View Full Version : Looking for black hair Rebel Trooper and Blond Officer

03-23-2003, 12:40 PM
on MOMC. I'm looking for the X-mas set, Saga droid 2 pack Fett and any other new saga figures. I'm also looking for Wave 10 and 11. I have the following to trade. 1st list are Green cards [list=1]
Rancor Keeper
Yak Face
Endor Han
Jabba's Prisoner Leia
DS Gunner
Skiff lando
ASP-7 droid
At-St driver
Han in Carb Ev-9D9 2 Ceremonial Lukes[/list=1] Second list is Freeze Frames[list=1]
FF Ceremonial Luke
2 slave leia's
2 boushh's bounty Chewy's
FF Ewok Leia
Lak Sivrak
FF Han Endor
FF Rancor Keeper
FF Biggs
FF Han
FF Ackbar
FF Bespin Luke
FF Endor Rebel Soldier
FF All new likeness Leia
FF Lobot
FF Bespin Luke
FF Gam Guard
FF Ben
FF Nien Nunb
FF Stormy Luke
FF Ev-9D9
FF Mon Mothma
FF Bespin han
Ugnaughts[/list=1] new list POTJ[list=1]
Old Ben
Pre View Jango[/list=1] A few misc, FB Luke, OC X-wig luke with long saber and "RARE" Millinnium Minted Coin Han

03-23-2003, 03:05 PM
What potf2 figs do you have? I came accross 2 black haired rebels this morning. pm me here or email leiasslaveboy@yahoo.com