View Full Version : I got 2003 saga figures. Maybe I can help you!

06-03-2003, 08:39 PM
I recently got some shipments of the new figures. Everything from aayla to bariss, yoda and chian, and Every other cool thing. I have a post on the classifieds. So take a look at that or e-mail me with what you need. I now have all the figures up to date and maybe with all the doubles I have I can help you guys get what your wanting. They are really hard to find, but I have a bunch. So let me know. My e-mail is keithfite@cs.com
I try to sell them fair and if you have MOC figs I may make some deal, But I just thought Id let you know about the post on the classifieds. I dont know how many actually look there so I was trying to get the word out
let me know what you need. Thanks