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03-21-2003, 05:11 PM
As I explained in another thread, I am more a modeler than a toy addict, so more concerned with accuracy than playability of the item. On the other side, It seems that Hasbro is changing the AF line from toy range to destop model one. So this post is a review of the two lasts AF waves in this way, checking for accuracies.

Slave I
Well, this is just a reissued of Boba Fett's one, with a different paintjob.
The side shape is accurate, but the top one is not. This is due to the main body that is not wide enough at its base, where it connects to the "skirt". The extremity of the main body is too wide. The "skirt" has not the correct shape, it would have been larger where it meets the wings.
The side "ears" (on right and left side of the main body) are solid, instead of being open, which would had revealed inside details. The wings are also too large. The cockpit interior is wrong (I know, every body here prefer that, as you can put a figure in it, but this is not the goal of this review). Boba/jango seat would have been placed at mid-height of the cockpit. As for the co-pilot and passenger seats, the studio model don't have any, and the other source books are not agreed each others on this point, so it is difficult to say. If based on the cross section, one seat is lacking at pilot stair, and 2 downstair.
As it is originally boba fett slave I toy, the front quad laser of Jango's one does not appear, nor the mine launcher (well, for this last one, it is in fact tricky to said ! as it is place where is the stand hole).
On the back side, the sensor dish, the exhaust thrusters are too tiny
The grey paintjob is awfull, it gives an adolescent spotty face to this ship ! It would have been better to use a subtle different grey than the plastic one.
Scale (based on the length) : 1/144
Rate : 5/10

This was my most awaited ship from EP2, as it is the only new ship in this movie that really have a classic SW design.
The overall shape of the body is good, the dimensions are well respected.
The details level is good on the top side, correct on the side (more details in the trench would have been welcome), but poor on the underside. The top and bottom sides lack of the dark wash that was applied on the side trenches, that would have enhanced the details.
I was skeptic on the engines, but they seem correct in shape, length and diameter.
The hatches, where the clones troops embark, are the correct size, but without any interest.
The horror comes from the rear landing gears. They give the ship a "Dufy Duck" look ! Curiously, they are also the correct size, but too crude in shape and, that's the point, not retractable. I immediatly suppressed them. They are two ways to do that : cut them (not difficult to do as it is made of a soft plastic), or, as I do, withdraw them : firmly hold the ship in on hand, and calmly, but also firmly, pull them in making rounds with the other hand (it takes less than 5 min par gear). They are hold in place by a screw inside the toy (you will heard it once the gear is out). Unscrew the three screws on the bottom side of the ship, gently open the nose (not the rear, it may brake) and let the inside screw fall out. Replace the 3 screws. Take care of the front landing gear, if it fall down, replace it before the screws. Of course, this method let 2 holes in place of the gears, but it is far better than this 2 palm feet, and these holes are not really viewable once the ship on its stand. Let the front gear as is, to "fill" the cavity.
Once this operation done, the ship is really beautifull and faithful to the original model.
Scale : 1/4400. That's the bonus : it is in scale with the Collector Fleet Stardestroyer and the AMT/ERTL model kit one.
Rate : 8/10 (6 with the gears untouched !)

The piece of cake of the wave 4, and most awaited by AF collectors.
Again, the overall shape is well done. The dimensions are respected.
The forward part of the missile lancher looks like trumpet, and must are a straight conic shape, with notches at thier extremity, instead of this curious and inaccurate tiny detail (or it is a missile that didn't decided if it will go out or stay there ! :p ).
The second bad point, and the more visible one : the structs of the manned turrets are not painted. This gives the impression of an unfinished model.
The other pointsliste bellow are more details than really critism.
A wash is lacking, to give the gunship a used aspect.
The missiles are not separated but mould in the main body or under the wing. As it is not too bad for the main body ones, that do the illusion as is (but would have been better painted), this is not the case for the wing ones. Fortunately, they are not so viewable, due to the dihedral of wings.
The central parts, between the front hatches and troop compartment is solid instead of being open. This results in another error, the mounting arms of the central turrets are placed too much at the back of the ship, they would have been placed behind these central panels, with a notch in them for the turrets arms.
Scale : 1/112
Rate : 8/10 (would get a 9 with painted turrets structs)

I am tired, so I will finish the Wave 3 another time. Here are just quick notes on the scale :

scale : 1/82, so I was really wrong when I said in another thread that it was near the N-scale (which is 1/160)

Solar sail
scale : 1/200

03-21-2003, 06:15 PM
Yeah, I agree on the Slave 1, I saw it today, too short and squatty looking. Pray tell, what is the Acclamator? I'm new to the Action Fleet, actually just started picking some up a few weeks ago.

03-22-2003, 02:25 AM
The acclamator is the clone assault transport with a stardestroyer triangular shape.

03-22-2003, 03:13 AM
Interesting reviews. I'm not sure what to make of the duck feet though. ;)

AT-TE and Solar Sailer are actually wave 2. Wave 3 is AT-AT and Snowspeeder.