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06-30-2003, 05:53 PM
I just got back from half a week in Las Vegas. It took a long time to get out of Quark's, let me tell you!
Star Trek the Experience is awesome!

First thing up front in this thread: NO SPOILERS!

I will refer to the first thing that happens to you in the live action adventure simulator as "that first thing that happens to you." For me, it was so unexpected, it was totally worth the whole event! I was lined up expecting to JUST go on a simulator shuttle ride. It was so much more than that!

While I'm a huge Next Generation fan, (that is to say I love all Star Treks) I'm a Deep Space NINER through and through, but the nostalgia from the Next Generation live action adventure was near perfect. (Their Enterprise D bridge was a little small, but now I know how Captain Archer feels - heh-heh-heh). However, I really felt like I was walking through a Federation starship: the hallways, the turbolift adventure, something else that I'll call a SPOILER, the cargo bay, the bridge (I stood at tactical! - until SF security needed that station when the Klingons broke the treaty that is).

But I was so impressed with the shuttle ride, too! It's like an I-max theater thing. And instead of looking out only the front viewport of the Goddard, the whole ceiling has transparisteel viewing glass so you feel as if you are in a full open-bubble cockpit like the Delta Flyer. The sim's really good, and Riker and LaForge's acting are dead-on cool! (Yes it's really them! Frakes and Burton almost did a whole episode for this).

When you get back to Earth, you can have your picture put in with ANY StarFleet crew you'd like:

Classic Trek
Classic Trek in the movies (my choice)
Next Generation
Deep Space Nine

Just a heads up, the movie Trek pic with Kirk, Spock, Bones, and YOU is the best one, because the camera angles and closer-up picture matches for the best fit. Plus I just dig the red uniforms and I wanted a photograph with Spock that says I'm at least in training to be logical.

But this thread is all emotional! I was totally in heaven.

The staff was great: we had StarFleet TNG personnel, a re-programmed friendly Borg, the FERENGI (was the best!), a Klingon warrior woman, a Klingon Commander (male) who sang Klingon Opera with true fluency and a trained voice, a Bajorran StarFleet Officer (male), and as I understand it, there are other species there different days. Our tourguide served as a linguist and culture officer with Captain Jonathon Archer and was working there due to a time travel accident. Riker thought he knew too much about the future to send him back to the NX.

The staff knows all the episodes and are as passionate about Trek as our most serious fans here.

In the gift shop they had almost everything.

ART ASYLUM: they were well stocked! No - no Classic Trek figures there, but getting an extra Hoshi Sato for my Away Team Collection was easy.

I also got to try on all the uniforms - I look best in Captain Kirk's red movie uniform! Really. Strange since the uniform I own that I thought looks best on me was Julian Bashir's (an early DS9 uniform of course).


Sad but true, I defended Enterprise there in Quark's, because fans and staff alike diss it.

The manager of the Experience is a Captain Sisko double and of course he's a Niner, too!

But the best time was in Quark's! The opposite side of the bar is Ten Forward, for those of you who don't know or who don't want to play Dabbo, but it's sad to sit there (though they have candle light dining with Guinan's own touch of class) when you can have an adventure at Quark's!

I drank all of Morn's Samplers: A true DS9 fan and fan of dark beer, the Domion Lager and the Obsydian Black are the best.

Want to know a secret? Romulan Ale is light beer. It's just blue but it's weak like the Empire in the face of stronger stuff from the border with the Gamma Quadrant.

KLINGON DRINKS: Blood wine is fine! I got to actually sit at Quarks and slam my glass down on the bar and shout "More blood wine! More blood wine!" and of course all the people in the bar do that when somebody leads them, heh-heh-heh.

(Klingon Blood Wine is a red merlot with slaughtered Targ blood in it).

Kligon Battle Broth is an amber beer, but disappointingly weaker than the Dominion's stuff.

I had a Data's Flavor Day which is a non-alcohalic fruit juice mix that kinda glows. It cleared my servos a little.

I ordered a Saucer Section carved up Borg Style (that's a quasedea). They have replicators there that work! Also, some draft drinks and cocktails are materialized right before your eyes! No joke! Strobe lights and special daquari mix dispensors make it look like the replicator stations are beaming your drinks in.

Meanwhile aliens interact with you. I tried to make a deal with the Ferengi - this is the best part, as I'm a professional financial planner (without a Nevada license though - since I practice helping people find insurance and securities in California no doubt). Well I was with another fan, very good friend, and business associate in the bar - and he's a finance agent as well. OK, well we're trying to get three Dabbo girls to do anything we want, plus a dartboard. It's Quark's and they DON'T have a dartboard? The Ferengi said it was a franchise and that the last deal was written on flimsiplast stuck to the back of the board, so they had to jettison the evidence before station security caught them. Well, 7 bars of gold-pressed latinum would get us a new board (and no darts! can you believe the Ferengi - he was going to charge us individually for the darts. When I complained about that, he suggested that my friend couldn't play if he didn't also purchase his own darts and rent the space in the bar that we would be throwing in, plus purchase insurance that the Klingons would stop playing on the board with their Dak'Tah knives! He said they lost a very attractive Dabbo girl to a "Klingon Accident" last week). Anyway, for 7 more bars we could get a dabbo girl but it costs extra to make her friendly! This guy was a REAL Ferengi, and man did he have a rebuttle for every line! We spent half an hour in negotiations with him. It was great!

Anyway, I totally can't say enough great things about Star Trek: The Experience. - oh, and the cost was $24.99 but there is a sign placed over that with some Ferengi characters that says $29.99 - tell the intergalactic travel agent to ignore that (though they really did raise the price to 30 bucks), but don't say a word when the Ferengi's around. He says the sign is upside down and the price is actually $66.65 and he made "an honest mistake" with those strange HEW-mon numerals. It's not 66 dollars and promptly find a StarFleet officer and tell them your predicament before entering the museum and adventure. They'll adjust the price accordingly.

Oh - the museum is something else! I saw McCoy's movie uniform, the real ships they used for filming many scenes, the best selection of intergalactic weapons, the full-on Klingon cutlerly selection - including Worf's and Kah'Les' bat'leth, Borg implants, and more! Odo's real uniform. Sarek and Amanda's costumes. WARNING: Tribbles are out of control there - and they move in the displays. Worf and Jadzia's wedding outfits were on display. Captain Janeway's uniform! Captain Proton's official conqueror of the universe gear - plus Tom Paris' Hawaiian Shirt collection!

The place is updated to include Enterprise NX stuff and everything!

Overhead there are huge models of the Enterprise D, Voyager, and a Kligon Bird of Brey!

I complained that there was no USS Defiant! (There is, but it's a smaller display one used from filming - I wanted the larger-than-lifesize-deal).


The Borg Assimilation adventure is coming soon! You will fly in a Borg ship on a new adventure, but there is no garauntee that you won't be assimilated! Travelers beware!

Anyway, the Star Trek Experience was so cool!

The ONLY actor from all the crews that has never been there, btw, is William (James T.) Shatner (his horse wouldn't fit in the space shuttle). DeForrest Kelly has been there and personally signed stuff before he passed away!

Jeri Ryan's partied in that bar! Jolene Blalock's been there, and Rene Abourjenous has tried to clean up Quark's! Chief and Alexander Seddig have really drank there (me and Robert sat in their seats!) Garack's really been to his shop!

I'm sorry. I better stop. This is getting to be my longest post in the forums. I need to be in an Assylum! Heh-heh-heh.

But I highly recommend Star Trek The Experience!

06-30-2003, 07:14 PM
Sad but true, I defended Enterprise there in Quark's, because fans and staff alike diss it.

You're lucky they didn't kick ya out of the shuttle during the trip. ;)

That sounds pretty cool Tycho, I've heard there are stuff like phaser and such props for sale there, that true? Do ya get any special thing if ya come in costume?

The Borg assimilation adventure sounds fun, wonder if there will be anything like Lazer Tag involved to blast at the Borg drones? Wonder what would happen if you made some sort of Species 8472 costume..hehheh :evil:

Exhaust Port
06-30-2003, 08:49 PM
Sounds like a dream for Star Trek fans. I'm kicking myself for not making it to the Alien Experience in London that ran for a few years. That looked really cool. Perhaps a Star Wars one could be on our horizon.

06-30-2003, 09:21 PM
Well, we have Star Tours, but they need to revamp it more. The Star Trek Experience is truly better.

For Star Wars to catch up, they need a cantina or an Ewok Village (since in the Star Tours ride you are headed towards Endor in the first place), or they could do the Club Outlander and have a drinking and dining experience, not to mention more employees in costumes. It'd be easy for them to find a fat guy with greasy hair to be a rude bartender!

What else? Star Tours does have the museum thing going, so far as it's concerned with droids and and the droids' world. A full on Smithsonian Star Wars experience would get it up to par with Star Trek's.

The Magic of Myth Smithsonian Star Wars tour (which came to San Diego) was by far the best Star Wars experience I've been in outside of the SW Celebrations in Denver and Indianapolis. However, the Star Trek one is permanently located in Las Vegas, and they are spending millions on expanding it!

As to defending Enterprise, the show? I think I see where it's going: the birth of the Federation of course. The Suliban, working for likely a Dominon or Romulan power contacting them from the future, will try to make Earth lose the war with the Klingons, because the alliance with the Vulcans will fall apart. Instead, Captain Archer will unite the Vulcans with their adversaries, the Andorians, and maybe also with a few other familiar species like the Tellerites, and they will call themselves the Federation. All planets will contribute their ships to Starfleet, and the combined forces will kick the Klingon's butts. Romulus will get edgy, and then we're right on track to launch into Captain Kirk's century.

I think it will be fun to watch it all unfold. People will be sorry they don't watch all of Enterprise's episodes (even if they're sorry they watch it now, heh-heh-heh).

To other questions: You don't get anything special if you arrive in costume at the Star Trek Experience, but often people do (I didn't).

Of course they have stuff for sale there. Most authentic stuff is for museum display purposes only, but the Ferengi that work there will sell you lock picks or "non-garaunteed security keys." Usually Starfleet security takes them away and lets visitors who have been contacted by the Ferengi that they are being watched.

Master Replicas is launching into a whole new line of Star Trek collectibles, though. As far as I can tell, they are beginning with making items from Classic Star Trek only. Nostalgic for that stuff as I am, the phaser rifles used in Nemesis and on Voyager and during DS9's Dominion Wars rock! I also think another cutlerly company holds the license for specific Klingon weapons - and since those would really work, there are restrictions on who can buy them (likely just age limits).

07-01-2003, 02:04 AM
Glad you enjoyed it Tycho. I have a friend who used to work there, so I got to check it all out for free. It's pretty cool, but I'm glad it's being expanded into more, it was really too small when I was there. I really enjoyed the Trek history/museum part before the ride, but you can't even tell it exists until you're in line for the ride, that should be changed.

The bridge set on the ride isn't "a little small", it's fairly spot-on, the real TNG bridge was only a few feet larger than the TOS bridge, it just looked bigger the way it was layed out. Didja see Picard's shoes at the captain's chair? A little in-joke the cast added.

It sounds like they have bumped up the quality of the castmembers a bit, most non-alien and non-ride cast were nice but not Trek enough for my tastes. My buddy Rick had to bring in his own tricorder and PADD props (he had them made, very nice pieces, I have 2 of the PADD as well) to really stand out as a Trek fan to customers. Quark's Bar was being turned into a sports bar with a TV hanging down over the bar, I thought that was so incredibly lame. It sounds like that management has been ousted, glad to hear that.

I liked the replicators with the drops going upwards thanks to the strobelights, that was too fun. Oh, and I can NAME NAMES about who's been in that bar and who's a lush and who isn't a good tipper (hint, Ens Harry Kim). :D

BTW, Star Tours is the first sim ride and still the best IMO! The Trek simulator ride you can see too much of the behind-the-scenes sets if you sit in the front row.

07-01-2003, 02:43 AM
There were TV's in Quark's bar. However, they were constantly playing Star Trek. I suppose when an important game is on however, they would show the Superbowl or whatever.

We sat through Star Trek: Generations. I didn't pay much attention to what came on afterward, or what was on before it. They might've just been playing that one over and over again.

I was much more into my conversations with the staff, aliens, and Las Vegas patrons.

That was funny to hear about Garret Wang, btw. Did you get to meet him? He seems like he'd be way cool to hang out with.

Age-wise, Voyager had the cast that was most comfortably close to my own age, and seemed closest to my maturity level - think Tom Paris playing out Captain Proton scenerios and trying to be a wanna-be womanizer :rolleyes: I know. But at least I can laugh at myself.

07-07-2003, 10:34 AM
Definatly a mark on my list of things to do if I ever go to Vegas. I wonder if they have a similar one or will of SW?

07-09-2003, 07:03 AM
Sounds Great!!! :D

I too am a big Trekker! :happy:

Definitely have to find an excuse for going to Vegas!!! ;)

Darth Shifty
07-15-2003, 01:59 PM
I loathe any and all things Star Trek as all true Star Wars fans should. :evil: j/k :D But I do have to admit this ride is definately worth the price of admission and then some. Heck, the first 20 seconds of the ride is worth the 20 bucks. I've recommended the ride to everyone I've known that has gone to Vegas whether they're trekkies or not.

Mandalorian Candidat
07-15-2003, 06:35 PM
Thanks for the thorough review, Tycho. I have a friend who's been there and also gave it two thumbs up.

I'd like to visit it as I go down to Vegas twice a year to see family, but I can't justify the $30 price tag. Vegas must be getting it's cues from Disneyland about how much to charge because prices there have skyrocketed in the past 10 years or so.