View Full Version : da jimminy krimminel show ;)

02-18-2003, 10:41 PM
anyone catchin this? i'm diggin it a lot more than i xpected (even tho its last 1/2 hr overlaps kilby on this end so since my vcr's already tapin conan i switch backforth), never had cable so didn't have much experience w/Man Show, and was not overly taken or repelled by jk. i think they overuse his uncle frank segments, but love "armenian comedian", how they pillage & mock other media clips during act 1 & their other schticks. also, whether or not jk himself is a terribly entertaining wit has been more than compensated for by wisely allowing his well-chosen array of guest co-hosts (snoopy dogg-dogg, kathy griffin, adam carolla & this week janeane garafalo) to crack wise left & right :D great guests like andy dick, super dave, t'pol etc; and the musical guest at the end of the show usually Sucks so i get to tune out early :evil: (of course, that rap group performing in a pen with midget cowboys riding around on pigs was a hoot- what was That about?? :crazed: )

03-25-2003, 11:42 PM
. . ."this show doesn't suck nearly so bad as we feared" :D
still not perfect but lotta great moments since i last reported in, with twosome guests like Mr. Show's odenkirk & david cross, and South Park's matt & trey; 400-lb standup ralphie may's accidental, graphic tumble down the stairs while coming out, and then Destroying the audience with a slammin set wihtout missin a beat; jk's combative cousin sal pickin a fight w/boxer lennox lewis by throwing at him a cake made to resemble fellow guest anna nicole smith; Are You Hot's lorenzo lamas' appearance, in which the entire audience was given laser pointers beforehand- he looked inundated by a swarm of red fireflies, a cool effect; then that week's co-host jeffrey ross questioning lamas' qualifications to judge others' looks when lamas "dresses like a g a y race-car driver" :D co-host sarah silverman was even better, but i'm almost glad war coverage pre-empted two of the five shows wimp wristkit singer fred durst was co-hosting, i think we're all in agreeance he's a total dud :p maybe we'll get similarly lucky with this week's slash from g'n'r, he doesn't seem much fun either :p
i even like the "jackhole" animated logo at the end, cracks me up every time :crazed:
i still dig ya kilby, but kimmely's startin to make you look like a stiff by comparison so Watch Out :p

03-26-2003, 05:20 AM
Yea I like Crank Yankers