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06-24-2003, 04:49 PM
You know the wave-by-wave "what's your favorite figure?" thread got me thinking about this particular figure.

So far, figures that have won the wave-by-wave thing (and we've only discussed 3 waves) have been figures that have NOT needed a resculpt - or barely changed if they got one.

The stormtrooper has been updated with articulation, but was pretty good.

The TIE Pilot continues to use the same mold with new bending knees, but the reason is because the first one was perfect.

Leia Boussh is pretty much such a figure.

She's not been on a card since 1996 and Leia has a lot less wardrobe changes than Pamde, by comparison of the leading ladies.

Should the original Leia Boussh Disguise be re-released on a Blue Card? New collectors speak up!

Should they resculpt her so she's not permanently holding that thermal detonator in her hand? (is that her only drawback?)

I mean she really doesn't need extra arm or leg articulation. She's fine as she is. I even thought that she'd be a great choice for a new bounty hunter pack (but along with Aurra and her swoop, they recylced Bossk and the POTJ IG-88 which wasn't out THAT long ago. Sure Fett's a staple in anything Bounty Hunting-releated, but...well. You know, Leia Boussh could be put in a set with a new sculpt of Dengar, and packed with Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and maybe a new-and-improved Deluxe Style Frozen Han (with 2 pieces that close, totally encasing him - or a 3rd, that lets you see your figure "unfreezing" - like the vintage! (oh and get his hands in the right positions in the carbonite, but make them articulated so the figure is not useless out of the carbonite, and can aim and shoot a gun when needed to.

But why not re-release Leia Boussh somehow? I mean does she need a re-sculpt? I say no. Re-release as she is? That's fine for new collectors. The 5 pack I described above would make a nice ROTJ commemorative year piece.

Meanwhile, Leia's outfits rank:

ANH Senator: 4 (at least, with a fifth as a re-release)
ANH Ceremony: 2
ESB Hoth: 3 (mynock, carded, new 5 pack)
ESB Bespin: 1 (Leia Collection) - fine to do a molded plastic sculpt here
ESB Bespin Escape: 1 - very new. No need for resculpt. Re-release in a year or more.
END OF EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: recovery room Leia was never made!
ROTJ Boussh: 1 (last figure made in 1996!)
ROTJ Slave: 2 - done enough. Both were pretty good actually.
ROTJ "general": 1 - but crappy lower body due to speederbike sculpt re-release. A good Leia Endor with removeable accessories would resolve this deficiency.
ROTJ Endor: 2 - but see above.
ROTJ Ewok Princess: 2 - both sculpts were good actually. The dress didn't fit perfectly on the Leia Collection, but the figure moved slowly when over-produced. Still I was stoked that they made her in this outfit at all! She looked so beautiful in the movie.

However, those are all the Leia's possible - something like 11 versions next to Padme having 18-20 in just AOTC alone!

So to keep Leia fresh, some re-releases and new sculpts or resculpts are going to be necessary.

What do you want?

06-24-2003, 04:55 PM
All of the Leia's before Bespin Escape and Slave Girl (DLX.) need resculpted to a more accurate hight. Especially with Hasbro's new dedication to scale with Chewbacca and Vader. :)


Jar Jar Binks

06-24-2003, 07:01 PM
Well, I HAD a nice long explanation of resculpts for different leia's typed up and ready to send but this server is acting up ALL DAY and it got erased :frus: so's I ain't gonna type it again but here are my basics...

new boushh sculpt with more articulation so that she can hold chewies chain standing next him, not with her arm all extended looking stupid and a removable detonator that can be placed on her belt or in her hand and a little lighter face painting...it's too dark now and makes her look "hard"

New bottom half sculpt of General "I have hips wide enought to birth ten ewoks at once" Leia, new sculpt of ANH Ceremony leia and endor ceremony leia for the reasons JJB mentioned, to bring them down to accurate size with the new chewies and darths, etc.

Last, a new sculpt of bespin leia with more detail, a malleable plastic undersmok with a real fabric lacy bit over the top that doesn't "balloon" out so much....softer material.


06-24-2003, 07:10 PM
I've noticed the server trouble and let Steve know 3 times today.

Sorry you lost your list. Hit the "back" button once or twice. I've been able to recover some of my good stuff, but if my posts are getting "angrier" - you know why.

I'm not so worried about Leia's correct height. I don't know why. I do dioramas, so I should care. I guess I don't like replacing figures that I already have, so I don't do that.

I'm not anti-resculpts, I just typically don't buy them.

They do help the market clear Collection 2 overstock that's bought to accessorize new resculpts for new collectors.

But nah... Leia end of ESB is my highest priority.

If they want to do correct heights, and you want them, more power to you. I just figure the re-release will make them higher profits so that they'll get riskier and try Hem Dazon and J'Quille amongst others.

Even Leia end of ESB is not terribly exciting - but it's better than a resculpt.

Leia Boussh still seems perfect in my book. And I like her "hard look." I like tough girls! (as long as they don't have tattoos or weird piercings)

06-24-2003, 08:37 PM
I have a tattoo! :mad:

and I'm soft LOL ;)

I guess that hard look is a bit too close to that monstrosity of a leia from POTF '95 *shudders

I do TOTALLY understand your point of the resculpts and I too don't buy every single one of them (i'm especially getting tired of chewie and vader and han solo resculpts) but Leia is my favorite star wars character of all time so I'll get anything to do with her and so being, all that is Leia, well, it must be PERFECT in my eyes LOL, that's why I could do with some resculpts.

Alas, I'd LOVE to see ESB ending Leia hands down, first before any resculpt, I had just forgot about you mentioning her in my anger of losing my post that was so articulate and detailed!! :frus:

and I did try the back button again and again and again and I was stupid and hit the reload button and then, it was gone!!! LOL

I tried to email SS but for a while there, I couldn't even go one page south or north without it saying "the server is too busy now" so I had to abandon all hope and go over to my friends house for awhile LOL

I feel better now though :o hahahhahhaahahhahahhaaaa


Dark Marble
06-25-2003, 10:33 AM
I guess I would go with the boussh figure. I would like to see the thermal grenade removed, and maybe some leg articualtion, but that is about it. I have tons of Leias and Amidalas laying around so at this point it would have to be something really special to get me interested.

06-25-2003, 11:03 AM
Tons of Amidalas? There were hardly enough:

Theed Throne - great figure!
Black Travel - actually Sabe, but good figure.
Tatooine - good early figure
PRE-SENATE (Palpatine's office)- MISSING
Senate - mediocre figure, the POTJ's seemed to get much better.
POST SENATE (Nute's arrest) - MISSING
PURPLE TRAVEL (Qui-Gon's funeral) - MISSING
Battle Dress - nice early figure
Ascension Gun - maybe necessary for soft-goods so she could use vehicles in play

Pilot - nice figure!
SENATE (deleted scenes) - MISSING
POST SENATE (office & apartment - MISSING
NIGHT ATTACK (great with R2, Kohouns, and CC Obi-Wan)
PACKING (with JarJar & Anakin) - MISSING
TRAVEL (with Queen Jamilla,too) - MISSING
FREIGHTER - (good figure for 6 armed droid, Anakin OPD) MISSING
PARENT'S HOUSE (deleted scenes) - MISSING
BACKLESS DRESS - MISSING (and would make hot figure)
BLACK LEATHER - MISSING (and super hot!)
TATOOINE TRAVEL - MISSING(actually supposedly coming)
TATOOINE TRAVEL WITHOUT CLOAK (who know's which we'll get, or if adaptable)
White utility - just released. Nice figure. Droid factory etc.
Arena battle - permanent arm arthritis, but nice sculpt.
Wedding - almost released, or in your collection now if you're lucky

So Leia's got 1 figure (end of ESB) never made before, while Endor could use some serious improvements, and Bespin has never been carded. Some folks would like height improvements made for her older sculpts. Others don't care, but might acknowledge that re-releases work to clear "collection 2's that Leia might fight" if she's bought by a new collector.

Meanwhile, Padme's got 11 +17 or 28 possible figures and 11 total from both movies (counting a Tatooine one from AOTC that no one's actually ever seen).

Leia's had 19 figures of her released - though many are reculpts and she only had 11 costume changes, not 28.

So I'd welcome getting 17 more Padme's - but I guess you're right. More than 3 Leia's would be fair to balance that out. I just only really want Leia from the end of ESB or some EU Leia's.

You know what? I totally forgot about Dark Empire Leia. We were talking about movie figures here, but DE Leia is one of her best figures produced!

I'd totally like Leia as New Republic Chief of State, a Jedi Apprentice, older and in a SELCOR uniform, and in an environmental suit from Duro, maybe her head shaved with a little stubble, aka Helen Ripley! (from NJO "Balance Point" when Jacen Solo saved his mother from being tortured and killed by the Yuuzhan Vong) - oh and Leia's apprentice outfit should be from HTTE and very different from any Jaina Solo Jedi figure that I wish they'd make.

06-25-2003, 12:19 PM
Well, I'm gonna chime in one this one. I think the Original POTF2/SOTE Leia Boussh is great! But I also think we would all be surprised at what Hasbro could do if they really wanted to. Could she be improved, YES and here are some examples:

POTF2 Stormtrooper helmet is fantastic, yet the CommTech version is much better.

Freeze Frame Hoth Leia is great, yet again the POTJ version is much better.

POTF2 Greedo is FANTASTIC, yet again the CommTech version is much better.

Freeze Frame Darth Vader with removable helmet looks great, yet the SAGA head sculpt is much better.

All of these figures seem, at least as good as the Boussh Leia, yet when we did get resculpts they were superior.

Here is what I think they could do with a new Boussh Leia:

1. A slightly more detailed helmet. While the current one is great, I'm sure Hasbro could do a little better.

2. More articulation, I'm with D she should be able to more those arms and hold Chewies chain.

3. Removable thermal detonator, again, I'm with D, she should have a detonator that fits on her belt.

4. How about a cloth cape?

5. Correct height, and slightly more detailed sculpt. I'm sure Hasbro could add more detail to the armor. They did it with the new Vader (especially the chest armor), and I'm sure they could do it with Boussh Leia.

Rogue II
06-25-2003, 02:39 PM
My only complaint with the POTF2/SOTE version of the Boussh Leia is the cape. That dang thing just won't stay on. A few people mentioned that she is the wrong height as well, so that needs to be fixed. I'd like a cloth cape similar to 300th Boba Fett's, and the rest of the goodies SK99 mentioned.

06-25-2003, 07:12 PM
Yeah, what Sith killer said. She has always been a favorite of mine, but she could use a resculpt. For gods sake make her look like a hot lady like she was back then.

06-25-2003, 11:23 PM
of course, sote boussh is itself a resculpt if you wanna get technical, to wit: i dig sote boushh's head, the cape and, as can be inferred from my non-comp thred (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=13648&perpage=15&pagenumber=1), expecially the helmet. but i Much prefer the 1983 body, cuz sote-b's got that long-limbed, volleyball-player look while 1983-b's more discreet physicality is more accurate and less melodramatic :)
anyone agree w/me that boushh is boba's secret girlfriend? :kiss:

06-27-2003, 12:52 PM
While the SOTE Leia/Boussh is OK, improvements could be made to a new one.

06-27-2003, 12:59 PM
I'm not overly enthusiastic about a re-sculpt of this figure. There are so many other figures which could use initial sculpts for me to ponder too long on what needs to be re-done.

I have nothing against this particular figure, mind you. In fact, I think its a quite nice one. But, shouldn't the nice ones be the LAST to get re-done, not the first?


Rogue II
06-27-2003, 01:06 PM
Originally posted by JangoFart
There are so many other figures which could use initial sculpts for me to ponder too long on what needs to be re-done.

True, but it seem that re-sculpts of main characters are inevitable with Hasbro. We might as well make suggestions to which resculpts we want to see.

<insert R5-D4 comment here>

06-27-2003, 01:14 PM
Originally posted by Rogue II
True, but it seem that re-sculpts of main characters are inevitable with Hasbro. We might as well make suggestions to which resculpts we want to see.

<insert R5-D4 comment here>

Agreed. I'll second your R5 comment, then.


06-29-2003, 11:59 PM
This is one of the few purely action-oriented versions of Princess Leia. The figure is nearly a decade old and badly outdated, it needs to be resculpted. I'm not saying immediately, but eventually.

06-30-2003, 12:47 AM
There's always a chance for her in 2004, what with the focus on Return of the Jedi and Jabba's Palace. A screen scene would be a cool way of doing these. Leia: Boushh, Chewbacca: Boushh's Bounty, Bib Fortuna. :)


Jar Jar Binks

07-02-2003, 12:19 AM
well, since hasbro is gonna do a bunch of resculpts anyway, they might as well do a new leia boushh. the first one was good, but copared to what they're doing now its a little outdated. the first one was released when they were still struggling to escape the hated "buff" look, and she has a melodramatic stance, a tad wide legged, she looks like shes riding a bantha.
maybe hasbro could do a disguise assortment of 2 packs? boushh/snoova rescultps in one and updated han and luke stormtrooper in the other. the original chewy/snoova figure was horrible and not well recieved but the latest ffurg casting call has a custom one made on the saga bespin chewy figure that looks rad. the han/luke in the trash compactor sets were well done, but without helmets i wasnt buying them.
im still holding out for a lando in coruscant guard disguise figure

Mr. JabbaJohnL
07-02-2003, 12:14 PM
JJB, I agree about the screen scene, I was thinking about it even before I read that post. :)
Boushh would have a removable helmet and detonator. The helmet would have that green stripe across the top, maybe holographic so it can go up and down. She's be the right height, could hold Chewie's chain and the detonator.
Chewie would be taller than the previous version of him. He would have a metal spiked thing around his neck, and a shorter version of Arena Escape Padmé's chain would come off of it. If he had his hands in binders, there should be binders.
Bib Fortuna would simply be updated. Or better yet, use a different, new Jabbas palace alien. Or, Han in Carbonite. :cool: