View Full Version : Convention Silver Boba Fett

06-26-2003, 07:50 PM
While I won't open my figure. I will do the best to describe it in while it's on the card.

Card: Awesome. The old Kenner vintage style card as seen on the Toy Fair Vader and anniversary R2. I love the old Black and White cards. They made the figure stand out.

Boba Fett: Looks good. Rereleased from the 300 Boba Fett. Still a kick *** figure. Boba is in a very cool stance with his gun pointed out. They bubbled out the bubble to make the gun kind of stick out of the card. I liked that a lot. My only concern with the Toy Fair Vader was that the blade would get dinged by not being protected. The cloth cape is placed in the bubble as if wind were blowing behind him. Very cool idea. I guess Hasbro assumed that most people were not going to open him.

Over all a great figure. I am still a little peeved that they didn't give him some metallic green, but that's minor. Overall a great figure. Hopefully other people will be able to get him.

Emperor Howdy
09-19-2003, 04:49 PM
Well, I agree, except the paint job really bothers me. We all knew it was a re-paint on the 300th Fett, but don't make it so friggin' obvious, already. I could've gone to Home Depot, bought a $1.29 can of silver paint, and saved myself the $17.00! :p I guess I just assumed it would be chromed.