View Full Version : review on AB obiwan and geonosian tyranus

02-10-2003, 04:24 PM
hey. I found the acklay battle obi wan and geonosian darth tyranus at my wal mart. I thought Id tell a litte bit about them. the obi wan in my opinion is the best obi wan so far of the attack of the clone figures. Ive been wanting an obi wan in his normal attire that can hold a lightsaber well. this obi wans left hand has magnetic force power, which is cool especially on the left hand. I hate when its on the right because thats there fighting hand, and if something else just hits it it falls. but this ones right hand is really good. his face looks more like him on this figure and even though he has a special function(push thing on his belt to stab.) you cant really tell its there , it blends well so it looks natural. It dosnt look like some other ones where there is a peg sticking out or something. its a pretty simple figure but I think its neat. Its obi wan in his normal attire and it just looks good. and he holds both weapons spear and lightsaber extremely well. Darth Tyranus. This figure is awsome. The face looks just like him. He holds his lightsaber very well. The lightning is awsome and this figure looks awsome when you pose it the magnet on his left hand is silver, its not skin colored to kind of blend it the cape is great it isnt like the other one you can take it off or put it on and it stays on I really like this figure the only two problems is the magnet being silver right in the middle of his hand and the lightsaber handle is just black, it isnt very detailed but still the figure is good

03-27-2003, 10:00 AM
First off, I must agree with keithfite regarding Obi-Wan's head sculpt. The only one that appears to be better is the forthcoming Kamino Showdown version. Sadly, I cannot really say too much about this figure because of the limited articulation and the pose. This figure is definitely a frozen moment Obi-Wan and cannot be used for piloting, council meetings or a trip to Dex's Diner. With all those things considered, I would say this figure is a complete failure. Now, if you are looking for an Obi-Wan figure that doesn't need to be in those situations, then it is a fine figure as the detailing is great. For some reason, they decided to paint the magnet on this figure in spite of all the past few "magnet hand" figures released. It looks great, but does not meet all the criteria to consider this a great figure.

Okay... onto Darth Tyrannus. There's nothing special about this figure. I was completely dismayed by Hasbro's insistance of revisiting the "squeeze my legs together and watch my arm flail about" feature. What makes the feature even worse on this figure is the addition of an elbow joint in the right arm. Tsk, tsk, tsk! What were you thinking??? The metal lightsaber hilt is, at this point, a non-event for me. Whatever. Apparently, Christopher Lee's head has gotten even thinner. The head is quite shriveled and, frankly, even more hilarious on this incarnation of him than in the past couple. I pray that they get it right for the War Room scene pack. The one thing they DID manage to correct is the cape. At least that thing no longer falls off during play!

One thing that BOTH of the figures have in common is their left arms are ready to do the Charleston. Hasbro... please... no more "jazz hands."