View Full Version : R2-D2 with Holo Leia Up to Trade!

05-18-2003, 02:40 PM
Hello all!
I have an extra R2 with Holo leia up for trade only. I'm looking for
any of the new figures (SAGA) from the most recent release.
I'll take a 2 for one trade (two new figures for this one) since
the R2 holo is going for twice as much as the store cost.
You pay shipping to me and I'll pay shipping to you (None of this
sending money orders or paypal stuff. let's be cool about the
P&H stuff). Anyone Trading? Let me know. I also have some
other stuff I'mm willing to trade :
Tatooine Showdown Cinema Scene, EP1 R2-A6 12". I'll psot some other stuff when I look through the extras (which I have a ton of!).