View Full Version : Bendums/Alien and Predator

04-17-2003, 06:38 PM
Ok I just really want to get rid of these things...they've been sitting in boxes since 1993 and I've never done a thing with them nor will I.

All are carded except the Darth Vader bendum and the cards I'd say are in c5 condition...not real good not real bad. No rips or tears, just some edge wearing, some creases and bends.

Luke Skywalker - bubble is cracked

Admiral Ackbar w/trading card, small dents in bubble

Stormtrooper - w/trading card, yellowed bubble

Princess Leia

C3P0 w/trading card


Emperor's Royal Guard w/trading card

Han Solo w/trading card

The Emperor w/trading card

Obi Wan Kenobi

Tusken Raider w/trading card


Chewbacca small dent in bubble

Wicket the Ewok w/trading card, small
dent in bubble

Darth Vader - loose

I also have Aliens and Predator figures, Loose/complete and in great condition!

Bull Alien
Flying Queen Alien
Gorilla Alien
Scavage Predator
Night Stalker Predator

If anyone is interested in these make me an offer for trade or for sale. Either or, doesn't matter. If it's trade, I'm always looking for CT stormies, POTJ sandtroopers and biker scouts. I really, really, really want to get rid of these sooooo, I'll be "easy" ;)

THanks for the Look C :)