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05-20-2003, 10:22 PM
Firing Range
To improve upon their markmanship skills at handling the blasters, all stormtroopers and biker scouts go to the firing range. Targets are randomly shown either as regular bulls-eye or as dummies depicting various species that are deemed sympathetic to the rebellion.

Briefing Room
All blasters are checked at the door in the briefing room before any discussion of the stormtrooper unit assignment begins. The Imperial officers in charge of disseminating information reiterate the responsibilities of the unit which are above and beyond their personal concerns.

You can find them at my homepage. (http://www.acpinlac.com/Home.html)

05-20-2003, 11:38 PM
ACPin, I imagine your house being full of lego peices. Those are some awesome customs! I especially like being able to drag my mouse across the picture and getting another angle of your custom masterpieces.

05-23-2003, 08:13 AM
Thanks and I've essentially taken over more than half of the basement with my collection. Unfortunately I can't display them all out so most go back into storage boxes after I'm done shooting the pics.