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11-20-2001, 10:19 PM
(riffin off us this thursday's u.s. turkey-day holiday) here's what mms i got thanx to whom:
jt: betty (nov 01), teemto racer (summer 01)
swaffy: teemto racer (spring 01; both he & jt sent me one, b'jr got the other, who knows which is which so spread dat credit around :happy: ), droid fighter (fall 00), hallmark controlfreak (nov 01- a good mmonth 4me considerin there ain't been no new mms :) )
gsj: dc bucky (oct 01), alpha x & y (summer 01), queenship (dec 00)
bc3: dc bucky (in concert w/gsj), snapvoy & done-up delta (sept 01), id4 alien (spring 01), sithinf repaint (summer 01), repcruise & rattspod (spring 01)
dr superstar: epics 4-6 (made me aware of their existence & availability via galoob, fall 98)
baal: mtt, sebubbapod, marspod, n1 (may 00)
lbc: r2q5, 300fett (summer 01)
ws: r2b1 (summer 01)
r2: megaeka (spring 01)
have i forgotted anyone here? :happy:
np: deee lite, "thank you everyday" (sampladelic mix)

good shot jansen
11-21-2001, 07:26 AM
jt - a-wing pilot to replace masons very 1st action fleet figure (oct. 00), starspeeder 3000 (summer 01)

vt - virago (summer 99) the very 1st person to send me a sci fi toy:happy: , which is of course the main reason why i am here today!:kiss: , sisko sailer (dec.00) babylon 5 sets 1-5 (various times throughout 01), captains yacht (dec. 00), die-cast snowspeeder (summer 01), titan ae drej stinger and phoenix (jan 01), holographic royal starship (summer 01)

bc3 - r2-q5 (oct. 01), betty (oct. 01), delta flyer (summer 01), starship troopers sets 1-3 (nov. 01), snapfast lander, voyager, marquis (summer 01) ep.I set XI (nov. 01), ent b and ent d chess pieces (summer 01), battle pack 12 and 15 (spring 01), centauri cruiser (spring 01)

jeddah - epic sets IV-VI (summer 01)

r2dee2 - white ringed red 3 x-wing (fall 00), special edition movie give a-way set (winter 00)

lbc - x-ray set #2 (winter 00)

most important of all, thanx to all of you who have made collecting, and tawkin' about mm's (and anything else) here so much fun for the past two years, it really has been a most satisfying pleasure:happy:

if i've missed anyone or anything, please accept my humble apologies, unfortunately i do not keep impeccable records, and put the above list together as best as i could from a memory which has been tainted by the glorious results of a misspent youth:eek:

a very happy and a healthy thanksgiving to all

np: sly and the family stone - thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin (and agin, and agin, and agin, and agin................)


11-23-2001, 05:26 PM
When I read this thread, I couldn't let the holiday pass without giving thanks to everyone here for their camaraderie and their time spent sharing thoughts and ideas.

In addition to the great discussions and humor we've shared, I also want to thank a few folks for helping me with my Galoosbro collection.

Shinky43 - for the battle squads C130, HUMMV, Ent-E, "Stroop" Tanker Bug, and assorted other swaf & battle squads items - thank you, sir!

JT - for getting star tours vehicles for so many of the forumers, and for being a voice of moderation (no pun intended) when emotions and replies sometimes run hotter than they ought.

GSJ - for the extra figure SWAF battle packs and numerous hot leads to great auctions and great eateries - thanks much!

VT - For Sandcrawler, Rancor, other assorted SWAFs (w/ sci-fi-con help from r2dee2 & Warstar), Aussiebraid, a complete set of PlaymAFes ST ships, the "Danglees" I just received, mixtape, and the ever-thoughtful extras like collectors cards and postcards - your bounty hunting prowess is rivaled only by your class & style.

But VT surely has no monopoly on class & style among this group. From the anti-scalper creed to which all have so scrupulously subscribed, to the honorable cease-fire on auction competition for items so many of us want once one of us declares intent, to just being told we've been missed after not posting for a while, it is a genuine privilege to be in such good company.

11-24-2001, 12:33 AM
VT - Alot of e-mails on my extra MMs

BC3 - A few private messages

The MM board - Alot of odd posts...

Yeah I know this post is another odd one, but I felt like adding something. :D

11-24-2001, 06:46 AM
Thanks to all of you mugs for being the greatest group of MM collectors and making this section so cool to be a part of. :) Thanks to all of you also for nifty stuff which you've helped me get in one way or another (whether it be someone sending me a big heavy box without a return address that the post office was very suspicious of or a Just Found post on the old Buzz Board that let me know to look for the then-newest AF). And a super special thanks to R2dee2, who got me the whole final wave of Ep 1 AF *and* the gold-plated 2packs *and* lots of SSG news, etc. etc..

11-24-2001, 09:30 PM
swaffy: "VT surely has no monopoly on class & style"
-i Don't? DAMN, there goes my plan to bottle that Klasssie Stieyul & sell it to yew punks for a pret-t-t-ty penny :crazed:

"a big heavy box without a return address that the post office was very suspicious of"
-who, meee? :sur: ever heard of the guy so egotistical he signed every note "me"? that guy's got nuthin on me: i figure that everyone'll Know a mailing's from me even if i don't put my name (or address) on at all :p
also fogrot: bc3 for turning turret aat :cool:
np: delasoul, "me myself & i"

11-25-2001, 01:32 PM
britcit3 - In Progress- Episode I vehicle packs!!

GSJ - first numbered Action Fleet vehicle:), loose Rancor, loose foreign mini heads, JCP X-ray set

JT - Star Tours speeder with R2-D2!

S43 - solid side panel X-wing

VT - loose die cast, Action Fleet vehicles, Jedi Braid, free pass:) good VTeatime company:)

S43 and SWAFMAN - nice MM scans for my web page:kiss:

A nice haven to share with all you guys and gals:)


11-26-2001, 01:37 AM
VT, these are not the times to be sending "wacky" packages without return addresses, I still don't actually HAVE it yet. Now if you were sending "Wacky Packages", the sticker/cards from the '70s and '80s... ;)

11-26-2001, 10:40 AM
I haven't even thought of those since Carter was the Prez, but after reading JT's post, I just saw a lot of over 100 pre-1975 cards going for almost a buck a card. I sure wish I still had all my wacky packages from the first two years they came out. Those things were SO hot back in the early 70s! It got to where we were buying not just individual packets, but the entire boxes that held the packets. The local stores couldn't get them in stock fast enough. I probably had 1500 or more at one time. Hmmm, I guess I owe my kids a little apology for ragging on them so much about their Pokemon collecting, now that I remember back to my Wacky Packages days.:crazed:

good shot jansen
11-27-2002, 04:21 PM
glitch - thank you for finding this site, and making it even better with your special insights into the inner workings of our favorite toy

jeddah - thank you for being you, and double thanx for showing glitch the way here :)

sakay - Thank you for your wonderful custom work, and sharing your love for making then with all of us here over the past year

artoo - thank you for reminding us from time to time that the real joy in micro machines is that they were meant to be played with, with those wonderful little guys they included with all those great ships of past.

vulcan touch - thank you for keeping alive the eternal flame and constatntly reminding anyone who cares to git over to aa's site and bark up the stmm tree

swafman - thank you for bagging me those 1st wave action fleets, i still havn't seen all three in one place after all these months.

brit cit - my collection keeps growing thanx to your generosity

robertdd - thanx for finally posting after all those years of sitting on the sidelines. you've provided great information

hawkwind - thak you for finding your way to our corner of the world, we're glad you've joined us

r2dee2 - thank you as always for your wonderful knowlege of all things micro machines!

sicqnus - thank you for your diligent daily updates on whats happening over at ebay. i hope your tireless efforts have led to micro machines finding happy homes! and thank you for your wonderful web page.

haggie - thank you as well for your excellent web site. you help keep the flame of micro machines alive and well

shinakuma 43 - thank you for your unending wealth of knowlege of all varients and packaging difference. one of the true gems in collecting action fleet

neon blade - thank you for finding us here, new forummers are always welcome

jedigoofy - thank you for your tireless efforts of cataloging all released micro machine products. your lists are priceless!

rosel sampson - thank you for always checking in on the board, to keep up with the latest mm news. i know you don't post often, but i see you logged on the board quite often, so i know your there.

stillakid - thank you for dropping in on us from time to time, i know your busy elsewhere on the board, it's always good to hear from you.

lowely bantha cleaner - thankyou for all the wonderful trades in the past, you havn't been around much of lately, but we always are glad to hear from you.

warstar - thank you for bringing a smile to my face whenever you find the time to grace us with your pressence

ltbasker - thanx for keeping vt's fashion thread alive with your wonderful counter posts. lord only knows i never know what to say in response to most of that thread

jt - i am eternally grateful to you for being the number one reason why the micro machines forum at ssg is the wonderful place that it is. you set the initial tone, and we followed.

i hope i havn't forgotten anyone :eek:

i just wanted to say thank you to all of you here at ssg mm, you've all given me something very real to be thankful for. this little board certainly has meant a great deal to me for the past 4 years. it has made my life a little bit happier.

happy thanksgiving!

11-27-2002, 10:59 PM
"constatntly reminding anyone who cares to git over to aa's site"
-yeah No One outnags me :evil:

"i never know what to say in response to most of that thread"
-lemme guess, cuzzuv its breathtaking dazzle of course :happy:

you guys know how they observe thanksgiving in australia? why, they Eat A Choy :crazed:

11-27-2002, 11:23 PM
Thanks for allowing me to redirect you all to post #5 (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=22231#post22231) which sums up my feelings without me having to actually type anything new. :D ;)

Seriously though, thanks to all you MMers for making this section such a special community. We're totally kicking Hasbro Episode I's booty in the threads & posts department! Hee hee!

11-28-2002, 12:52 PM
Are UKers allowed to offer thanks? :) I mean I know it is ironic in light of why you're giving thanks but I have stuff to say here, dammit! :D


11-28-2002, 04:03 PM
You're Welcome (to) Thank You...


11-28-2002, 07:38 PM
November 26 - 1620, a few people has landed in a beautiful country named "the new continent" near a place called later "Cape Cod" in the actual Boston Area witrh their ship : the Mayflower... Next spring, the Indians iroquois will teach the culture of corn to them, as well as hunting and fishing in these unknown grounds. Following their first harvest, the colonists will decide to thank God and the Indians. The latter already celebrated "thanksgiving" with the autumn, after the harvests.
I am almost sure than ever, even in their most insane dreams they did not imagine that their descendants would be impassioned for the StarWars MM in the SSG forum years and years later !

But maybe I'm wrong.
Nah ! I don't think so.

I wish a Happy thanksgiving to all of you !

11-29-2002, 09:57 AM
Happy holidays to everyone.

I just want to thank all you wonderful people in here for making this such an enjoyable group.
I especially wanted to thank S43 (we do need to plan that getting together and talk AF thing some time soon!), r2dee2 (for running the most informative AF site on the web, without which I wouldn't know half of what I know now) and GSJ (for genuinly being happy for me when I found that elusive remote At-at)

Thanks guys!

11-29-2002, 03:15 PM
Well, I'd like to thank GSJ for being the coolest Dad in the world, for the AFs - most notably the Eiffel Tower of a price he paid E-Bay to get me an E-wing, and for his sage advice. SWAFMAN for the many trades of Afs and Alphas but more importantly for the OT emails we share, keeping me abreast of news articles around the world, and me never thanking him or acknowledging it (I forward them to work, print them off and read 'em :evil: ). For his support in the nonsensical debacle of a few months ago and his steadfast principles. I can truly say that (gushy bit) you are an important influence on me, intellectually. JT again for your sage advice and the star tours figure, the 'subtle' TIE-D test shot photo demands ;) and the work he does in acquiring news and phtos for SSG. R2Dee2 for being a breath of fresh air, a forum needs a woman's touch and my faux one is like the proverbial rotten whitewash wall of the Bible :D, she has scored for me and hosted my pic in her rogues gallery, so thanks and a :kiss:. baal just for being Baal and enigmatic, and for putting up with my procrastination at sending the miniheads. Glitch nuff said :) BritC Sir, you are top of your own leage of gents and a scholar too. I thank you for the STMMs and the Englishness of our Englishness :) We SHALL oppress these yanks and overturn these boards for our own gain! ;)
all the other MMers who keep the dream alive - well done guys, hang in there, whether it's customs, EU or just vanilla, we gots to get the gettin's :)

What do you mean, I forgot someone? Oh yes. Of Course!

Vulky!. You're vulgar, crass, insensitive, over-informed and opinionated. You are arrogant, shameless, parochial yet global. And you've got a foul turn of phrase sometimes. You're single though, right? Hows about you make an honest woman out of me :) :D. I could starve myself so I look like those emaciated wenches you dig :).

Seriously, though, I know your toes probably curl at these outward gushes of feeeeeeling but thanks for the efforts. And don't try to throw some B S business spin on your relationships with any of us here. It's more than that and you know it :) Thanks for the CE3K magazine, the R5-D5, the Defiant, the Amidala Throne Room figure, the this, the that. Do you know after 5 years how much my collection has swelled due to you guys, particularly VT?

Happy thanksgiving all y'all, here's looking to a Maxime Fabulosum Christmas and a better 2003

11-30-2002, 12:22 AM
"You're vulgar, crass, insensitive, over-informed and opinionated. You are arrogant, shameless"
-(blush) aw, yer just sayin that becuzz it's True :kiss:

"Hows about you make an honest woman out of me"
-that'd be a first for Both of us i reckon :Pirate:

"could starve myself so I look like those emaciated wenches you dig"
-a rich daddy and a childhood fulla ballet, equestrian & other haughty, waspy, finishing-school-type pursuits wouldn't hurt neither; after that i spose i'd Hafta serenade you w/morrissey's "you're the one for me, Fatty" :D

"I know your toes probably curl at these outward gushes of feeeeeeling"
-hey, why should Your loss of dignity bother me? :p

"don't try to throw some B S business spin on your relationships with any of us"
-bs, eh? we'll see what you think when you get my bill (which should be shortly after you send baal his stuff) :greedy:

"It's more than that and you know it"
-why of course it is: it's also nice to have an excuse to go toyhuntin when there's little or nuthin left to add to my personal stash :happy:

"Thanks for the CE3K magazine"
-even tho i ripped out the best pages & kept em for myself? (you think i'm kidding, doncha? one day when you score an intact copy you'll see for yourself :evil: )

"how much my collection has swelled due to you guys, particularly VT"
-oh you said COLLECTION; never mind, i thought i hurd a different wurd :o

"SWAFMAN for the OT emails we share, keeping me abreast of news articles around the world"
-yeah but can he take time to join us in other forum-section reindeer games? oh NOOOO :rolleyes:

11-30-2002, 08:24 AM

11-30-2002, 04:11 PM
Thanks to everyone for being a great group. Others have already pointed out specific thanks to people so I just want to remark about how this group is so trustworthy, respectful, and helpful. I recently joined a Yahoo group for Zoids collectors so I could find out more about them. Somebody is always raising hell about somebody else, kids who post are immediately flamed, and the group is just plain snotty. Even worse, one of the group moderators is the biggest Zoid scalper on eBay, and EVERYBODY in the group likes him! I joined this group and the Zoid group because these are the two toy lines I collect and it's good to meet others who have the same hobby so you can discuss the hobby and help each other out with collecting. This group exemplifies what a group like this should be.