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06-29-2003, 12:36 AM
Deluxe Obi-Wan Kenobi

Likeness Well..um. No. It doesn’t look much like Ewan McGregor at all. The figure is made to resemble Obi-Wan during the rain scene on Kamino but does not compliment McGregor’s likeness. The tower accessory is kind neat but doesn’t much resemble those I the movie. The accessory is too short and thick. 2.5/5.

Sculpt/ Detail The sculpt of the figure is good. The robe and outfit are very well detailed its just the head sculpt that really throws off. The head sculpt is supposed to depict Obi-Wan in with the ’wet look’ as he was on Kamino, but the figure looks more like a bitter homeless person. It just looks wrong. Another minus is the stance of the figure. He’s stuck in one pose with an arm reaching out in what I like to call the “stop in the name of love” pose. 3/5.

Articulation Obi-Wan has 5 points articulation. Head, shoulders, waist, and right elbow. The left arm is the one stuck reaching out. The legs don’t move at all and as said previously, he’s suck in a pose. The movement could have been better since this is the 1st Obi-Wan figure with a robe- people have been looking forward to that. 3/5.

Accessories This set has 4 accessories. The tower piece w/ clear tube, cargo box, clear stand that the cargo box sits on (rather looks like a test tube), figure stand and a lightsaber. The light saber is 1 piece and has no detailing on the hilt which is too small for the figure’s hand (so don’t remove the elastic bands which hold it on). The tower is really a clear pump and works ok- we’ll get to it’s function next. 4/5.

Playability Ok, here goes. The tower piece is a pump and the connecting clear tube attached to Obi-Wan’s extended arm. You push the pump down which blows air out of the figure’s hand which ‘pushes’ the cargo box accessory off the clear test tube stand. You have to give it a pretty good pump in order to get the cargo box to move anywhere significant. It’s a neat idea but mediocre at best. The tower connects to the Deluxe Jango Fett’s base (which I always like). Even though the figure is stuck in 1 position he stands well on its own or with the base which is included. 4/5.

Value I bought Deluxe Obi-Wan from Kebco for $10.99. It’s a little higher than I would pay for it. I guess because the figure is sooo odd looking. It’s a neat set and not too common at retail stores. But if you miss it- you’re not missing much. 4/5.

OVERALL I was disappointed with this set because I’ve really been wanting an Obi-Wan figure wearing a robe. Well now I’ve got one. Also it would have been better if the tower was taller and just an accessory. Now I have to wait till Hasbro makes a LOT better Obi-Wan w/ robe. *sigh* 3/5.