View Full Version : The 4 New deluxe sets

05-22-2003, 06:41 PM
I know obi and jango are showing up in stores, But I was at KEBco yesterday and they have obi, jango, spider droid, and super battle droid builder all in stock for immediate delivery. They have obi and jango for I think $10.49 each and I forget the other two sets prices. They have the super B Droid and spider in both mint and non mint. The non mint super battle droid was like $9 and something I ordered obi and Jango. with shipping it was $30 and something cents. I just thought I.d tell everyone. It is cheaper than most sites and is a good safe way to get em. There was only a few left though when you click the pic, ther was like 9 jango and 5 obi. So, if you need em, thats a good place and pretty cheap. and it will save you from doing what I've been doing. LOOKING IN STORE AND NOT FINDIN ANYTHING. except Masters of the Universe. Its come to my attention that every store has atleast 32 He-Mans