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03-24-2003, 01:27 PM
Many Classic Star Wars fans have been in this hobby since its very beginning, and though I count myself amongst the new Clone Wars fans, I am also a dedicated Classic Star Wars enthusiast, and have been, since 1977. But in that category, our Hasbro products have been limited since a big movie year and a huge boon in popularity for Prequel Star Wars.

But though the pickings are thinner, there's a lot if you think about it:

Let's separate this year from next year.

2003.............................................. .....................2004 (rumors - generally)

Han Hoth.............................................. ........Imperial Dignitary 1*
Chewbacca Mynock Hunt..............................Imperial Dignitary 2*
Snowtrooper....................................... ..........Captain Antilles
Luke (Darth Vader's Defeat).........................General Dadonna
Leia (new likeness repack)...........................Chief Chirpa
C-3PO (Tusken Attack repack)......................C-3PO Jabbas Palace
Darth Vader (Anakin Revealed)....................Jabba the Hutt w. Throne
Teebo (Repack).......................................... ..Mother Ewok w. wokling
Imperial Officer (blonde)..............................Cloud Car Pilot
Imperial Officer (brown hair)........................Ewok Warrior (TBA)
Rebel Fleet Trooper.....................................Genera l Madine
Boba Fett (Sarlaac Battle)...........................Leia Bespin Gown
Yavin Hanger Crewer (acc pack).................
Gamorrean Guard (acc pack).......................Bib Fortuna
Boba Fett (300th Ann. in bty hntrs).............Luke Jedi (full articulation!)
Bossk (repack in bounty hunters)................
IG-88 (repack in bounty hunters)................
Vader (Emp. Wrath, rpk in Imps)................
ATST Driver (goggles OFF, in Imps).............
Stormtrooper (in Imperials 4-pack).............
Imperial R4 Unit (in Imps 4-pack)................
MOUSE DROID (in Imps Sniff-pack)..............(heh-heh-heh)
Sandtrooper 4-pack.....................................
Kitik Keed Kak..............................................
Dr. Evazan (resculpt)...................................
Wuher (resculpt)........................................ .

* Might show up in 2003!

TIE Fighter w. Pilot.....................................Twin Pod Cloud Car w. pilot
Sandcrawler (???) w. RA-7, Jawa rpk.........Tatooine Skiff re-release
Y-wing w. Pilot (???) repack, if it happens..
A-wing Fighter (Green Squadron w. pilot)..

12" Lando Skiff Guard..................................
12" Han Solo "1975"....................................
12" AT-ST Driver...........................................
12" Max Rebo w. Keyboard..........................
12" Sy Snootles & Droopy McCool................
12" Gamorrean Guard..................................

Unleashed Slave Leia
Unleashed Darth Vader (meditation chamber)
Unleashed Luke Skywalker (Darth Vader's Defeat)
Unleashed Han Solo (Death Star Escape)
Unleashed Boba Fett (Battle of Karkoon)
Unleashed Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine)

And there's probably stuff I forgot.

But in my opinion:

Unleashed looks great this year! I think we need Lando, Chewie, Stormtroopers, Old Ben Kenobi, and Tusken Raiders though. More Lukes, Hans, and Princess Leia's couldn't hurt either!

12" rocks, though I hope to see the concentration on Jabba's Palace include a Weequay and Green Nikto (like Klaatu) in the near future, as well as Tessek, Oola, and Ree-Yees.

The Sandcrawler better get released! I also think it's about time that Uncle Owen got his Lars' Family Landspeeder made for those Mos Eisley dioramas we always wanted to fill with more traffic. An Imperial Landing Craft or Blockade Runner might be a pipedream, but an Escape Pod is surely possible. The Falcon could be totally remolded, and the nicest large deluxe set! The Sailbarge is a must have, and in 2004, the year Hasbro has decided to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi, I think it would make the crown piece! - especially with a skiff re-release the same year.

The figures for 2003 leave the most to be desired:

I like the Luke a lot! Next year's sounds even better though - with all the accessories and articulation, no action, scene-specific pose.

Han Solo Hoth kicks butt. I couldn't say more good things about this figure.

The Yavin Flight Crewer with the accessory pack is finally acknowledged, that's a good thing.

Fett's a good figure, and Vader looks promising.

I have to say that ones I've always wanted: Madine, Dadonna, Captain Antilles, more Ewoks including a wokling and Chief Chirpa's modern version, as well as not one, but Two (2!) Imperial Dignitaries, and a Cloud Car Pilot (or 2) really have me excited! Plus rumors of a new Jabba the Hutt, finally! I only hope we get J'Quille, Herme Odel, Klaatu, BJ, the Elom, and the Ishi Tibb, as well as some more skiff guards, too! Cantina Aliens are lacking this year, (2003), so I hope a better focus on Mos Eisley crops up between this year and next as well.

I voted for more from the Cantina and Jabba's Palace. I like what they did with Han and Luke, but I generally don't need the same characters for my scenes, even if they are new and updated versions. I want new stuff, but I'd rather they be figures of characters that have never seen immortalization in plastic before!

What do you guys think?

How does 2003's Classic Star Wars line-up suit you?

03-24-2003, 01:43 PM
I voted for being too centered on core characters. We all know that those characters have been beat to death. They are alot of aliens and droids that need to be made. getting reissues of vintage figures is cool but does not need to be the focus of it all. Hopefully 2004 will be better for figures we have never seen before.

03-24-2003, 01:43 PM
I'm just glad to see some resculpts of figures that badly needed it!

However, I would love to see more Jabba stuff too but I voted for awesome because the figs look, well....awesome!

03-24-2003, 02:05 PM
I think they all look great - no complaints.

While some new characters would be fun too I don't think there's a huge rush. Hasbro will be churning out figs for the forseeable future.

03-24-2003, 02:09 PM
well, it looks like more of the same so far.

removable helmet vader- got one already
snowtrooper - got one of those too
hoth han solo - ditto. as for the blue/brown debate, i always liked the blue because i remember the blue coat on the toy more than i remember the coat in the movie.

new classic figures would be great, but the definitive, definitive, rehash, resculpt stuff has got to go.

you can have the unleashed stuff as well- no interest whatsoever.

03-24-2003, 02:19 PM
Awesome. I'll take any classics they'll offer, core or obscure. I'm really looking forward to all of them. Hopefully, Hasbro can do something about the Canadian distribution though.

03-24-2003, 02:20 PM
I for one would LOVE to see a 12" scale Jabba! I think it is a bit over due.

I do enjoy the fact that they are resculpting figures that really did need some re-working done to them. ON the other hand I also look forward to seeing characters that have never been released before seeing the light of day in a plastic form of some sort.

I would also like to see some of the more "Classic" still scenes worked up as scene packs like the 25th Anniv. Scenes.

- Artoo and C-3PO standing together
- Luke (Jedi) & Leia (Slave Girl) about to swing from Jabb'a Barge
- Vader with hands on his belt and two Stormtroopers flanking him
- Yoda & Luke sitting w/ 1 leg up from Dagobah

These are just some ideas that I think could be expanded upon to include all of the movies and not just the classics.


03-24-2003, 03:25 PM
To be honest, although I like what I'm seeing listed for release in 2003 and proposed for 2004, one thing I'd really like to see revived is the "Expanded Universe." Not only figures based on the novels, games, and comic books, but also figures based on pre-production art. Since the Ralph McQuarrie Stormtrooper is being produced, I'd love too see all of his original designs turned into figures. Imagine the more Samurai-like Darth Vader as a figure. Or how about the green-furred, pointy-eared Chewbacca? The Han Solo/Obi-Wan combined character from the script's early drafts? The more streamlined C-3P0 with the tool-encrusted R2-D2? While I've seen nice customs of these characters, true action figures (accompanied by bases that feature the Ralph McQuarrie art they are based on) would be very, very welcome by the fans, I think. Even if these were done as fan club exclusives, or offered directly by Hasbro as online figures (remember B'Omarr Monk and Kabe & Muftak?).

03-24-2003, 03:48 PM
I'll buy any Classic things they put out (except re-packs.) I'm especially excited about Han Hoth and new Boba Fett. The 3 planned 4 packs and the Target accessory packs all sound great. I'm really disgusted that we still don't have a decent R5 though. I really hope the Tie fighter happens and is a new mold. They did it with the bomber they could do it again.

03-24-2003, 04:05 PM
I think i would rather see characters that have yet to be made(even backround Jabba's palace creatures or something)then yet another "this time we really got it right version" of the same 6 characters.
I have like 60 Luke Skywalker in white Tatooine outfits.
I know each one they make is slightly better and maybe this time he comes with a Landspeeder wrench or something but damn man...
When i was a kid i really only needed the one Luke Tatooine i had.
I mean sure he wasn't as detailed as the later figures but in my mind i had Tatooine Luke and never imagined needing another one.
Someonewhere along the line it became reasonable to put a joint in Han Solos knee and call him Han Solo"Cantina patron" or some such nonsense.
Make it as good as you can the first time and include all the crap he might need later on,or sell an accessory set or something.
I mean i know they make them better over time so for some figures it's too late but when i open "Endor raid" Han Solo and he's just 25th anniversy Han Solo with suction cup"charges" im thinking like...man i would much rather have the Imperial that opens the door to the Death Star hanger that you only see from behind.
I'd take a Star Wars "Key Grip" figure over some of the Batman like repackaging of the same 6 guys.
Really man...



Rogue II
03-24-2003, 04:40 PM
Alright, I've said it a million times, but I only collect the 3 3/4" Original Trilogy figures. So, there has been quite a lull in my collection over the past year while Hasbro focused on ATOC. I like that there is an increased number of OT figures coming out this year. Since I have yet to see a new figure in person this year, I can't exactly I like or dislike the figures. The pics look ok. It is kind of like this: If you are starving and someone gives you a stale saltine cracker, it will be the best dang cracker you've had.

Yes, I'm happy there are a good number Classic Trilogy figures coming out this year. I think the number of core characters is ok, but I wish there were more background characters coming out. 2004 looks good: Imperial Dignitary, Capt Antilles/General Dodonna, and the rest of the rumored figures.

The army builder sets, re-painted figures, and the figures with new head sculpts are a great. I hope they keep them up.

Wasn't there an Emperor figure coming out this year? The Tusken Raider could also be considered a Classic trilogy character, even though it says ATOC on the package.;)

03-24-2003, 05:06 PM
Yeah, I forgot the Emperor figure coming out this year, dubbed Darth Sidious to lure collectors from both SW eras. (but has Force lightning like in ROTJ)

Meanwhile, the Tusken Raider really holds a pose similar to the one that knocked down Luke in ANH, but could also be the one charging Anakin after the first two lost their heads. The campfire is definitely AOTC, but the pose is perfect for ANH. Nice job on that Tusken Hasbro!

Anyway, Hasbro refreshes the line for new collectors, so kids who were first old enough to get into SW with Episode 2, (ages 4 & up) can get the Classic characters. (Their parents probably showed them the movies on video, and they might not be up to e-Bay or their prices, let alone know of other online solutions).

That's why I think we're about up to 14 characters which will each usually see 1 release per year at the minimum:

1) Han
2) Luke
3) Leia
4) Chewie
5) R2D2
6) C-3PO
7) Lando
8) Darth Vader
9) Anakin Skywalker
10) Yoda
11) Obi-Wan
12) Qui-Gon
13) Darth Maul
14) Darth Tyranus / Count Dooku
15) Padme Amidala
16) JarJar Binks
17) Jango Fett
18) Boba Fett
19) Mace Windu
20) Darth Sidious / Palpatine

However, they can refresh these characters nicely w.o. making resculpts, for the most part:

1) Han - Bespin Torture Chair, Good 3-piece Carbon Freeze, NJO EU
2) Luke - Medical Frigate from ESB, Jedi Master from NJO, EU
3) Leia - Medical Frigate from ESB, Jedi Apprentice, Chief of State EU
4) Chewie - Last Stand on Serindipal from NJO, or make other Wookies
5) R2D2 - Endor damg, bartender, Yavin damaged, new lightsaber launch
6) C-3PO - Episode 2 resculpt, ESB lower leg off.
7) Lando - Corellian Smuggler from ESB, Nkllon Mining Baron from EU, NJO
8) Darth Vader - Bespin blast deflect that was delayed
9) Anakin Skywalker - E2 Jedi robe hanging relaxed like Vader's cloak.
10) Yoda - ESB with 2 legs, AOTC with Force lightning deflect
11) Obi-Wan - AOTC: wet (hood down), wet (hood up), wounded (HD), dry (hood dn)
12) Qui-Gon - re-release with the Eopie for American markets
13) Darth Maul - poseable hologram figure, like the D. Sidious holo.
14) Darth Tyranus / Count Dooku - relaxed, normal pose, Clone Wars cmdr.
15) Padme Amidala: 5 outfits from TPM, 11+ outfits from AOTC
16) JarJar Binks: Padme's Apt / Palpatine's office; Senate resculpt
17) Jango Fett: Apartment on Kamino, no armor.
18) Boba Fett: Clone Wars, older Dan Logan EU; Sarlaac damaged, EU.
19) Mace Windu: poseable hologram figure
20) Darth Sidious / Palpatine: Soft-goods w. throne chair from ROTJ

Not to say that I wouldn't want new characters, never made before, over most of these any day!

Meanwhile, Army Builders will always be recycled:

Space Troopers
Dark Troopers
Death Star Troopers
Death Star Gunners
Imperial Officers
Rebel Fleet Troopers
Hoth Rebel Soldiers
Endor Rebel Soldiers
Mon Calamari Soldiers
TIE Pilots
A-wing Pilots
B-wing Pilots
X-wing Pilots
Y-wing Pilots
Tusken Raiders
Astromech Droids
Protocal Droids
Bespin Security Guards
Cloud Car Pilots
Niktos (green and red)
Ewoks (hopefully different characters)
Gungan Warriors (maybe different ranks, specialties like scouts, drummers)
Naboo Security Guards
Naboo Royal Guards
Naboo Security Captains
Handmaidens (different outfits, generic, save for Dorme, Corde)
Destroyer Droids
Super Battle Droids
Geonosian Warriors
Clone Troopers (out of armor, like the guys in red???)
Clone Captains
Clone Commanders
Clone Pilots
Clone Gunship Troopers
ARC Troopers
Clone Kids (more poseable, w. weapons and training equipment)
Jedi (Whipid, Weequay, Barabel, female Devaronian, female Mon Calamarian)
Senate Guards
Emperor's Royal Guards

- and I hope these are all continued to be forthcoming!

03-24-2003, 06:54 PM
I don't mind resculpts if they truly make a large improvement over a previous attempt (ie. CommTech Stormtrooper). But by and large, I wish they'd spend more time creating the characters that we haven't seen yet. Once that task is done, then return to the resculpts or statues.

03-24-2003, 08:19 PM
I like that they create new versions of the figures that have already made in a sense, because as time goes on they're able to do more intricate things and create better figures (for the most part, anyway). But since they claim that the figures that come out in years that they don't have a movie to boost sales are geared towards the collectors, shouldn't they be making more figures that haven't been made right now? It looks like this year is more of a rehashing of old figures to bring them up to date (R5D4, for the love of all that's good and holy!) and next year is the year we'll be seeing new characters. I'm with most people in wanting more EU stuff, having figures based on the characters and events that didn't take place in movies seem a bit more... substantial... If nothing outside the movies is cannon as they say, then what's the point of getting EU stuff? The things listed for suggestions about the 14 main characters sound pretty good to me, especially Fett's escape from the Sarlacc and the Yoda with 2 legs from ESB.

Darth Jax
03-24-2003, 10:07 PM
there will continue to be new collectors that will be re-packaged/re-issued figures. need to balance the re-re's with new characters that have not been made previously. '03, assuming the figures actually show up, is a little re-release heavy while '04 seems more tipped to the new character side of things.

03-24-2003, 10:53 PM
I'll consider buying new figures when they are really new ones that I don't have already . . .

03-24-2003, 10:56 PM
That said, troop-builders - especially of the Imperial variety - are more than welcome!

It's funny, the only resculpt I might of considered - a cool Bounty Hunter set - is just going to be a 'repack'. Figures . . .

[KOC] Darklighter
03-25-2003, 12:44 AM
Well since its hard to find new figures in my country (Peru) and the only way i can get the hard-to-find ones are via Internet shopping i only get the real new ones or the ones wich the resculp is REALLY really an improvement.

So if u ask me, make all the figures that where not made b4, and then u can go back to resculps. If u are like me, u might have 400+ figures and like to do dioramas and such for display, so if we got more never b4 seen figures itll be even better for the dioramas and it'll be more likely that people will want to buy them, im sure only 20% or less of collectors buy resculps or variations.

btw troop builders are cool, but in the case of soldiers with faces (like the endor ones) a unique face for each one would be WAY better then just the same exact face 4 times. (unless of course they where clone troopers with removable helmet ones :) )

Clint Torres
03-25-2003, 01:15 AM
PEOPLE!!! DONT YOU GET IT??? It's really all about the damn playsets that never get made due to budgetary concerns over at hasbro...ENOUGH of the repackage rehash BS!!!! NO MORE MAULS!!!! No More of anyone that we have seen before...I swear, if I see a Han Solo (courting leia face) at r' us I'm really gonna be knotted up. GET HASBRO TO MAKE SOME MO cheappy but nicely done playset dioramas...ones that maybe even fit together!!!
-YAVIN WAR ROOM /w Dodonna or Com chick officer
-HOTH ION CONTROL /w Hoth officer
-YODA's HOVEL /w Luke (seated position?)
....okay scratch the last one...

come on people...the list goes on and on, oh and as for that EXPANDED UNIVERSE BS?!?! Here's what we really need; IMPERIAL TORTURE CHAMBER with places to hang up and bleed your rebel figures dry of any necessary information that might aid in the crushing of their dire efforts to reclaim the galaxy!!!! Batteries not included.

03-25-2003, 04:30 AM
So it is clear that we (mostly collectors on here, not kids) almost all agree that resculpts and repacks are not the most desired figures. Hasbro has a responsibility to new collectors, and kids who actually play with their toys (I was once one of them). I understand this, but I think Hasbro should understand mixing things up a bit. I think the worst example of NOT mixing it up is announcing 2 resculpts of the Jedi Luke at the same time. Including the ROTJ Jedi Luke I have about 9 of these already!

Out of six Wal-Mart Cantina figures only one is a truely new figure. How many figures in the cantina never have been made? Give me a Gotal and I'll be happy.

Hopefully the reintroduction of the cinema scenes will live long and prosper... they ARE being made to interconnect just as many of the newer deluxe figures are. Notice that Wedding Amidala has a base that looks to connect to another base (presumably secret ceremony Anakin).

To add to the list of things that SHOULD be re-released... Han Tauntaun 3 3/4 inch... what a missed opportunity to pack-in the new Han Hoth sculpt (in both colors for that matter... I would have bought both).

Oh well, I will continue to buy whenever I see these toys...

One more thing... I am pushing for the idea that Palpatine and Sidious are NOT one and the same... I feel another "I am your father" type surprise coming for us in EIII. I want to see a Palpatine vs. Sidious duel in EIII!

03-25-2003, 08:57 AM
I think the new classic series resculpts look IN-freaking-CREDIBLE.

As far as other wings of the line, Clone Wars is not holding my interest whatsoever, I'd trade a finger to get a new figure of Grand Admiral Thrawn, based soley on how much the one we have now sucks, and for army builders, and I'm sure I'm gonna take some flak for it, I'd like to see Ewok multi packs. I liked the ewoks shut up. Least I didn't vote for Amanaman.:rolleyes:

Playsets would be awesome (DaGoBah!!), I've nowhere to put them, but it'd be really great to see some cool classic playsets come out. And as far as vehicles go I'm only waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a sandcrawler.

But, getting back on topic, I think the classic resculpts look real top notch or "boss" as all the hip kids are saying nowadays. I almost fell over when I saw the new Emperor figure, a couple of "swank" royal guards with fabric cloaks would be cool too.

Whatever happened to fabric on star wars figures? Always gave them a richer feel IMHO. Somebody call hasbro and find out whats the fudge on that.:)

03-25-2003, 11:24 AM
I really want:

from ANH:

Biggs in Academy Uniform
green R3 droid from Death Star
RA-7 (supposedly w. sandcrawler)
new Gonk Droid (different attachments)
Red Leader / Garven Dreis
Han Solo Ceremony with removeable medal of honor
orange R5 droid from Mos Eisley

Cantina Arcona / Hem Dazon
Cantina Gotal / Feltipern Trevagg
Cantina Anzati / Dannik Jerikko
Cantina girls / Brea and Senni Tonnika (though Hasbro can't make 'em)
Cantina Brainiac / Brainiac
Cantina Advoze / Bom Vimdim
Cantina Abyssin / Myo
Cantina Givin / Elis Helrot
Cantina Saurin / Hrchek Kal Fas
Speeder buyer / Wioslea
Cantina Brizzit / Tzizvvt

From Empire Strikes Back:

General Riekeen
General Veers (with removeable Hoth battle gear)
Imperial Navy Officer (gray uniform, variant heads)
Torynn Farr (lady rebel at Ion Cannon control)
Major Derlin (Hoth command)
Hoth Rebel Soldier (Deck Officer)
black Bespin Security Guard (possible caucasian head variant)
Cloud Car Pilot (possible ethnic variants)
New Ugnaughts (variants)
Leia Medical Frigate
Luke Medical Frigate with repairable hand
Lando Corellian Smuggler

From Return of the Jedi:

Jabba's Palace Whipid: J'Quille
Jabba's Palace Elom
Jabba's Palace Guard: Sgt. Doallyn
Jabba's Palace Green Nikto: Klaatu
Jabba's Palace creep: Herme Odel
Jabba's Palace dog: Bubo
Jabba's Palace Ishi Tibb: Shasa Teil
Jabba's Palace Dancer: Yarna dal Gargan
Max Rebo Band frog: Rappertunie
Max Rebo Band Weequay: Ak-Rev
Max Rebo Band Klatoonian: Upas Stay
Skiff Guard Weequay (new sculpt, new outfit)
Skiff Guard Nikto (new Sculpt, new outfit)
Skiff Guard human (with helmet, who shot Luke's hand)
Skiff Guard human (black, from Jabba's throne room)
Ewok Chief Chirpa
Ewok resculpt: Paploo (carded, new sculpt)
Ewok warrior: Romba
Ewok warrior: Warrick
Ewok warrior: Lumat
Ewok warrior: with death's head
Ewok mother: with wokling
black Endor Rebel Soldier
Lando General Resculpt
Y-wing Pilot / Grey Leader
B-wing Pilot / human, Gold Squadron (red uniform)

and I think that about sums it up.

Expanded Universe (Classic)

Luke as Talon Karrde's Prisoner
Luke Jedi Master
Han New Jedi Order
Leia Jedi Apprentice
Leia New Republic Chief of State
Leia New Republic refugee relief corps
Lando Nkllon Mining Baron
Lando Dubrillian Governor
Chewbacca Last Stand on Serindipal
Jaina Solo teen
Jaina Solo dark Jedi
Jaina Solo Rogue Squadron
Lowbacca Wookiee Jedi
Jacen Solo teen
Jacen Solo Jedi Knight
Anakin Solo teen
Anakin Solo Jedi Knight
Mara Jade Jedi Knight
Mara Jade Jedi Master
Kyp Durron teen
Kyp Durron Jedi Master
Yuuzhan Vong Warrior
Yuuzhan Vong Shaper
Yuuzhan Vong Shamed One
Shadeo-Shai Yuuzhan Vong Commander
Tsavong Lah Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster
Nom Anor Yuuzhan Vong Spymaster
Kir Kanos Royal Guard
Kenix Kil (bounty hunter disguise of Kir Kanos)
Mirrith Sinn (Rebel Leader)
Carnor Jax (Royal Guard)
Executer Sedriss (dark Jedi)
Executer Nysst (dark Jedi)
New Clone (Palpatine, Sith Lord)
Talon Karrde
Fynn Torve (Karrde's lieutenient)
Aves (Karrde's Pilot)
Ghent (Karrde's hacker)
Shada D'Ukal (Karrde's bodyguard)
Admiral Gilliard Pelleon (Imperial Starfleet Commander)
Joruus C'Boath (insane clone of Jedi Master)
Kirana Ti (Dathomirian Jedi Knight)
Kam Solasar (human Jedi Knight)
Corran Horn (CorSec agent)
Corran Horn (Rogue Squadron)
Corran Horn (Jedi Knight)
Baron Soontir Fel (Imperial Officer)
Baron Soontir Fel (TIE Pilot with the 181st)
Jagged Fel (TIE-Clawcraft Pilot, with TwinSuns Squadron)
Ysanne Isaard (Imperial Intelligence Director)
Admiral Krennel (Imperial Fleet Command, with iron hand)
Mirax Terrik-Horn (lady smuggler pilot)
Saba Sebantyne (Barabel Jedi Knight)
Cilghal (lady Mon Cal Jedi Master)
Streen (human Jedi Master)
Dorssk 82 (clone Jedi Knight)
Tionne (lady Jedi Master)
Tahiri Veila (teen girl Jedi Knight, Anakin Solo's girlfriend)
Tenel Ka (one armed Dathomirian / Hapes Queen Jedi Knight)
Zekk (former dark Jedi, bounty hunter, new Jedi Knight)
Kenth Hammer (Jedi Master Military Commander)
Borssk Fey'lya (Bothan Chief of State)
Supreme Admiral Ackbar (New Republic Military Commander)

-and geeze there's probably plenty I forgot!

Do any of the Expanded Universe interest you? Who is really turned off or confused by the Classic EU list?

03-25-2003, 12:51 PM
Yea they need to start wasting time in these resculps and focus on what non collectors want for what they WILL buy.

03-25-2003, 01:04 PM
Originally posted by Tycho

Cantina girls / Brea and Senni Tonnika (though Hasbro can't make 'em)

What's the story on these shameless hussies again???

Isn't it because they think they are hot stuff so to speak and wonderful actresses and they want some kind of unspeakable amount of money to allow LFL/Hasbro to make figures of them???? When really they're just a bunch of cold bugars on a paper plate!! I mean, has ANYONE ever seen these hussies anywhere else except in star wars for 3 seconds?? And can you imagine what they look like now?? They'd do themselves justice by immortalizing themselves in plastic as young spring buckettes...that way everyone will remember how they used to look...it reminds me of the whole Betty Page story! :crazed:

Tycho, I want all the figs you want too :D Darn good list!

03-25-2003, 02:05 PM
I think the new figures look great. I think the old figures look great. Hasbro has done a wonderful job with the line since the begining. They have had thier ups (EU Figures) and downs (Those darned "tech spec" pamphlets they included with the POJ figures) but over all, I appreciate the work and ever increasing attention to detail that Hasbro Provides. They do make thier share of mistakes... but I can live with them. Especially when there are no alternatives. All Figures will be released in the fullness of time.

And as for you people who dont beleive in the Expanded Universe... You are all FOOLS! :frus: It wouldn't exists with out Lucas's Seal of Approval!

So let's see some Rogue and Wraith Squadron Figures! And of course some Yuuzhan Vong!:cool:

03-25-2003, 07:39 PM
I've just registered though I've been visiting this site for quite a while now. It seems to be updated with new pics of figures etc far more often than the official Hasbro site which is good. This poll is what finally persuaded me to go to the bother of filling out the registration. I always prefer to find classic trilogy figures than prequel figures as the former are infinitely superior in my opinion. Anyway...

I couldn't believe so many people here have almost exactly the same wishlists as I do ranging from the most obscure of obscure aliens, droids or imperial or rebel personnel to playsets and vehicles that hasbro wouldn't deem obvious choices. I'd like to add Chief Bast(" we've analysed their attack pattern sir and there is a danger") and Willard ("when we heard about alderaan we feared the worst")....and an authentic replica of the Millenium falcon cockpit in proper scale with the figures. I'm sure theres tonnes of others that aren't coming to mind right now.

I am generally tired of seeing resculpted versions of core characters although I am surprised they still haven't bothered with Lando in Corellian gear at the end of ESB, the medical frigate Luke and Leia, and luke with Tatooine poncho. Some of the resculpts, not necessarily of core characters, like Bib fortuna which I saw listed are terribly needed. The '97 Fortuna was dire. R5-D4, as someone noted above is also badly in need of a reworking.

the other thing I was interested to see was rumours of a new TIE fighter. I was surprised it wasn't redone back with the Power FX X-wing. The current version is decidedly lacking in accuracy.

In summary, the figure list looks nice, i see a number of figures that should have been made by now anyway..what took so long with a General Madine update? And finally the Ewok armies are massing. Though I appreciate resculpts of previously crap figures I don't think we need any more Darth Vaders or Chewbaccas to name two since we now have plenty of decent versions of these. Theres no need for any more especially not if they're coming in place of previously unproduced characters.

03-25-2003, 07:46 PM
More well done playsets would be nice. (See Clint's nice calm understated post. Which frankly, I very much agree with. :D )

Of course I am in pins and needles about this SANDCRAWLER.

An "all new" Escape Pod seems like a no brainer. (Think Sandcrawler accessory thing, like FX-7 was to the Bacta Tank) The very word "escape" is exciting enough to entice kids to buy it. It really is such a crucial vehicle to the OT. And it's totally small --- easy for Hasbro to do justice to.

Bespin Cloud Car --- straight re-release with new paint is good enough for me.

The remaining three "Sale of the Droids" figs would thrill me to no end.

LIN-V8K (black dome mining droid)
WED 15 "Septoid 2" (spider like droid with all the cool arms.)

C'mon Hasbro! I need these for my Sandcrawler! (A recurring theme, I know, it's only my favorite OT sequence ever!) I see a new Screen Scene two pack. Maybe a Jawa or two to make is six figures? This would sell, Sell, SELL!

The usual suspects from the Cantina. (2nd favorite Scene.)

Hem Dazum (packed with Dice Ibegon!)
The other Duro
those Bossk like things.
those horned goat like things? (you see two of them together...)
Maybe even an "Improved" Cantina Band Member?
Or even a POTJ quality Garindan?

All of these would keep the money draining from my pocket quicker than R5 blew his motivator! :D :sur: :crazed:

03-25-2003, 09:55 PM
I voted for "Don't like the repacks", although I am also very happy w/ the selection of classic characters. I think they should limit new/repacked core characters to 1 of each per year, and that they should continue to produce more newer, never done fig's.

I also think that it would be very feasible to see 1 to 2 EU characters every year (it's not a lot, but better than zero).

I am looking forward to seeing all of it at retail.

All the suggestions for new figs are great!

03-26-2003, 05:54 AM
First, I would like to see the Vintage figures fulfilled as new resculpts, such as Gen. Madine, Dignitaries, Cloud Car Pilot, Chief Chirpa, eh, maybe the other Ewoks (not really that crucial). But definitely the first 4 I mentioned. Next, I wouldn't mind the resculpt of previous characters as long as they improved them. I would really like to see the bounty hunters w/ more articulation such as being able to hold and aim their weapons w/ both hands.
Of course, a full-size Jabba the Hutt w/ throne dais and all accesories would make a great deluxe set. Next, I guess all new figures of the OT would be nice. I welcome any new or improved stuff Hasbro will unleash. Just be considerate about the distribution of the merchandise. That way, everyone can enjoy their figures.:D

03-26-2003, 07:21 AM
I agree with those who express their bordem with the upcoming "classic" lineup. I made it a policy a while ago not to purchase any figures I already had. I'm sick of seeing the same figures over and over again with slight variations (e.g., "He's got a new hat!"). Star Wars has such a vast universe, it's inexcusable not to tap into the many, many characters/creatures/droids that exist in these films. I don't care if they had 1 second of screen time. Jabba's court and the original creature cantina has tons of characters that have yet to see the light. As someone noted above, I have waaaaaay to many Lukes, for example. I can honestly say that I will never purchase another Luke. I don't care if he can do backflips or has a new wound drawn on him, I'm finished. Why would they not make the other characters? I don't buy the premise that little kids want only the core characters. When I was little, I wanted every damn figure they created! I remember how thrilled I was whenI first obtained Hammerhead and Greedo. I'll buy from the "classic" series when I see some original product.

03-26-2003, 09:45 AM
I didn't vote, because there wasn't an option for, "or does this question not affect you because you haven't found new stuff in stores anyway?"

I think the current mix is pretty good, although I would prefer to see more new characters from new and old movies.


03-26-2003, 03:19 PM
If it's an improvement, I'm for it, but if it's like this Han Hoth where it's the same worthless leg pose coupled with a gimmick, then I'm not particularly thrilled. Classic rehashes from the modern era (POTF2 till now) should be BETTER than their previous incarnations and learn from the prior mistakes. All in all, 2003 looks ok for classic but I'm waiting to see more final product before I commit to the whole thing - something in there doesn't feel right.

03-26-2003, 04:26 PM
I feel otisdodge's pain. In Ireland the new stuff is either non-existant or priced so high that no child's parent in their right mind would buy the stuff even if it was available. This is why I hate hearing about Hasbro trying to cater for the kiddies when it comes to star wars toys. Besides which I agree with JPX that they completely misjudge the kids market. A child doesn't need 13 Darth Vader's either- they'd much rather have more characters of non-speaking and speaking roles in the films. I know because I was one not so long ago. Whatsmore they don't care about action features as much as Hasbro would have us believe...even all those years ago I yearned for accurate and realistic sculpts rather than unfeasible and silly looking gimmicks.

03-26-2003, 05:12 PM
OK, some people didn't understand my comment, or Hasbro's position on the kid market:

It's not the child that ALREADY HAS 1 Darth Vader figure that they make the next one for!

It's for the child that is 1-2 and turning 4 sometime soon and will recognize and want Star Wars characters that they are making the next Darth Vader, Chewie, Qui-Gon, Maul, Han or Luke for.

To Hasbro, many kid collectors = NEW collectors.

In 1978 (9) our Obi-Wan Kenobi could fight Ponda Baba, and our Stormtrooper could fight bounty hunter Zutton (Snaggletoothe).

They are saying every newbie can always get a new Kenobi (and completists will buy him - not to mention that there are about 4 variations of him in E2 that I'd want really bad and would buy anyway) ...

but in 2003, our Obi-Wan Kenobi can fight Xentress (spelling) and Wat Tambler, and our Stormtrooper can face Captain Antilles.

I too prefer only new characters not made before, E2 Kenobi being one of very few exceptions, however, who am I to say that a 3-4 year old shouldn't be allowed to go to a regular retail store and find a Luke Skywalker that he saw in the movie?

But I have pointed out that the Expanded Universe offers a great alternative to providing a Luke figure without over-exploiting any movie-screen example we already have too many of.

03-27-2003, 03:40 AM
Ok Tycho... I understand that and did before your explanation. My question is "Why two Jedi Lukes within a year of each other?" If a new-kid-collector wants one I think waiting 'till next year is no problem. Make one, and make that one poseable with a CLOTHE removeable cloak.
In response to a comment made earlier (don't feal like digging around for it) I wish Hasbro would do more fabric as well. They DO do some fabric (soft-goods), but I'd love to see a Yoda, Emperor, Luke, and Royal Guard done that way (And tuck the guard's arms away... the new ones we have just don't look the way they did in the movie).

that's all

03-27-2003, 06:54 AM
I don't think that there's anything wrong with putting out different versions of the core characters - look at G.I. Joe, for example. But it needs to be done in moderation. That is, when a new wave of figures comes out, 1 or 2 should be core characters, but the rest should be fresh. Let's look at the latest line that I just saw at Wal-Mart. Hmmmm, I saw a new version of Count Dookoo (now looking even more angry!), a new version of Padme (now running!), a new version of a sandperson (now in threatening stance!), a new version of Obi Wan (wow, now with pillar), another version of Mace Windu (I can't even tell what's new about it), and the 2 droids from the droid analysis room (cut scene). Now, I was psyched to see the new droids, but dismayed to see new versions of characters that they've already made a few times. I mean, this is the 3rd Count Dookoo in 6 months! Okay, I realize that this is EP II and not the classic trilogy, but it's the same point. EPII just came out. This film has tons of possible characters they could produce, yet we're already being inundated with new versions of old characters. Please don't tell me that some little kid wouldn't be able to find the first versions, they're still hanging on the shelves.

03-27-2003, 07:35 AM
Originally posted by skeeziks22
"Why two Jedi Lukes within a year of each other?"
Well, there is three answers for this one, in a manner of speaking. 1. They knew that many fans wouldn't be thrilled with the action featured one released in 2003. 2. Luke wears two distinct variations of his Jedi outfit. One with a vest and one without. Note he only wears the cloak in Jabba's Palace also. 3. We're finally getting a decent ROTJ Jabba in 2004, and they wanted figures to interact with it. Hence the rumors and vague confirmation of a strong focus from Hasbro on Jabba's Palace and ROTJ charecters in general next year. Like Luke Skywalker: Jabba's Palace. :)


Jar Jar Binks

03-27-2003, 11:59 AM
I voted for awesome. I collect all ep1, ep2 and classic trilogy 3 3/4" figures. I just started with the ep1 collection about 6 months ago, and I have enjoyed trying to get them all. The new classic trilogy figures look good to me. I do get a little tired of some of the repacks though! I just bought a potj eeth koth not long ago on ebay and now they will have him on a saga card! I like the idea of keeping some figures more rare than others. But, anyways, the new figures are welcomed :)

03-27-2003, 03:21 PM
I see what you mean now Tycho. I was on about kid 'collectors'..but if you're talking about casual buyers, impulse buyers, and newbie collectors I concede that there is a reason to have new versions of core characters. But I also agree with JPX. I'm sick of entire figure waves comprising reposed core characters with few if any fresh characters. it should be the reverse. If you're talking about 4 year olds then I must also withdraw what I said about kids not being interested in action features and instead wanting accuracy. Speaking for myself though when I was 13 in '95 I had loftier wishes when it came to star wars toys-as did my younger brother.

Having said all this, if the toys aren't distributed well, as they most definitely are not in Ireland, then trying to appease the kids market is a complete waste. Furthermore most parents aren't like mine who used to finance my hobby in the face of ridiculously high Forbidden Planet prices and today I don't enjoy paying 18 Euro for every figure either-if I can find them that is. When all I can find is a new version of Darth Vader that just adds insult to injury.

03-27-2003, 05:58 PM
Hmmmm, I'm not a classic collector or a prequels collector specifically. i want all new aliens and droids if the figures are good quality and will fit with what i already have. I collect armies of classic figures because that is how they were grouped in the movie so to make sense of the figures i like a large amount of the soldiers to make it balance out right in my collection.
If they make a figure i don't like i don't buy it. But if the figure i don't like is a 'teenth resculpt of some character i've already bought seventeen times and in various resculpts or repackages, i won't be best chuffed if the thing pegwarms and stops newer stuf getting through. I fail to see the reasoning behind so many core character resculpts i the first year when there are far cooler aliens and characters people are instantly baying for once the movie opens. One or two jangos and Anakins and Obi-Wans would have done for 2002 with a more rounded compliment of additional background characters to take in the broadest market. As far as i'm concerned the movie year needs a figure to fit the vehicle, a figure to fight foes with, a costume change and a silly deluxe figure only. After that there's no need for any more. just keep shipping the same figure sculpts as long as the market requires it.
As for classic figures. I'm with JT on waiting to see how these things come out of the factories. The hardcopies looked okay but between there and the carded product lies a whole swamp of compromise and mistakes. molding errors and paint mishaps. Cost cutting. Too much to say for definite whether i like anything yet. The choice is still limited. same old same old mostly. the re-releases of army builders is a good idea. it can't harm to have those around. you can buy as many or as few of those as you want. having endless re-issues of core characters is starting to get boring. once you've bought one you won't really want to go buying armies of them so they tend to pegwarm. The delays in getting product out this year have harmed many peoples collecting habits i think. Frustrations and tensions are showing. Suddenly there'll be a glut of new stuff and everyone will be going into a feeding frenzy. It's like an artificial recreation of last april to my mind. Like trying to build the hype the same as a movie year. But then there's not that much that's interesting in the collections. all the good stuff is coming later in the year. Considering that this is a 'collector based' year there isn't an awful lot i would call collector aimed. sure there's a lot of collection two figures but to me all figures should fit that criteria anyway as standard. a two tier system is condescending, insulting and segregating to kids. In my experience kids want the same accuracy that we adults do, plus all the articulation and accessories. I think it's fatal to dismiss kids tastes in the way hasbro do with the two collections. it's a surefire way to lose their interest if they can't get good quality toys to begin with they won't keep coming back.
As far as keeping them abreast of who's who in the figure range, re-releasing the odd core character is good. The sculpts they chose to do this year of classic figures like han cantina and leia all new face are nice sculpts but rather than just re-issue straight tweaks should have been made. Both of those figures have sculpt problems but little tweaks would make them worth releasing. Han needs more articulation in his arm so he can put that one arm down and be aperfect figure. Leia has a weird angle to her pose and her dres is a limiting one piece plastic thing. Combining the commtech soft goods leia with the all new face one would give a really playable figure. Hasbro takes too many silly shortcuts and doesn't think things through. Calling darth maul classic is not on. re-releasing him now is also not on. He's taken the place in cases that could have gone to Ishi tib or Zuckuss, figures that were not widely distributed on original release. Or something in that vein.

I'm more excited about my sandtrooper army builder sets than the new han hoth. I really don't care for core characters. Stormtroopers and other background characters are integral to the saga as much as the core characters plus there are more of them, concentrating on background depth and details would be moe stimulating and exciting as a journey through the star wars galaxy via figures than any more incessant releases of core characters. And please no more wind tunnel flapping cloaks and skirts. There was only one or two windy scenes in the saga so far and none of these flapping cloaked sculpt figures were in them. Sculpting dynamics yes, over sculpting no.

Score card for 2003 reads
"A reasonable effort but with so much experience this pupil could do far better if they only applied themselves to the task at hand." 6/10

03-27-2003, 11:08 PM
The Clone Wars are coming!!! For those of us who are getting frustrated w/ core character re-hashes, let's all gather our cloned figures of Lukes, Hans, Leias, C-3POs, R2-D2s, Anakins, Obiwans, the Fetts, Chewies, Qui-Gons and Mauls and have them battle the army builder clones. Now we can truly say " Begun, the Clone War has!!!". Aw, I forgot the Yoda clones. :crazed:
P.S. I didn't buy Bucktooth Pilot Luke cause that face just drives me nuts. Looks like somebody I know.

03-28-2003, 04:04 AM
"And please no more wind tunnel flapping cloaks and skirts. There was only one or two windy scenes in the saga so far and none of these flapping cloaked sculpt figures were in them."

I don't like the molded cloaks either. The thing that I like least about them is that when they are removeable the figure looks terrible without them on. You take the cloak off and the arms are still attached. Also, if kids are the market I'd love to see a storage case designed to fit the likes of Luminara. In '83 I was a bit miffed that I couldn't fit my Gammorean Guard in a case. I guess it's a good thing Hasbro isn't even trying to make cases for it's figures anymore.

I thought being in Alaska I was out of the shipping range... I am a bit comforted by the fact that it appears that almost everyone seems to be out of the shipping range right now. I did find one of the collections of new figures this year... I think that must have been a shipping error because it was a long time ago and nothing since. I guess I can count myself lucky. Still no Ephant Mon.

03-28-2003, 07:52 PM
"I am a bit comforted by the fact that it appears that almost everyone seems to be out of the shipping range right now"

I think retailer interest comes before shipping and evidently there's little of it in many places. I will just never understand why stores buy in hundreds of initial wave figures and vehicles in movie years, wonder why they aren't selling the 50 Anakin skywalker in Mos Espa figures warming the pegs and decide from that that there is no buyer interest. Or do they for some reason assume that Hasbro only makes that initial set of figures? :frus: :frus: :mad: :mad:

As to the capes- I actually prefer moulded ones. With small pieces of cloth attached to figures there can be no realistic 'draping' or folding and they just end up looking silly. Moulded capes, though eternally fixed in a state you don't necessarily want, at least look good.

03-29-2003, 12:15 PM
Just give me a JK2 Kyle Katarn and a nicely done, near-to-scale so it can at least fit 2 figures Moldy Crow and I'll be happy. That and a resculpted to be to fit 2 figures AT-ST. How killer would that be? Oh yeah...and possibly Jan Orrs w/ no stupid action crap. We need more female characters. Hell, make an entire toyline based on the Dark Forces Series. That'd RULE for me!

03-29-2003, 05:03 PM
Good idea with the AT-ST there DagMarus. I too had pondered such a thing. They'll probably do it unless the POTJ rerelease was their way of saying that it won't be getting a landspeeder style remould.

I'm also quite partial to the idea of a Star Destroyer bridge with Needa/Ozzel/Piett/Veers and a bridge controller, A proper size Millenium falcon cockpit and Falcon dejarik/lightsaber training room-those would be a good compliment to the old Power of the Force Gunner stations.

Theres so much. Progress is proving annoyingly slow however with Hasbro's evident efforts to redo the entire backlog of figures from the 90s.

03-31-2003, 03:53 PM
How cool would it be if they released a bunch of Falcon Playsets that could combine to form the whole ship? That would RULE!

04-03-2003, 03:36 AM
Have you ever seen the Falcon display that was once at TRU? I have one and it is huge... it is in storage in my garage it is so big. Anyway, it is as close to scale to the 3 3/4 inch figures as any of the toys have ever been. If they were to make a series of falcon playsets that connect it would end up being that large... 6'x4'x2'. I would be happy with a few parts of the Falcon... also, no two source books agree on what the inside of the Falcon looks like. The keyboard attachment that came out with the Han with flight gloves is a cool playset... it is actually larger than the cockpit of the Falcon, but if you can find one I would get it... all the cockpit scenes could easily be played out with it. It almost RULES!