View Full Version : Have early Simpsons WoS need MotU 2k2

Darth Nihilus
02-04-2003, 10:26 PM
Okay, I deperately need to get rid of all the Simpsons WoS figures I have and I want to trade only for figures from the Masters of the Universe 2k2 line. It will be an international trade as I live in Australia, so please keep that in mind.

My haves are:

1 x Mr. Smithers (wave 2) MONMC
1 x Lisa (wave 1 or 2?) MOMC
1 x Grampa (wave 1 or 2?) Mint on C5 card
1 x Mr Burns (wave 1 or 2?) MONMC
1 x Chief Wiggum (wave 1 or 2?) MONMC
1 x Ned Flanders (wave 1 or 2?) MONMC

For clarification these are the Intellitronic figures and not the UK versions (without the chip). I also have a PP Homer that is good only as an opener, I'll throw that in as a freebie on the first good offer.

My wants are:

Battle Sound He-Man (silver armour)
Battle Sound He-Man (gold armour)
Ram Man

either leave a message here or PM with offers

Thanks in advance - Darth Nihilus.