View Full Version : My thoughts on my new aquisitions....

05-17-2003, 07:03 AM
Picked up a couple of new items (FINALLY), both from retail and on-line stores this past week. I have mixed feelings on them...

Sandtrooper 4-packs...Had these been individually carded figures I saw in a store I would have passed on all of them. I picked up 2 sets and the paint jobs just plain suck, 3 of them to the point where I will probably be re-painting them myself when I get a chance. Great job there on QC Hasblows!!!

Han & Chewie...pleasantly surprised by Han, upset by Chewie. I should note that I found on of the "destroyed" cases where ALL the figures were just mangelled beyond belief. I open my figs so the packaging didn't really matter. If I was a carded collector I would have been very dissappointed to have finally found ANYTHING new at retail and have it be this. I liked the Han, decent figure. The Chewie WOULD have been really nice execpt that the mask is NOT removeable, the bowcaster is WAY oversized,obviously for the action feature, and the mynock is soft translucent plastic that I was really unimpressed with. I did very much like the fact that this was the first Chewie I have seen that didn't look like he has a beer-belly.

Jango Fett deluxe...the collum, when extended and rotated so that the metal plate isn't showing looks great next to the Slave 1. The figure has big magnets on his forearms to stick to the metal plate which just screw up the figure. At first I thought the helmet was removable but it isn't. The helmet is soft plastic which Hasblows glued onto the head, but didn't do anything to hide the figures chin and bare neck. The "flying" feature is again something that needs to be practiced with to get right. Unfortunately I'm much to busy watching my grass grow to do this right now.

Obi-Wan...a pretty good figure. It looks like they made some adjustments to the figure's left hand after they took the picture for the package. It doesn'e have that huge hole for the air to come out, it's just a small slit I can live with. The hole in the back of the arm for the air tube is huge, but being on the rear of the figure is not easily noticed. I think it's a nice figure, IMO the best EII Obi Wan yet. The right arm is ball jointed and is very manueverable. The lightsaber is a little too translucent for me, almost clear with just a hint of blue. Hey, didn't I read a while back that we were supposed to be getting some new style of lightsaber this year? The collum that comes with Obi is ok, not as nice as Jango's to display.

Spider Droid...already being discussed on another forum. I agree with what is being said there. Take away the stupid walking feature and put in the regular assortments (not deluxe at $10) and this would have been a damn near perfect figure.

SBD Builder.... .... .... .... .... .... ... .... .... ....I suppose the press itself will look fine connected to my ever growing assembly line. My biggest problem is that I personnaly didn't like the Droid factory sceen and will never display a factory line. I gave the Play-doe to my daughter, she probably got more enjoyment from this set than I did just for that. I got this as part of a set on-line. I did also get lucky and see this in a store and passed on it. If I didn't get the set I wouldn't buy the thing ever. Why doesn't Hasblow have someone who actually likes Star Wars have any input on the line? I know the standard response is that this is a kids line and you need to keep the kids happy with action features. I NEVER see kids buying this stuff at stores. I personally now about a dozen boys aged 4-12 and NONE of them buy anything from the line at all.