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05-15-2003, 12:47 PM
I am trying to find out where we should have this item in our Collectors Database. Do you consider this item to be a variation of "Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight" or should it be its own item item since it was an exclusive and it has "Theater Edition" on it?

05-15-2003, 01:11 PM
I'd say it should be an exclusive. I would have loved to get one of these at the theatre, but maybe one day I'll win one on eBay.

05-15-2003, 02:07 PM
It will be labeled as an exclusive but that's not how you find it in the CDB. You CAN search by exclusives using the Advanced Search.

05-15-2003, 03:04 PM
aren't Toy Fair Vader and Jorg Sacul both just in the Action Figures > Basic setion in the Saga Collection? based on that precident, basic figure is the first place I'd look for Luke in POTF2.

05-15-2003, 03:51 PM
Correct seth but THEN what do you look for? Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight or Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (Theater Edition)?

05-15-2003, 05:07 PM
List it on the Luke Jedi Knight figure in POTF2 as a variation or describe it as "exclusive". Make a link titled "Theater Edition Exclusive". And describe some differences along with information about the figure. I agree with seth, I would look for it in basic figures first.

05-15-2003, 06:19 PM
I was going to say: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) - Theater Edition Exclusive , but I was just browsing the dbase for other examples of precident, and now I don't know if you just added it or if that's the way it always was, but the way it's listed with all the other Lukes in potf2 > figs > basic. seems totally fine to me.

maybe you could add an exclusives category to the main list, that includes all the true exclusives (theater luke, fair vader - yes, target/wmart etc. - no) and simply link each listing to it's current place in the dbase.

Rogue II
05-15-2003, 07:18 PM
I like it the way it currently is in the database...just stacked in there with the rest of the Luke Jedi Knight figures.

05-15-2003, 07:35 PM
You can do a search for all exclusives in the advanced search. I currently have it:

Hasbro/Kenner > POTF2 > Action Figures - Basic > Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (Theater Edition)

05-16-2003, 01:53 PM
Sounds like a perfect fit to me! ;)