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06-20-2003, 12:04 AM
You know, we bought a lot of toys last year.

Some stuff you forget about; the newness wears off.

I still love looking at my Republic Gunships with all my Clones and Jedi and the fiery Padme Amidala aboard!

I can't help that because they take up my kitchen table along with my arena playset, so I see them every time I push some Clones out of my way so I can eat (eat the food, not the Clones).

But I love my Republic Gunships.

I'm only half as excited about the Shuttle Tyderium I bought (it's on the kitchen countertop on the other side of the sink since I still play with it a little and haven't been ready to hang it from the ceiling just yet).

But I have to admit, I haven't picked up my Jango Fett Slave-One as often as I used to. This was the vehicle I touted as my favorite ship toy from Episode 2. It probably still is. I mean the Gunships are more difficult to pick up, and I wish they had footpegs for the ante-room between the main hold and the cockpit because my Clone Captain always wants to fall out if I'm actually flying the ship).

But the Republic Gunship is just darn cool to look at!

I added one of the SaeSee Tiin explosion effects to a wing on each of my gunships, too. You can stick it in the slot on the wing right above the cargo compartments that open on the undersides, but the blast goes on the oppposite (top side) and it looks really cool (though it won't stay on tight because it wasn't designed for that).

Gonk 1979
06-20-2003, 01:19 AM
errr, your Shuttle Tyderium is in your kitchen....next to the sink!!!??? Dude, aren't you scared of damaging it during a dish wash or some cooking mishap? That's a mighty expensive toy to be next to the kitchen sinks of all places....

06-20-2003, 02:20 AM
There is Star Wars in every room in my apartment except the bathrooms. Even kitchen closets have scenes test-set in them so I know how many battledroids or Geonosians to buy.

There's no room for stuff any more, and most of my prequel stuff gets opened for the test-set, and then eventually (usually a year or more later) repacked in boxes to make room for new stuff.

Now the boxes are stacking up in my place.:rolleyes: I'm almost financially able to buy a house, but I don't have a lot of time to spend looking, and it's a busy time in my life at the moment, so that will be something that happens later on in summer or next fall.

Meanwhile, the shuttle with Han and Chewie is supposed to hang from my ceiling in my green room - Endor/Naboo stuff I mean (in the apartment and when I get the house).

But like I said: I haven't remembered to pick up hanging plant hooks and I also want the ship more accessable right now, so that per chance I want to play with it, it's not a hassel.

The water stays in the sink. I have a dishwasher, so I never fill up either side of my sink where water could get out. I also don't splash when I rinse dishes or fill my cats' water bowls.

Since it's Star Wars, any dirt or dust that could get on the ship will only make it look more realistic or authentic anyway ;)

But I really don't miss that $125. The ship was on my list for a long time, since I wanted it re-released, but I do own a vintage one for my Emperor's Arrival. So my 2nd ship just felt like a -thing-to-do-list-item, and it became available, and I pre-ordered it and waited for FAO to ship it.

I really didn't gather that much excitement from it. I look forward to the time when I get the right Luke and Leia figures to add to it (they don't make ones I'm currently satisfied with), and then that will be that. R2 (latest flying one), C-3PO (minted coin), and the beardless Endor Trooper are in the back. Leia will join them and Luke will sit behind Chewie and Han (actually on the ramp if we're talking the toy), and "sense Darth Vader watching him."

"I'm endangering the mission. I never should have come."

So, I also like the ship reachable until I "give up on Hasbro" that they are never going to make the Luke and Leia Endor with removeable helmets that I crave, any time soon, before I'm hanging the ship from my apartment ceiling, or positioning it up in my new house. Feasibly I'll be able to buy a home and move into it before Hasbro produces and releases Endor versions of these characters that I'm satisfied with. True statement unfortunately. I'd rather spend $10 confidently, then make a scary decision with a $500,000 mortgage (not that I'm paying cash for a home - that's even dumber).

In any case, life's a process to get past everything including the kitchen sink.

06-20-2003, 02:34 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
There is Star Wars in every room in my apartment except the bathrooms.


Except that I don't have toys in my kitchen. The SW in my kitchen is postcards, magnets and trading cards on the fridge.

I agree about the gunship. I have mine hanging just to the left of my monitor, w/ all AOTC Battle of Geo toys on my computer desk. I'm looking forward to getting the Clone Wars version. I'm not sure yet if I'll make it so they are flying in together like wingmen, or set it to the right side of monitor. If I set it to the right, then I'll mount the Saga figure poster and hang it just between the two.

06-20-2003, 05:17 PM
The gunship is surprisingly heavy (compared to the Falcon which I've already hung).

What type of fishing wire did you use to hang your gunship?

What's it say on the fishing line label? Place of purchase?

06-20-2003, 08:30 PM
Tycho- I hung my Gunships with fishing line. The wording on my spool of line reads "South Bend Fishing Line 20 lb Test / Monofilament / High Knot Strength." You can pick it up at most hunting / fishing stores I would imagine. I've also used it to hang several lava rocks around my Slave 1 and Jedi Starfighter to simulate asteroids for my chase display and some of those are much heavier than my gunships so it should suffice for any SW ships.

This is my favorite ship released in the Saga line so far. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my Imperial Shuttle but I bought 2 Gunships for less than half the price of that thing. I plan on buying at least one of the new Command Gunships in the new Clone Wars line as well. :D

06-20-2003, 08:32 PM
It's "Darice Top Quality Nylon Monofilament; great for crafting and jewelry. 8lb test, 100yds. Item #10005. www.darice.com"

As for where its from, no clue!

I've been using it to hang all my ships, Falcon, gunship, shuttle, action collection SD and Blockade Runner. Haven't had anything fall or break.

06-21-2003, 06:01 AM
If 2003 doesn't cough up some vehicles soon, I think I'm gonna end up naming the RGS as my 2003 vehicle choice in next January's SSG Best Of even though it was released in 2002. Since I found the RGS in January of this year, none of the upcoming vehicles for 2003 look all that great, and I'm still bothered by the high price on the Imp Shuttle, I'm leaning towards throwing my hat towards the RGS already even if I have to claim the CW repaint. The RGS isn't even close to my favorite SW vehicle, not even my favorite Ep 2 vehicle, but the toy gives a lot of room to put figures into it and it mounts the speederbike in the back and none of the spring-loaded weapons look stupid on it. Upon reflection, it's kinda sad that my reason it's the best vehicle is simply the amount of room it has - I guess that's where Jango's Slave I really drops the ball (even though, like Tycho, I named it Best Vehicle of 2002).

Now if I just had some normal-posed Clonetroopers to man it. Every figure I have in the main hold is in some extreme pose except Anakin HD, so the drop-out troop deck is totally worthless.

Padme Arena (wearing chain on left arm, firing weapon out of hold)
Ani HD (standing there with arms at sides looking kinda perplexed)
Preview Clonetrooper (aiming over the silly add-on turret ball)
Dlx Mace (wielding his lightsaber way out in front of him from the forward section of the hold)
Dlx Clonetrooper (holding red clone's gun in both hands down low)
Kit Fisto (using his lightsaber, his extreme pose, and his lightning smile to defend the gunship)
Obi-Wan Acklay (just got this figure, not many pose options, so he's holding his saber way down low in his right hand)
Red Clonetrooper (holding dlx clone's blaster, hiding towards the back trying not to get shot)
Clone Pilot x2 (2 clones in the cockpit seats, not terribly extreme)

06-21-2003, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by JediTricks
and I'm still bothered by the high price on the Imp Shuttle,

I ordered the Gamorrean Guard from kbkids.com last night and they had the Shuttle up for 99.99. Still expensive, but 20 less then FAO.

Kit Fisto (using his lightsaber, his extreme pose, and his lightning smile to defend the gunship)

I think Kit's smile works in a similar fashion as Wonder Womans bracelts, those blaster bolts just bounce right off!

06-22-2003, 10:37 AM
Ships displayed by the sink? Now thats a little strange. I thought having some stuff opened and displayed in my living room was bad, but my wife would have me commited for a display in the dish cabinets.

06-22-2003, 01:05 PM
Being single with no kids is freedom.

Of course, in the words of an ex-girlfriend (that no, I did not propose to) "who would marry a self-absorbed $#&@! like me?"

But you know, even if I married a SW fan who is as dangerous as I am, we'd probably split up after a lot of fights as to who was going to get to use the kitchen cabinets for their Star Wars figures!

My kitchen cabinets? I have the droid factory assembly line going across the lowest shelf for my dishes. The dishes start one shelf higher up - but it's just me: I don't need a lot of plates. 12 suffice in case I have company and I'm hardly ever using all of them before I run the dishwasher anyway (there are no SW toys in the dishwasher. I check for dianogas regularly).

My cereal cabinet has 4 scenes with custom Kir Kanos duking it out on top, the FX R2 meeting with Luke and Ben up on top (I need to spend some on Plex-glass shadowboxes so I can hang these on the walls in appropriate rooms, but then I'd just use those shelves for E2 or Clone Wars EU scenes anyway. Hey...there's something to do. I want room to set up a whole Kamino Cloning lab! I could free up my cereal cabinet!

[Tycho looks for the phone number to order wall hangers for his Crimson Empire scenes in his cereal cabinet]

Next shelf is Mrkyr. I used a craft house thing as a building facade, like they do when they don't build the whole house in the movies, and have Luke, Han, and Mara being captured by bikerscouts and stormtroopers, as Talon Karrde's men and Lando Calrissian aim sniper shots at Grand Admiral Thrawn's men to free the heroes, while R2D2 is prepared to launch Luke's lightsaber! It's a cool display. I liked putting Lando in the Lee-Harvey-Oswald position to assasinate my Imperial Officer like he was "Emperor Kennedy." Anyway, I have a beach-scene backdrop for this one, and it's cool for a California native to pose his Star Wars heroes at the beach. Recall New Hallyard City was on one of Myrkr's beaches, far from Karrde's headquarters in the jungle.

Wished I actually had a Karrde for this scene. GI Joe has put out almost the perfect figure now. The dark, long-haired dude with the goatee is almost a perfect Talon Kaarde (who had a little bit more grey in his hair). I think I'll pick that one up to be Karrde. I am concerned Hasbro will never make him.

Anyway, the shelf where my cereals are also holds my Max Rebo Band display. Leia in Boussh disguise is there "for the bounty on the Wookiee" in front of the band that plays with Solo frozen in carbonite behind them, along with Oola and Jabba's Dancers. I realize Oola was dead by that time, but I had to get her into one of my scenes, and my POV for my Jabba's Palace display was from the band's POV - so I didn't want to stare at the backs of such nice, original figures, so I took the Han carb and Rebo Band out of the Hutt Palace scene. That way you look directly down Luke Jedi's gun barrel as he threatens Jabba " You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me. I warn you not to underestimate my powers!!!"

Well, that stuff sound fun? It does to me. And it's only me. I only need 1 or 2 boxes of cereal in that cabinet, and a few cans of cat food. I can go back to the store and meet new women while I'm shopping if I run out of stuff. Plus, when I'm single, I get to flirt more if I eat out. So who needs dishes and a pantry full of stuff I'll never eat or use?

Teeska Mon Eebon
06-22-2003, 09:02 PM
I personaly have enjoyed all of the Saga ships so far but I have to say the Republic Gunship is my favorite out of them all... I dunno why, maybe it's size and accuracy (minus b-all turrets) but yes I still love this vehicle and am exited about the upcoming repaint!

Gonk 1979
06-24-2003, 01:06 AM
My wife and I have a 3 bedroom house, no kids, so each of us gets a room to design as he or she wishes. All of my SW stuff is in here, as well as the computer. I don't have any SW stuff in the rest of my house, as we have visitors often and I'd like to keep my collecting a secret with certain people. Tycho, I enjoy your posts, you are a cool dude, but maybe you should just keep your stuff in one room incase the time comes when you do meet up with a hot chick and bring her back to the pad. You don't want her having to go to the bathroom next to a dewback or something! SW collecting for me is cool, because I'm married and My wife actually got me started on collecting, but if I was single I wouldn't have my crap in every damn room! Talk about scaring a hottie off!

Anyways, I am a carded collector for now. I did a HUGE trade with a guy a few years back (won't say with what, will get me in trouble) but ended up getting one of every SW figure from 95-2000, so now I have doubles of EVERY figure from the neo-SW toys. When I buy a house I will open one complete set up and display and have one carded....

06-24-2003, 06:12 PM
Did you trade some hash or s-x for the figures?

06-24-2003, 06:55 PM
Girls, non-fans, and Star Wars

When I broke up with my 3 year girlfriend I'd met in my teenage years, SW was just about to come back (this was 1994).

I drew a picture of all my vintage stuff, but gave myself the quantities I'd actually would have wanted were I to have as much as saturation would allow (for diorama scenes with vintage).

I dreamt of a time when I could do something, acquire a hobby or something, where my happiness was complete and I did not depend on any other person.

In my isolation, i became totally comfortable with who I was again.

I'd tried so hard to be a great boyfriend for my girl before, I was sick of pleasing other people. I also learned not to chase women. They will come to me. I'm attractive, moving places in life, and I am self-made and making money. I can also make them do what I want. What they will want is to go or stay. That's their choice.

I imagine for a girl with taste and sophistication, I'm a good catch. But the choice to stay has been one that the more recent girls in my life have failed at. They were unhappy because they didn't know how to make themselves happy. It is not my responsibility, whether I am their boyfriend or not.

But my home is for me alone.

Star Wars is a large part of me.

Therefore, my home can be all Star Wars, if done tastefully, and in moderation - i really don't want stuff in my cereal cabinets or on the kitchen sink, but adjustments will now cost me a) Time b) real estate c) money for custom display boxes that fit my scenes, and d) more time to measure those scenes and process the custom ordering.

Now I'm in politics, probably deeper than almost anyone on this site. I have my public image and I have plenty of non-fans and girlfriends I associate with just like any other "normal person."

Many times, a girl or another person I might become friends or business associates with sees what I've got going on with my career, my hobbies outside of SW like my sports, my past times out on the water, etc. and they want me to become more involved in THEIR lives.

But why am I happy? I live my own life - with no appologies. They think they know me, but if they come over and see all my stuff, sure they'll be shocked. But they'll have to decide to be open or close-minded about what I do in my home and reconcile that with what they think they admire about how I live my life and conduct my public business.

They cannot say: This guy doesn't get to do what he wants.

That's because I always find a way to do exactly what I want, or I spend years working on it.

Girls come and go. The one I might be even tempted to marry, will stay, unconditionally. Believe me, some have tried. :rolleyes: But I also don't just "hang out." I like a gf to travel with, do stuff with, hold in my arms and talk to at night. But at home I dream up new development projects and start planning phase processes on them. I read books. I contact political allies and assess how votes will fall.

I don't watch TV (Smallville, Star Trek, The Shield excepted), and I don't like to have conversations that don't have any relevance to achieving my goals. A girl that will most likely stick, will be one trying to use me for my connections and allying her own ambitions with mine. She will most likely not only be interested in the same fields, but might be an entertaining rival one day. If the relationship does't take, I might look forward to crushing her heart twice. It'd be a small target if the relationship didn't take anyway. There's 2 or 3 new challenges to amuse myself.

Anyway, I do have occasion to date a hottie little law school student who asks me to let her join in when I deal with people in the City Attorney's office, or certain politicians. She's been wonderful to me and my family when my mother died recently, but she's not about sitting, drinking, gossiping, dreaming. She intends to become a senator one day, and I know she's smart enough to figure out how to do it.

She likes SW movies, but thinks I'm just a cute kid with my toys. I see her admire, older, more powerful men. And they would like to USE HER for her obvious physical attributes - never mind that they are married.

She doesn't care because she'll lose me when she meets someone that can advance her career more. But she's cautious, because if she strays, i'm likely to find out about it.

On the opposite end, the San Diego State cheerleader I used to have hanging around, thinks I am too self-absorbed and that I don't put enough time into my relationships.

All I can say is that she is not as ambitious as I am, so I don't expect her to be able to fully be an important part of my life. She's hanging at parties, I'm gathering the funds to throw the parties, but invite the people that will benefit my career, not my ego. My ego is defined by how far I advance my ambitions, and only I know my ambitions, so I have nothing to converse with others about it in that area unless you have something to offer me with which we can make a deal. Most information I have is valuable - at least locally around here. That's why I'm paid as a consultant.

In short, the girl that wants to lounge around when not on a planned vacation, but rather as a planned lifestyle, will find (if it's me) that her boyfriend is never around. I'm in the bigger game without her.

The other girl that wants to use me will find I'm a dangerous adversary.

The one that legitimately likes me for who I am, knows me, and wants to help me (would be my wife) and I have never met her yet.

So for hoping to please the one that does not exist, it is not worth it for me to have a "normal, non-Star Wars house." Let everyone else do that. I've moved beyond them anyway and won't let the ones ahead of me control me either. It'll just be a matter of time until I can push them out of my way.

But they'll never encroach their values or sense of "normality or comfort" on my house!

They're the ones that need to get a life - or one day they will find that I run theirs!

Gonk 1979
06-25-2003, 11:42 PM
....dude, I think you've lost your mind. Do you think your like a "senator" from Naboo or something, because I don't think you can count that as being in politics. :rolleyes: You sure do seem to have alot of time on your hands to write your life story down in the SirSteveGuide forums! Anyways, all I'm saying is that having a Star Wars collecting hobby is cool as long as you don't cross the line between a simple "hobby" and an "obsession", and having star wars toys in every damn room, including the kitchen sink, seems that someone's taking it just a step too far! Just chill out brutha! The only time I tried bringing my "toys" out of their designated space was when i got the Luke/Obi Wan Unleashed wave last week (they so rock!), but then I was like "errr, no" because I mean, if my house is a representation of myself, and all my star wars toys are in one room then that means thats one part of me, whereas the rest of my home represents other parts of me. When a hobby gets out of control and starts branching out, like into OTHER parts of the house, like say THE KITCHEN SINK, I know its gone too far. YOU KNOW IT"S GONE TOO FAR WHEN THE THINGS YOU OWN START OWNING YOU!!!

06-26-2003, 02:13 AM
I've gotta disagree.

You need to do what makes you happy. Period.

I said before that I don't have my collection all over to the extreme that Tycho has, but I'm not going to change it b/c I want to have a girl over. I've been seeing a girl for the last year and she hasn't voiced any problems w/ my collection. And if she did, she knows where the door is.

It's the same as a girl asking, no telling, you to not hang out w/ a certain friend. It's not that you can't care for someone else as much as you do your toys or SW or whatever. I'm reminded of the Grinch (btw I've had quite a few drinks tonight), but the heart can keep growing and growing.

Just like you said that having one room for your SW toys was one part of you, the sw toys are only one aspect of why I like SW.

If someone can't accept me for all of me then they're only limiting themselves.

Now I'm taknig my drunkenness to bed.

06-26-2003, 03:40 AM
First of all ...

Originally posted by dr_evazan22
Now I'm taknig my drunkenness to bed.

Second ... the Gunship IS great. Last night I surprised my son and hung his up in his room from the ceiling ... full of soldiers. He was happy 'cause it made him feel like he was displaying something he liked and I simply thought how cool it looked hanging there. Wal-Mart has these ceiling hooks that lag in and then the hook slides onto a kind of pivoting button (see pic below.). Way better looking than those "fancy" looking hooks. We also used white clothes line to hang it (safety first with the kids.)

Third ... Tycho, do whatever you want with your life and your hobby. Don't fake being something you're not for the sake of a relationship. "The one I might be even tempted to marry, will stay, unconditionally." Well, you'll die single if you don't make some concessions for the sake of the relationship, but what's most important is that you find someone who really shares your interests, loves and even a few of your wild obsessions. So, do whatever you want for now. If you find someone worth making a fuss over, then you can start worrying about where to put your toys. If they're worth it, you probably wont have to worry too much.

Third and a half ... kids make a great excuse for buying and having even more toys around.

06-26-2003, 06:30 PM
Originally posted by dr_evazan22
I've gotta disagree.

You need to do what makes you happy. Period.

Well said.

Unfortunately most people don't learn this until later in life and sometimes not even then. Never compromise who you are because you only get one shot at life, so enjoy it. ;)

06-28-2003, 07:17 PM
Tycho, you might find a helmetless Leia in endor gear by using the POTJ Leia General and the speeder bike Leia's poncho...though I suspect you've tried this already and weren't satisfied.Would I be correct on that count? that particular figure is too tall and the legs aren't posed well for a sitting position if thats what your going for.

Anyway thats what I've done to get a helmetless Leia endor for an endor scene. Actually I wish I had the endor attack playset for it because I'm going for the endor capture of the rebels bit and all I have is the 1995 ATST, the POTJ ATST, a measly one commtalk stormtrooper, one death star trooper, an out-of-context death star gunner and grand moff tarkin, a few crap munchkin stormtroopers from '95, and not a single POTJ scout trooper. Army building is just not an option for Irish collectors. I've been collecting since '95 and yet have managed to miss too many great items. Aaargghh. :mad:

06-29-2003, 04:01 AM
Wow! This thread is about everything: gunships, shuttles, girls, home decorating, lifestyles, self-concepts, Leia Endor figures... truly an amazing aspect of these forums. There's so much we can discuss.

I hope I catch up to everything I've not responded to here, but let me know if I miss something you offered the conversation. It's late and I just got back from half a week in Las Vegas, so it's gotta affect me. But here goes:

LEIA ENDOR: I didn't do the custom because I do like the Millennium Minted figure, and used her inauthenticness in my shield bunker scene out of just liking that figure and wanting to display her. However, she was far from what Hasbro could do right. The vintage (VINTAGE) had a gun that sheaved in the holster, a removeable cloth poncho, and a removeable helmet and a removeable utility belt. THE VINTAGE. Granted the likeness to Leia was far from good, but that's exactly why I hope Hasbro will do better, and CARD her. So as occasion came up to get 1 more Leia than I'd planned for, back in the day when Coin figures and speederbikes were plentiful, I am choosing to wait and hope. The older figures I might customize do not cost a lot on the secondary market, so I have plenty of time to wait. But let us all hope!

But Devo, it still sounds like you could make a pretty nice diorama - with perhaps your theme being "appreciating your individual figures" rather than army building for authenticity (and expenses and loss of display space). There are trade offs, but advantages for any disadvantages for each and every way you can go about displaying the spoils of your collecting hobby.

Hellboy: as to doing what makes YOU happy in life, and most people not getting this until too late in life - SO TRUE! Most people don't identify or dismiss and deny what they want to do to indulge themselves in life, and they hold that back from their spouses, too. Then they divorce later when "their spouse suddenly changes into a new person that they can't keep up with." They didn't change. They realized who they always were and stopped caring about pleasing their betrothed because they'd been doing that through years of complaining, trying to accomodate their partner, while never communicating with that partner exactly what it is that they really want. That is not to say that couples should not compromise and balance things 50-50 to be true loving partners. However, I don't see a way to leave the negotiating table satisfied with what you got in a compromise, when you didn't first lay out all that you really wanted.

I think some people are afraid that others won't like their fully-self-indulged personalities.

I think that's hokie and your friends and spouse should really learn to know who you really are, and who you dream to become if you had even every WISH granted you - and before you marry that person. That way they should help you, deal with anything that troubles them about you, and really know if they should be invovled with you. If that girl or dude was truly going to marry you, they STILL WOULD anyway, even considering what they don't like about you. No one is perfect or a perfect personality match for the girl of their dreams, etc. Everyone can become an honest communicator, a great listener, and a fair compromiser, and those are honestly quality characteristics of a girl I'd hope to be in love with - so I'd think she'd want the same from me.

That being said...

GONK posted very good points. I don't disagree with what he said, as it applies to HIM. I think Gonk is probably very self-confident and in control of his life. His words are well-chosen with strength and conviction behind them that seem to eminate this. I don't think he would have posted his opinion if he was hiding his collection from others he was afraid would judge him. I get that impression from what he posted, even though he disagrees with me about how I display my collection. However, Gonk DOES NOT WANT STAR WARS ALL OVER HIS HOUSE and that is the difference. I don't think he compromised anything, or is nervous about anyone else's opinion. He just might appreciate the advantages of not having to explain his collection to those who don't feel as strongly about Star Wars as he does (that is feeling strongly enough about it to collect memorobilia like the figures). Somebody else who does what he does (just 1 SW room) might be nervous about what others think, or what a girl thinks though. That's a point I'd like to make. But I think Gonk is just clearly honest and mindful of his own tastes and like I said, he DOES NOT WANT Star Wars positioned all over his house - and I do want it all over my house (though I said before that I want a bigger house and my collection spread further out all over it (and less concentrated and definitely out of the closets and kitchen pantries!) )

Now Gonk, I hear what you say and thank you for your concern: about what a girl might think if brought her home to my overgrown-with-SW-home. It's a valid point that is foremost in my mind WHEN I'M CONTINUING TO MOVE FORWARD WITH MY GOAL TO BUY A LARGE 5-BEDROOM HOUSE. Each room can have 1-2 themed wall cases, and a hanging ship or two, thus hardly overdone or as crowed in as my present collection is right now. I think spacing stuff out gives it breathing room to be appreciated too, so it does not look so cluttered as say, KB Toys does right now, but individual scenes could be appreciated all by themselves. So long as I'm not married and all my rooms in my place are totally mine, I can do this. The compromise I spoke of before could come later. Right now, I am going to buy that house I want this year. No matter who I meet, I will not be married this year! I would certainly wait a while and see where my relationship was with someone for maybe 5 years or longer before I decide I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Since I don't think I've even met her yet - the house is all mine for Star Wars - and for at least 5 years. Right now, that's good enough for me. Just give me the chance to set it up, and then I'll have you over. It will be cool and hardly as inconvenient or crowded out as my current place. That's one of my dreams I'm working to realize - so back to what I first said: I'm just being fully forthcoming with that.

06-29-2003, 07:03 AM
I hear ya, the Gunship is my favorite 2002 vehicle. Although I don't play with it as much as I'd like, I was able to slightly display it. I've got it set up on a stand near my desk where I have my Geonosis battle set up. I've got all my Clones near the edge of the desk so I like to think of it has it's a cliff and the Gunship just dropped'em off. :D

I'll attach a pic in a bit of my Geonosis diorama, while the Gunship isn't shown hopefully it'll give some thoughts into a diorama set up for others.

Edit: Ok here it is, I added in some lightsaber glows and whatnot in Photoshop to give it effect. :D

Ignore the LEGO Jedi Starfighter, POTJ hanging figures on the wall and the blankets covering the windows. :D

06-29-2003, 11:33 AM
Nice picture Lt.Basker! Great display

06-29-2003, 02:58 PM
Thanks for that Tycho. Though I'm really interested in setting up scenes, for which one would prefer to have a decent quantity of particular figures, such as the commtalk stormtrooper. I notice from pictures of other people's dioramas that they use loads of commtalks in the foreground and the '95 stormtroopers acting like cardboard cut-outs in the background which is exactly what I would do except my '95 stormtrooper/commtalk trooper ratio is about 8:1.

My toys are all in my bedroom and displayed with the vehicles, beasts, and playsets rather than apart from them. If I were displaying all the figures seperately I'd certainly be content enough with the 'appreciating your individual figures' theme you suggest. Still, despite all my moaning I do like my present displays. I had to extend my shelves with a load of hardback WildLife annuals laid over eachother to ensure stability. Its worked well enough and I've been able to put together more elaborate displays than before.

Going back to Leia, the best likeness so far done, as I reckon, is the 25th anniversary figure- the swing to freedom set. If they could use that face on all the figures I think they'd be doing well.

06-29-2003, 03:26 PM
Definitely agree with your choices there, Devo.

An interesting side-note about me is that I have NO (zero-zilch) CommTech Stormtroopers.

When I found loads of them, I passed them on to friends.

I'd bought about 90 regular stormtroopers (95's) through tenacious hunting back in the days when they were in stores.

I use about 75 of them in my displays now and have about 15 extras (still carded, awaiting deployment). I love the CommTech guy! He's way too good. Still I didn't want to mix and match them and I'd already (and finally) hit a point where I was good on Stormtroopers.

I don't do a traditional Emperor's Arrival scene, so that great cut backs on what I use.

But anyway, I bought all the CommTechs I could find and passed them to several other guys in my club who wanted to do elaborate Imperial bases and made great use of them. At my friends' I've played with these guys loose and they ARE great figures. My hope is that I'll get regular white Clone Troopers in this style and I'll be loving it.

06-30-2003, 07:31 PM
That sounds like quite a gobsmacking amount of stormtroopers. I'm fairly sure that even if I went all-out, exclusively buying stormtroopers for the few years those were stocked, I could not have amassed anything approaching 90 of them. Irish stores which are accessible to me that stock Star wars toys number at about..oh..two..if even that! When Episode I toys were bought in with too great abundance all other stores that formerly stocked Star Wars toys apparently decided that because they couldn't sell 200 Padme Naberries meant that there was no interest anymore. That spelt the end of the entire line past/present/future as far as most Irish stores were concerned...same old story. Of course they made the same mistake in 2002 with AOTC, bought masses of the initial wave, which comprised a few figures we'd all like to forget about like Anakin Mos Espa, couldn't sell those and once again didn't bother with subsequent waves. And they'll do it again in 2005. Anyway as a result, a certain sci-fi/fantasy store in the Dublin area, has total monopoly on the Star Wars toy line and charges stupendously high prices for each and every item. And since I'm a mere student, I can't buy any single item in the quantity I'd like. So thats my story. I know you didn't ask for it but I just like telling it..somehow it alleviates the pain a tad.

I can see your logic with the not mixing '95/commtech stormtroopers. In my present endor display my solitary Commtech trooper is surrounded by the inferior munchkin troopers and he just makes them look bad. I might put him somewhere else. Maybe its been said before but there could be one complaint about the commtech. He seems a bit anorexic. Imagined without the torso armour he's one skinny plonker!

The emperor's arrival scene is one I've always wanted to do actually but aforementioned problems prevent me doing that...and I don't have an Imperial shuttle, who knows I may never have, unless I persuade mum to let me use her visa and get it online.

I'd go for plain white clone troopers alright. To think I don't even like that film. Its just theres such great toy potential in it. Well Mr Lucas I've fallen for your nefarious plan hook, line and sinker.

Lastly, sorry that my posts here seem to consist of me moaning about what toys I don't have. I'll try to minimise that in future.

06-30-2003, 08:45 PM
Even though Tycho's outlook on things is a little more warped than some of us, you really can't blame him, he's been sniffing that mouse droid for a long long time now.LOL

But really Tycho is doing what makes him happy and if someone does not like his hobby or as some call it obsession, they know where the door is.

I've been collecting for years and no-one (friends, family, wife etc) will be able to get me to stop until I'm ready. The wife hates it, but still buys for me, go figure. Same with family and friends, never understood that either. I can say that if Tycho finds the one he's looking for he may have to compromise just a little if things are going to work for them.

Good luck Tycho and I hope you find what you're looking for. (Collecting, Hotties And World Domination) :D

06-30-2003, 09:00 PM
Thank you! And I love the fact that you included World Domination amongst my goals and aspirations. That was so considerate that when I achieve total global control, I'll let you have a couple of my sharks with frickin laser beams! (I'm keeping my cats and leave the fur on them, thank you).

Devo, I do hope that things change in Ireland so that the fans there have access to Star Wars action figures.

I would watch for online bargains for the Imperial Shuttle. I think you'll like having one.

06-30-2003, 09:28 PM
Thank you! And I love the fact that you included World Domination amongst my goals and aspirations. That was so considerate that when I achieve total global control, I'll let you have a couple of my sharks with frickin laser beams! (I'm keeping my cats and leave the fur on them, thank you).

That's frickin hilarious, I'd like to be number two please.LOL

P.S. I want my mouse droid as well. :D

06-30-2003, 09:37 PM
I love my gunship. We plan to be married sometime in July. Just kidding.!

I have not yet taken my gunship out of the box because I am not yet ready to display her. But when I do, she will get a prominent place in my house.

My vote goes to Tycho for Emperor!!!