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Eternal Padawan
02-06-2003, 05:10 AM
...You wouldn't like it when I'm angry.

Just thought it would be cool to discuss the old Bill Bixby series (what with the upcoming movie and all) and how cool it would be to get these on DVD.

There's a "challenged" person where I work and he brought in a bunch of VHS tapes with episodes on them for everyone to borrow. He's a HUGE Hulk fan. I was reading the backs of the boxes thinking ''Hey! I remember that episode!" I was gonna snag a couple and watch them.

It was on Sci Fi awhile back, but it was at an ungodly early hour, so I only got to see it once in great while.

So. Thoughts? Fave episodes? Desire to see DVDs also? Think Bixby was a punk and you hated the show? Let us know!

02-06-2003, 07:53 AM
all my knowledge of the hulk stems from this TV show, so when the movie comes out, i hope it lives up to my memories of this show. i guess i must of been 6 or 7 when i first saw the hulk. i'll never forget that image of david banner changing his flat tire in the rain and hurting his hand and then transforming into the hulk.

i enjoyed the cat and mouse game david and mr. mc gee were involved in with every episode. what ever came of that? did mc gee finally "catch" the hulk and discover banner's secret?

02-06-2003, 09:11 AM
The Hulk TV show was great. I remember watching it on Friday nights after the Dukes of Hazard. I also read the comics for years. I loved when it was on Sci-Fi, I used to watch it at 4 in the afternoon about 5 years ago. I don't think Mcgee ever caught Banner at all. I think his secret died with the show, but correct me if I am wrong.

02-09-2003, 04:01 PM
I used to watch The Incredible Hulk every week when it originally aired. It could be quite sappy at times and fell conveniently into what I call the "quest show" format (which is to say a show with a plot that revolves centrally around a quest - Banner's quest to destroy the demon within, the reporter's quest to find the Hulk). Though I have always HATED this plot format (I think my earliest encounter was probably Land of the Lost), I watched this show faithfully (just like Land of the Lost). I also hated the reporter who dogged the steps of Banner and the Hulk. And I hated the fact that the Hulk was not bullet proof (as in the comics). It seemed he was forever taking a bullet to the shoulder!

Having read some of the thoughts of others who have seen the recently released Hulk trailers, I am not sure how anxious I am to see the film. Things that I've read from up to a year ago also give me pause (like the "Hulk Dogs" that everyone feels will ruin the film's potential. And from what I've heard, the Hulk himself stands out like a CGI sore thumb on screen. I will reserve judgement a little longer until I see the trailer that is supposed to run with Daredevil next week. From what I've read thus far I am more looking forward to Daredevil than the Hulk moive.

But as for the show, I remember most only a handful of episodes. There was one where Banner was working for a zoo as a keeper (I applied repeatedly to both Dallas and Fort Worth zoos over the years with no succesand I have a permanant address!) and one where he worked with some kind of car racing team that included a "challenged" individual on the pit crew!

02-09-2003, 04:10 PM
The TV series is rumored to be on it's way to DVD, EP. Infact Universal has been releasing them in Europe for a couple years now, first on video and more recently on DVD. Hopefully they'll realize the intrest here, and start releasing it over here. But until then, Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing the two old Hulk movies on DVD this year. :)


From the classic TV show comes these two original television features THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS and TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK, just in time for the new theatrical blockbuster this summer. Available separately or in a special collector's edition double feature, these releases will feature exciting extras including a new interview with Hulk creator Stan Lee. Closed Captioned for the Hearing Impaired.

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