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El Chuxter
05-29-2003, 01:36 PM
I ordered the paperback collection of this series, and it arrived last night. My hopes were high, but my expectations low for this series. Thankfully, it outlived my expectations by a long shot.

Though I thought a definitive origin was a huge mistake (as did most of Marvel, judging from the foreward and afterwords), the story gave me a new appreciation for Jam--I mean, Logan.

Rather than sing the praises of this story, which I could do for quite some time, I want to point out a few things I noticed during my first read that weren't addressed (and I'm assuming intentionally) and get some thoughts from fellow Wolvie fans as to what they mean.

When Rose bursts in on James' mother, she definitely has three claw marks down her back. And when she sees James' claws, her immediate reaction is, "Not again! Not you, James!"

What's going on here? It looks to me like Mrs Howell (did I get the last name right?) had some sort of run-in with some other claw-popping mutant in the past, and that's what drove her to the edge of insanity. It was something very bad, so bad that rather than have "Dog" Logan arrested and hanged, she'd rather commit suicide than face the fact that James has claws.

I doubt it was the often mentioned dead older brother, or at least he's not the one who left those scars. Those were left by an adult.

There's definitely some sort of something-something going on between Mrs Howell and the elder Logan. (The least subtle indication of this is when he goes to "kidnap" her and merely has to say, "It's me.") This brings up a major question about James' parentage. Both Logans have the distinctive Wolverine look, which James grows into later on. Aside from the obvious ("Let's make the readers think they know which one's Wolvie and surprise them!"), there must be a reason for this resemblance.

IMHO, Rose didn't know how right she was when she signed James up for the labor camp under the name Logan.

If this is the case, do Wolvie's powers come from his mother's side or his father's side? One theory I came up with, especially after seeing how savagely Dog is rendered in the final battle, is that both the elder Logan and Mrs Howell carry an X-gene. James gets the claws from his mother and the healing factor and instincts from his father.

There are a gazillion psychotic mutants running around with healing factors. There's only one I can think of with naturally occurring retractable claws. One surviving Howell and who-knows-how-many relatives of the Logans. Perhaps the eldest Howell son was killed by his mother when he first manifested his claws, and this drove her nuts. (Or maybe he lost too much blood from extending them.) The second boy, James, fathered by Logan, also had a healing factor, which combined made him Wolverine.

Then there's the boy known only as "Dog." I'm not sure without double-checking if his last name is even definitively given as Logan, though Logan is unquestionably his father. Three nasty slashes across his face during adolescence, at roughly the same age most mutants first manifest their powers. Within a couple of years, he has nearly doubled in size, his hair has lightened considerably, and the gashes have reduced to thin scars. It's possible his healing factor is manifesting itself. (Wolvie's own bruises at this point took days, not minutes, to heal, so the claw wounds not completely healing over is possible with a not-quite fully developed healing factor.) He doesn't have claws whatsoever, though.

During the fight in town between James and Dog, Dog takes on a very savage appearance. He looks in one panel exactly like a nasty mutant with a healing factor but no claws who's long been known to have some connection to Wolverine's early past. Given that he's still alive in the end and that we've always known the two have bad blood from way back (most likely involving a redhead somehow) between them, I don't think it's too farfetched to say that "Dog" grew up to become Sabertooth.

And talk about your memory lapses. . . Wolverine has at least two major losses of memory we know of. When he first used his claws, something made him lose his memory and become more savage. I would imagine the shock of being bonded to adamantium would be even more than the shock of finding out you have claws, so it looks like "naked Logan running around Canada" was some sort of involuntary self-preservation technique on Wolvie's part rather than a side effect of the bonding as we've always thought. It would explain why Sabertooth and others who have been bonded with adamantium have less memory loss, if any.

It's also possible, since Sabertooth now seems to have fake memories that he takes as the gospel truth, that Wolverine's seeming insanity and subsequent blocking out of the Weapon X project, if a survival tactic, saved Wolverine from accepting false memories that may have been implanted and not taken hold.

Man. . . funny how a series designed to answer the questions we had before does so, but leaves new questions. :)

Eternal Padawan
05-29-2003, 01:57 PM
It's been a few months since I read this but I was under the impression the three scars on Dog's face were recieved on the night of John Howlett's murder. James/Logan lashed out and caught him in the face.

I think Mrs. Howlett (It's HOWLETT El Chuxter. HOWLETT. Mrs Howell was trapped with Gilligan...) saying "Not again..." is indeed referring to their freakish first son. Whether he died or was killed for being different is ambiguous. And I definitely thought James was Logan's son and not John Howlett's. At some other point, Logan says "Howlett doesn't know how to take care of his woman..."

I wondered about the Dog/Sabretooth connection. I see no reason to leave it purposefully vague like that. If it was Sabretooth, then they would have suggested it more concretely. Sabretooth's name last time I checked was Victor Creed. Of course, that could be an alias.

This series begs a sequel. Logan in the Orient?

El Chuxter
05-29-2003, 02:15 PM
Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
It's been a few months since I read this but I was under the impression the three scars on Dog's face were recieved on the night of John Howlett's murder. James/Logan lashed out and caught him in the face.

Sorry if I wasn't clear about that. I know these scars were inflicted by James Howlett. (Howell? D'oh, was that a screw-up or what?) They have healed remarkably well in the ensuing few years. The guy should've made Freddy Krueger look handsome.

The scars I was referring to are on Mrs Howlett's back when Rose bursts in on her (after knocking like she was told to, though everyone in the room seems to ignore that fact). She hides them quickly and yells at Rose to never breathe another word.

I'm going to have to check whether Dog is actually referred to as anything other than "Logan's boy." Since there's no woman in the picture (aside from Mrs Howlett, of course), it's possible he was born out of wedlock and has a different last name. A servant with a nasty disposition suddenly finding a young boy dumped in his lap, so to speak? I don't think it's too far out in left field to say the boy was born with the name Victor Creed but his father loathes him too much to call him anything other than "Dog" or "boy."

If it's vague, then we still wonder about one aspect of Wolvie's past, his relationship with Sabertooth. Discounting possibly fake memories, we know for a fact their feud dates back to the 1800s and somehow involves the death of a woman Wolvie held dear. We also know that Sabertooth wrongly believed at one time (if he doesn't still) that he was Wolverine's father. Maybe the Weapon X project screwed up his mind just enough to mix up the facts.

Another thing we don't know, which likely holds a lot of the answers we're going to look for for years to come, is what went on in Dog's life between the night of Howlett's murder and his being sent to find James. He's not only doubled in size, but apparently become a bounty hunter and/or tracker to be reckoned with. . . and seems to be close enough to Grandpa Howlett to maybe know more of what's going on.

A sequel definitely needs to be produced. Or, better yet, an ongoing anthology-style title focusing on episodes from Logan's untold adventures prior to Incredible Hulk 181 by different (top-notch, of course) creative teams.

We can assume he spent some time more or less in a feral state after Origin. He next pops up in the Pacific Northwest of the US in around the 1880s-1890s in a (not very good) tale from Marvel Comics Presents. He uses knives, not claws. Why? The obvious reason is the writer didn't know about the bone claws. The retroactive explanation could be that Smitty's words, that no one can truly live alone, finally sink in and he wants to rejoin society but knows that claws probably won't go over well with most folks.

When's he pop up next? World War II, right? And then little or nothing until the Weapon X Project? Lots of room for more stories in there, and I'm sure Wolverine's the type who'd hunt down adventure if it didn't come to him.

Eternal Padawan
05-29-2003, 02:45 PM
When does the flashback in Wolverine #10 take place?

I still remember the note Sabretooth left him on his birthday.

"Nobody gets to kill you but me. Especially today."

And I still get confused by all the SilverFox references. Did she turn out to be completely fabricated by the Weapon X program?

Eternal Padawan
06-05-2003, 10:27 AM
Right. After rereading this the other day and seeing the beginning of a century long feud between Logan and Sabretooth (assuming Dog is really Victor Creed) which includes some pretty serious tussles like the one in Morlock Massacre, then seeing the lacklustre exchange between the two in the restroom of the Hellfire Club in (N)XM 142, I was let down. These two would just as soon rip each other's intestines out than be in the same STATE together. But instead they drain their weasels less then six inches from each other. BULLSH..aving cream.

If this Weapon Plus storyline pans out and Logan finds out his true history (or at least part of it) I hope he goes after Sabretooth HARDCORE. We need a good Wolvie/Sabey tussle...

Eternal Padawan
08-07-2003, 10:19 AM
Instead of a sequel to Origin, they are going to do a "Last Wolverine Story" later this year. They said no immediate plans for a true Origin sequel yet, but they think it will probably happen.