View Full Version : Star Wars Burger King Glasses

02-27-2003, 11:30 AM
Hello everyone. I am trying to complete my Burger King Promotional Glass sets from the Classic Trilogy. I have a couple extras, and I am willing to trade for the ones I need. Here are my lists:

Have to Trade
ESB: Luke & Yoda
ESB: Lando
ESB: Vader & Fett (2)

ROTJ: Luke & Vader (2)
ROTJ: Ewoks

ROTJ: Han Solo

SW: Chewbacca
SW: Darth Vader
SW: Luke Skywalker

You can either respond here, or PM me with your responses. Thanks.

Note: I don't regularly check my PM, emails, etc. over the weekend, but I will respond as quickly as possible during the week.