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02-15-2003, 02:32 PM
Read this at the Force.net.....Code 3, that made the Skywalker Ranch fire engine, will be making some high end SW die cast vehicles. Sound nice.SW.com (http://www.starwars.com/collecting/news/2003/02/news20030215.html)

good shot jansen
02-15-2003, 02:47 PM
wow! that's wonderful news r2!

yay! a new star wars line that actually has some interest for me!!!!!

02-18-2003, 12:08 AM
Code 3 doing Die cast ships for Star wars is cool, but really folks, who is going to pay the amount they will want for them. I will certainly try to buy some. Have you checked their website and seen how much they want for a Lunar Module and Rover? I wish that they (Hasbro-Galoob) would start making the Micromachines die cast again. I love em. Had a heck of a time getting the last 3 (Republic cruiser, Sith Infiltrator, and Trade federation Tank) I have every one from 95 on. Really cool to display and affordable. C'mon how hard would it be. Mattel comes out with over forty new designed Hot Wheels every year! Though I would expect better quality, hence a little higher price, but under 10.00.

02-18-2003, 09:02 PM
Steve got some info from Code 3: http://www.figures.com/databases/action.cgi?setup_file=ssnews2.setup&category=starwars&topic=13&show_article=2854

02-20-2003, 03:44 PM
This is bigger news than you guys can imagine! These guys are a TRUE class act, and their products will put everyone else to shame.

Trust me, their merchandise is worth the higher price tag. I, for one, can't wait!

good shot jansen
02-20-2003, 05:26 PM
i'm with you glitch! i can't wait for these to hit the wire!

a quality toy is always worth the asking price!

02-21-2003, 03:19 AM
Not toys, think Franklin Mint high-end collectibles with accompanying prices probably. Sadly, I'd love to have something like this but I can't afford such things.

Glitch, glad to hear someone has some first-hand knowledge of these guys. I was shocked when I found out they are sub-licensed through Hasbro's license (which is how they got around Master Replicas' license I believe).

02-21-2003, 02:08 PM
The way I hear it, Hasbro was not too wild about the idea, but it was Lucasfilm that came to them and put a little "friendly pressure" on them to loosen up their licensing agreement to allow Code 3 to produce "high end" die-cast collectibles. Since Hasbro's licensing agreement included "die-cast vehicles," it had to go through them. Obviously, Hasbro has no intentions of producing quality of this, or any, type.

This was also done with the high end, collectible Amidala and the ANH baby style dolls that were offered though FAO Schwarz.

Code 3 has a pretty strong following at LFL ever since they produced the fire truck that all LFL employees pass everyday on their way down to the front gate. It was a VERY clever way of getting their foot in the door. The people at Code 3 are also pretty damn nice as well.

Senior George is also a big fan of their work - I guess that helps too.


02-21-2003, 10:17 PM
Yay, Hasbro's not thrilled, that makes me smile. :D

I can't get their site to load for me, but have Code 3 ever attempted anything other than real-world items?