View Full Version : Blue Battle Droids (pilots) for $1.98; Gungan Sub Obi-Wan, Maul Attack Speeder

11-19-2001, 01:00 PM
I went out shopping today, for the third time after probably months. (San Diego, California)

Toys R Us has gotten tons of the Darth Maul Attack Speeder in stock. These are $4.97 (and Maul with cloth everything but a molded hood, doesn't look that great anyway - I left them where they sat - and there were 4 to a case, and tons of them).

The pilot droids (blue decale) with the baby tanks were $1.98 though, and I picked up 3 in case they ever make Dauldry Dofine, and the Controller. Another scene, by adding TC-14 and making Anakin fly past the window...

Obi-Wan with the Gungan mini-sub toy was there and also ringing up at $1.98. I passed on that one.

And I'm actually a little embarassed I bought the droids. I hate to throw out plastic, but everything but this barely poseable, stupid droid is getting thrown out. I don't have the space for this non-sense (nor the hope that we'll eventually get Capt. Dofine and his Niemoidian pilot - when Hasbro hits the bottom of the barrel, I guess. Lott Dodd is a little more useful as the Senate scenes are more exciting and involve more characters).

In any case, I only spent $6.20 I think, and I got 3 figures. It's cheaper than getting them if they release blue droids for Episode 2.

11-19-2001, 03:28 PM
cooooool im gonna be visiting their for christmas.........hopefully they will still have some........:D