View Full Version : Do you open your Unleashed????

Gonk 1979
04-25-2003, 08:59 PM
.....I'm mainly a carded collector, have around 400 carded 4inchers, and have begun opening some stuff up because i have a whole room dedicated to my figs.....but I'm torn on whether or not I should open my Unleashed. I really like them in the package, but I would also like to display them and thats near impossible do to the huge packaging. Also, if this line continues (which I think it will), storing these badboys is going to be hard considering their size. What should I do??? I just picked up a Tyranus from TRU today. What do you do with your unleashed???

04-26-2003, 12:25 AM
I buy one at regular price, and a second one when they have gone on clearance. I leave one carded, and the second one I open. So far I have opened a second Jango, Darth Maul, Amidila, Darth Vader (both versions). Still waiting to see if Anakin, Mace, and Darth Tyranus go on sale. I really like the unleashed line.

04-26-2003, 08:38 AM
I only have 1 unleashed figure (Vader 1st release) and I opened him. I plan on buying a couple more and I will open all of them as well.

I just like them better out of the package, besides, I think they bubble obscures the view of the figure too much.

04-26-2003, 11:18 AM
I have all except the new Vader & Leia opened. They just beg to be opened, put together, and displayed! It think these look 10 times better out of the package (unlike some of the regular figures). Personally, I kinda hope this line doesn't get too big. I think they should keep it down to about 20 - 30 figs..... just my opinion though :D

btw: When I find the new Vader & Leia I'm definitely gonna bust 'em open too! :)

04-26-2003, 01:56 PM
I opened all my Unleashed that I had bought first, and later bought dups to keep in the package, but ended up selling the dups later. IMO these figures were made to be opened and displayed on a nice shelf or shelving unit. They may be made out of plastic, but they look too darn good to keep in the package. :)

04-26-2003, 02:37 PM
I ripped my only one out of that plastic prison!! It really looks awaesome and 100 times better then left in the packaging.

Only got a Darth Maul in his Kung Fu pose (Yes yes!! Very sad I know!!:)) !! Wanted to get the Vader and the Leia but kinda out of cash now.

04-26-2003, 06:51 PM
IMO, open is the only way. I don't open much, but these look great out of the package. You really need to open them so you can set them up.

04-27-2003, 12:56 AM
I only have one - and I prolly would have passed up on it if it hadnt been for you meddeling kids! - the Jango and Boba.. and I opened it.. and of course it looks just FREAKIN AWESOME!

04-27-2003, 01:00 AM
Yes, I have to agree, these Unleashed figures do look awesome. I'm hoping to get doubles on all of the figures, thewn just make one hegu shelf or maybe a couple of shelves to display the open ones on. At the moment, I have the opened unleashed figures in different locations around the living room.

04-27-2003, 04:42 AM
I have my Darth Maul and Count Dooku opened too, and they look wonderful next to eachother:D
now I just have to find the 1st release Darth Vader and then the new Emperor Palpatine (or Sidious;) ) and my sith collection is complete:)

04-28-2003, 08:07 AM
I have them all (except the new vader) and I've opened them all. I'm an opener of everything, but these must be open & displayed! They look amazing!

04-28-2003, 04:54 PM
I usually buy 1 of each, bust em open and display them!

04-28-2003, 09:14 PM
All mine are still carded. If I find some on clearance. I''ll buy and open them