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03-25-2003, 03:23 AM
I need to get some extra things, and I figure I'd help us start a bargain shopping series formula.

This thread's only about the Coruscant Air Speeders, but somebody else can post about whatever they are interested in finding cheap.

I have 2 of Anakin's speeder, and 2 of Zam Wessel's, but I found out I need one more of Anakin's Coruscant speeder.

I'm making a stretched scene (one day :rolleyes: ) where Zam is shooting at Obi-Wan hanging from the droid, with Anakin coming in under him to pick him up.

I have the 2 Jedi in the car, chasing Zam already.

Then I have Obi-Wan following the bounty hunter, as Anakin hangs on and tries to lightsaber-slash his way into her car.

Obviously, I need one more Anakin speeder.

$14 - at best $12 is all I see for it around here.

Anybody know of some great discounts on Anakin's yellow airspeeder?

Post them here. - & thanks!

03-25-2003, 08:08 AM
There were some for $4.99 at a K-Mart that was closing. The store is now closed, but that was the best price I saw them for.

03-25-2003, 08:36 AM
I've never seen any below regular retail ($12.99, I think). I want one, but I am hoping to get one cheaper than that!

I bought Slave I for below $12.49 and the Jedi Starfighter for $11. I have seen the latter as low as $9.

Since we're taliking about cheap, what basic 2003 action figures do you think we might find on sale later on? It would be good to know which ones I should snatch up as soon as I see them and which ones can wait on.

But, "difficult to see, the future is!"

03-25-2003, 11:11 AM
I have been holding out on both speeders for the price to come down. I have yet to see it below retail anywhere.

My biggest score wat the Gunship from KB.com a few weeks back.

It seems as though a lot of the reatialers could stand a quick sale on the older figs to clear some space for the new assorments. I have not seen any of the newer releases.

03-25-2003, 11:19 AM
Originally posted by aceguide
\It seems as though a lot of the reatialers could stand a quick sale on the older figs to clear some space for the new assorments. I have not seen any of the newer releases.

I agree whole-heartedly! Since April, my local Walmart has had the same deluxe figures and cantina sets clogging the pegs. I wish they would clearance them. Maybe then, we would get some of the good deluxe figures like C3PO, Clone Trooper, and Yoda. Perhaps they are still waiting back in the stockroom for the space to open up on the racks!

03-25-2003, 11:49 AM
I would have to agree with both of you! Both of the Wal-Marts here are stocked with peg warmers. Padme coruscant attack, jango fett pilot, endor rebel soldier w/ beard, jango final battle, jar jar senator, saesee tiin, and plo koon. They also have cantina sets, older deluxe sets, and a load of anakin and kenobi lightsabers. Man Alive!!!! Clearance the stuff out already !!

03-25-2003, 11:53 AM
yeah... I saw the Cantina sets at Wal*Mart... being clearanced for a whole $9.00. Whoop-de-doo! :frus:

03-25-2003, 11:19 PM
I bought Anakin & Zam's speeder before x-mas at Farm & Fleet for $6.99 each

Rogue II
03-26-2003, 08:16 AM
I saw it for $6.99 at a KB Toys Outlet Store.

03-26-2003, 11:07 AM
I recently drove down to Florida from NJ, and every single KB Toys Outlet had piles of them both for $6.99. I haven't been to my local one yet, but I am sure that they have them too.

03-26-2003, 03:34 PM
I picked up Anakin's and Zam's speeder for $8 each, and an extra Jedi starfighter for $9 at Kmart. The local Wal-Mart had Slave 1 for $13.

I found a second set of speeders back in the fall at a local comic shop for $10 each. I'd rate the boxes about C8 condition.

03-26-2003, 03:35 PM
FYI, the WMs in my area still have the cantina sets at regular price.

The best find ever for me was the sneak preview STAPs at WM for $1.50. They were sitting on a riser collecting dust for more than a year before I scanned them.

03-26-2003, 08:47 PM
I picked up Anakin's & Zam's speeders at Big Bad Toy Store (www.bigbadtoystore.com) for $7.99 each I think. They charge a flat $5 shipping, so if you only buy one, it's not a savings, but if you're buying some more stuff, then it's not that bad a price.

Teeska Mon Eebon
03-26-2003, 10:09 PM
since we've had them (april 23rd?) they've been 10.99 at wally world and target.

03-26-2003, 11:59 PM