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The Overlord Returns
03-26-2003, 12:17 PM
* In an early morning address to the Jedi Council, Master Yoda was quoted as saying " Day of reckoning is here, Yes" in regards to the Republics advancing assault on Separatist warriors.

* Over the weekend, 300, 000 protestors Marched through the streets of Theed on Naboo, claiming this war was nothing but an excuse for Chancellor Palpatine to consolidate his power. Many protestors predicted the dawn of an Empire controlled by Palpatine. A young republic commander named Tarkin was quoted as saying the very notion was "hogwash".

* General Obi Wan Kenobi has spent the day dodging criticisms of his newest war plans. Veteran war planners see his strategy of a rapid advance to the geonosis capital risky, saying it will leave pockets of resistance to the rear of a republic forcew that may already be drastically outnumbered when it reaches it's target.

* The Bothan Government again denied that it sold Banned weapon stocks to the separatist armies, defending against bold accusations about Bothan assistance from Chancellor Palpatine himself.

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03-26-2003, 02:09 PM
based on previous posts, i would of thought that it would of been "palpatine" instead of "yoda" addressing the jedi council. we all know you and "palpatine" don't see eye to eye, so to speak.;)

The Overlord Returns
03-26-2003, 02:18 PM
True...but yoda saying it sounded funnier ;)

03-26-2003, 03:00 PM
Now you see, I'm not sure that I can support Palpatine in this war. He came to power with a questionable election, and I'm not so sure that the attack on the Trade Federation wasn't staged by his people manipulating things for their own interest-group benefits. Nute Gunray was involved with Darth Sidious' black ops from the beginnings of his rise to power. He's an agent - duh!

They never succeeded in bringing Nute Gunray to justice, and now, suddenly, they've just forgotten about Nute and they're going after Count Dooku. That makes a lot of sense :rolleyes:

But he's never attacked the Republic, and they were calling for a vote to raise an army to defend the Republic against the CIS before Obi-Wan's inspection visit ever uncovered a connection between Dooku and the Trade Federation.

So why is Palpatine obsessed with going after Dooku? He's got control of enormous wealth and resources that the Republic, or at least Palpatine, wants to exploit. Unless Palpatine can somehow prove that he and his staff and consultants can renounce all interests they might have or benefit by from a conquest of the Conferderacy of Independent Systems, I still cannot trust him.

It is wartime propoganda to assert a bunch of rhetoric that Dooku is evil, and he's subjegating the citizens of the CIS to unreasonable totalitarianism.

But now that the Jedi and Clones are committed, I feel I have to support the them and hope for a victory. They could continue their assault and establish peace throughout the Outer Rim. Do the ends justify the means? No. But it's too late to stop the means now. What did all the Jedi who have died already die for? The public and all the Jedi protestors did not want this war, but that was the past. Whether Palpatine should be investigated and held accountable for his actions in precipitating an attack on Geonosis without just cause is another issue. I can't support a man I don't trust. At the next election, Palpatine should either have satisfied me and all the other voters that his ends have been achieved and efficiently managed, Dooku captured, not murdered, and tried alive with all the rights due to him in the Republic justice system, and the Outer Rim region stabalized, without Palpatine benefitting from control of their resources, or Palpatine must go! Let's get rid of the Loyalist Party and put in new officials that are not corrupted by their own interests, while having puppet representatives like Speaker JarJar Binks being manipulated into following the party platform. Other Loyalists like Padme Amidala and Bail Organa should start thinking for themselves, or switch parties. They new that raising an army for these invasions was wrong. Why did Organa vote for it? If the Republic has taken an unjust action, illegal in the inter-galactic community, it is his fault as much as it is Palpatine's. And who the heck is running the show anyway? It's not Palpatine when the Banking Clan, Kuat Drive Yards (with their military sales), the Techno-Union (who control energy companies) etc are all playing both sides, and Palpatine is just using them to (obtain) and stay in power. Like I said - he should cut his ties and do the right thing, or prepare to be a one-term Chancellor, as discredited as Valorum.