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Patient Zero
02-12-2003, 02:26 PM
Is anyone else concerned about the possibility of nuclear weapons being used near them? It seems as though every day the immediate future is looking bleaker (just check any news site). I have a slight tendency to become paranoid about things, but lately I am beginning to wonder if my worries are not unfounded. Am I the only one?

Darth Sidious
02-12-2003, 04:26 PM
I do not feel a threat, as I live in a rather rural area and...well...I can't really think of any reason why anyone would bomb my area. Suitcase bombs seem to pose a minimal threat to my area, and long range weapons...Do the "Evil" countries even have Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles? I thought they were all short range, for use on neighboring countries. Anyway, I try not to worry about things like that. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen, and worrying will not change anything (Except making yourself feel stressed out). That's really why I don't fear death either, if it is going to happen, it's going to happen whether or not you worry about it. Fearing a painful method of death, now that's another story...:eek:

02-12-2003, 04:39 PM
Originally posted by The Ghost of Jonna
Is anyone else concerned about the possibility of nuclear weapons being used near them? It seems as though every day the immediate future is looking bleaker (just check any news site). I have a slight tendency to become paranoid about things, but lately I am beginning to wonder if my worries are not unfounded. Am I the only one?

What's to worry about? If it happens, then those in the vicinity are gone. But the possibility is so remote that it does very little good to dwell on it. If it bothers someone that much, then they could take steps to move out into the countryside somewhere.

It's like thinking about plane crashes. Just look up the next time one flies over. Waayyyy over. They are damned high. If anything went wrong, that's a long time for you to realize it until the ground ends that train of thought. But we still fly around knowing that it's a possibility.

Of course, we should do everything possible to avoid any catastrophe, but in the end, accidents (and terrorists) exist. Just an unfortunate part of life we have to accept and deal with.

02-12-2003, 05:24 PM
I would imagine that insurance companies are a little worried but I don't worry about it. I tend towards living by the hour anyway. make no long term plans. I wake up and see what the day brings. Living close to docks and under the flight path of incoming and outgoing planes I just leave thoughts about my demise alone. Nuclear winter would affect us all and until such time as it happens i'll carry on as normal and not give in to seige mentality, no bunkers, no stockpiling of supplies, no illicitly bought firearms and ammo. We've been living with the threat of terrorism from the IRA for so long now we've got used to the bomb scares and evacuation procedures and it's just part of life. Admittedly since the supposed ceasefire we've sort of got out of the habit but now i suppose those old enough to remember it all will simply fall back into the habit of being wary by nature. Vigilant for stray baggage on railway platforms and in stores etc. You just get so used to seeing notices about all that sort of stuff. I'm more wooried about being mugged by some snot nosed kid with a gun for a few coins to get themselves a fix of crack. Guns crimes are on the up here so that's far more immediate. Another reason not to make long term plans. It's always a consideration when going about my life but not one that weighs on my mind. I just accept that it's a fact of life.
I don't want any war. I find all this presenting of 'evidence' highly suspect and it all seems far too convenient that it arrives just at the right time when pressure is wanted by a warmonger. In the same way that it's seemingly so easy to pick off terrorism suspects at the drop of a hat just when it's convenient to do so for rallying purposes. If it's so easy to pick them off then how come they've not been picked off beforehand? If government intelligence can miraculously produce these fellows then they've had the evidence for a long time. in which case the whole thing is far too engineered and must have been planned for a long time too.
It's just annoying now. So i'm not going to sweat it and not going to lose any sleep over it. I have far more pressing and important things going on in my own home town. Should Bush go to war then so be it. He's just asking for trouble and he'll get it.

02-12-2003, 10:02 PM
well, as long as you have your flashlights, water, diapers, spare car keys, plastic sheeting and duct tape, you're okay!

02-12-2003, 10:29 PM
oh, and i forgot... duck and cover. you can't forget the duck and cover...

02-13-2003, 12:06 AM
Every generation has it's different "enemy countries" to deal with. From Britain to ourselves to Germany to Japan and Italy to the USSR and Iran to Libya to Iraq to al Queda and North Korea, with many others in between, it's always been a fact of life for the USA. There's not much use in pondering it I guess, although I have to worry about it to a certain degree. However I would never let anything like that change my life on a daily basis. Hell, I live in San Diego, and according to todays reports, N. Korea could hit San Diego. But I pay it little mind after I'm finished reading such things. The media really gets off on scaring us, but in reality, you have a MUCH greater chance of dying driving home each evening than being killed by a terrorist.

Oh, and don't forget, our enemy of the FUTURE - China.

02-13-2003, 06:13 AM
I prefer the term 'disenchanted aggressor' Enemy is so.... brutal. :D

Patient Zero
02-13-2003, 09:30 AM
Well, I live in northern New Jersey and I am being constantly bombarded, by the media, with procedures on how to protect yourself against radiation from a fallout. I went to Walmart last night and just happen to check out the section with the water, duct tape and plastic sheets. Completely barren! Now I know that people tend to panic when warnings are in the media (remember the end of 1999), but why has the US, practically over nite, come out with all these warnings and precausionary actions (surrounding DC with anti-aircraft rockets). I can't help but to think that there is much more to this story than the public is being informed of.

02-13-2003, 10:15 AM
I find it odd that in the UK they have armed military at airports. Like the only way a terrorist knows to kill people is with a plane? I would have thought the best way would be to use what's known as sleepers. People who live a long time in the community and hold positions of honour and respect like store keepers and council members and mayors and such. They live in our midst and when the signal comes they strap a bomb to themselves and go into a crowded area such as a subway station or shopping mall and boom! Or they pick up a gun and just walk out and shoot as many people as they can. Just because the war is centered on the middle east doesn't mean that terrorism will come from those parts of the world. Sympathisers are just as likely to strike too. Looking at it the way the governments are is far too black and white. Terrorism comes from that large fuzzy grey area in between. If a government knows of a particular faction that are plotting then i say that faction are at war. They make their intentions known and give warning of a likely attack to publicise their war. The ones that don't publicise and just act are the ones who slip the net because they give no outward sign of being involved in any way. That's where the terror comes from.

The greatest threat is from within our homelands. from within our communities. from within our neighbourhoods.

Trust no-one, make no plans..... :crazed:

02-13-2003, 10:30 AM
How can you protect yourself at all costs 24/7? It is ridiculous. Living in fear bites, but you must go on with your life. I can not be worried about leaving my house or taping up wondows and such. If there is a chemical weapon that goes off you need to be well stocked on water food and everything else or you can die from starvation. I can not let these things interfere with everyday life. If you are so worried about it, will you quit your job and stay cooped up until the end of time? If it happens it happens can't do anything about it.

Patient Zero
02-13-2003, 11:24 AM
I am not talking about locking yourself in a closet. Just about being prepared for all situations.

02-13-2003, 01:13 PM
You mean like having a bunker and food stocks and guns and ammunition and camouflage gear and barbed wire fences and perimeter alarms and CCTV and masses of oxygen cylinders and that old betamax VCR and a stack of i love Lucy on tape and stuff? Isn't that how a ot of Americans live anyway? We see folk like that all the time on TV here. If they want to show crazy people in America they show those sort. The ones who have gun emplacements and heavy artillery for fun and amusement but their fun and amusement is like deadly serious to them. it's all about protecting their famlee and their livelihood and their home. And home is like a fort and underneath that is a huge bunker complex impervious to war famine and pestilence. And round their home is a fence about thirty feet high covered with curls of razor wire and electrified to some ridiculous flesh searing temperature. And inside the 'compound' is mines and acid pits and anti-ninja devices.

Seige mentality is pointless. You can't stay down in a bunker forever. After a nuclear bomb you can't come out for two weeks but after that it's pointless to stay inside because the filtration on your shelter will fail and get clogged up anyway. It's better to come out and get out of the area if you survived. And if you survived then it's a done fact that you'll get radiation sickness. When you're talking tens of years for an area to calm down it's stupid to think you can hide from that or that a suit with filtration mask will save you from fallout. Any prolonged exposure will make you ill. You'll have to travel to escape and travelling across radiated land will affect you. Look at Chernobyl, those who've been there get sick, and that's just travelling across the land after all these years withoput going near the actual scene of disaster. More than a half hour of exposure is going to do it. Journeying across American states is a long process no? and if lots of people migrate then it's going to get choked on the highways and freeways, ergo more than one hours exposure. That's if the freeways and highways even exist still. So it's by foot then. same problem.
Whatever happens if a bomb goes off you're going to suffer radiation burns and sickness.
There's no point worrying yourself about anything until you have to face it. You can't be prepared for the unknown.

02-13-2003, 06:20 PM
Originally posted by The Ghost of Jonna
Is anyone else concerned about the possibility of nuclear weapons being used near them?
Do you mean like right behind me?
Booo! **mushroom cloud**

Having grown up in the '70s and '80s in this country (the US) I think it's a pretty big chunk of all of our subconscious fears. I'll admit, I have given some thought (aside from all other nasty world events) to the idea that there's a whole bunch of Russian warheads wandering around somewhere ... and as seemingly mixed up as things are it's easy to get a little paranoid. I do not feel as uptight as I did in the '80s before the end of the cold war. If you remember back to all of those great made for TV nuke-dramas and the amount of stress that they created, it's nice to have that behind us. Sure, there's an amount of uncertainty about us now, but as far as nukes go, I'm not sure anyone's really got the ability to toss one across the ocean. As far as suitcase bombs go ... I figure if it was going to happen it would have happened by now.

Worst case scenario ... I live in Los Angeles, a few miles from a Naval station and a few miles from the places that build fun things like stealth bombers and unmanned fighter planes and other things ... If there was a nuclear attack, I'd be gone in the blink of an eye.

You need to learn to stop worrying and love the bomb. (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0057012)

02-17-2003, 11:47 AM
Yeah, I agree with you 100%, PF... those "dramas" scared the HELL out of me, glad there's no more... I guess if there were I wouldn't watch them anyways, it's so clear that the current "situation" is just a transparent cover for advancing certain interests...
Maybe being Canadian colours my perceptions a bit, but I do live less than 20 minutes from niagara falls, a common "possible target" whenever the discussion goes nuclear.... without the current US administrations foreign policy, there'd be even less to worry about.. I can't even tell what the objective is anymore, that "shopping list" was totally ludicrous, and when pressed (last week, anyways) the people responsible for said list couldn't explain certain items on it and how they would be useful at all.. one expert went so far as to say that including duct tape and plastic sheeting on it was only good for scaring the population, which makes one wonder... if this is how the administration tells the public how to best prepare, I wonder how well the rest of the agenda has been thought out.....
I mean, when the report came out last friday, it was touted in the media as "A bad day for the US".. what, there is no evidence of any threat, and that's a bad thing?? Just what would have been good, and why?? Hmmmmmmm......
On the other hand, with all of the sabre rattling and threat tossing, I have a bad feeling that something terrible probably will happen on this continent, but there'll be no stopping it... it ain't going to be no anthrax laden ICBM tossed across the pond by Saddam, I can tell you that for sure (and no, I don't have any "evidence":D )
It did also strike me as odd, something that Jargo mentioned, the military prescence at Heathrow... What's THAT all about?? I still can't figure that whole business out, but something isn't right.. it very well may be that something very bad is happening, above and beyond (and perhaps directly caused by the handling of) the reported "situation"

Lastly, just to illustrate how stupid the whole situation really is, what about the "Axis of Weasel" covers and similar talk last week? It looked suspiciously like poster I've seen from times past, baseless allegations aimed solely at knee-jerk emotional reactions, with absolutely no substance... I lost respect I didn't even know I had for certain factions when I saw that garbage.... It's no surprise that wubbya's favourite song is "itsy bitsy spider" (I saw him sing it on tv, so I know it's true)... he can open brainstorming sessions with his elementary school buddies with it, rather than have to try to remember all of the (some multisyllabic!!) words to "Star Spangled Banner"
Sorry, just had to let that go for a second....
Don't worry, Jonna, it ain't going to end anytime soon, it just might suck for a while......... the duct tape thing was probably just an attempt to get profits for 3M from the civilian sector to rise like the military profits will, once all of the obstacles to destroying Iraq are dealt with

02-18-2003, 01:26 AM
I'd like to know who would win.. you know, the addage of the one who dies with the most toys... who out of all of us would win? ok.. morbid I know.. just trying to lighten this up a bit.

I do think they need to leak out the next product we all need to rush out and buy though.. not so I can buy the product, but the stock for that product.. figure what better way to make some extra spending cash than to buy into stock of Dasani ( Coke product ) or other bottled water products.. gee.. to think about what I've said is pretty bad.. cashing in on the fears of the general public.. glad this is America..

02-18-2003, 02:47 AM
What do you mean by "win" exactly?

02-18-2003, 05:48 AM
win as in who has the most toys.. you've never heard that expression? The one who dies with the most toys wins.. What do you win? good question.. I dunno...

02-18-2003, 06:40 AM
I think that'd be Tycho, but that's just a guess....
it wouldn't be me, I don't have any complete collections of anything anymore.. I likely have the most old cassette tapes of anyone here, but that doesn't really count...