View Full Version : Electronic Yoda Lightsaber

04-02-2003, 10:06 AM
Picked up the Electronic Yoda Lightsaber today. Found a few at Timeless Toys in Lake Oswego, OR.

The hilt is not as small as one would hope. It is slightly smaller, maybe 2-3 inches, depending on which other lightsaber you compare it to.

The extendable blade is quite a bit smaller though! It is actually kind of funny when you flick your wrist, the blade zips out & stops rather short.

The effect sounds do not seem to be as pronounced as the other Lightsabers.

The best feature by far though is the "ignitor" button! The button is actually somewhat hidden this time, and does not have any red coloring what so ever.

For me, it was a good find & will make a nice addition to the collection!!!