View Full Version : Packaging is important

06-13-2003, 01:29 PM
Dear Hasbro,

Here's an issue I and many others have. The packaging.

Over the years their have been many different incarnations of the package design. Some worked better then others. But ultimately the one that worked the best was designed and marketed in the 1980's.

That's right! The classic figure cards were by far most impressive of all, and the reasons are pretty simple.

First off, Although many may disagree but the black and silver really stands out. Now, marketing majors who have spent four years going to college to get their degrees by attending marketing classes and puking on the weekend will tell you differently. However, you put that black and silver packaging next to bright, green and orange and I promise you it will stand out.

Second, and in my opinion most important is the use of photos of the individual figure on the card. This is great for both display purposes and helps kids and adults alike identify the figure as a real character. This was a practice heavily used in the 80's that has all but dissappeared since. And what a shame it is.

Also, it never hurt to flip the card around and see a wonderful checklist of what figures are available. It makes the whole concept of completing a toy line very desirable.

And finally, the card bubbles were form fitting to the figure that was in them. This was great for preventing a waste of space.

Well, here you have it. Sometimes going back in time to a simpler method is the better way to go.

My 2 cents