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04-17-2003, 09:25 AM
I started a thread like this after I got the Deluxe Jango Fett. I talked about my disappoinment with the figure.

My question here is what, exactly, makes a deluxe figure deluxe? What attributes should a deluxe figure have? I'm thinking extra features not found on a basic figure and/or a significant accessory.

I'll elaborate by using some of the deluxe figures as examples, though I don't really intend for this to be a review of the deluxe figures, but rather, a discussion of what sort of things they should have.

C3PO - Not bad. Comes with a battle droid, conveyor, and crane. Limbs and heads interchange. However, droid's limbs don't bend and C3PO looks like a cheap knock-off.

Jango Fett - Not so good. Limited articulation. Snap-on armor is only breastplate and cuffs. Overly-large rocket pack and hokey super-soaker gun. The basic Jangos were better.

Clone Trooper - I don't have this one, but nearly everyone seems to love it. Has removeable helmet and armor (something I wished for with the basic troopers) and a speeder bike (hopefully, this one doesn't 'explode' at the slightes touch like the POTF ones).

Force Flippers - Uhg!. Limited articulation and lightsaber molded to the hand! Seldom land on their feet. Need I say more? Makes a great refrigerator magnet, though!

Geonosian - Not bad, but how much better than a basic figure is this? It just comes with wing-flapping action and a different weapon. What's with the pod? It looks like the dung-heap from Jurassic Park.

Anyway, my point is that the deluxe figures should have more/better features than the basics (more articulation, weapons, removeable armor, etc) and an interesting accessory like a vehicle or a second figure and they shouldn't look scaled-down or cheap!

04-17-2003, 12:12 PM
Deluxe figures used to be, and always should be, figures with an Action feature and/or large machanical accessory. Hasbro should use the Deluxe line for the figures with action features, and use the basic line for figures that are more... basic.


04-17-2003, 03:23 PM
No hasbro should use the deluxe line for items that are well, deluxe. Take luke in bacta tank the perfect example of what deluxe should be - special and different and not the normal stuff. The deluxe line has become a joke full of turkeys and bad ideas. Absolutely nothing in this line is deluxe in the real sense of the word. It seems that deluxe has a completely different meaning to manufacturers than it does to us mere mortals deluxe =more expensive crap it seems.
Hasbro should just ditch the whole deluxe line altogether and concentrate on putting out quality items without any action features at all and articulation instead. Put some actual bloody fun back into the toys.

Should hasbro make more large items of the class of the bacta tank set then i think they can justify calling items deluxe once more. Until then they should be sued for breaching the trades descriptions laws. Deluxe items these last bunch are not.

04-17-2003, 03:37 PM

The nexu is an example of a decent deluxe figure, in my opinon. Its a larger than the average basic figure and has sound effects. Its a pretty good rendition of the creature and looks good in arena re-enactments.

My problem is that the basic figures seem to have more going for them than the deluxe. :confused: