View Full Version : Ohio findings, pretty good

02-22-2003, 07:26 PM
the walmart I live near close to portsmouth ohio has been doing really good. they have gotten in all new figures all the way up through the new figures including, acklay obi wan, geonosian dooku, eeth koth, teebo, and my friend told me he saw the tusken with removeable head. their clearance stuff was pretty good too. I got the bar scenes greedo and ponda just too have extras. They were only $2.00 apiece. they had small lego sets for a dollar and bigger sets for 11. and they had power of the jedi figures for $2. No one real good, just figures like ketwol . the kmart right by the walmart is never up to date on stuff. They have arenas starfighters and slave 1 but all for normal prices. They have power of the jedi figures too. people like sabe and ketwol. so I found a few good things I hope stuff starts coming out a little better soon.. It almost makes me mad how we get to see figures so far ahead of there release. as soon as I see em I want them. So I really hope new ones start hitting the shelves quicker, so we get something to keep us busy while waiting for the clone wars figures. Thanks for lookin at this and take care. peace out