. Was that in the movie? Her Jedi robes were closed almost every time we saw her. Oh well, she can be my valentine! :D (but she's not my favorite figure amongst these).

Aayla Secura!

- our first real comics and books EU (AND MOVIE!) figure since 1998! This is a good figure! Pretty much other pictures that had you guys complaining about her shoulders just showed that some people taking the pictures didn't care to pose her correctly, the way her shoulders can turn to look better than what you saw. Or they wanted to show you how she is articulated. "Like Aurra Sing" best sums it up. In addition, her left arm has a swivel at the elbow. (the Force magnet hand - and no, they never bothered to paint the magnet blue to blend with her skin tone! That sucks, especially since blue girls are the bomb!) Other things are sculpted nicely while we're on that, and her waistline is what those that appreciate such things dream of. Her little pelvic / butt guard thing is soft plastic, so if she could sit down (in a vehicle) or whatever, it'd be pliant. However, only her right leg seems to want to move like a regular figure. Her left leg has a swivel joint riding high on her thigh. It's only so useful, to make her swinging her saber and stepping into an attack to her left, perhaps? But since the cut is so high on her thigh, her left leg, which also seems to be articulated at the hip, seems impossible to move (into a sitting position for example) without pulling her leg off, from 3/4 up her thigh - and I'm not going to chance it not being easy to reattach, plus I don't really think I'm going to pose her sitting anyway. But why make articulation that doesn't work? Last but not least, Aayla has Amy Allen's pretty face, but with a stern "Jedi Warrior" look on her face, and her headtails are in the action motion you've seen them sculpted in, though I do like Twi'Lek girls' headtails hanging down like straight, long hair, myself. I really like this figure though, and her character, so I wouldn't mind a resculpt. I'm probably going to get like 10 of her when I have the chance. Everyone's going to like this one for the most part.

BTW: you can pose Aayla kind of relaxed, but this way she looks more like one of Jabba's dancers, who might 'relax' in a dancer's stretch, kind of standing spread-eagle. It's a sensual kind of relaxed, I'd suppose. :sur: ;) :happy: :rolleyes:

Oh - her stand will connect to Bariss' if you want it too. I wonder if Coleman Trebor's will too. They could be planning something very cool!


Well, this is the worst R2D2 in the history of the line since oh, well, 1978 :rolleyes: If you have a chance to purchase R2 from the Droids cartoon line, get it before you buy this! That being said, you could enjoy buying this. His paint scheme is almost as cartoony... Moving on, his 2 main legs do not move at all! They are molded to his body (I think most of you could see that from the pictures already anyway). But since he's posed standing perfectly still, or shut down, this is a good figure to use in a diorama of Padme's bedroom, since he looks like a guard sentry. The head does turn 360 degrees though, and the 3rd leg is retractable. Pushing it in make R2's rocket jets come out of his legs. (but you know, when R2 flies, he puts his legs behind him, like Superman, or SuperDroid, or whatever - and this R2 can't, so it's not even accurate!) Pushing the rocket jets back in, causes his 3rd leg to pop back out. Meanwhile, they're not even pained silver like the pictures we've seen! They are blue from R2's blue striping on his legs! The rocket struts should at least be silver! Whatever... the rocket blasts attach under the rocket boosters and they are just another shade of blue. Maybe you can also buy a matching bed spread as this figure will make you not want to wake up again to see it! (sort of) Under the 3rd leg, the magnetic piece comes out and pulls the string with it. The magnet attaches to 3PO's head so R2 can pull his head by remote...umm...in between his legs. :rolleyes: The other end of the string comes out through one of R2's dome ports (like one is a sensor scope, one is for Luke's lightsaber, etc. on "the real R2" - this figure has none of those redeeming features. But you use the very small piece to grip while pulling the string through R2. Maybe by sticking the magnet end onto the fridge you can have hours of fun making R2 crash headfirst into the icebox...but I don't see how this is "flying." Anyway, on his back you can entwine the extra string, but I think it is better to feed it through the little hole in R2's dome and stuff it all inside of him. The real droid didn't have "a string," but this one almost needs one it 'leaks' so much! I recommend him only for a stationary scene like Padme's bedroom, or turned off, on the Naboo Starship. He might also be a good fit in the big X-wing. I don't know. It's just that "you thought R5-D4 was bad??????????????????)

Boba Fett

This figure is awesome! It blows the 300th edition Fett away! He's so poseable! Only the right knee bends "funny" - meaning below the knee pad, but it doesn't really seem noticeable. His left anke is also poseable. The jet blast adds on very well, and holds him good. This is a must to add to the skiff battle scene vs. Luke!!!! The missle does not look bad. His action feature is totally unobtrusive. His arms are loose though, but they lock if you want him with "hands up" - like he's the one that's captured, for example. Since he's bent at the elbows, like shooting from the hip style, he doesn't need his arms to lock halfway up (90 degrees to his body) - he's shooting that way anyway. Both arms have swivel elbows, so unlike the 300th Fett he can be posed holding his rifle to either side. The colors are a bit bright and cartoony for my taste, but his dents are still there, and vintage collectors will probably like the nostalgia brought on by his color scheme. The rangefinder on his helmet might move a little, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to, so I'm not messing with it. Fett is one of the really good figures you can look forward to this year! He's one of my favorites I got today, along with Aayla, though the two compare like apples and oranges, since collection 1 has gotten so different from collection 2, except.....

Anakin Skywalker

This is the figure I've been waiting for! I totally dig Anakin! A great head sculpt and no agonized expression on his face! You can totally pose him relaxed with 10 points of articulation - everything but the knees. You can pose him so you don't see the droid hand, but it is not removeable, and you'll break something if you just try to pull it off. If my Anakin was supposed to have a magnet in his hand, I doubt it - his lightsaber is not magnetic and the blade is not removeable. - It's also strangely really small compared to the other saga line lightsabers. The cloak looks good as well - even when you try him out in a totally relaxed pose. I still want a cloak that hangs on him like Darth Vader's cape does, but this figure is a winner and my favorite of all of them.

Having seen this year's opening lineup that I've personally held, have, and have played with, I'd say look forward to:

Boba Fett
Aayla Secura
Tusken Raider
Padme (Droid Factory)
Imp Officers # 2 & 3
Rebel Fleet Trooper 2
Darth Tyranus

The Jedi Analysis Droids are ok - nothing special, but cool, like Barriss, Lama Su and the Clone Kid.

And R2D2 sucks! (like a happy meal toy) - Obi-Wan does, too!


I forgot Owen's swoop with Anakin.

I wish I could forget Anakin! A button on his back and a screaming face makes his personal pleasures complete. It's as disgusting as Obi-Wan Acklay battle - but worse - with a headsculpt that make you want him if you're trying to complete your Battlefield: Earth or MIB collections - no - that's being too kind! I don't know how this stuff gets past quality control or Lucasfilm's approval???

The swoop is sweet though. I think the front steering vein might be a little too small for scale, but the bike is a totally new sculpt and the detail is fantastic. If the knew 10 pt articulation Anakin had 12 points, I'd put him on it instead! *you can't add the cloak though - it'd have to be specifically sculpted, or softgoods.

Anyway, for the swoop, the toy would be worth it... the figure leaves a lot to be desired.

That's my take on them. Any questions?

02-02-2003, 02:46 AM
Cool Tycho, thanks for the review. Glad to hear that the Boba Fett figure isn't as bad as everyone was saying they thought it would be. All the new figures look good to me. The only one I'm less then happy with is the Obi-Wan: Arena Battle. Hopefully they give us a new good cloakless Obi-Wan at some point. The upcoming Deluxe will do for a cloaked version though. Atleast until the next version. :)

Oh, how is Lama Su's legs. Are they the same as Taun We's, only longer? I was thinking of doing a leg swap if so. Since I would like Taun We to be a bit taller. BTW, if you want a good soft goods Anakin cloak, I would suggest when he comes out you get a second Mace: Total Control. His brown soft goods cloak is already sleeveless, just needs slit up the sides. Bam, Anakin cloak. :)


Jar Jar Binks

02-02-2003, 02:56 AM
I can't see 'up Lama Su's skirt' far enough to tell if they are glued on or it's a one-piece rubbery bendum body he's got up there...

but let's not go any further with that description.

No, a leg swap might not be possible. Maybe taking him at the waist and removing his cloak color and replacing the lower half with hers would work?

02-02-2003, 09:03 AM
Oh wow thanks Tycho :)

Am so excited about Aayla Secura
How many points of articulation does she have?
Is the magnet strong in her hand?
Does she stand well without the base?
Apart from her skirt, are any other parts soft plastic?
How tall is she compared to other fig e.g. Obi-wan CC, Anakin HD, Ki-Adi
Thanks so much Tycho

:) :) :p

02-02-2003, 09:04 AM
Yes, thanks for the review - very informative! I'm really looking forward to the new Anakin now, in particular.

As an improvement on the Swoop figure, do you think the "Tatooine Attack" Anakin would fit on it? I tried him on the red SOTE swoop and he seemed to fit OK, as did Aurra Sing.

Jek Porky 2002
02-02-2003, 10:31 AM
What do you guys think of Barriss Offee's lightsaber? I haven't heard anyone complaining about it being green instead of blue yet.

Oh well I'll just have to swap it with a blue blade from another figure!

02-02-2003, 12:10 PM
What do you guys think of Barriss Offee's lightsaber? I haven't heard anyone complaining about it being green instead of blue yet.

Oh well I'll just have to swap it with a blue blade from another figure![/i] - I forgot about that. But use the BattleDroid accessory pack to switch the lightsabers. I wonder how many hilts beyond Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace, and Dooku are authentic to the movie, or how hard the prop-master on Clones tried to make every Jedi's different?

do you think the "Tatooine Attack" Anakin would fit on it? I tried him on the red SOTE swoop and he seemed to fit OK, as did Aurra Sing.

I haven't tried it, but I think his legs or at least one (maybe the non-kicking one would stick out funny). The body of the swoop Anakin figure (when riding the swoop and not on his own) fits the swoop perfectly. A head swap is the best way to 'fix him.' For me, I'm setting up a scene on a very narrow collectibles' wall case, and I'm combining scenes to display 8 figures I want to squeeze in there.

Right now, I have the swoop bike very close against the glass, and Anakin is looking away from you into the case where C-3PO is by the rear of the bike. So you can't see his face in my scene anyway. I intend to add Owen, Beru, Cliegg Lars, and Padme Tatooine here. 2 Jawas are in front of him. I had to get the Jawa he talks to in a scene, right? I'm concerned that there will be enough room to view Cliegg in his chair (because it will be larger as a figure with one leg out, or because he'll be sitting. But I saw no reason to make too many scenes out of Tatooine while I already have 2 of those collectibles cases for 6 scenes, 3 in each: "Watto again," Anakin's swoop ride, Shmi discovered, Tusken Slaughter, the funerl (another chance to display Owen, Beru, and Cliegg), and "Obi-Wan's transmission" - as here's to hoping we get R2 with a cool holo-effect of Obi-Wan fighting a destroyer droid in miniature! - or Padme's ship would fit in that small case (or I'll buy an Action Fleet and make my figures walking towards it "in the distance." I resist buying MicroMachines for the most part - though they are cool. I just don't want more things to collect. 6 scenes equal 6 Anakins already...:rolleyes: (1 Tatooine, 1 Swoop Anakin, someday 4 cloaked Anakins).

Am so excited about Aayla Secura
How many points of articulation does she have?
Is the magnet strong in her hand?
Does she stand well without the base?
Apart from her skirt, are any other parts soft plastic?
How tall is she compared to other fig e.g. Obi-wan CC, Anakin HD, Ki-Adi

Aayla has 7 or 9 points of articulation, or 1 more. Depends how you add it. Her arms and shoulders do the Kenner-thing, and they are also "jumping jack articulated" so she can move them straight out to her sides, for a wide range of motion - just like Aurra Sing. So that's 2 or 4 points, depending upon how you look at it. Her head, waist, and right leg are standard. Her left arm has a swivel elbow, so that's 6 or 8 of those articulation points. Her left leg twists at the thigh so we're at 7 or 9 - but she looks to be articulated normally on that left leg, but the high thigh swivel threatens to break her leg off because you don't have the distance leverage to pull on her foot, for example, to move her leg at the left hip. So if it doesn't work, it's not really articulation, is it? So that's the 1 or "not one" point right there. She's such an awesome figure though! They truly need to bring the comics to life with more figures from the EU - and I'm getting an extra Aayla figure to make a scene from the first Clone Wars comic (Republic 49) that just hit the stores last week! She is awesome in it, as is her former Master Quinlan Vos (who they gotta make! Please Hasbro please! - he was taken from an extra who DID appear in TPM during Sebulba's fight with JarJar! So he's a movie figure, too! They were there undercover (so he could probably "sell Aayla" to get them an operative in the ryll spice lords' dens).

Aayla's on my desk here, and she's just shorter than Sneak Preview Zam Wessel, who's also hanging around here just shooting at stuff. (because I don't have room to set up the airspeeder chase, but dig on how I used a twistie to get her to hold her rifle, so I don't want to recard her!) But Aayla's going back in my Arena display. She'd just fallen over, because my playset's stands will NOT hold my figures up for me, (probably because my entire kitchen table is one huge arena battle with a gunship landed, and my cats keep jumping on the kitchen table on their way to the window sill). So I have all my figures in the Arena fight on RealStands (even the ones on the actual playset landscape) and there's no problem. Aayla gets her RealStand right now (I gave hers to Anakin for the funeral scene - he just looks like he's a powerful figure going through a milestone in his life if he's on a higher stand - and he will stand out then, even when I get Padme, Cliegg, Owen, and Beru in there. - Got a neat thing from my cell phone's car-recharger cord's plug-in protector piece that makes a great tombstone. I just don't have one for Cliegg's first wife (Owen's mom) and whatever other child they lost out there (the 3rd smaller tombstone in the movie - though it might've been their pet dewback Herb burried there ;) )

Aayla can stand fine by herself - but not on the undersized pegs on the Arena Playset if it's on a kitchen table that full-grown cats frequently jump on. :rolleyes:

(yes I taught them "no-no!" but that just means they don't do it when I'm in the room! You know cats....)

Anyway, I have 2 "real" Nexu's in my Arena Battle quite often....

BTW, Anakin's cloak makes him harder to stand without a RealStand or something (or posing him funny). With the weight of the cloak OFF, he's fine, but I recommend a RealStand or giving him one of the girls'. Obviously with a battledroid body molded into Bariss', Aayla's stand becomes the natural choice.

02-02-2003, 12:12 PM
Addendum: Aayla can NOT double-handle her lightsaber, but it's possible to get really close to faking it.

02-02-2003, 01:05 PM
:) Wow thanks Tycho
Thats really helped!!!
Am so excited about this fig but being in UK, probs wont et it for ages :(
Well i'm sure its worth the wait

Mr. JabbaJohnL
02-02-2003, 01:20 PM
Can Aayla's base connect to the Tusken's? I suppose it oculd look like Tatooine or Geonosis.

02-02-2003, 01:46 PM
how are anakin's ankles articulated? do they go around or up and down?

02-02-2003, 01:58 PM
Thanks Tycho, great review. I'm really dissapointed with R2. Just think Hasbro could have saved $10,000 and just gave us a rehash Commtech R2 with blast effect rockets that slip on rather than pop out and a string that connects to his body. We would have had a great R2 with 3 real moving legs. They put a lot of effort into this figure and then messed it up.

02-02-2003, 02:04 PM
Thanks Tycho. I am really looking foward to the Boba Fett and the rest. I will pass on the R2 for now as I believe it will be a pegwarmer anyways.

02-02-2003, 02:17 PM
Can Aayla's base connect to the Tusken's? I suppose it oculd look like Tatooine or Geonosis.

Yeah, you can connect the Tusken, but it doesn't look right (color, campfire, etc.)

One landscape style is mashed potatoes, the other is more like marshmellow yams.

-and for anyone who will ask, the bases don't smell, and they aren't edible either. ;) Bariss' cloak is good for sniffing that new plastic smell, however! :crazed:

how are anakin's ankles articulated? do they go around or up and down?

Swivel. They are "long-plug attached" so it would seem like they pivot at the ankles in an up-down style, but you don't get anywhere with it. Just when I thought they did, I realized I was moving his leg at the hip, LOL.

Another thing about Anakin - he stands almost epic-like on Aayla's stand, his droid hand hidden under the front cloak part, and his other hand almost on his hip. He appears to be looking like Luke, out at the suns, through his own destiny, and it would remind TOTJ fans of some of the best art of Ulic Qel Droma on larger frames or splash pages. If they ever made Ulic, I'd vote for the same sculptor! The figure is an action figure and carries the artistic power of an Unleashed Figure at the same time! I'm really liking this figure!

Patchiswelsh - who knows how long it will take to get out in the United States, too?

STORE REPORTS BY ME at 6:45am Wal*Mart, and 7:45am Target, and even 8:15am K-Mart are:

Collection 1: Yoda w. Council Chair rehash / Destroyer Droid waves hitting. Usually with Jango Pilot, Padme Pilot, Gunship Pilot.

Sometimes with Tyranus Lightning and Obi-Wan "Las Vegas," to put it politely (no offense to Nevada residents intended).

(Wal*Mart, Target / K-mart)

Collection 2: Ephont Mon wave, including Clean-Shave Endor Soldier, Tusken w. Massif rehash, Watto, Ki-Adi Mundi, Teemto Pegulles. (Target / Wal*Mart / KB Toys)

I did not find Padme, Tusken, Jedi Droids, Imps and Rebs in stores, though rumors indicate Target will get these first. Eeth Koth or Teebo might pegwarm - but a Jedi and an Ewok? (not likely), so the case might be selling out completey.

Turbowars: I agree with you completely about R2.

Darth Trymybestus
02-02-2003, 02:58 PM
Excellent in depth reviews there! I am truly looking forward to this Anakin, it seems to be really neutrally posed (some people think it isn't).
It's good that you can almost hide the metallic hand under his robe, that way, he could be posed with Palpatine.
I can't stress how much I'm looking forward to this figure, the Anakin Skywalkers in Jedi Gear have been fantastic in the SAGA line, after looking in the pictures, I thought that the lightsaber was the plastic one that game with Hangar Duel.
Now you say that it's not removeable, is it the lightsaber that comes with the Deluxe Anakin Skywalker with the take apart Geonosian?
I'm glad that he can stand posed looking deep in thought, which Obi-Wan does he look best standing next to? :)

I'm looking forward to the Boba Fett too but you won't get me to change my mind :p 300th Boba Fett forever! :D
Aayla Secura looks really good too, I'm impressed that Hasbro made her, I thought she'd end up in fan choice poll to be honest.

02-02-2003, 05:27 PM
Great reviews Tycho.

No offense, though, the part about this Fett blowing the 300th edition one away - articulation aside- is a bit hard to believe. I am reserving judgement, but the non-accurate-button-missile-thingy looks pretty craptacular.

I am actually going to walk away from that R2, which I have never done (always buy at least one for the COLLECTION, but not this time.

I am pretty excited about Anakin, as this is the truly first great one of him, IMO.

The female jedis are pretty sweet, I am getting used to the Mcfarlane-articulation syle to some of the Jedis (aka mini statues in some ways), but no issues there.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
02-02-2003, 05:54 PM
Hey Tycho! Get me an Ephant Mon and a clean Endor Soldier when you can and PM me if you do!

02-02-2003, 06:34 PM
Darth Trymybestus, and Amanamatt.

Darth, I don't know about the Deluxe Anakin vs. Geonosian's lightsaber. I never used it save for the first time I opened the figure. He's flying the airspeeder now and doesn't need his saber, so it's in that speeder's box buried in another box in the Episode 2 stack somewhere.

This new lightsaber's sad, or it harkens back to POTF2 lightsaber days - only I think it's actually smaller. I don't know how everything works out in their cost formula (which smart businesses don't normally break for charity on behalf of their customers if their product will sell anyway) but they should have just used the plastic blue saber that comes with the HD Anakin. That would have been fine. So :confused:

As to which Obi-Wan he looks good next to, I ask a question back: which Obi-Wan looks good in the first place???

My best Episode 2 Obi-Wan is a custom I MADE! I used the Coco-Wan from POTJ and just put on the E2 head from CC because I used the CC body for another custom 'young Obi-Wan from Jedi Apprentice books,' and with a molded hood up, cloaked and with his E2 beard, I think he looks incredible touring Kamino with Taun We and Lama Su as he inspects my Clone Army! But Hasbro did not make that figure - they only made the parts :rolleyes:

I know his hood really should be down, but I didn't have an extra Obi-Wan Naboo I wanted to sacrafice, and the sculpt on CC's head is not that great to start with, but with a hooded Jedi robe over him, it's tight! I swear! I don't have a camera, but maybe my custom will scan... This would be the one Anakin would look good with thus far. We need a really good, neutral Obi-Wan from Clones with his Jedi robe (several actually - wet, hood up, hood down, wet with hood up). I somehow expect the Deluxe will disappoint me, and the 2-pack with Jango will give me more Jango figures I don't really need. Patience is the best thing Hasbro has given me (sort of. patience hurts like a missing piece in your collection!)

What I like about Boba Fett 300 is the launching missle and soft-goods cloak (with blast holes in it!) That is the best detail work, and authenticity. The new one makes up for its lack of poseability.
Cost, and some strict formula that says Hasbro will only spend $.xx on each figure to profit exactly $y.yy is exactly why they don't just give us a product that has all the best features combined. To keep $y.yy a constant, they'd have to increase their price if their cost went up.

So, a $15 "ultimate" single 3 3/4" figure? How many would complain 'they should have done this before?' and how many might boycott it as a resculpt or a character they already have too much of?

Amanamatt, would you still want resculpts of Luminara, Kit, Bariss, and Eeth Koth that are neutrally posed? For scenes like Palpatine's office or the Jedi Council Chamber?

I know I would.

02-02-2003, 07:37 PM
i don't know about amanamatt, but these pre-posed figs (especially the jedi) are driving me nuts! (that's why i asked about ani's ankles.) i pray that the deluxe obi isn't too hosed by the pump and blow action:crazed: great review, though, can't wait for that anakin!

02-03-2003, 02:20 PM
I do prefer a neutral posed figure, or one in which the articulation is set up to allow for a 'normal' stance.

The extreme poses used to bug me, but in comparison to my loathing and hatred toward action features, the extreme poses do not bug me 'that' much.

The female Jedis coming out do look quite good, and will go nicely with the others. I still prefer leg articulation, but ...

As for the missile-thingy on ROTJ Fett, I'll be doing some customizing on that bad boy.

02-04-2003, 03:28 PM
I am so glad Aayla didn't have a action feature. Yey she was collection 2!!! Hehe.
Anyways after our time with the new figs Thcho, what would you give each fig out of ten?

02-04-2003, 08:22 PM
$4.99 each. Nothing more. But I'll buy extras of Aayla, Bariss, and Anakin for scenes they are good for.