View Full Version : Beware of this eBay seller and his descriptions of carded conditions

03-13-2003, 10:13 AM
I was smurfin' through eBay and came across an auction for the new Carkoon Fett for $14.99. Not a horrible price at all. As I'm a carded collector and as the description just said "case fresh", I sent this dude an email asking him to fully describe the card and bubble.

You would have thought I just called his mom a tramp! This dude went off on me, stating that I was accusing him of trying to rip people off and that he'd never sell to me, etc.

Shakespeare comes to mind with what ran through my brain after his reply: "Me thinks she doth protest TOO MUCH!" Meaning, only the guilty would so VIGOROUSLY take offense to something not offense to the innocent.

His ID is: thetoyceller

I'd avoid him, if I were you guys. I sure as heck will!