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05-03-2003, 11:34 PM
I picked this book up at the comic shop the other day, but haven't been able to read it yet.

Has anyone finished it yet? How was it? No spoilers!

Bel-Cam Jos
05-04-2003, 09:48 AM
Originally posted by Adam
I picked this book up at the comic shop the other day, but haven't been able to read it yet.

Has anyone finished it yet? How was it? No spoilers!
I too picked this book up (but not) at the comic shop the other day, but haven't been able to read it yet.
I am not anyone who has finished it yet.
How was it? Well, so far it's about 4" x 6" in great shape, never been opened. ;)
Ahem. Last part; not so serious.

El Chuxter
05-05-2003, 12:25 PM
I'm about fifty pages in. So far, so good, though I don't buy the P'w'eck's* story. It just sorta leaves the Ssi-ruuk out, and I know they're either around somehow or they've been killed off. Not sure which.

* Man, that's a lot of apostrophes!

El Chuxter
05-22-2003, 02:11 PM
I'm almost done. Something about this book just wouldn't let me read large chunks of it at once. I'm glad there's only one more Force Heretic book after this. . . but I wish this was the last one in this mini-series. Not bad, but not great--especially when I had to keep jumping back a few paragraphs and say to myself, "Wait, what's going on here?"

Nom Anor's tale sounded at first like it would be interesting to follow, but it's boring! Ssi-Ruu and P'weck. . . well, they sound cool, too, but so far they've yet to appear in a great story.

But it was a majorly welcome change to see no confrontations with the Yuuzhan Vong.

05-22-2003, 06:23 PM
I finished it and *spoiler alert* (they sure are taking their time and a long one at that to head out for zonoma sekot) I know I'd like to see the crew be on the planet for a while longer learning and hearing the history reasoning and finding new jedi and force information, but I have a hunch that their time on the planet will be brief and rushed to wrap up their 3 books and head toward the conclusion.

They really chapters with these authors. Their 100 page chapters are something else and you're right, you do need to go back quite a ways for a refresher as to what a specific party is up too.

More spoliers (the double cross at the end was interesting, along with the vong manipulation) but I don't know why it was necessary and don't see what sort of roll or reason why the vong would try to do in Bakura...unless they are trying to get species to fight eachother to save resources, but it doesn't fit in with the vong motif. And why would they want to help the Sii-ruuvi anyways? They are polar opposites - Vong = organic only no machinery, Sii-ruuvi = souls working machines and their dependance on technology and engineering.

Why do I have a sneaky hunch that Droma is the man behind the Ryn movement...

I was actually hoping Jag would do himself in. I really wish all the main characters in the star wars universe would stop marrying into the powerful family lines. Its starting to feel like the duke of york is marrying or will marry the princess of spain. All these powerful, galactic background families are hooking up. Besides I've never been overly impressed with Jag anyways, not to mention the Soontir family is already tied to galactic history more due to wedge, and his wife being a an ex-holodrama star... let Jania fall for some other pilot or scruffy pirate like her mom did. Don't hook her up with a stuffy flat character ace flyboy. They are way to similar and its not interesting or compelling to read about those two. I hope Jag dies off or goes back his chiss roots, or jaina comes to her senses.

Jacen has it right. A smart nobody in Dani, nothing flashy with her, no galactic pedigree, no famous father or parent.

Heck even Anakin was on the right road with Tahri...

El Chuxter
05-22-2003, 06:27 PM
So you think Droma's this "mysterious" Ryn leader, too? I guess it's a little too transparent, eh?

Sidiously Darth
05-22-2003, 08:27 PM
Hey El & Tjov, have either of you read The Truce at Bakura? That gives a lot of history and insight to the Ssi-ruuk. I liked the book and I'm looking forward to the 3rd. I, too, would like a little more time in the Unknown/Chiss regions. I'm sure we'll find out some more with the 3rd book and when the Outbound Flight related books come out.

05-22-2003, 10:25 PM
Originally posted by Sidiously Darth
Hey El & Tjov, have either of you read The Truce at Bakura? That gives a lot of history and insight to the Ssi-ruuk.

Yup, did a high school book report on it.

I still have no idea why the vong would be interested in the Ssi-ruuk. They are abomination to their belief system and I'm suprised they haven't tried to smash them yet.

Taking souls or life essence and plunking it into a machine. The vong would never hear of such a thing.

I was actually hoping to see the vong and ssi-ruuk go at it a little while back and was wondering why they weren't introduced sooner in this fight.

El Chuxter
05-23-2003, 02:12 PM
I did read Truce at Bakura, many years ago when it first came out. Like Refugee, it wasn't a bad read, but it's sorta like eating Oreo's: good at the time, but afterwards you still want more. The idea of non-humanoid aliens who go around taking prisoners to power their spaceships is an awesome one. But the books they've appeared in haven't been quite as awesome.

With all the references to the New Republic and the Chiss sending campaigns against the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium shortly after Truce at Bakura, I'd like a novel (or, better yet, a comic with lots of pretty pictures) about that little war-within-a-war.

05-23-2003, 02:27 PM
It could happen at some point. We got Tattoine Ghost, so they can still give us some novels from that time period.

I still have started this one yet, I'm still going through the Approaching Storm..

Bel-Cam Jos
06-15-2003, 06:07 PM
Ugh. I think I still know why I don't like the NJO, but it's too eerily like my own teaching style at times. Have some idea how to end things up, but not a clear path to get there. The only parts I liked were the last 80 pages or so. Only then did I understand the title; I guess Tahiri and Zonoma S. are the refugees. I do not look forward to the third book, especially if, as tjovonovich said, the "chapters" are around 100 pgs each! :frus: Grr!