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06-16-2003, 11:07 AM
I am always interested in reading Adam's Q&A over at GH. I thought that his opinion on this topic was very interesting and it concerns me a great deal how they (and the retailers) are handling the line. Wanted to know everyone's opinion on the subject. Despite what Hasbro says, I believe that SW is already a collector-only-brand.

Q&A For June 16, 2003

1. Has anyone asked if Hasbro is aware of the frustration being felt by many collectors in regard to not being able to find new product? Or have they kept mum about it? I would think that they would peruse the collecting sights to get a feel for what collectors are doing and saying.

This is probably the most frequently asked question that doesn't feature the word "Tonnika" in it. For better or worse, Hasbro knows-- the problem here is the retaillers. If they won't order anything, Hasbro can't sell them anything. Word on the street has it orders on Star Wars are very low this year, which isn't surprising as TransFormers: Armada seems to be this year's Hasbro cash cow. At several points over the past few months, huge in-store displays of the robots in disguise show up on a Friday and are sold out by Sunday... very impressive stuff. Now, if this is because kids dig TFs more, or because there's simply no SW for customers to buy, I don't know and can't easily find out.

This might sound like a plug, but isn't intended as one-- at times like this, Internet stores are a real salvation. If stores aren't interested, Clone Wars might end up like the Battle Unicorn from Beast Machines, the final and very odd assortment of deluxe Jurassic Park III Dinosaurs, or that last series of GI Joe: A Real American Hero Collection two-packs. In other words, virtual online exclusives.

Stores have so little new Saga product, it's really quite amazing. Some have nearly no basic Saga figures at all, but in my neck of the woods, still have a lot of Power of the Jedi figures... namely Ellors Madak, Ketwol, and Bespin Guards. These figures really need to be blown out. While it would seem as if Star Wars is dead right now, it's not-- it's just being held back by the glut of old product (pre-E2 as well) in the system, and stores' apparent lack of faith in the brand. Hopefully this will improve prior to year's end, otherwise Star Wars will turn into a collector-only brand so fast it'll make your head spin.

06-17-2003, 12:47 PM
The problem is Hasbro is trying to make SW figs into kiddie toys with action figures and super sculpts. Take anakin hernia action that comes with the speeder bike. Hasbro is not paying attention to collectors with exception to a few small bones like Ephant. Until they make the product sellable again (that means releaseing stuff collectors want) Retailers will back off because they know that stuff like R2 factory is junk. It's up to hasbro to correct this but they have to acknowledge their errors and reinvent the line.