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03-19-2003, 11:27 PM
There have been more than a few threads about various display options as well as the current one about yellowing of figures due to sun exposure, which got me wondering...does anyone out there have everything out on display?

I assume that most of us have to store a great deal of what we have due to space limitations, bringing out bits and pieces every now and again. But how about those lucky people with spare rooms, or you single guys/gals who have "allowed" the collection to overtake your living space? How many of you are there and how much of your home belongs to Star Wars?


03-20-2003, 12:20 AM
Actually, I do have everything out on display. All the toys I own are displayed in one manner or another in my "toy room".

I was fortunate to buy a house recently, and with it came a large finished basement. One of the rooms is dedicated to my home theater, and the other is my toy room. It's very nice!!! :D

12inch Lando
03-20-2003, 05:35 AM
Hey QLD, you forgot about the "Dance studio" and the "Workshop" *snicker*:D

12inch Lando
03-20-2003, 05:39 AM
Oh yeah, sorry, to answer your question I'm still searching for the ultimate display solution. I'm getting really close now with a certain swedish furniture company.

03-20-2003, 08:46 AM
I'm one of those single guys where my collection has overtaken my apt. The only room w/ no SW is the bathroom. I have a bunch of stuff I don't have out- some for lack of display space, and some b/c after opening I decided they weren't that great like some of the POTF2 DS playsets (Detention Cell, DS Chasm).

03-20-2003, 09:32 AM
Every room in my apartment has something of Star Wars in it. The bathroom even has a Star Wars light switch. Unfortunatly, I don't have enough space to display "everything". I even have a closet in the living room, packed full of my older Star Wars collection. My closet in my bedroom, also has a lot of Star Wars items, mostly the empty boxes from my SW lego's. Posters and autographs line the hallway, and living room, framed of course. I have to get a bigger place!

Exhaust Port
03-20-2003, 01:06 PM
Sadly I don't have the room to completely display everything. The 4 shelves I currently use are just about to their max and I'm constantly forced to adjust what's displayed and not. Those collections that are small are often ousted by the growing selections that are larger. Some day I hope to have a proper display area to give the complete collection a showing.

03-20-2003, 05:07 PM
I'm planning to eventually have a SW room to which all of my figures will be confined. Right now though, it's cardboard boxes I'm afraid.

03-21-2003, 03:32 AM
Sadly no, I have as much as will possibly fit, but TONS of toys and cool stuff put away. I even finally put away the 6'-tall stack of 12" SW figs. :( I have 90% of my Beast Wars put away (that's a lot of figs), about 300+ '90s Marvel figs in tubs, all my Micro Machines playsets in rubbermade tubs, and lots of other brickabrack in boxes and tubs.

But I make sure to have SW, Transformers, Batman, and Gundam always as much on display as possible.

03-21-2003, 06:08 PM
I was lucky enough to find a house with a three car garage, well it's only a one car now that I have converted the other side into my personal starwars domain! All my personal starwars art as well as dioramas take up the majority of the wall space. After I finish my latest picture I'm drawing, I'm going to rearrange the entire place and start putting up all of my starwars posters that I have been buying over the past few years. Cool thing about this garage is that I have a huge attic in which to store all the figs I haven't opened yet. As soon as I score a nice display case all those figs are going to in that bad boy.:crazed:

03-21-2003, 08:45 PM
Being financially strapped (thanks to the ex-harpy), has landed me living with my Mom and Grandma. They needed the extra income, too, so it has worked out quite well. Anyway, seeing as only one room in the house is "mine", I display as much as possible without hampering my day to day life. My carded collection rotates around the walls. Everytime a card change happens, the "old" wave goes in boxes to make room for the "new" set. All of the boxed items (ships etc. ) are in the closet. Some has even spilled over into Granny's closet :)
The kids loose collection are in clear rubbermade totes under the bed. The entertainment center has loose Imperials (mostly Vader's and Stormies.) I bought the FX Anakin saber, but haven't figured out how to display it yet. Any ideas?

Prince Xizor
03-22-2003, 02:55 AM
Everything I own is on display in my room. My room is crazy full of Star Wars, Marvel, and LOTR toys. I have a kind of window shelf thing that goes around two walls of my room, and its all covered in toys, completely. The top of my dresser is covered in toys, around my TV is guarded by toys, and I have a small book shelf covered in toys. The only place I have left is my walls, only because I don't keep anything packaged and I don't want to put shelving on the walls yet.

03-23-2003, 01:36 PM
I have everything on display at the moment, my SW in dioramas and the Mcfarlane figs on shelves (although I'm running out of shelve-space)
I do have some old SW in a box under my bed but those are just the ones I didn't want to display (like '95 Han Solo etc.)

03-23-2003, 03:28 PM
Well Star Wars is not the only thing I collect, so no I CANT have everything out. But like someone said above, I have Star Wars in every room.

The first thing you see when you step through the front door is a stand-up Boba Fett lol. On my kitchen tabel, next to the salt, pepper, and everything else, I have a Dex looking as if hes ready to serve you:p:)

03-24-2003, 01:37 AM
You're right, Stillakid. Due to space limitations, I keep most of the carded figures in boxes for now. My new stuff, however, goes straight to the bookshelf, which catches very little sunlight. If I were to use one of the walls, the light would "fade" the colours, plus the kitchen is next to my room, so the cooking would probably stink them up and make them more "yellow". I'll have to wait until I move into another room or house to display them all. :(

03-24-2003, 02:52 AM
We just bought a new house, and apparently I'll be generously given a "den" area downstairs for displaying things. It won't be enough space to have all the ships out, but there should be room for a few shelves of figures and smaller items. Im panicky about stuff falling, breaking, guns flying away to reaches where the vacuum may come to life on it's own and suck them up.....

Do you guys use shelves with lips to avoid such disasters? Any other ideas for child-and-vacuum-safe display?

03-24-2003, 03:35 AM
Originally posted by jjreason
Any other ideas for child-safe display?

Yes - ban them from the room. :D

When I was renting a 2 bedroom apartment, I had EVERYTHING out, it was so awesome. Walls were covered with posters, shelves all around the room to house my loose collection, and even the spare bed had a SW blanket to finish everything off.

Sadly, I don't live there anymore . . . so for now I have much of it packed away with only certain pieces on display. :(

03-24-2003, 09:56 AM
Hehehehe.....funny stuff. The only problem is "banning" leads to increased desire to sneak in and play with stuff. I try to be as agreable as possible when she wants to see stuff so that her desire is satiated under my supervision. I think she realizes that Dad would get pretty choked up if she broke or lost anything, and she's very careful. Im more worried about her hamfisted, rambunctious, brutal little friends. The ungodliness of some families, raising their offspring without a shred of care for small accessories........


03-24-2003, 12:19 PM
My situation is EXACTLY like DarthChuckMc!

What a small world! :D

QLD, I just looked at your collection and toyroom yesterday...IT ROCKS! :D

Obi Dan also has a cool collection with LIGHTS woohoo


03-24-2003, 02:01 PM
I have all my figures MOC on the wall and some other SW collectibles on shelves. Alot of the playsets and ships from EP1 are in a 50 gallon tote in the closet. My vintage figures are in the closet too. My Taun-Taun and Hoth Luke(both vintage, not open belly though) are on my monitor. I also have a few other figures on the wall but will have to come down soon when I get more SW figures.

Obi-Dan Kenobi
03-24-2003, 09:27 PM
Thanks for the compliment, Deoxy.

Q-LD, your toy room is AWESOME!

I am very limited in space now so I have a ton of stuff I can't display. My X-wing, Landspeeder, and TIE Bomber from last year have never been displayed. They all went into storage.

So I try to maximize the amount of space I have by using shelves and different display pieces from various sources. My girlfriend works at a mall retail store, and they get rid of a lot of their plexiglass shelves, and glass display cases, which come in handy for me. The plexi is really nice because it shows off the lights I've set up.

One thing that really drives me nuts is that I recently opened this old chest that I have from my great-grandmother, which has been sitting in my mom's basement for about fifteen years, and inside I had stashed a ton of old G1 Transformers, which were in pretty good condition. But I have nowhere to put them out! So I just displayed Soundwave and Wreck-Gar with some of my smaller figures next to my PVC's. Someday, I will have a place large enough to display everything!:) :( :)

03-24-2003, 10:03 PM
It's all true Obi - Dan :D

Looking at the pics of your collection was like looking at eye candy! I especially liked the bacta tank display and the carbon freeze chamber display! The way you did the lights on those was AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing your photos!


03-25-2003, 12:54 AM
Thanks for the compliments DNA and Obi-Dan!!!

It took me about a day to put up the shelves and display everything.

One of the main things I looked for when buying my house was a large basement. Luckily, I found one, and it's finished too!
I plan to put up even more shelves soon, to display the rest of my figures. I may even start hanging ships from the ceiling, as I still have a lot of vehicles to put up.

I really like your collection too Obi-Dan! Really neat!

05-31-2003, 09:59 AM
Well, I finally finished the last few shelves in my toy room. It was mostly for my non-SW items.

If anyone is interested, take a look.


05-31-2003, 11:37 AM
very nice collection, Lando In My Pants, love the ay you displayed everything on the shelves

05-31-2003, 04:21 PM
My bedroom is small but with the judicious use of large shelves i fit most of my SW collection on it and the rest is shoved on small shelves around the room. Everything and i mean everything is out on display. My LOTR is allowed downstairs in the dining room. Again a small room with a large computer station and dining table already in there with the book shelves. It's become apparent to me that my other half likes the LOTR figures so it'll be easier to invade the rest of the house with them. Star wars is confined to my tiny bedroom which is insanely cramped. It's a broom closet sized and the house is tiny too. But everything i buy i open and leave out. If it gets damaged i buy another one. The price might go up or down because the market is very unstable so i just wait for an agreeable price on something and then replace it. I have no visitors anymore because my other half scares them all away. So it's me the other half and a dog with no interest in little plastic toys. Marvellous.
We may be moving soon so it'll be a place with an extra room and all the toys whatever they are will go in there. Which will be strange because it'll mean not having my toys with me when I go to sleep and wake up. But it'll mean the bedroom becomes that again.
Lord knows where we'll put the Teddy bear collection that currently lives in the main bedroom. Do Teddy bears count as toys? Don't laugh, teddy bear collecting is an honorable hobby. Some of the greatest and wisest men and women in the world collect Teddy bears. Not the crappy cutesy type the old fashioned type made from Mohair and with real buttons for eyes and a stitched nose and suede paw pads. Bears are chic and cool. And they're all loose and free to roam too. A buggar to keep clean but a joy to collect. Oh, and I've named them all and remember every bears name. And where i bought them. That is a little bit sad I admit but they're all distinct characters and each has it's own personality and... I should stop now....... :embarrased:

So yeah everything is out on display somewhere and nothing is stored.

05-31-2003, 04:58 PM
Nice displays LIMP and Obi-Dan, that's some seriously cool stuff!

Sadly, I have a very small display area = my home office. My landlord calls it a "bedroom", but I honestly don't see anyone using an oversized closet as a room....

Currently have one large double shelf, and a large china hutch to put up my loose stuff (with a few of my carded figs hanging on the walls). Got a ton of stuff sitting in our storage area (yes, we actually have a storage area in our apt).

As space is limited, and figures just keep getting better and better, the display is in constant rotation. New stuff goes up, and I decide wich old stuff goes down and into storage.

My other half doesn't want toys in the rest of the house, and that's fine with me. I like having a "normal" place with my special room to escape to. We'll eventually get a place with a bigger room for our office (translation = computer & toy room).

Obi-Dan Kenobi
06-01-2003, 02:43 PM
The new pictures look great, Lando in my Pants! (I can honestly say I've never used THAT sentence before :)) Can't wait to see the LOTR collection grow. It's impressive already.

Thanks for the compliment, jpak.

06-01-2003, 09:34 PM
I need a bigger place. I have my large boxed ships, 12" speeder bikes, 12"TaunTaun's, and such taking up much space in my living room, while my bedroom is wall to wall toy's. My coat closet is filled with my older collection, only because I don't have a nice large area to display it all. My kitchen has shelves of Lego projects on either side of the sink, and framed autographs on the wall. Yep, I have a Star Wars home!

My Collection pages, as seen in the SSG (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/photo/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=3774)

06-01-2003, 11:17 PM
I don't have a whole lot of room. I have about 99% of my collection in storage. Someday I'll have a toy room, actually it'll be more like a Star Wars room. HAHA!