View Full Version : Where's the speeders & the spider ?

05-10-2003, 09:52 PM
Gone ?

I wonder where are the AF Speeders & Spider. Originally the wave 5, but now the wave 5 includes : Mon Cal cruiser, JSF, Blue A-wing. The yellow and green speeders and the Homing spider droid have disapeared from all retailers listings. Delayed ???
Some of our buddies at Hasbro were working these past few months on a Batman Action Fleet collection... for nothing : Hasbro lost the Batman license (but on the other hand, they won the Disney license) last month. Any chances to see a few pictures of the work ?

to finish, I heard a rumor the EP.3 AF's are already on the work... I hope the rumored AF Anakin's modified starfighter will not be as ugly as the 3,3/4" one... :dead: Looks like a GI Joe toy... (something like a "fun fair Simpson starfighter"). Who made the drawings ??? (Hey, Beware !!! Don't do anymore drawings like that or Mr Vader, you know : the strong guy with a black helmet, will cut your hands !!! And you know how easy it is to lost a hand in the SW universe...).
Hey Mr Mc Quarrie, Johnston or even Chris Foss and Ronnie Cobb please come back !!!:evil:

I like to shake the knife in the wound : where are the micro-figures ? :cry:

05-12-2003, 05:46 AM
It is odd, I always took Wave 5 to being the 'Speeder' wave, with the craft you've mentioned, and I'm SURE they were slated for April/May release. But there appears to be no word of them, can't preorder them either, which I thought is odd.

Now, it seems on many boards, Wave 5 is the Mon cal wave, and you can now pre order it at at least one web retailer. Anyone got any answers? I would personally prefer to get the mon cal wave first, as the speeder wave didn't really seem that intereting, but thats just me :D