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03-23-2003, 11:19 PM
Does anyone know if they'll rerelease the Clone Pilot on the Clone Wars card to go with the new Gunship in the fall, or should I buy 2 Pilots now just to be safe?

03-23-2003, 11:32 PM
Haven't heard anything, but if you're going to open them, get them now, before variant card hunters buy the figure on the CW card, just to have both versions.

03-23-2003, 11:36 PM
Thanks. I figured I should go ahead and get 2 more now just in case they weren't around anymore in the fall.

03-24-2003, 10:18 AM
I've been seeing tonnes of those all over the Cleveland area at various Wal*Marts. It seems as though these are no longer in short supply!

03-24-2003, 10:21 AM
I just bought two extras the other day-as well as another Clone Trooper Speeder Bike. I want my gunships to be all decked out.

03-26-2003, 12:26 PM
I just found my second pilot last weekend. Finally I have a "balanced" gunship.

I have yet to see the delux clone - but patience will pay off in the end (it better).

I never pass up on army builders - expecially if they are hard to find. And once the clone wars TV and comics get the attention of kids/collectors all related figs will be tougher to find.

03-26-2003, 01:45 PM
Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
I've been seeing tonnes of those all over the Cleveland area at various Wal*Marts. It seems as though these are no longer in short supply!

Hasbro gets all the figures out there in good numbers, especially depending upon what case they debut in.

Clone Gunship Pilots are a good example. There were 4 to a case orgininally I think, so 1 collector would wipe out an entire case for 1 gunship's crew (for the most part - it had to be pointed out to me 20 Gunship Pilots later that the gunners on the side cannons the pilots come with are actually regular Clone Troopers in the movie!) :eek: I'd rather leave my gunships as they are though - it's too cool of figure to just see the head sticking out of the cockpit window!

But OK, I got 16 of mine all at once, so if my store got 4 cases, the next collector had to wait until all the Padme Pilots and Jango Pilots sold until more Clone Gunners hit the racks, theorectically.

Not true actually - my Toys R Us got like 80 cases for Christmas that day (early December I think) and half of them were Collection 1. When I bought out 1/3 of each case, it made room for 1/3 of another case on the pegs, so the boys' toys manager simply put out Clone Pilots to have a variety on the pegs. Of course, after I left with 16, so did the next guy (or at least 4 or something) and so forth, so instead of 40 people getting Clone Gunship Pilots, probably about 10 did, while everyone else waited for 30 more people to want Padme Pilot and Jango Pilot.

That's why you only see them on the racks.

Perhaps Hasbro should designate that army builders only ship with army builders. For example, if the Gunship Pilot shipped with the Imperial Officer variations, and the Rebel Fleet Troopers, and Tusken Raiders, something to that effect, the wave would have a much higher clearance ratio. I think Hasbro tried to put all the pilots in that case, but it backfired on them. Slave-One and Padme's N-1 require only 1 pilot. Gunships, well there are people out there like me who have FLEETS of them (if 4 constitutes a fleet?)

However, turn the story around, and Ephant Mon is still a distribution nightmare. (2 per case, in a case with Lott Dodd, 1 per case beardless Endor Rebel, Watto, Massif/Tusken, Teemto Pegules (cute, but does anyone need more than 1-2 of him?) Ki-Adi Mundi (ok, he sells - Jedi and everything).

Lott's boring to kids (but I'm glad they made him!), everyone waits for the better, newer Tusken (2 back-to-back waves of different Tuskens didn't play off too well, but you could argue that it should've - for diorama makers, etc.) - ah well, the case is not that bad. Just that no heroes or really high-ID characters are attractive in the case after Ephant Mon is taken out. Unless Padme and Anakin are on the racks to use in play with these guys, kids aren't inclined to make the adventure "when Lott Dodd went to the Pod Races" happen any time soon. (and Ki is as good as sold, most of the time).

Obi-Dan Kenobi
03-26-2003, 02:43 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
Perhaps Hasbro should designate that army builders only ship with army builders. For example, if the Gunship Pilot shipped with the Imperial Officer variations, and the Rebel Fleet Troopers, and Tusken Raiders, something to that effect, the wave would have a much higher clearance ratio.

I think this is a great idea, although I've brought it up before and gotten shot down by others on this forum.

It would make sense to me, though. You only need one Padme Pilot or Lott Dodd, but you can never have too many Clonetroopers! (Or, for that matter, Rebel Troopers, Stormtroopers, Battle Droids, Imperial Officers...) Cases full of army builders would sell more quickly and in greater numbers without leaving lots of Teemtos and Jangos and the like on the pegs. Then the other figures could be produced in a more reasonable number, with less wasted plastic and less clutter on store shelves.

03-27-2003, 08:40 AM
I agree that army builder cases would be cool. Especially if they were full of four packs.

With the four packs you get an "instant" army plus they all come in one case. There you have it - the best of all worlds!

03-30-2003, 02:13 AM

ok, Im better now..

How does one fit the trooper on the gunship?

The back of the package from the trooper shows him and his buddies all nicely fitting on and in the ship, I can understand how one slips the pilot in the cockpit of the ship, so I dont need any help with that area, but as for attaching them to the sides, with the turrets.. I dont get it? I see the pegs for the feet of course, but it looks as if the turret is supposed to be attached as well..

sniff my one and only gunship ( dang Tyco, where do you put 4 of them? huge! ) feels so empty, and now I have a pilot to go with it, but he just stands there looking confused on where to attach the turrett.. agggrrrrrggggghhhh!!..

03-30-2003, 02:59 AM
They clip on sideways to the inside walls, so the bracket is horizontal. And be careful. The turret balls DO NOT turn, you'll break them pretty easily. It is possible to get the trigger grip going the right way, you just have to play with it.

I decided I wanted 4 to do two scenes:

The Attack of the Clones: An Arena Battle in progress, with one gunship landed and SaeSee Tiin, Eeth Koth, Shaak-Ti, and Luminara Undulli boarding it, while most of the Jedi and main hero characters are still duking it out against the droids in the Arena.

The second gunship in this scene just has Master Yoda and a bunch of Clone Troopers on it. Hopefully I can make one super-articulate one sitting on the edge, carefully taking aim. I just thought that shot looked so cool in the movie!

The 2nd scene I wanted the other 2 Gunships for is The Battle For Geonosis:

2 Gunships will be in flight over a massive ground battle, and an all-out war with as much stuff as I could put in there, that "might have" been in the real war.

The Separatists will have:

8 Super Battle Droids
16 Battle Droids, including OOM-9
1 Hailfire Droid (I can't wait to get this!)
5 Geonosian Fighters (if they all fit in the scene - 2 protecting...)
Count Dooku on his speederbike
1 Trade Federation Droid Fighter Squadron
2 mini-Spider Droids
1 large Spider Droid (here's hoping they'll make one!)

The Republic will have:

1 Gunship with Yoda, Mace, Ki-Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, and Clones in the lead.

1 more Gunship with Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme, and Clones following it.

15 Clone Troopers, including 3 "Captains" (red stripe)

6-8 Jedi Generals including Plo Koon, Eeth Koth, SaeSee Tiin, the Nikto Jedi, Aayla Secura, Barriss Offee. (I'll possibly add members of the 3-pack, but would prefer the Weequay Jedi, and an older male human Jedi Master).

a Jedi Starfighter with Adi Gallia flying her.

An AT-TE (hopefully Hasbro makes it one day - I can't wait to find out if they will afterall!)


I set up the Arena battle with SaeSee Tiin's Gunship landed in the middle of it. It's on my kitchen table, with one slight edge left clean for me to eat on (and sort of see the TV).

The Battle of Geonosis had to be set up on my kitchen floor. First I had to measure the wingspan of the Gunship, then allow a little leeway to offset one from the other, so they look like they're flying while evading incoming fire. Then I had to use that width and line up Sneak Preview Clone Troopers or Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids up on the floor, shoulder to shoulder, to completely cover that width and see how many it would take, and what poses I could get out of them.

Next I bought more Clones, Droids, or whatever I needed to fill in the space (while bargain sales could be found and Sneak-Peek Clones could still be located through friends of mine).

Finally, I left space for the room I estimated I'd need for:

an AT-TE on the Republic side of the battle

the Hailfire Droid, and the estimated size I figure Hasbro would do a spider droid (the Acklay makes a good temporary stand-in - the Spider Droid would just be taller).

I learned I could do this with a standard 6 foot fixture, like the type I prefer to work in (retail stores use these with glass shelves in them to sell watches, jewelry, etc. but you've seen them at Comic Book Shops where they keep their loose SW figures, esp. vintage).

However, I'll have to have a local San Diego company who makes them (and who made mine) customize one for me, because they are 18 inches wide (that's a foot and a half) but the Republic Gunship's wingspan is slightly larger, and I think 25 inches is the smallest I estimated I could get by with. But as long as the fixture will cost me a small fortune to get customized, (standard is $200 - 250) I will most likely have them extend my length to 7 or 8 feet, because the AT-TE doesn't exist yet, so I could only be safer getting myself more room to plan for one. You know they'll have to make this!

So perhaps this will be a $500 fixture? I don't even have room for it, even if I did have the money. My bet is that in 5 more years, I'll be able to move into my own large home I'll own, and if I can afford a mortgage, I could afford the custom fixture.

Meanwhile, after I test-set the figures, I packed them up again, so I can have a kitchen floor again.

03-30-2003, 03:14 AM
lol. sweet.. durrr.. did I really just say sweet? I cant shake that 80's thing..

very cool indeed..

I will try again with your suggestion, but while trying earlier, looking the the base of the turrett, has two holes, and seeing the pegs on the insides of the ship, I sorta figured that was it, but, I couldnt get them to snap on, just didnt seem to want to fit right.. thats why I hesistated to keep trying, and decided to ask the experts.. YOU GUYS!

Ill give it another shot.. speaking of shots.. thing has a mind of its own though ( the gunship ) I mess with it for a few minutes, then put it down.. as I walk away, it fires a missle at me.. swear.. spoooooky..