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Imperial Monarche
06-30-2003, 05:00 PM
Now, this is pure speculation, but if you go to the Set Diaries on the starwars.com in the Hyperspace section and read the article about the King of Casting, towards the bottom the casting director comments on the new additions to the cast and her thoughts on them. Rohan Nichol's paragraph talks about how they wanted someone to look like a character from the original trilogy. Could his character possibly be Captain Antillies? Think about it, who from the original trilogy would be infamous enough for fans to recognize that would be interesting to expand on his background that fans would like to hear but Wedge Antillies. And it would tie up the rumors of how Captain Antillies could be related to Wedge. Thoughts?

plo koon 200
06-30-2003, 08:53 PM
Well, I kind of made a joke in an earlier post about that. It could very well be and I actually hope it is. According to AICN that Tantive IV Defender is being built right now.

07-10-2003, 06:03 PM
Well, I kind of made a joke in an earlier post about that. It could very well be and I actually hope it is. According to AICN that Tantive IV Defender is being built right now.I thought Antilles soon as I saw his pic. "an ambitios captain" well, helloo! :D This could also be one reason why hasbro decided to do a nice Antilles figure because his role is now expanded in the saga. Makes ya think don't it?

I'd like to see Antilles before he chokes on the big one in ANH. I'd like to see more of the Tantive IV too. It actiually ties in with my thoughts regarding the original star wars treatment GL did and how he's using a huge chunk of it for episode three. Antilles features quite heavily in the original scripts exept he's called something else, perhaps it's Montross, memory fails me now. But anyway, I'll find a link to the treatment and post it so you can see the wookiee fight stuff and the other gubbins with the captain and the Tantive IV. It isn't exactly the same at all but if you use your imagination and update what you read with what you already know of Star WEars it all falls into place.
8. REVIEW STAND - PLAZA OF THE DADERS - ALDERAAN On a huge, austere platform stands the dark COS DA****, Lord of Alderaan, Consul to the Supreme Tribunal, and ruler of the Galactic Empire. He is a thin, grey looking man, with an evil mustache which hangs limply over his insipid lip. Standing at rigid attention on his right are several generals, dressed in the black and grey uniform of the realm. Five members of the Supreme Tribunal sit off to the side. On the emperor's left stands CRISPIN HOEDAACK, newly appointed Governor of the Aquilaean Systems, a young, treacherous man with stone-cut, angular features and piercing grey eyes.
They all gaze skyward, as the four gleaming stardestroyers scream low overhead in an impressive barrel-roll formation. As the sound of the spacecraft resonates throughout the glass canyon of the Plaza, the group of dignitaries return their attention to the parade of Imperial shock troops, and giant air tanks (which ride magically two to three feet above the ground).
The Plaza of the Dader is filled with a hundred rows of troops as the last brigade marches into position. The sound of a thousand men snapping to attention is followed by a strange silence. A light wind blows the great red banner of the Empire, creating a subtle flapping sound. The emperor's amplified voice startles many of the troops as it cuts through the quiet.

Upon this battle depends the survival of the Galactic Empire. Upon this battle depends the life and long continuity of our civilization. Not since the great Jedi Rebellion has our destiny been placed in such a balance. This is to be the most magnificent campaign of all! You have never been called without doing something to be remembered, something notable and striking. The conquering of the Aquilaean System, the last of the independent Systems, and the last refuge of the outlawed, vile
sect of the Jedi, will have such important and lasting consequences, that I can't but consider it as an epoch in history.

To the rear of the Plaza, watching the spectacle over the shoulder of a curious bureaucrat, stands CLIEG WHITSUN, a tall, blond young man about twenty years old. He seems interested in what the emperor has to say, but keeps looking around nervously as if someone were after him. His arm rests across his head, as he carefully but coolly adjusts a glowing blue ring on his index finger. The emperor nears the end of his speech.
Crispin Hoedaack has moved up to stand next to the sinister monarch. The troops shout an Imperial salute in response to a particularly partisan statement.

I have personally asked the Aquilaeans to accept this Treaty of Alliance. During the long period of negotiation, they have only decided to be undecided. We will barter no longer. Governor Hoedaack has been appointed the First Lord of the Aquilaean System and Surrounding Territories. This is the last frontier and the final stone in the great wall of the Galactic Empire.
The troops cheer, and the emperor escorts Hoedaack inside. Whitsun moves quickly away from the Plaza, passing through several check stations, where he is forced to show his identification.

Whitsun walks into the glass and chrome splendor of one of the famous nightclubs of Alderaan. He moves to the long mirrored bar, and sits next to a rough-looking man, BAIL ANTILLES, dressed in the distinctive gold and furs of the Galactic traders.

Your glass is empty.

Whitsun speaks into a small intercom on the bar front.

A dantic and...

He looks in Antilles' glass.

No thanks, Whitsun. I've had enough.

Just a dantic then. Bail, it's not like you to refuse a drink. You're going to give Galactic traders a bad name.

A drink appears magically from a small elevator in the bar. Whitsun takes it, and then places a pen-like transmitter he has taken from his pocket, next to the intercom. It creates a low electronic buzz.

A controller sitting in front of a row of monitors taps his headphones, then flips a switch back and forth a couple of times. He is obviously annoyed.

Number eighteen is out again. Give me a maintenance check.
The controller yawns and puts his feet up on the control panel.

Whitsun leans in close to Antilles. He is suddenly very serious.

Whitsun, we've got problems. They've just grounded all spacecraft, including trade frigates. Even the ships under Imperial registry can't move. Something big is up.

I'm afraid they're not waiting for the Allience Treaty. They're already moving against the System. I've got to get word back.

The chrome companies are protesting the embargo, but it's going to take some time.

Isn't anything moving?

Military ships, but...

They are interrupted by an Imperial officer, and several storm troopers. The officer shouts over the P.A. system, as the troops rush to block the exits. Whitsun and the Galactic trader are tense, but remain cool.

Attention: all Captains and First Officers of Guild Trade frigates will accompany me to the Ministry of Transport immediately.

Antilles gives Whitsun a hopeless look as the troops check their papers, and then take Antilles away. A small fight breaks out in the back of the nightclub as one of the trader captains expresses his dislike of the Empire. Whitsun slams his glass to the bar in a gesture of hate and frustration.

Okay so that's not a brilliant example but the addressing of the people by Palpatine and the appointment of a very ambitoios officer as regional governor, The seeds of rebellion. If you read the whole of the first rough draft of star wars found at http://www.starwarz.com/starkiller it makes more sense. Just trim out the stuff already reworked for the other movies.

Theres also this nugget regarding the Chewbacca comments Peter Mayhew made recently in relation to a large Wookiee contingent in EPIII and a battle with many war machines.

Starkiller and the general sit at a large table in the deserted office of the Imperial Chief of Staff. The room is in a state of disarray; papers are scattered everywhere. Artwo stands on a chair, projecting an image of the "death star" fortress orbiting Aquilae, on the table top.

....And are connected to the central system by a series of crossing networks similar to section TB4 or F687.

The projection switches to a close-up view of the transformer. The general studies it carefully, then leans back in his chair. Artwo turns off the projector.

I'm not going to stop you, but I think it's a reckless move. Even if you could get in, you'd never be able to get out... Just be patient. We now have enough ships to attack in force.

But no pilots...

Han and Chewbacca enter the office.

Still no contact with Owen Lars or the kids... I'm afraid something's happened.

Have Chewbacca send two of his best warriors out there to get them.

Han relates this to Chewbacca. The general turns back to Starkiller, who watches Chewbacca leave the room.

STARKILLER (mocking)They're fierce warriors, but you'll never teach them to fly.

The general gives him a stern look.

They'll fly, and Aquilae will be free.

May the force of others be with you.

The general embraces the young Jedi.

Bring her back safely.

Starkiller, dressed as an Imperial skyraider, and Artwo climb aboard one of the giant four-man starships. A crowd of Wookees, lead by Chewbacca, give a rousing cheer for the departing Jedi. Starkiller breaks into a smile and waves to the joyous warriors. The general watches the proceedings from a bunker turret. He is lost in thought.