View Full Version : Surprise finds in Vienna!

04-27-2003, 01:38 PM
Just got back from a trip to the Austrian capital, where I was surprised to find this - www.runchcomics.at .

They're not cheap (around 20 euros per figure), but their basement shop is AMAZINGLY well-stocked, with at at least one of just about every figure released since 1995, including the 4 Saga army-builder accessory sets, all 3 Phase 1 Cantina sets, 2 of the 3 Rebo pairs, a box full of Ephant Mons (no, really!) and some of the (now) harder-to-find figures such as Imperial Sentinel, Thrawn, and Ep 1 Darth Sidious (non-holographic). Unfortunately, they didn't have any POTJ Sandtroopers as I hoped. :(

You can buy via their website, but you might come unstuck if (like me) you don't speak any German.
The shop might not interest MOC collectors, as quite a lot of stock is dusty and the packaging of some other items is slightly torn and/or discoloured fiorm the sun. It's an amazing place to window-shop, though, if nothing else!