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I am Jabba the Hutt
07-13-2003, 09:31 PM

Definitely my favorite out of the two, it just looks so damn cool. If you're a fan of the Terminator movies, you need this figure. The weapons are really cool but one thing I didn't know is that the grenade launcher splits open. You can take the barrel out and put little grenades inside, pretty cool.
The shades are NOT removeable but never the less, the face sculpt is dead on, they have captured the likeness of Arnie so well.
The soft goods actually works, the leather jacket looks leather, it has decent articulalation too.
The figure is taller than I thought, it's about 8 inches high. It comes with a stand, it takes a lil musclepower to get the figure onto the stand but it looks so cool on it.

T-850 with coffin

This figure is more pre-posed than the first one and once again, the shades are NOT removeable, but they've captured the likeness of Arnie, this figure has battle damage on the face whereas the first one doesn't. They just look to be bullet holes.
The coffin has a lil peg on it and the shoulder has a small hole, that's how the coffin stays attached. When you open up the coffin, you'll be shocked at all the weaponry inside. Sub Machine guns, M-16's, RPG rounds, grenades... you name it!
Both figures have amazing detail, they have bullet holes on the jacket and the pants and on the shirt too.
One thing that is annoying is the strap of the heavy machine gun... it's kinda hard to attach it to the other end, it's kinda a rubber hook that has to be fed through, I used some glue.

If you like the Terminator movies and you collect figures, these two are simply a must buy.

07-14-2003, 06:51 AM
...and the big question you didn't address of course...where did you score these at...I haven't seen them anywhere?

I am Jabba the Hutt
07-14-2003, 09:37 AM
...and the big question you didn't address of course...where did you score these at...I haven't seen them anywhere?

I got them at a comic shop, they had just put them out on the shelf, they had the TX and the TX Endoskeleton too but I didn't get them.

07-18-2003, 04:03 PM
I really wish I could buy these figures as they all look awesome. But since I didn't like the movie, I'd feel weird buying them.
I am going to pick up the regular T-850 for my T2 displays though. I know that he has a different jacket, but I think it's close enough and I think it will fit nicely with the rest of the McFarlane T2 characters I have.
I just hope that when they hit mass-market release that I'll be able to find the one I want.